Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: Social Butterfly | Worminator | Buddy Buddy | Scout Killer | Heavy Killer | Scientist Killer | Soldier Killer
Online Pass Required for Platinum: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No Cheat Codes
Estimated Time to Platinum: 30 Hours+
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Kleptomaniac | Nightingale
Difficulty Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No

[top]Tips and Strategies

Boosting Buddy

Two friends or fellow hunters are heavily required for Online Trophies as it is hard to find any consistent gaming. You will need two so you can get the Buddy, Buddy trophy.

One Level/Puzzle at a time

Don't go into the game thinking I can do it all in one night. Take your time, some Puzzles can be rather annoying.


1. Create Your Team!

2. Tutorials!

To begin with select campaign mode and begin completing the 5 tutorials.
  • Fast Learner
  • One For The Money
  • Tarzan

3. Campaign Mode

The Campaign, Online and Puzzle modes can be done in different order to what you would like, but this is the order that I did it in. Some of the final missions may require a couple of playthroughs to get an idea of what the enemy worms do! But REMEMBER they never do the exactly the same thing everygame.

  • The Trooper

4. Puzzle Mode

Complete all Puzzle Levels

Similiar to the Campaign a few puzzles may need a couple of go's, there are no checkpoints, so if you make the mistake the whole puzzle has to be done again. Fun and relieving seeing it all work out though!
  • Upstairs Wares

5. Online Mode

Work your way through these trophies with/out a partner.
  • Scout Killer

  • Soldier Killer

  • Heavy Killer

  • Scientist Killer

  • Buddy Buddy
  • Worminator
  • Social Butterfly

6. Clean Up Mode

If the below has yet to be done normally, follow the instructions provided to complete these final objectives.
  • Kleptomanic
  • Nightingale
  • Asinus
  • Claymore Mine
  • My Gun, My Kill
  • Boom, Boom
  • Glug Glug
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Wrecking Ball

  • Bug Gulp

  • How Rude

  • Death from Above
  • Wormicide


Worm Winner
Earn every trophy

Collect all Trophies

Fast Learner
Show us how quick you learn and complete all the tutorial missions

Complete the sewer levels in Campaign Mode.

They are relatively easy and just get you to grips with the game.

Toggle Spoiler

The Trooper
Prove you’ve got what it takes and complete all campaign missions

Toggle Spoiler

War is hell, kill 300 enemy worms in online matches anyway, anyhow!

A maximum of 4 worms will be killed if boosting, which will take 75 games to do. Believe it or not, but this is the easiest way :/

Rattling the kills off with randomers could take ages, hence the long time to platinum this game. This is because you might not get the four maximum kills.

4 Worms - 75 Games = 150 Games
3 Worms - 100 Games = 200 Games
2 Worms - 150 Games = 300 Games
1 Worms - 300 Games = 600 Games

No advice here besides if boosting place your worms on the edge and let booster kill yours, and take turns.

This was my last trophy as it took so long!


Social Butterfly
Enjoy the company of 20 others online

Just play with 20 other people online. A long trophy, if you see someone who you haven't played I recommend playing them, even if you commit suicide and lose just to show you have played a game with them.

Class Act
Get all worm classes (4 x Scout, 4 x Scientist, 4 x Heavy).

Will come naturally to you as completing all puzzles and campaign missions will give you enough coins to buy the 4 of each class type needed.

Bug Gulp
Kill 50 worms by sending them into the drink

Kill any worm by sending them into the water, so they sink to their watery grave. Big Explosions or the simple method of wacking them with a Baseball Bat.

Buddy, Buddy
Win 10 allied matches online

On a team of two, win 10 games online.

Get together with friends or boosting trophy hunters for this one!

Upstairs Wares
Got it upstairs? Show us by completing all the puzzle missions

Puzzles at the early stages are relatively easy, you are told and sort of pointed into the right direction on how to use things and what order to do it in. This is still the case but there are more steps in latter puzzles which require a bit more thinking.

I got the majority done up to the last five, as the campaign get a bit trickier.

Below is a little help if you can't be bothered or are just a little bit stuck!

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The Hard One
500 damage, in one turn? Go on then!

Look at the Asinus trophy. Using the Concrete Donkey should see 500 damage done if it hits enough Worms.

The Wrecking Ball
Smash up one of each type of physics object

Liquid, Fire and Poisonous.

The three types of object, just hammer them with weapons, holy hand grenades etc. and they should blow. Might take one or two games as they aren't always guaranteed to be on the level.

Glug Glug Glug
Go for a swim... a 5 turn swim

There should be water scattered around the level which only makes you lose -5 health each turn, keep a worm in there for 5 turns, and easy peasy. Another one to do at the end possibly.

One for the Money
Start as you mean to go on and complete any single player level

Complete the first tutorial mission, probably the first trophy that will be unlocked.

Scout Killer
Kill 10 enemy Scout worms in online matches

Scouts are the smallest but most agile of the four classes.

These are the easiest to kill because of how weak they are defensively.

Method 1: Play Online Games and kill them

Method 2: If boosting make sure that each team as at least 1 Scout Worm. 10 Games each, sorted.

