Players: 1-3 offline, 2-3 online
Co-op trophies:Justice partners, Justice allies, Justice team , United we stand
Online Trophies: No online specific trophies, but they can be obtained online.
Estimated Time to 100%: 30 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: At the minimum, 2 playthroughs (hard and normal difficulty). Chapter select means you can backtrack through levels
Collectible Trophies: Souvenir , Collection , The quest for Roy Harper, Sunday best , Mardi gras , Induction party , Black canary sales! , and Out of stock
Missable Trophies: N/A
Difficulty related trophies: Legacy (finish game on Hard difficulty)

[top]About this game

Young Justice: Legacy is a action-adventure video game based on the Young Justice TV series developed by Freedom Factory Studios and published by Little Orbit released on November 2013 for Nintendo 3DS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The game takes place in the five year gap between Season 1 and 2 and is being written in collaboration with the writers of the TV series, Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti. The game is an action role-playing game where the player creates a squad of heroes and plays as multiple characters alongside Justice League members. Young Justice: Legacy features support for both single-player and multiplayer modes.

Players can select three members from a roster of twelve characters from the Young Justice TV series to play in fifteen different levels. They can also switch their control between the three active characters while in gameplay. Each character has a unique set of special abilities to use on the battlefield as well as certain strengths and weaknesses that define each character's role during battle. Characters and their abilities level up as they progress through missions. Every character also has at least three costumes that change both the character's appearance as well as how they play. Also, the player can buy equipment from Red Tornado and train with Black Canary. Certain missions have the player fighting with the assistance of Justice League members, such as Superman, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Batman. The game also features several unlockable modes, where players are presented with certain challenges to accomplish.


Movement is the left joystick ( )
Changing the camera angle is the right joystick ( )
Switching characters is left and right arrows ( and )
To pause the game is
During a mission, you can look at the map and check objectives
Light attack is
Heavy attack is
Jump is , holding it down will make your character fly if they can
Rush forward or pick up throwable items is

is team boost
is solo boost
is to block, but I don't use this
in combo with the different buttons uses a different special ability:
+ is for the first super power of your current character (usually a projectile attack)
+ is for the second super power of your current character (usually a strong single target attack)
+ is for the third super power of your current character (usually a area attack that hits multiple targets)
+ is for the fourth super power of your current character (usually a specific boost to a stat)


This is an example of how the layout looks:

Range attack
Strong attack
Stat boost
Area attack

Bio and details about this character. Information may contain their true identity, any relationships among the other heroes, info about them growing up or meeting their mentor, or about trivia related to them.

[top]Included in-game:


Multi-Batarang: Throws 2 batarangs that seek the nearest enemy
Grapnel-Gun Kick: Grabs a enemy, brings them in to get kicked, and stuns
Electric Shock: Shocks the area around the hero and stuns
Bludhaven's Vigilante: Raises critical his

Dick Grayson
The first Robin. When he first created the team (along with Conner, Wally, and K'al) he assumed he was the natural leader, as he had 4 years of experience with Batman. He is smart and can come up with plans on the fly, but was still immature, playing a younger brother role and cracking jokes. When he turned into Nightwing, he became more serious like Batman. He has dated Rocket and Zatanna, both of which when he broke it off, they are still on good terms. He considers that his super power.


Catch it!: Punch the ground to grab a rock, then throw it. Damages twice, when you punch the ground and after the rock hits a target
Kryptonian Hand Clap: A vibration ranged attack that goes through multiple enemies and knocks them down. May stun
Earthcracker: Punching the ground 3 times, last of which knocks down enemies and stuns
Cadmus Rage: Raises strength

Conner Kent, or Kon-El
A clone created from the DNA of Superman and Lex Luthor. He has inherited some of Superman's powers (mostly strength and flight), and some of Lex Luthor's genius problems.Created in Cadmus labs, for the first 4 years of his life he lived in Hawaii. After that time, he moved to Metropolis and was admitted into the El family when Superman gave him a Kryptonian name. He also went to live with the Kent family in Smallville, where he adopted the name Conner Kent and was assumed to be the cousin of Clark Kent.
He has been in a few super hero teams, such as Teen Titans, Ravers, League of Super Heroes, and Young Justice. In Young Justice and Teen Titans, he became close friends with Robin, Kid Flash, and was romantically involved with Wonder Girl and M'gann.
He is defiant, but loyal to his friends and doesn't visibly age.

[top]Miss Martian

Telekinetic Wave: A ranged attack that goes through multiple enemies and knocks them down
Megan's Mind Control: Controls a enemy for a few seconds, which makes them fight for your side
Martian Healing: Make a healing circle, which heals any allies that enter
Telepathic Camoflage: Makes her invisible, and won't be targeted by enemies

M'gann M'orzz, or Megan Morse
Niece of Martian Manhunter, she is a shapeshifter that prefers to stay in this form: A humanoid young adult with red hair and green skin. She is initially a white martian. She ran away from home because white martians arn't accepted among the green martian community. She started out on the team as a naive girl, with full use of her martian powers. She had a long relationship with Conner, and after they broke up (because she abuses her powers) she dated Lagoon Boy.


Water Bearer Shots: A ranged attack that fires quickly. Slow preparation, as he needs to kneel down first
Atlantean Eel: He summons water around him, then that water goes up and comes down like a waterfall onto enemies. This attack hones in on the nearest enemy, and damages twice. Once when he is summoning water, and then when it comes down on an enemy.
Hydrokinesis: Pushes everyone around him away, with small damage
Guardian of Shayeris: Increases strength

The original leader of the team. His body is covered in eel tattoos, which light up when he uses his powers. He holds Aquaman to a high regard, as that is his king. Later he finds out that Black Manta is his father. He had a crush on Tula, a classmate of his from the Conservatory of Sorcery in Poseidonis (along with Garth)

[top]Kid Flash

Flash Rush: Rushes forward with a flurry of punches. Hits the opponent multiple times, and knocks them down
Multiple Fist Hurricane: Standing still, he punches in all directions in front of him
Tornado Wreckage: Spinning quickly, he makes a small tornado that hits enemies for small damage, but in quick succession
Hyperspeed: Raises chance for critical hits

Wally West
Nephew of Barry Allen (The Flash). He gained his powers by redoing the experiment that gave his uncle powers. He is the team's science wiz and one of the founding members of the team. He is impatient and immature, joking around. He is also girl crazy, initially going after Megan. He had a romantic relationship with Artemis. Wally and Artemis both retired to go to college, until they were asked to go onto a mission.


