[top]About this game

Product Title: Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duels
Platforms: Xbox Live / PlayStation Network
Launch Date:
3/26/2014 (Xbox Live) 4/29/2014 (PlayStation Network)
ESRB:Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood, Suggestive Themes)
Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB Price:$9.99

Duel with characters from all four Yu-Gi-Oh! animated series in the newest Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network!
In Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duels, players enter a Virtual Dueling System, an advanced program in which they battle against simulated Duelists in the animated series, from classic Yu-Gi-Oh! to Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL. Players can even unlock avatars from the animated series and take them online to battle other players in versus matches.
  • Duel with the latest cards from the official Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, including Xyz Monsters.
  • Customize your Decks with more than 6,000 cards, the most in any Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME video game.
  • Compete against 80 popular characters across all four animated series: classic Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds, and Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL.
  • Battle through Single Player or compete in four-player Tag Duels with text and voice chat ability.
  • Compatible with previously purchased downloadable content from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Decade Duels Plus!
  • Online play includes three modes:
    • Rank Match Compete against Yu-Gi-Oh! fans of the same rank and ability
    • Quick Match Jump right into the action and compete against any Yu-Gi-Oh! fan.
    • Custom Match Battle your friends and completely customize the rules of play.

YuGiOh 5D's Decade Duels is a game released prior to this title, by the same company. If you owned that title first, your game data will transfer all cards you have into this newer title. It also makes giant improvements from the 5D's title, like letting you pick who your gonna duel, Xyz summoning added, any cards you win will be displayed on the screen instead of one at a time, trophies are easier, gameplay is more fun, and the choice of who your gonna duel!

I know I mentioned that already, but it's a major improvement! You can grind on the same duelist instead of a random person, and if you win, there is a specific card rewarded to you (so if your making a specific deck, you can target a specific person). Since some duelists are weaker than others, you can enjoy a certain difficulty of battle, especially since everyones play style is different.

The price for 5D's Decade duels is also $9.99
Both games have DLC, which are mostly cards for money. I don't recommend buying cards, but if it makes your gameplay more fun or easier, it's up to you. If you buy the DLC, it should count for both games.

Word to the wise:
In both games you will come across cards your restricted from playing.


Players: Offline: 1, Online: 2-4
Online Trophies: World Duelist , Rank Up
Estimated Time to complete: Depending on how fast you make a working deck, 7 days or 168 hours. Grinding for useful cards that work well together will take up most of your time. Also, unless you have a friend or boosting partner, the online trophies will take some time, since its hard to find random strangers. It helps if you have a 5D's data file or if you get lucky and receive good cards.
Minimum Playthroughs: You need to beat each duelist at least twice, and play online for 30 matches. Minimum is 230 matches, but of course you also want to grind on those duelists that will beef up your deck.
Collectible Trophies: N/a
Missable Trophies: N/a
Glitched Trophies: N/a

[top]Tips & Strategies

There are 5 different types of ways to win. These can be used against you also.
  • Final Countdown- (Magic card) Lose 2000 LP and survive for 20 turns (after the end phase, turn changes to next player)
  • Exodia- (Monster card) Get 5 pieces of this monster onto the field
  • Attack- Drop your opponent's Lp to zero or below
  • Deck out- When the opponent cannot draw from deck their deck anymore
  • Spirit letters- Need to have letters (F, I, N, A, L) all on the field (trap version of Exodia)
  • Read all card descriptions. Some times the cards will have more than one effect.
  • There are some cases where a card will misbehave from what is written. Just be careful and remember which cards misbehave.
  • Some times the opponent will do something stupid. Like attack each turn even though it is costing them health. Or clog up their monster or trap area. In these cases, still be cautious. Sometimes they have a trap that will ruin you if you do something different.
  • Traps are great to have. Some damage the opponent, while others support other types of cards.
  • There are many "useless" cards out there. Anything 4 stars and lower that dont have an effect and dont have ATK or DEF at 1900 is usless. Exceptions are when there is a trap or magic card that make them invincible, a deck surrounded with the theme of low star monsters, or if they are zombies, which work best when they are in the graveyard.
  • Change or add cards to your deck often. I suggest making a deck that I recommended, then adding and taking out a few cards from my base.
  • Save multiple different decks. After you find your favorite playing style, you can make a bunch of the same playing stype (deck out, as an example), and just change the theme (either attribute related, or type related)
  • Never surrender. You get nothing for it.
  • Picking who goes first, pick any of the three options. If you lose, you can influence if the opponent goes first. Pressing up will make you go second (most times), and pressing down will make you go first (most times)
  • Try to go first if your gonna go defensive, deck out, final countdown, or indirect damage (get your defense up first). Try to go second if you want to go more offensive, physical damage.