Soldier Killer
Kill 10 enemy Soldier worms in online matches

Soldiers are the average worm class. Even in all areas of offense and defence.

Will be the most common used as each player always starts with four of the default Soldier worms.

Method 1: Play Online Games and kill them

Method 2: If boosting make sure that each team as at least 1 Soldier Worm. Up to 10 games, and that class should be done too!

Heavy Killer
Kill 10 enemy Heavy worms in online matches

Heavy Worms pack a punch but struggle to move around the map. They are very strong defensively so it is best to get rid of these worms first on or offline.

Method 1: Play Online Games and kill them

Method 2: Same as previous, make sure at least 1 Heavy Worm, and take turns killing each other.

Scientist Killer
Kill 10 enemy Scientist worms in online matches

Scientists are the tactical class, they maybe weak but each turn you play with one. The whole team regains +5 health. Expect people to hide their Scientists. Weak defensively so if you get one or two clean shots they should be out for the count.

Method 1: Play Online Games and kill them

Method 2: 1 Scientist worm, take turns, and boom! 4 silvers. 40 kills towards Worminator and Wormcide

Kill an enemy worm through a physics object squashing them

This could come through either playing the game normally and being sly waiting to see a worm with under 10 health and then dropping a physics object on them.

The other method is to play a versus match and purposely get a worm below 10 health and keep dropping the physics object until he dies.

To do this select the UFO weapon and then aim at what object you want to pick up, then press drop on top of the worm

Boom Boom
Kill a worm with an exploding physics object

Use a powerful weapon and hit an object like a lighter and blow it up to cause chaos to the worms lurking around it, should be a fairly good chance that they will not survive the blast.

Use the ultimate weapon, the Concrete Donkey

Use the infamous Concrete Donkey weapon! Most Powerful weapon on the game.

Just select it and aim it on an area on the map full of worms to get massive damage. The Hard One trophy may get unlocked if 500 damage has been done!

How Rude!
Win 5 games killing the last worm with a prod

Simple prod the last worm into the water.

Method 1: Boost Online

Method 2: Versus Match against a clone of your account

Method 3: Try and do it doing Campaign missions

Five times should do the trick!

Home Sweet Home
Enter 10 fort games with the same fort

Three Game Modes.

Classic, Deathmatch and Forts.

In creating your team you get to select a Fort. Play with this Fort for 10 games, win or lose the trophy will pop up.

Repeat swing on the rope 5 times without touching the ground

Can either be done naturally through gameplay or in the tutorial mission.

You have infinite ninja rope in the mission, so all you need to do is use it, and then spam five times and then drop to the ground to achieve it.

Death From Above
Kill a worm using a weapon whilst on the parachute

Jetpack as high as you can go, then parachute, then a grenade!


Toggle Spoiler

My Gun, My Kill
Kill 10 enemy worms using a sentry gun

Select the Sentry Gun and place on the level.

Any movement detected by enemy worms will trigger it off, getting a full clean shot in should damage them by 50.

During clean up could make a game with worms minimum health of 50 and kill clones of your account. Shouldn't take too long

Kill 1000 enemy worms

Kill Worms anyhow, anyway, anywho.

All modes count, Campaign, Puzzle, Versus and Online.

Campaign should rack you up at least 200 kills, Online 300. 500 left to do, this could be further Online matches or grinding out deaths on Versus.

Set a game up with unlimited everything, and worms with 50 health. No crate drops to avoid time wasting.

YOU - 1 Worm
Clone 1 - 4
Clone 2 - 4
Clone 3 - 4

All controlled on the same controller, stack your worm away from the edge then the rest on the edge of the land on the level. Either water pistol them which gurantees them to fall in or aim and fire at them. 12 kills a go. Will take a few hours or so to do this repetitively, maybe chip away at it every now and again.

Be greedy and collect 100 weapon or utility crates

Method 1: Do the Campaign and Puzzle modes and it will come eventually

Method 2: Create a game and a whole new rule list so that a weapon crate is very likely to drop. Also make sure that worms have infinite ammo with Ninja Rope, Jetpack, Worm Select and Teleport for easy navigation around the map.

By using two controllers, use the 'skip go' weapon four or five times and then send your team to collect all the crates, after around 5-10 minutes it should pop up.

Act like Florence and collect 100 health crates

Method 1: Do the Campaign and Puzzle modes and it will come eventually

Method 2: Create a game and a whole new rule list similiar to Kleptomaniac but that a health crate is very likely to drop. Also make sure that worms have the weapons for navigation.

Use the 'Skip Go' method as before, it shouldn't be a problem to collect this in 10 minutes.

Claymore More
Drop mines like nobody’s business, 50 in fact

Method 1: Make sure you always use a mine during any sort of game.

Method 2: Coinciding with Worminator, Buddy Buddy and Wormicide use this as the weapon to kill enemy worms.

Method 3: Make a game up and just have infinite Mine Ammo and play till it pings!


DaveyHassellhoff - For Letting me have the opportunity to do the Guide

StewartBros - For his opinion on the trophies and help with a few of the descriptions

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