Crock's Crossbow: Shoots arrows quickly toward one target at a time. At max, gives poison and can give a double shot
Queen's Bow Shot: Shoots a single arrow at one target. Preparation takes time, but does more damage than a crossbow's arrow
Green Storm: Shoots arrows into the sky to come down on enemies. At the highest level, it can hit 10 enemies. There is a chance it will miss if enemies move
Marksmanship: Raises chance for a critical hit.

Artemis Crock
Daughter of Sportsmaster and younger sister to Cheshire, she grew up as an assassin. Her mother was Huntress. She is romantically involved with Wally West. Artemis is a mix of Caucasian and Vietnamese. She used to have a crush on Superboy. When she first joined the team, she wasn't liked by Red Arrow and Kid Flash. She later becomes Tigress, after going into retirement with Wally, when they went to Stanford University together.


Llaberif: Fireball spell that has a long range. Strong damage and will make the enemy take fire damage
Ezeerf Seof: A time slowing spell, which doesn't damage but kind of freezes enemies.
Gnilaeh: Instantly heals all allies, regardless of how close they are.
Noitartnecnoc: Reduces the cost of casting a spell.

Zatanna Zatara
Daughter of Zatara, she is a magician who uses magic as a weapon. She joins the team often, willing to be an official member, even though she has to sneak out of the house. She does flirt with Robin often.


Water Pulse: Shoots balls of water.
Poseidonis Power Beam: Like a fire hose, you shoot water forward, and keep shooting as long as you hold the button.
Water Whirlpool: Creates a small water tornado that pushes enemies away
Poseidonis Paladin: Reduces energy usage

A citizen of Atlantis, and best friend to Kaldur'ahm. He helped Aquaman with Aqualad's help, and went different ways, continuing to study sorcery. He was in a romantic relationship with Tula, also known as Aquagirl.

[top]Beast Boy

Quill Shot: Turns into a hedgehog and shoot quills in one direction. Heals small amount of health
Buffalo Charge: Turn into a buffalo and rush
Thumping Kong: Turn into a Gorilla and smash the ground around you. Lessens damage you take for a short time
Grizzly Rage: Turn into a bear and take a few swings in front of you.

Garfield Logan
He gained his powers by getting a blood transfusion from Miss Martian, which also turned his body green. Because he grew up in an animal observatory, he had a wide knowledge of animals. Because of his young age but mature personality, when someone explains something to him, he usually says "noted". He usually wears a tight red and white suit, which shrinks down to a collar in a large animal form. His mother, Marie Logan, worked on "Hello Megan", the show Miss Martian enjoys watching.


Triple Batarang: Throws 3 batarang projectiles at once. At max level, stuns enemies and hits a max of 2 enemies.

Twirling Bo Dash: Rush forward spinning your sticks. Does area damage after the charge.
Spinning Bo: Spins your sticks while staying in the same place.
Robin's Cloak: Raises defense

Tim Drake
This is the third Robin. Most of the time he is with Batman, usually communicating with the team. In the few missions he goes on, he was assigned team leader, in order to get more experience. Tim is the new Robin, and Dick's successor as Batman's protégé. Tim looks up to him as his hero and big brother. Dick tries to be a good role model and give Tim the chance to prove himself and go beyond his normal comfort zones, such as putting him in a leadership position.
Wonder Girl and Robin became a couple shortly after an invasion. Wally's death was the catalyst in giving Wonder Girl the courage to kiss him


Kinetic Pulses: Shoots a pulse forward. Raises area damage.
Rocket Charge: Makes you move so fast, that each enemy in front of you gets a punch at the same time (similar to Kid Flash's attack)
Force Bubble: Makes a bubble, and rushes forward, hitting any enemies in front of you. Small damage in quick succession (like Kid Flash's attack)
Dakota's Finest: Increases defense, taking less damage.

Raquel Ervin
Protégé of Icon. She was born in Dakota City, and the belt she wears gives her powers.


Batarang: Throws a large batarang, that goes through multiple enemies, knocks them down, and explodes at the end, damaging one last time.
Grapnel-Gun Dash: Grabs an enemy, pulls them close, then kicks them. Similar to Nightwing's attack.
Wayne Industries Toxic Pellet: Poison's enemies
Batgirl's Cloak: Increases attack power.

Barbara Gordon
Daughter of Commissioner Gordon. Like the rest of the "bat" family, she has natural leadership. Has been known to have a crush on Dick, although she also knows his "history" of being a dog. She will later get injured and become part of the "birds of prey" group.

[top]Downloadable content:

[top]Wonder Girl

[top]Lagoon Boy


[top]Blue Beetle


Step 1: Trivia
Once you start your game, you will be placed onto the first story mission. For now, just exit the mission and go to HQ.

Go to the far right, past Red Tornado and Black Canary, to a computer panel. This is where you test your knowledge in YJ trivia. Check my "Trivia" section for the questions and their answers. The reason your doing this now is because you want to get the trivia trophies before it gets harder. The questions available now are limited to about 25 questions, and if you move fast enough, the questions will recycle.

If you progress past the first Santa Prisca level, more trivia questions will be added, which makes this trophy even harder. Your objective is to get 5000 points, the maximum score possible.

