Players: 1-6
Online Trophies: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 2-3 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1-2 Full playthroughs and a minimum of 4 partial playthroughs
Collectibles Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: Yes, depending on party size
Glitched Trophies: You Fell to Our Trap! and Master of Magnet
SPECIAL NOTE: This game has been DELISTED from PSN meaning you can no longer buy it, however as of this time the Online servers are still active if this changes I will update it here.

[top]Tips & Strategies

X-men the Arcade game is a standard sidescrolling beat'em up from 1992. You play as one of six members of the X-men in your attempt to stop Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutant Terrorists (as they are called in the TV pilot "Pryde of the X-men, to which this game is loosly attached).

Basic Controls:

Left analog stick or D-pad- moves character
Square- your basic melee attack
Triangle- Activates your characters specific mutant power
X- causes your character to jump

Using your Mutant Powers:

Each character is equipped with a devastating special attack or mutant power. These attacks will defeat all standard enemies in one hit and do significantly more damage than your characters standard attack.

In the American version of the game using your mutant power will cost you three energy bars (or life bars if you would like), once you have depleted your energy down to below three bars you will only be able to access your powers through the use of a power orb.

In the Japanese version of the game you will use the power orbs first before your powers will effect your energy bar. The Japanese version of the game also contains "Energy" Sentinels who will drop energy refills and mutant power orbs to replenish your characters. One other note is in the Japanese version of multiplayer each player will respawn with a number of orbs equal to the number of active players ( i.e solo players will start with one orb and in a four player game players will respawn with four orbs in reserve). Players will also recieve one power orb each time a fellow player chooses to continue playing.


Before starting your first playthrough decide if you will be going for Largest Party and You Fell to Our Trap! , if so set your cabinet size to 6-players. If you choose not to try for these on the first playthrough cabinet size does not matter.

First Playthrough:

This is where you will earn the bulk of your trophies. Set the Rom to Japanese and the difficulty to expert. If possible try to have at least one other player/ controller active so the Energy Sentinels will appear allowing you to achieve Super Mutant. Make sure you do not use any mutant powers while fighting Pyro at the end of level 1. Once you reach the cave level (level 4) following your fight with the Wendigo (big all white monster thing for the non-comic readers) make sure not to jump. Once you have beaten the game you should have received Turn Pyro to Toast , Kidnapped , Grounded , Welcome to Die! , and X-pertise .
You will also most likely have achieved Xavier Would be Proud , and Score Inflation , as long as you played somewhat aggressively and did not hold back on the use of your characters powers.

It is also entirely possible that if you played your first playthrough aggressively and kept pushing forward you will have already achieved Bamf. However if you did not this will be the target of your second playthrough.

Second Playthrough:

The speed run. Set the cabinet and ROM to whatever you like. The main thing with this run will be to press forward as much as possible. You do not have to kill every enemy to advance the screen, just the majority. Whatever you don't kill will follow along behind you until you either A) reach a boss, B) reach an area that requires you to defeat everything on screen (i.e Magneto's attack at the end of level 3), or C) reach an area that spawns alot more enemies and the previous ones just disappear. Use your mutant powers liberally and be aggressive. If you are worried about how much time you are taking turn on the timer in the lower left hand corner to keep track, on average the game only takes about twenty minutes to beat. Complete it in under 25 minutes and Bamf your trophy will appear as the final scene plays out.

Clean up:

Depending on whether you needed a second playthrough you should only have between one and three trophies left to pick up. As stated earlier Largest Party and You Fell to Our Trap! will both depend on the number of players in your session. Master of Magnet will require you to take any of the remaining X-men you have not played as and defeat Magneto with them (see trophy descriptions below for specifics). Once you have done this congratulate yourself on an easy 100% completion.


Xavier Would Be Proud!
Use a mutant power 5 times in one game

Self explanatory and probably the first trophy you will achieve. Simply use your mutant power (triangle) at least five times in one playthrough.

Turn Pyro to Toast
Defeat Pyro without any player using mutant powers

Pryo will be the first boss you encounter during the game. To achieve the trophy no one in your party may use a mutant power on Pyro during your fight. Though relatively easy to achieve it can be a bit difficult online if other players are unaware of what your trying to accomplish.