[top]Deck Builds

Defensive Deck, Stall for Final Countdown and Deck out

Toggle Spoiler

Indirect Offensive Damage Deck

Toggle Spoiler

Direct Offensive Deck - taking out their life points!

Toggle Spoiler

Capture deck
*Recommended for "Back At Ya" trophy

Toggle Spoiler

Cards I use in all decks:

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[top]Grinding guide

Table of how points are scored in a match

Toggle Spoiler

This table is incomplete. There are some point achievements I have not come across yet.

The amount of cards you win is dependent on how much points you gained in that match. I believe it's a card for every 20 pts. Maximum of 15 cards.

Grinding: Why grind and what is it?

Grinding is the method of continuously playing the game over and over again to stock up on supplies. In this case, your stocking up on cards, hopeful that something useful will drop your way. Your main reason for grinding is to update your deck. Usually you will lose a match if your monsters are weak in DEF and ATK, the opponents effect magic, or traps are wiping your defense out, or if your not getting the right cards at the right time. Remember that even though a card doesn't fit into your current deck, it might come in handy later (some cards work in combination with another card)

I suggest each time you add or remove a card from your deck, that you battle either Tea Gardner or Solomon Moto (#1 & #2 duelists). These two are the people I grind on, because they are weak and the winnings are random.

I also suggest you beat each player twice (not including Expert mode). Again, the first and second time you beat each duelist, you win the card that shows up next to their picture.


Step 0: Build a deck (skip if you didnt play 5D's Decade Duelist)
The deck data from 5D's transfers over to this game, so if you can, check your deck and rebuild if you see fit. Check out the "Deck Builds" section for suggestions on possible themes for a deck build. At any time, go back to deck edit to add and remove cards as you see fit. Try to stay closer to 42 cards in your deck, because the more cards, the less likely you are to getting a card you need (unless your trying for deck out, in which case go for 50 cards)

Step 1: Take on the first ladder of duelists
Reguardless of if you have a custom deck or the starter given to you by default, start on the first duelist and continue up the ladder. If you get stuck, train on the people you can defeat, till you get some good cards. The first and second time you beat the duelist, you will get the card that shows up next to their picture. After that, all cards will be random. Check out the help section, where I list the duelist's names, picture, and help if i had trouble with them. If you need help and I don't have anything there, PM me here.

Step 2: Beat all other ladders
To progress through the ladder, you just have to duel each person once and win (2 wins for a boss battle). As you get farther it does get harder, but keep at it. Only reason you should fight a duelist again is if they will give you a card you want. Beating all the other ladders will give you trophies for beating the series. The series are in order of classic Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds, and Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL. Again let me know if you need help

Step 3: Online Multiplayer
I left the online for last, but you can do it whenever you feel like it. By now you should have a wider selection of cards to build a deck out of. I suggest that you start doing ranked matches until you win 15, then just do any kind of match to complete what you need for the 30 multiplayer. Remember for the other matches till you reach 30, you don't have to win, but just participate in 30 duels.

Step 4: Clean up
Check your trophy list and finish off any trophy you didn't get yet. You probably will have two trophies left: Number One (beat expert mode), and "One Better" (Deal 1,000,001 damage accumulative).