Step 2: Finish the game on normal, and train if you get stuck

Since you're just starting, I recommend that you play on normal till you complete all the story missions. If you're in need of some leveling, train on levels you completed, but on the Hard difficulty. Do this because you're going to have to replay on the harder difficulty anyway, and you already went through it once. You won't really have to train much, because on normal difficulty you rarely have your whole team fall at the same time. Remember to put your skill points to use every time you level up.

Continue on with the story levels until you finish the game. Your goal is just to get through the levels and finish the game at your own pace. I suggest you search every corner and kill all enemies. This will get you most (hopefully all) the collectables and get an A rank on all story missions.

Also, if you have another person to play with, play the game co-op to get those (co-op) trophies out of the way.

Step 3: Re-play all levels on hard
In normal difficulty, you take a reduced amount of damage. At this time, you should have a good amount of levels, so replaying all the story missions on Hard should help make the gameplay easier. Checking the "Tips and Strategy" area for tips, playing the game with another person (co-op), and replaying (training) on missions to level are all helpful ways to get through Hard difficulty. Also, since you don't have to worry about collectables or A ranking the missions, you can run through most of the levels and skip over fighting. Usually you can rush past a group of enemies and progress through the levels, with only a few instances where the door won't open unless all enemies in that area are defeated. During this step, replay any level you need on normal to find collectables or finish stage related trophies. Now you should have a majority of the trophies. Next steps are to clean up.

Step 4: Challenges
Back on the main screen, third option the from the top, are the YJ challenges. These are unlocked by completing story missions, which you should have beaten already. There are a total of six challenges, which I recommend you attempt after you beat the game on hard, since these are easier with better power levels. You still gain experience and currency in this mode, should you not be at max level yet.

Step 5: Clean up

One trophy you probably don't have yet is being at level 40. That can be done by replaying any level for experience. If you didn't buy all the enhancements, go talk to Black Canary and buy it all (replaying levels gets you the currency for that). If you're missing a collectable or having trouble with a challenge, check the guide for specifics on which ever trophies you're missing.

If the info isn't enough, or something is glitched for you, PM me here

[top]Tips & Strategies

[top]Tips Section

  • You don't have to fight every battle. Most sections of the story missions you can just run past the enemies. If you do, they will follow for a bit, but lose interest if you get far enough away.
  • If you don't kill a certain amount of enemies, you cannot get an A rank for that story mission.
  • To get an A rank or lots of experience, break open secret areas. It counts as an objective, and gets you exp and points.
  • Most enemy groups don't notice you right away. If you use a ranged character's attack, you can snipe the enemies down before they notice you.
  • You can run up on an enemy if they aren't facing you. Sneak up to get the first few hits in.
  • If you do attack an enemy, but don't kill them quick enough, they will notice you and rush over to you and attack. This enemy doesn't notify the others.
  • If one of your AI characters gets close enough to the enemies, it will notify them of your presence.
  • There are many cases where enemies will spawn if you get caught in spot lights or go into a certain area. If you are able to avoid being detected, then you don't have to fight. Depending on how many enemies you defeated that mission, you might need to get caught to get that A rank.
  • Usually you attack which ever enemy is the biggest threat. Kill gun goons before you target melee only units.
  • Some enemies are weaker to a specific characters attacks. Robo spiders are one of the weakest you will find.
  • There are many secret areas in this game. Look for walls that you can see cracks in, or just attack every wall. If you actually do some damage to a wall, it is hiding a secret and can be broken.
  • Many secret areas and dead ends have a collectable. Rarely will there be nothing of value there.
  • Your power bar will recharge after a while, so use it up as much as you can. Usually power attacks do more damage than your regular punching.
  • When fighting, try to get the last hit on the enemies. Experience is given to the player that kills the enemy. That means if the AI got that kill, no experience.
  • Save your solo or team boost for large groups of enemies. Using it will instantly kill most enemies, or damage them severely.
  • Each characters has a different set of powers. Some have close range attacks, long range attacks, boosting of attack or defense, or can actually heal.
  • During the mission, you can press to look at the full map of that stage. Compared to the maps in my "collectables" section can help you find the collectable.
  • If you level up during the stage, all heroes will be healed to full health

[top]Strategy Section

Finding secret walls: You can check my "collectables" section, but if you want to find them yourself, attack the walls and see if the wall takes any damage. If you run towards the wall and cannot get closer, it's probably not a wall that can be busted down. Also look at the location on the map. Secret areas usually are in places where there is a big blank area on the map. When you open a secret area, it will then appear on the map. There are rarely any parts of a stage where a path goes under or over another section of the map (usually pretty flat and 2d).

Staying alive: Many times, while playing on hard difficulty, you or your allies will fall in battle. It will be a common sight since the enemy does massive damage, and your AI just stand there. Remember that Miss Martian and Zatana both can heal. They aren''t weaklings either, with Megan's pulse wave attack which goes through multiple enemies and Zatana's fire spell, which lights enemies on fire. Also, use the area to your advantage. The pillars, rocks, and other obstacles shield you from enemy attacks.

When to revive: You want to revive your allies as soon as possible, since they attack enemies and keep the game going should your character be low on health. You usually want to clear the area of enemies, or maybe set up a safety zone with Miss Martian's healing area.


There are 3 different types of collectables:
  • Red boxes with Red arrow's journal entries.
  • Small golden figurines can either be parts of a diorama, or unlocks a character's costume.
I have found the locations and gathered pictures of the maps to help you find these collectables. The quality isn't perfect, but it should still be enough to help you find the collectable. I have resized the images to fit them all on this page, but I have them at normal size if you need it, just let me know. All collectables can be found by looking in every corner and being thorough. Please PM me here to fix or if you need help. Here is a link to a checklist to help you stay organized.


