Players: 1
Online Trophies: no
Online Pass Required: n/a
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: Hero codes will disable trophies
Estimated Time to Platinum: 2/3 hours with a late Main game save file, 15-20 hours if not.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: none
Missable Trophies: all trophies are missable as you can decline to carry out the required Council missions.
Glitched Trophies: no glitched trophies but if you don't have most recent game update the required council missions will not show
up. You will receive an in game prompt warning you of this, simply connect to PSN to download update and
they will subsequently appear.

[top]Tips & Strategies

These trophies can be obtained on any difficulty, if you want an easy ride choose normal or easy, if you want a more enjoyable challenge choose Classic, I don't recommend Impossible unless you enjoy pain and suffering. I turn off the autosave as I like to be in full control of my save files, but this isn't necessary. The levels from this DLC pack are included in ENEMY WITHIN so you may be familiar with them.They don't add anything radically new to the base game but the large amount of resources awarded for completing Gangplank council mission can make an Impossible palythrough a little easier, see The Bigger They Are for more details. To achieve all trophies in this pack you must reach the final assault level which requires almost a full playthrough. To make this as short as possible I carry out all research, have access to stealth satellites and have Firestorms equipped with the highest possible tech over every continent before the Alien Base Assault. That way I only have to shoot down the Overseer, build psi labs, construct the Gollop Chamber and designate a volunteer once the Alien Base is cleared. I don't shoot down any other alien ships, carry out unnecessary Council missions, alien abduction missions or spaceship landings. So long as I have the required amount of countries in the council I let the aliens run amok. An F rating is the same as an A rating from the council at this late stage of the game.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Turning on Save Scrum in the Second Wave options menu resets the random number seed meaning an identical action may yield a different return, this is not something I use but is helpful on higher difficulties.


If you have a main game save file load it up and the required council missions will become available, if not start a new game. The first required council mission Friends in Low Places will be offered in the first couple of months, you will be given the option of accepting it or another randomized council mission. Accept and complete it in order to gain access to the 2 other required Council missions. Confounding light will follow one month later followed almost immediately by Gangplank.


New Friend
Complete Friends in Low Places.

This is Shajoie Zhang, a Triad operative. You will be given the task of escorting him to an extraction point, once this is accomplished this trophy will unlock. This level takes place in a small graveyard with a large monument in the middle. You will be faced with Thin Men, Sectoids and a Muton or a Chryssalid here, nothing too challenging. Keep your Sniper on the wall at the start of the mission and spread your soldiers out in front of him, use Overwatch extensively here as that will take care of most enemies before they become a threat. Keep Zhang covered up and hunkered down at all times as allowing him to die will fail the mission. Upon returning to HQ Shajoie will become part of you available squad as a Heavy class Lieutenant, use this opportunity to obtain Rapid Recovery through the Officer Training School if you don't already have it. Be extra careful when using Shajoie in subsequent missions as if he dies Rising Dragon becomes impossible to obtain.

Bait the Hook
Complete Confounding Light.

Approximately one month after completing Friends in Low Places you will be given the option of playing the council mission Confounding Light, accept and complete this mission to unlock this trophy. This mission is set in a train station, a parked train contains three cars with a total of four transponders which must be enabled, you must gain access to the trains control room to complete the mission. You have a total of ten turns to complete this mission which is more than enough. I post a sniper at the top of the first available train car to provide cover, split my remaining squad members into two groups either side of the train. I send an Assault upgraded with Run and Gun, Lightning Reflexes and Rapid Fire onto the train to enable the transponders. Enemies on this level consist mainly of Thin Men and Mutons, they get dropped in at regular intervals so use Overwatch to take care of them before they become a threat. This mission will end as soon as you reach the trains control room, you will not have to kill any remaining enemies. Almost immediately after completing this mission you will be offered Gangplank so be careful with injuries as there is not a lot of recovery time. Be sure to create a save file at the start of this mission and pay attention to All Aboard.

The Bigger They Are
Complete Gangplank.

Almost immediately after completing Confounding Light you will be offered Gangplank as a Council mission, accept and complete it to achieve this trophy. This mission is basically your standard Battleship encounter apart from having to disable or destroy six power units placed throughout the ship in order to take control of it and bring it back to base. The enemies here include Sectoids, Thin Men, Mutons, Chrysallids and a Cyberdisc. Use your usual tactics here, keep you Sniper elevated and behind the main action, bring at least one Heavy upgraded with Heat Ammo to take care of the Cyberdisc and ensure all soldiers are equipped with highest available tech. There is no set amount of turns to complete this mission so you can take your time. Upon returning to base you will be rewarded a large amount of resources 304 Elerium, 508 Alien Alloys, 6 UFO flight computer, 5 UFO Power Sources and 2 Fusion Cores. The 2 Fusion Cores are extremely useful as they give access to the Blaster Launcher and the Fusion Lance much earlier than normal. This is the last new mission in the Slingshot DLC pack, it's back to the main game from here.

Rising Dragon
Take your new ally into the final challenge.

This is the easiest but also the most time consuming trophy. Simply bring Zhang with you when carrying out the final assault, the trophy will unlock as soon as you board the ship, there's no need to finish the final assault. Needless to say if Zhang is dead he cannot join his squadmates so be very careful when using him on previous missions.

All Aboard
Complete Confounding Light with more than 3 turns left on the timer.

This is much easier than it sounds, you must complete Confounding Light with at least 4 turns remaining. Be sure to save often and retreat to a previous save if things aren't going well and reduce the difficulty if need be. This can be made even easier by the use of Ghost Armour if you are playing on a late main game save, however this will be unavailable if you have started from scratch. Remember you only have to enable the transponders and reach the trains control car, you don't have to kill all aliens.

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