[top]Classic Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists

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Ta Gardner

Toggle Spoiler

Solomon Muto
Weevil Underwood
Bandit Keith
Maximillion Pegasus

Toggle Spoiler

Tristan Taylor
Mokuba Kaiba
Duke Devlin
Mako Tsunami
Seto Kaiba

Toggle Spoiler

Yugi Muto
Ishizu Ishtar
Marik Ishtar
Rebecca Hawkins
Mai Valentine
Bakura Ryou
Joey Wheeler
Yami Yugi

[top]Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duelists

Toggle Spoiler

Chumley Huffington
Bastion Misawa
Zane Truesdale
Sartorius Kumar
Dr. Vellian Crowler
Jim Crocodile Cook
Jesse Anderson
Chazz Princeton
Adrian Gecko
Tyranno Hassleberry
Atticus Rhodes
Aster Phoenix
Blair Flannigan
Axel Brodie
Syrus Truesdale
Alexis Rhodes
Jaden Yuki

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[top]Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Duelists

Toggle Spoiler

Misty Tredwell

Toggle Spoiler

Carly Carmine

Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler

Roman Goodwin

Toggle Spoiler

Jack Atlas

Toggle Spoiler

Hunter Pace

Toggle Spoiler

Tetsu Trudge
Rex Goodwin
Rex Goodwin
Sherry LeBlanc
Bolt Tanner
Akiza Izinski
Crow Hogan
Yusei Fudo

Toggle Spoiler


First of Many
Complete your first Duel.

Win or lose, just complete a match and you receive this trophy.

The first opponent you face is Tea, who you should be able to beat, even with your junk starter deck.

To the Top!
Reach the top of the first Duel ladder.

Each ladder has 5 duelists: 4 regular matches and a boss battle, where the best is out of 3 wins.

Just continue to beat the duelists and the first boss you will face is Maximillion Pegasus, and his toon deck.

Series Complete
Complete your first series.

The first series consists of 4 ladders, all containing characters from classic Yu-Gi-Oh!
So a total of 20 different duelists. Just beat all the ladders in the first series to get the trophy.

Toggle Spoiler

Half Way There
Complete Yu-Gi-Oh! and GX series.

The first two series are classic Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Beat all the duelists in these series.

Series Finale
Complete Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's and ZEXAL series.

The last two series are Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds and Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL. Beat all the duelists in these series.

Number One
Complete Expert Mode.

Expert mode is unlocked after you beat each character at least once. This mode is the second trophy under each character, and beating them in expert mode gets you the second trophy under their image.

It's like redoing the whole game, on a harder difficulty. My recommendation: don't toy with them. Just beat them as fast as you can.

Custom Victory
Win a Duel using a custom Deck Recipe.

Custom deck- A deck of cards which you built from scratch.

In the deck edit screen, you can remove cards from your current deck, add new cards from your collection trunk, view cards you won, and save custom decks. You can save up to 15 deck recipes and you can edit the names of each so you can tell them apart. Each deck can have 40 cards minimum, and a maximum of 60 cards. This doesn't include the extra cards deck. Extra cards are cards like Xyz summons, ritual cards, tunner summons, and which all have a different way to summon than tribute summons. I think the limit to have in your extra deck is 15.

The deck edit screen is slightly confusing, since its broken up into trunk (where your cards are), and deck (what your playing with). First, go down to deck and scroll down to remove deck. This will give you a blank screen with no cards in your deck. Now go back into the trunk to find cards you want for your deck. You can either go through each card, or use a search function, which can filter cards by their name, attack or defense numbers, type of effect that card has, or what type of card they are (fairy, fiend, etc). There are other search features, but it would be overwhelming to list more. You can use the R2 and circle buttons together to filter your search while among the cards. If you do have any special cards that cannot go into your main deck, that is what the extra deck is for. During a match, it will be a pile of cards to the lower left of the screen. These cards cannot be summoned unless certain conditions are met (Xyz summon you need 2 monsters with __*s)(Ritual summon you need the ritual card and can sacrifice any monsters from field or hand)(Fusion summon you need a Polymerization and the materials listed on the card)( Synchro Summon you need to tribute a tuner card and the materials listed on the card)

After you got a deck together, go back and to deck, and scroll down to name this deck, and then save the deck recipe. Since you have different opponents, you want to have at least 2 decks (one deck which you will use often, and an alternate for specific duelists). The alternate deck will probably be a deck you put together after losing to a certain duelist. You build it up to have cards you know best combats that duelist, and get your revenge. You wont use this deck too often because you shouldn't lose much with your regular deck.