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Dig Site

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Toggle Spoiler

Museum Corridor

Toggle Spoiler

Siberian Ice Path

Toggle Spoiler

Ice River

Toggle Spoiler

Base Camp

Toggle Spoiler

Mountain Tunnels

Toggle Spoiler

Flooding Tunnels

Toggle Spoiler

Santa Prisca

Santa Prisca's Jungle

Toggle Spoiler

Hanging Statues of Santa Prisca

Toggle Spoiler

Atabey's Temple

Toggle Spoiler

Santa Prisca River

Toggle Spoiler

Gotham City

Gotham Dock Warehouse

Toggle Spoiler

Gotham Docks

Toggle Spoiler

The Riddler's Funhouse Maze

Toggle Spoiler


Bialyian Desert Canyon

Toggle Spoiler

Esagila's Royal Gardens

Toggle Spoiler

The Warrior's Path

Toggle Spoiler

The Goddess Tears

Toggle Spoiler

The Offering

Toggle Spoiler

The King's Chambers

Toggle Spoiler

Klarion's Chamber

Toggle Spoiler

[top]Trivia Q & A

I personally collected all the questions and researched their answers. I have kept the questions in the order I have gotten them, and when I replay the quizes, some of these questions are known to follow in this order.

During the quiz, you have unlimited time to answer the current question, but you have a limited amount of time before the quiz ends. You can pause the game, which stops the clock but hides the choices for the answer. ABUSE the pause button to your advantage.

5000 points is the max score you can get. A quiz is 90 seconds. Each question you get right is worth 200, and each time you get a question wrong, you lose 100.

I suggest you study the answers, since that is the quickest way to answer correctly. Pausing the game often gives you time to find the right answer, but since it is multiple choice, knowing the answer out right is faster.

The quiz is multiple choice, so one of the four options is correct. Don't use the arrow buttons at all, since that is another way to answer (I am unsure which buttons are for which answer). Some of the questions was answered through collectables, or found online.

Feel PM me if you need to add something missing or report a duplicate post.

Toggle Spoiler


… And Justice for All
Obtain all Trophies

What's more American than the pledge of allegiance? Maybe apple pie...

Anyway, this platinum trophy will be awarded to you when you accomplish the rest of the trophies of this game.

Daddy’s Little Girl
Defeat Cheshire

Boss fight with Cheshire
Greece - Arrival - Greek Amphitheater

Cheshire has mostly long range attacks. She throws poison shurikens and poison smoke bombs. She will be alone the whole fight.

Just stay as far away from her as you can, and use your long range powers often. When you're out of power at the moment, just keep running in a circle. Revive your allies when it is safe, and let them distract her as you run around.

When she moves to a corner and kneels, she is readying a rocket launcher that hones in on your character. This is the opening you need to rush over there and punch her. Your powers do more than normal punching, but punching is faster. If you hit her enough, the rocket launcher will explode on her, giving massive damage.

Match Day
Defeat Sportmaster

Boss fight with Sportsmaster
Greece - A hostage crisis - Artifact room

Sportsmaster has mostly melee attacks. He can throw a disk at you, which will stun you for a bit. He will be accompanied by 10 goons, both gun and melee types.

Just stay as far away from him as you can, and use your long range powers often. When you are depleted of power at the moment, just keep running in a circle. There are 2 large statues in the room, which give you cover to hide behind and shoot at the enemies. Revive your allies when it is safe, and let them distract her as you run around.

Along with his usual attacks, he will do a spinning tornado attack, which moves towards you. Just keep running and use your to rush away from him. After he stops this attack, he will be stunned, which is the opportunity to go over and punch him.

His goons will keep spawning if you take one out, but they don't really do much damage, and can be avoided if you stay by one of the big statues. This stage may be good to train on, since unlimited enemies.

Cold War
Defeat Killer Frost

Boss fight with Killer Frost
Siberia - Cold Chase - Ice Garden

Killer Frost has mostly long range attacks. She makes different ice crystals pop out of the ground. She will not be alone halfway through the fight, with robo spiders coming out once and a while.

She will stand on her pillar the whole fight, so avoid her attacks and use your long range powers often. Characters like Artemis and Nightwing's ranged power attacks hit Killer Frost without damaging her pillar. The other character's attacks will break her pillar, which stuns her, but not long enough to attack her, making it a waste of time. When you're out of power at the moment, just keep out of harm's way. Revive your allies when it is safe, although they won't die much.

If you attack her pillar, it will break. This makes her run around for a bit. It is better if you don't damage the pillar and just attack her from the ground.

Tag Team
Defeat Icicle Jr and Sportmaster

Boss fight with Sportsmaster and Icicle Jr.
Siberia - Deep buried in ice - Laser room

Sportsmaster has melee attacks, with a spinning tornado that moves towards you and a disk he throws. Icicle Jr has ice magic, similar to Killer frost. He also can do a ice shield, which heals him slowly

Like usual, use your long distance powers, then run away. Target Sportsmaster first, because he will run up to you often to punch you. Icicle Jr will just put his shield up and stay there till you break through it. After Sportsmaster is defeated, go and punch Icicle Jr's shield. It will break and let you punch him directly.

Welcome to la jungla
Defeat Bane

Boss fight with Bane
Santa Prizca - Jungle rendezvous - Amphitheater ruins

Bane has all melee attacks, and he will be alone most of the fight. Some robo spiders will pop up sooner or later.

Just stay as far away from him as you can, and use your long range powers often. When you're out of power at the moment, just keep running in a circle. Revive your allies when it is safe, and let them distract him as you run around. There are 6 large pillars in this area. You can use them to hide behind.

He will mostly punch whomever is near, so just stay away. Every now and then, he will rush forward towards a character. He will project when he will rush when he starts to tap his arm. If he rushes into a pillar, it will break and he will be stunned. While stunned, damage you do to him will be 10x as strong. Use this opportunity to rush in and punch him or use your powers. powers give more damage than normal punching. After he wakes from being stunned, he will turn red and become invincible for a short time. Just avoid him.

If your hit by him when he is rushing forward, you could lose all your health, so be careful

Secrets from the Deep
Defeat Black Manta

Boss fight with Black Manta
Santa Prizca - The goddess shrine - Temple drilling site

This boss fight is broken up into two sections: Destroying the submarine and Rescuing Aquaman.