Learn that Magneto has kidnapped Professor X

Story based. After defeating the Blob, at the end of level 2, a small scene will appear with Xavier telling the X-men that he and Kitty have been captured. The trophy will appear as you begin the next level. You do not have to watch the scene for the trophy to appear, even if you skip it the trophy will appear at the beginning of the next level.

Super Mutant
Find and use an energy pill in the Japanese version of the game

Make sure you are playing on the Japanese ROM. The energy pills are dropped by the pink and white Sentinels. These Sentinels will not appear in a single player game, so you will need at least one other person playing. To achieve the trophy you will also need to be missing at least one bar of energy, if your energy is full it won't count as being used.

Largest Party
Play in a six-player match with five other people

Self-explanatory, simply play in a game with five other people. You can choose to host a game and wait for five others to join or jump into a game with only a few player slots open, either way will work. Once you have the maximum number of players active the trophy will appear.

Complete level 4 without jumping

After defeating the Wendigo (big all white monster looking thing for non-comic readers) you will enter a cave to start level 4. Simply beat the level without pressing the jump button ("X" button) and the trophy will appear at the start of the following level.

Welcome to Die!
Have the White Queen welcome you to die.

The White Queen will appear as a boss halfway through level 5. Once she appears she will say "The White Queen welcomes you to die!", the trophy will appear once she has been defeated.

You do not have to wait for the White Queen to finish talking for the trophy to appear, but really how can you skip such top notch writing.

You Fell to Our Trap!
Get fooled by Mystique with five other players in a 6-player game

This trophy will appear after the scene at the end of level 5, however there are a few stipulations to it.

1) You must have been present for the entire game up to this point. You cannot join a game just before the scene. This means being present from the beginning of level 1 through to this point.

2) There must be six active players in your game at the time of the scene. If a player is entering but their character is not on the screen the trophy will not appear.

Of the six players only those fulfilling both conditions get the trophy.

Thanks to graffiX_13 for the following suggestion:

Another easy way to get this trophy solo is to play through until you get to the Juggernaut fight. Hit on him until he is almost dead (blinking) then hit the PS button. Go to "Reassign Controllers" and make the "1" into a "2". Hit the PS button again to return to game, then hit X/start to enter the game with a new character under the Player 2 listing. Rinse and repeat this process until you have all 6 controller slots filled with characters.

DO NOT hit "Start" prior to holding down the PS button. You are pausing the game and it won't let you unpause with a new controller slot. You'll have to go back to the controller slot you paused the game with to unpause.

This method has been confirmed.

Score Inflation
Earn at least 250 points in one game

Every enemy (including bosses) is worth one point, knock out 250 enemies and the trophy will appear. The more players present, the more enemies you will encounter, however this will make it more competitive for each kill. This trophy is easily attainable in a single player run as well, just make sure to kill everything you see.

Complete the game in 25 minutes or less

Self-explanatory, you must play the entire game. Joining a session near the end and under the time limit will not get you the trophy. You can turn on a timer in the lower left hand corner of the screen under the options menu if you need to keep an eye on your progress. Press forward, be aggressive, and this one will be yours in no time.

Complete the game on Expert difficulty

Self-explanatory, simply beat the game on expert difficulty in either ROM setting. It does not matter how many lives it takes you or how many times you continue. Once you have defeated Magneto the trophy will appear.

Master of Magnet
Defeat Magneto in different play sessions with all six X-Men characters

This trophy will require you to defeat Magneto with each of the six playable character (Colossus, Cyclops, Dazzler, Nightcrawler, Storm, and Wolverine) if six different playthroughs.

There several different methods for accomplishing this trophy.

The First is to simply play through the game with each character.

The Second is to join an online session near the end of the game and play as any character you have yet to beat Magneto with. This can be a little more difficult since you will not know what characters are already active till you join the session.

The Third is to do your first couple playthroughs for the other trophies then start a game on the final level with whatever character you still need to beat Magneto with. With this method it is important to note the save icon in the lower left corner of the screen during the scene after Magneto is defeated. If the save icon appears the defeat will count, if it does not you will have to redo it. It is a little glitchy about this method but it will work.

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