To get this trophy, build a random deck from scratch. Now just win a duel.

Rank Up
Win 15 ranked Matches.

Ranked matches are under multiplayer. Log online, search for a opponent, and win against that person. Then do this again till you have won 15.
I don't know how active the online opponents are, but you can look for a boosting partner here. To check your progress, go to Help & Options from the main menu, then go to Statistics. It will show your how many wins you currently have.

What I did was a shortcut:

Toggle Spoiler

Another One?
Win a Duel and earn a second copy of a card.

Each time you play a match, win or lose you receive some cards. Usually you will get more cards for winning, but losing after doing some serious damage will get you alot more than winning quickly.

For this trophy, some luck (or patience) is needed. You will come across a second copy of a card sooner or later, but if your lucky it will be sooner. I actually got this from my first battle, since my 5D's data already had 2 copies of a few cards. Note that you can only have 3 copies of a specific card. That means that the longer you play, the higher likely you are to get a new copy of a card you don't already own.

Back at Ya
Use a signature creature against their owner.

During the single player mode, you will go against opponents that are well known characters from the TV series. They each have a different specialty deck, with one main monster that they are known for. That one monster is the specialized monster you need to attack them with.

Note: When that character summons their "signature monster", a short animation will appear (it looks like that monster will grow in size).

Picture of an example:

Toggle Spoiler

You need to take control of their monster and attack them with it. You don't need to actually give damage, just kill something with it under your control.
  • You can use a spell card to take control
  • You can use a flip effect to take control
  • You can kill the monster to take control
  • You can activate a effect to take control
Restricted (can't use): Change of heart, Brain control, Monster reborn
Cards you can use: Falling Down, Brain Crusher, Dragon Manipulator, Dummy Golem, Wiseman's Chalice, Mind Pollutant, and Electric Virus

I personally got this against Seto Kaiba, who is known for his THREE Blue Eyes White Dragon(s). I got lucky because I had DD Borderland and Black Garden in my hand from the start. If you set your monsters in DEF, they don't lose ATK. Dark Garden halves the ATK of all summoned monsters, so his weak White Dragons were in defense, and DD Borderland stopped all fighting. I could take my time to get a defense, and then control either with a flip effect or kill and control it that way.

? means that it's not confirmed

Toggle Spoiler

World Duelist
Play 30 Multiplayer Duels.

Just take part in 30 online matches. Win or lose, it doesn't matter.

Problems you may face is a lack of opponents online. You can always find a boosting partner and get this done. The list of willing boosters is here. To check your progress, go to Help & Options from the main menu, then go to Statistics. It will show your how many wins you currently have.

What I did was a shortcut:

Toggle Spoiler

One Better
Inflict at least 1,000,001 damage.

This trophy is pretty simple, yet time consuming. This is accumulative throughout your matches. You have to do damage to the enemy that exceeds 1,000,001. Pretty much just keep playing, and when possible, overpower your monsters for the final attack. Any damage dealt to the enemy is counted for this, so any direct attacks, physical damage from killing a monster, effect damage, and magic or trap damage counts. Assuming you crush the opponent each duel, 8000 / 1 million = 125 duels. To check your progress, go to Help & Options from the main menu, then go to Statistics. It will show your current amount.

Chaos Necromancer- ATK= 300 x monsters in your graveyard
Satellite Cannon- ATK goes up 1000 each of your end phases (cannot be destroyed by anything 7* or lower)
5 headed dragon- 5000 ATK
Necroface- ATK = 600 x each monster in both banished piles
Nimbusman- ATK = 500 x each cloudian counter (anywhere on field)
Toon monsters- Direct attacks
The wicked eraser monster in combo with Infinite cards- Monster with Atk of # of cards opponent has in their hand X 1000. Infinite cards means more cards in your opponents hand (makes it hard to discard their hand)
Megamorph (magic)- If your Lp is lower than your enemy's, double the attack of the monster it is equipped to.

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