In the first half, you're at the loading dock destroying the enemies route of escape, the black submarine that manta uses to travel. There are missile launchers on the sub that will shoot at you every now and then. It can be seen in the background, so you should be able to predict when it will hit you. There is some panels that rotate on a track, and will block this missile if you're positioned behind it. There is also a missile launcher that will drop down from above. When it is coming, a red circle will show where it will be dropping. Lastly, some robot enemies will drop in to give you a hard time.

In this section, your job is to push some levers to damage the submarine. You will see 4 large pillars with a lever on either side of this pillar. You need to rush to the lever, hold and push the lever into the pillar. You will know if that lever is finished if the pillar turns red and a fire pops up out of the submarine. After all 4 levers are pushed, onto section 2.

This next section is a fight with Black Manta and a handful of his goons. The objective, however, is to destroy the generators holding Aquaman, not to damage Black Manta. In the center is Aquaman trapped. Around the outer rim of this area are the generators. Just run behind the generator, and keep attacking it. The enemies will try to attack you, but the generator will be your shield. After you take down one generator, move onto the next one. If you need to heal, run around to put distance between you and the enemies and heal up (or plan to revive your allies).

After all the generators are destroyed, the battle ends.

Twisted Mind
Defeat Psimon

Boss fight with Psimon
Gotham City - Mindtwist - Mind Realm

Psimon doesn't really fight much. He makes columns of red energy to attack you, and brings out dark clones of your characters to fight you.

When the stage starts, a shadow clone of one of your current three will appear. As you fight this clone, that same character will be taking damage. You are actually hurting your own heroes (if you're fighting clone robin, then the robin in your party will also be taking damage). If you have Miss Martian in your party, she can heal your heroes.

After you destroy each of his shadow clones, Psimon's floating head will spit out his body to the floor. Rush up and damage him. This is where his red energy columns will burst out of the ground to damage you. Don't pay attention to his red energy, because you need to get in there to damage him. Usually he will be near death but still have health, and redo the shadow clones phases. Just get through it and finish him the next time he drops to the ground.

When he brings out a shadow clone, that clone has the health of that character as if they were fully healed.

Riddle me this!
Defeat The Riddler

Boss fight with Riddler
Gotham City - It's Showtime! - The Riddler's Funhouse Wheel

The Riddler stands at the center platform and doesn't attack you directly. In his "game", the lights will go around the board and then slow to a stop. That panel will show which attack you will have to face. Also, if a panel is broken, the selector will skip over to the next available panel

Skull - Poison gas everywhere
Bomb - Bombs will drop around the board. Either on the outer edge or closer to the center.
Question mark - when the panel is destroyed the Riddler gets closer to defeat
Mask - Goons will drop down until the panel is broken

The selection lights will go in a counter clockwise rotation, and the attack will continue until the panel is broken. I suggest that you just stand and wait till it starts to slow, then run to that area. Also remember that power attacks do more damage than normal punching.

The goons are easy to defeat, but certain heroes do more damage:
Any of the bat family heroes have a higher attack against riddler goons
Batgirl's large batarang goes through multiple enemies when in flight, Nightwing can throw batarangs quickly, and Robin throws 3 batarangs at a time.

Busted Block
Defeat Blockbuster

Boss fight with Blockbuster
Bialya - Legacy - Klarion's Chamber

Blockbuster has three attacks: regular punching, a jump which attacks the immediate area, and a ranged attack of throwing a rock if your far enough away. His moves are easy to predict and if you stay far enough, you only need to dodge the rock. There are pillars in this room, which you can hide behind to avoid projectiles and rocks.

Another bad guy, Klarion, will also be in this fight. Klarion doesn't move, but sends red projectiles and columns of red meteor from the sky. Klarion's projectiles are easy to dodge and don't do much damage, and his meteors show up as a red circle before they emerge out of nowhere.

When the fight starts, Klarion will send red energy projectiles from where he is standing, while Blockbuster will run up to attack you. Blockbuster is immune to damage unless he is stunned, and he gets stunned when Klarion hits him with a meteorite.

While stunned, attack him however you like. After blockbuster goes down, the fight is over. Klarion will just run away, losing interest.

A Death in the Family
Finish the game

Boss fight with Tiamat
Bialya - Legacy - Tiamat's Well

This is the last boss fight and last mission of the game. Tiamat is a blue dragon, and this fight is her third and final form.

She has three attacks: a normal punch, a flying up then smashing down attack, and waterfall columns that spring from the ground. All of her attacks are easily predictable. She has the ability to fly, so when that happens you can't damage her. She also summons clones of a minion, which just have a basic punch attack

She cannot be damaged by anything other than a team boosted attack. Kill of her minions, and when your team is ready, use the boost. Now attack her with whatever attacks you like. Her minions give off half of a full bar of hero boost when defeated. If your hero is damaged while starting a team boost, it could negate its effects. If that is the case, usually when the team boost is finished, that hero will have a full boost bar. Once she is defeated, this trophy will pop and a short animation will show before the credits roll.

Complete the game on Hard Difficulty

There are 36 missions altogether

You need to play and complete each level in Hard difficulty. The rank you obtain on these levels doesn't apply to this trophy.

In most cases, you can run past the enemies, unless the door won't open until the enemies in the immediate area are defeated.
I recommend that you pick off the enemies one by one, and use ranged attacks as often as possible, to keep a distance between you and danger.

Look to my "Tips and Strategy" section for more helpful tips. Remember that Hard difficulty means you take more damage, and the enemy takes reduced damage.

Ready for Spring Break
Obtain A Grades in half of the Missions

See "Graduate with Honors " trophy

Graduate with Honors
Obtain A Grades in all Missions

This trophy can be done in either Normal or Hard difficulties

Every time you finish a story mission, you get a grade depending on your end score. Your graded on:

Amount of enemies defeated
Hit combo number
Destroyed objects
Completed objectives

When the game is calculating your end score, it won't show the values of everything listed above. That said, I can tell you that it all does factor into your score. Each time you defeat an enemy, the blue number above the enemy is your points. Objects that can be destroyed like boxes or pots add to your hit combo, and collectables add a one time bonus of points. Don't worry, that bonus isn't needed to make A rank.

It's best to check every corner, and beat every enemy. There really is no rush.

Use all the powers of the heroes

Each super hero has 4 different super powers. By holding and any of the buttons () your super hero will do that ability and use up some of their hero power.

Taking the amount of heroes playable, multiply that number by 4, you get (12 X 4) = 48 abilities

Each ability needs to be used once. If they are an attack, the attack needs to hit at least one enemy. If the ability effects your hero(es), they still need to defeat someone after getting that boost or health.

It gets confusing sometimes if you don't remember who you still need to play as, so here is a checklist I made. Also, try to go in order and use all hero powers immediately. When you unlock a new character, play as them and use their powers to stay organized. That way you don't have to try and backtrack through them all to find which ones your still didn't use.

Who’s going to pay for that?
Destroy 350 objects

This trophy is achieved by destroying breakable items in the story missions. All objects that when you walk up it shows a are throwable, breakable objects. Punching or any projectiles that hit these will break them. This is a trophy that will come naturally, as there are many things that when hit will break. Examples are boxes, pots, walls, ice crystals, and statues.

Best place to farm this is in Greece - Arrival - Ruins.
There are many boxes littered along this small stage. About halfway through, there is a side path blocked off by pots. These pots are breakable, and count towards this trophy. Because this is the very first stage, it's easy and short.

Another good place is in Santa Prisca - The goddess shrine - Atabey's temple
There are lots of boxes and pots in this temple. This is the second best place, because there are more difficult enemies, and the stage is longer than in the ruins.

Maneuver 7!
Activate Squad Boost 20 times

Each time a character kills an enemy (gets the last hit on an enemy) they get some hero boost energy (the orange bar under the health and power bars). When all three of your characters have a full hero boost bar, you can press R2 and unleash a team boost. When you unleash this attack, all enemies near your characters will be hit, most of the weaker ones will die from it. During a small amount of time after you unleash this attack, each hero will have unlimited hero power.

Usually the character that kills most of the enemies is the player is controling. So for all three of your characters to have a full bar, you need to switch to each character.

This can come naturally, since many of the stages are long enough (or have enough enemies) for you to do a team boost per level (excluding the boss levels).

If you still need more, going to Bialya - Legacy- Tiamat's Well is the best place to farm this. The minions you fight fill half your bar each, and you can stay here as long as you need.

Defeat the first 15 enemies

See "No room in Belle Reve " trophy

Hitting Henchmen
Defeat 200 enemies

See "No room in Belle Reve " trophy

No room in Belle Reve
Defeat 500 enemies

Defeating enemies is necessary to progress through the missions, so this trophy can be achieved through naturally playing through the game. Every enemy you encounter counts towards this trophy, although you want to try to fight harder enemies so that you can also level up in the process.

Good places to train are:
Greece - A hostage crisis - Museum
Greece - A hostage crisis - Artifact room

Both missions in the hostage crisis are a good place to start training. In the museum, there are many enemies and they all are weak. You can summon more by running into the search lights.

In the Artifact room, there is an unlimited supply of goons. The only dangers are the gun goons, which you can take out first, and Sportsmaster himself. Because Sportsmaster uses mostly melee attacks, just stay away from him and he won't bother you.

Siberia - Cold Chase - Ice River

Ice river is a good place because it's the first time you see the recon droids. These small floating purple droids teleport into the stage on a round pad, and located next to it is a tower that when destroyed, will stop new droids from arriving. These droids give the same experience as normal melee goons, but have very little health, making them to one hit kill them. Ice river is a short stage which means you can replay and finish it in a short time.

Reach level 10

See "Justice League Member " trophy

Reach level 20

See "Justice League Member " trophy

Justice League Member
Reach level 40

To level up, you need to gather experience. You get experience from:

Defeating each enemy
Completing objectives
Picking up collectables
Finishing story missions

I am not sure how the experience is calculated, because it doesn't really show how much you gain after each enemy or completed objective. Just play through the game defeating every enemy you can. Completing objectives and finishing the story mission are things you have to do anyway. Note that grabbing collectables or opening secret areas count as objectives.

You can literally pick any mission that you want, but there are a few good places to train that I recommend.

Greece - A hostage crisis - Museum
Greece - A hostage crisis - Artifact room

Both missions in the hostage crisis are a good place to start training. In the museum, there are many enemies and they all are weak. You can summon more by running into the search lights. Also, as you save hostage groups, you get experience for the objective to save them.

In the Artifact room, there is an unlimited supply of goons. The only dangers are the gun goons, which you can take out first, and Sportsmaster himself. Because Sportsmaster uses mostly melee attacks, just stay away from him and he won't bother you.

Siberia - Cold Chase - Ice River

Ice river is a good place because it's the first time you see the recon droids. These small floating purple droids teleport into the stage on a round pad, and located next to it is a tower that when destroyed, will stop new droids from arriving. These droids give the same experience as normal melee goons, but have very little health, making them to one hit kill them. Ice river is a short stage which means you can replay it and get experience in a short time.

Siberia - Go with the Flow - Flooding Tunnels

This is also a good place to train, since it's short. There are only 3 rooms of enemies, but because it's a small room, as soon as you get in start going crazy. The enemies have a lot of health, since they are stronger than average units, but they also give good experience. Replaying this short stage will get you lots of experience in a short time.

Bialya - Tag Team - The King's Chamber

This is the last large map of the game. By playing this and beating all opponents, you get about 14,000 experience points. I like this map because the enemies are mostly robo spiders, which are very easy to kill. Remember to put it on Hard difficulty. Just kill everything at your own pace till you get to the end, where robo spiders will keep spawning. The enemy numbers may seem endless, but after you kill a certain amount, they wont spawn anymore. Remember to also go into secret areas (which give you experience and hide extra enemies)

Justice Partners
Complete 1 mission co-op mode

See "Justice Team " trophy

Justice Allies
Complete 5 missions co-op mode

See "Justice Team " trophy

Justice Team
Complete 10 missions co-op mode

See "Justice Team " trophy

United We Stand
Complete all missions in co-op mode

There are 36 story missions.

Each one needs to be done with at least 2 players minimum. The other players need to have joined the party before the mission was started and finish the level. This can be done through online co-op. If you're looking for co-op partners, go here to the forum.

There is no way to keep track of which missions you have done in co-op, so I put it into a check list here.

I recommend you start from the beginning, and go in order to stay organized. Rank doesn't matter.

Get half the Dioramas

Check my "Collectables" section for info on where to find diorama pieces, alternate costumes, or red arrow journals.

There is a checklist here, to stay organized on the collectables you already have.

Get all the Dioramas

Check my "Collectables" section for info on where to find diorama pieces, alternate costumes, or red arrow journals.

There is a checklist here, to stay organized on the collectables you already have.

The Quest for Roy Harper
Get all Red Arrow Journals

Check my "Collectables" section for info on where to find diorama pieces, alternate costumes, or red arrow journals.

There is a checklist here, to stay organized on the collectables you already have.

Sunday Best
Collect half of the Alternate Costumes

Check my "Collectables" section for info on where to find diorama pieces, alternate costumes, or red arrow journals.

There is a checklist here, to stay organized on the collectables you already have.

Mardi Gras
Collect all the Alternate Costumes

Check my "Collectables" section for info on where to find diorama pieces, alternate costumes, or red arrow journals.

There is a checklist here, to stay organized on the collectables you already have.

Induction Party
Unlock all characters

Heroes are listed in order from upper left corner to lower right. The last 4 are DLC characters, and are not necessary for this trophy. These can be unlocked on either difficulty.

Nightwing -Unlocked by default
Superboy -Unlocked by default
Miss Martian -Unlocked by default
Aqualad -Unlocked by default
Kid Flash -Unlocked by default
Artemis -Unlocked by default
Zatana -Unlocked after completing Gotham City - It's Showtime - The Riddler's Funhouse Maze
Tempest -Unlocked after completing Siberia - Go with the Flow - Flooding Tunnels
Beast Boy -Unlocked after completing all story missions on normal difficulty
Robin -Unlocked after completing Greece - Emergency Exit - Museum Corridor
Rocket -Unlocked after completing all story missions on hard difficulty
Batgirl -Unlocked after completing Santa Prisca - Pursuit - Santa Prisca River

Black Canary sales!
Buy half of the enhancements

See "Out of stock " trophy

Out of stock
Buy all enhancements

There are a total of 57 enhancements to buy (21 of these enhancements are shared among all the heroes, and 3 are specific to each character, with 12 heroes, not including DLC)

Enhancements are bought through currency, and is the only use for the currency. Replay levels to get more currency if you fall short.

Training Room
Complete 1 challenge

See "No Match, not even in Cadmus " trophy

Staying Whelmed
Complete half of the challenges

See "No Match, not even in Cadmus " trophy

No Match, not even in Cadmus
Complete all challenges

Read first: There are 5 heroes that I recommend for these challenges. I only used their ranged and area attacks, but feel free to play the way you want.

Nightwing- Fastest ranged attack and his area attack can stun
Miss Martian- Area power makes a healing area, which makes your invincible, and ranged attack goes through multiple enemies.
Superboy- His attack goes through multiple enemies.
Zatana- Her ranged attack is powerful and burns enemies, while her area power instantly heals all allies
Tempest- His attack is like a water hose, which hits enemies multiple times while you hold it. His area attack is a large water tornado.

Hoarde: 10 waves of enemies

Recommended is to have Miss Martian, Batgirl, and Nightwing in your party. Miss Martian can heal, and Batgirl's batarang goes through multiple enemies, ending in a explosion for more damage. Nightwing's shock attack hits all enemies, stuns, and doesn't use a lot of hero power, meaning you can use it multiple times. Remember that goons with guns take priority, although target the robo spiders if your close to a hero boost. Time it right and close to enemies to get the most out of it.

Countdown: 5 waves
Speed is key in these types of challenges. I suggest Superboy, Nightwing, and Tempest as the team to go with. You won't need to heal at all if you stay alive and kill off the waves fast enough. Superboy's sonic clap is like Miss Martian's Telekinetic wave, hitting all enemies in that direction. You need to kill multiple enemies at the same time, because that's the only way to keep your timer alive (you start with 60, but if your quick enough you can get that timer up to 100 sec). Use your area attacks or ranged attacks (if they can hit multiple people) and spam it. Run around if needed, till your attack hits the most available.

Survivor: 5 waves
Miss Martian is a must on this type of challenge. Keep control of her as your character, and go around using your Telekinetic wave attack. When a ally is getting low on health (either from attacks or just random loss of health), run up to them and use your healing power. It makes an area that heals when the allies enter. Watch out as there is a cool down after using each power. It's helpful because it lasts really long, and makes you invincible (you heal quicker than you can take damage). Miss Martian also can go invisible, which helps if you need to get away from a group or go in to revive someone. When fighting, priority is to take out any gun goons, then large robots, then anything else. If your close to a hero boost, attack robo spiders to fill your bar.

Countdown 2
Same as Countdown 1.

Survivor 2: 5 waves
Same things as in Survivor 1.

Horde 2
Same things as Horde 1.

Challenge Master
Get 50% A Grades in YJ Challenges

See "Apple of Black Canary’s eye " trophy

Apple of Black Canary’s eye
Get all A Grades in YJ Challenges

This trophy is connected to "No Match, not even in Cadmus "

By completing the challenge levels, you automatically get an A rank.

Winning Streak
Answer 5 Young Justice Trivia questions correctly in a row

This trophy is pretty self explanatory. During a quiz, get 5 answers correct in a row.

Check my "Trivia" section for the questions and their answers, and use the pause button often if you're not sure on the correct answer.

Trivia Apprentice
Reach a Score of 500 in the Young Justice Trivia

See "Trivia Master " trophy

Trivia Expert
Reach a Score of 1000 in the Young Justice Trivia

See "Trivia Master " trophy

Trivia Master
Reach a Score of 5000 in the Young Justice Trivia

You need to get 5000 points in a quiz, which is the max score you can get. A quiz is 90 seconds. Each question you get right is worth 200, and each time you get a question wrong, you lose 100. That means you can get a few wrong, and still make it.

That means you need to make 25 questions in a row to get this as quickly as possible.

Check my "Trivia" section for the questions and their answers, and use the pause button often if you're not sure on the correct answer. I suggest you study the answers, since that is the quickest way to answer correctly.

The quiz is multiple choice, so one of the four options is correct. Don't use the arrow buttons at all, since that is another way to answer (I am unsure which buttons are for which answer).

Art Preservation Society
Don’t break any Statue in the Museum Stage during “A Hostage Crisis”

Greece - A Hostage Crisis - Museum

While going through this mission, you need to avoid damaging any displays.
  • Avoid using a lot of ranged attacks for now, since they can miss and hit something
  • Avoid using any area powers. Obviously you don't want to attack just any direction and have some control.
  • Don't use your hero boost unless you're in a corner. Activating it acts as a area attack.
  • The enemy's gun shots can also break displays, so get rid of gun goons first.
  • Enemy melee attacks will damage the displays, so don't stand near one.
  • When punching, punch then move. Don't do combos in case you kill off the enemy before the combo is finished.
  • As much as possible, punch the enemy to get their attention, then run away to lure them into areas there are no displays
  • You don't have to fight everyone! You can rush past them in some cases. If you're not around, they won't be in a fighting mood.
  • If you're close enough to a gun goon, they will melee instead of shoot.
  • The AI might damage something by accident, so if possible, let 2 of your characters die early*.
  • If possible, having others to play with will help limit mindless damage*
*This may require you to have 2 or 3 controllers.

Artemis is a good unit to have for this, since her area attack comes down from above. It can kill lots of enemies, with no chance of rouge arrows since it hones onto where the enemy is located. Be careful because there is a slight chance of breaking displays if the enemy is too close to it.

Hurry Up!
Escape the Avalanche Stage during “Go with the Flow” in less than 5 minutes

Siberia - Go with the flow - Flooding Tunnels

Superman is here to help your team. He is holding back the doors to keep the avalanche back, and you have a limited amount of time to clear the room of enemies so you can retreat farther from the avalanche.

Finishing this in 5 minutes isn't as hard as it seems.
  • Use all your heroes powers, switching when the current hero is out of power.
  • Hero boosts will come in handy, instantly killing everything in sight
  • Robotic spiders are the weakest enemies here, so if your close to a hero boost, target them.
  • Robots are the strongest enemies, so save them for last, and use hero boosts to defeat them quickly
Heroes to use:
  • Artemis is a good unit to have, since if you level up her area power ( + ), the more maximum enemies she can hit with one arrow.
  • Nightwing's shock attack (his area power) is helpful since it stuns everyone along with damaging them.
  • Miss Martian is handy because she can heal your group, and her ranged attack pushes down enemies and goes through them to hit others behind them. She can also go invisible if you need to sneak in to revive an ally.
  • Batgirl is a good pick because her batarang pierces through one enemy to hit another behind them, and will explode at the end to damage them a second time.
  • Tempest's range attack is like a fire hose, constantly shooting the enemy until the power runs out or you stop pressing the button.

It’s a trap!
Avoid damage from the spike trap in Atabey's Temple Stage during “The Goddess Shrine”

Santa Prisca - The Goddess Shrine - Atabey's Temple

About 1/3 through the level, there is a bridge with spikes coming out of the ground. The pattern is simple enough to figure out, and don't rush yourself.
  • Start running through as soon as the spikes start to go down
  • Rush forward with to get to a safe zone.
  • Hit the generators in the middle safe zones to turn off the previous trap
  • There are 3 different pattern traps.
  • Ignore the enemies that jump in and your allies if they fall until you cleared the traps completely.

One with the Shadows
Don't be spotted by any searchlight in Gotham Docks Warehouse stage during Hometown

Gotham City - Hometown - Gotham Dock Warehouse

During this stage, there are snipers and unmanned guns. The spotlights throughout this level are for the unmanned guns to see and target you. Just avoid the spotlights, and actually hug the wall closest to the gun. Walking directly under it will help avoid being spotted.

When you're going for this trophy, ignore things like collectables, since they just get in your way.

Miss Martian has a power that makes her invisible. This will help since you can run through the spot lights with her, but any AI allies that are caught or seen ruin it for you. Either have them played by another player, or kill them off.

Do your best to find alternate routes to avoid spotlights.

Hide and Seek
Don't activate the Statues in The Warrior's Path Stage during “Tag Team”

Bialya - Tag Team - The Warrior's Path

For this trophy, you need to get to the last stretch of this mission. You can pretty much run through the whole level, with just 2 doors that won't open until the enemies around that area are defeated.

Once you get to the lion statue, this is where the trophy starts.

Your objective is to push this lion to the end without being seen moving. That means that if the eyes on the heads are open, don't press anything. Once the eyes close completely, continue to push. When the eyes on the heads start to smoke, already let go and stand there. There is no rush, so don't push to early or continue pushing your luck. All three heads open and close at the same time. Once you get to the end with no guard statues awakened, you get the trophy and end the stage.


This is a basic checklist I made and posted for free. Download a copy and then mark it however you like, weither you print it out or just keep it as a digital copy. It should be downloaded as a text document.

Link here

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