Players: 1 (Offline), 2-4 (Online)
Online Trophies: Yes, Create A Friend!, You Became A Tag Duelist!, Friendly Duelist
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No Cheats
Estimated Time to 100%: 16-22 hours depending on skill/luck for winning duels and finding/versing other players online
Minimum Playthroughs: 200+ duels (100+ duels single player, 100+ duels tag dueling)
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

- When creating a deck, try to keep the number of cards in the deck as closest to 40 as possible. I find that 45 seems to be suitable also. any more than that and you're going to be pressing your luck and fishing for cards for awhile, which takes precious turns and may cause you to take unnecessary damage.

-If you're a player who likes to go first when dueling, during the rock-paper-scissors phase, if you lose, repeatedly press of the D-pad until the opponent makes their decision as to who should go first. almost all of the time they will choose to go second.

- Keep a well balanced deck. Don't have 39 monsters and 1 trap card. If you're sticking with the 40-card mark, try to keep the monster cards around 20, magic cards around 10 and trap cards also around 10. Don't have all high level monster cards. Try to have a low amount of LV7+ monsters, a decent amount of LV5-6 monsters, and mainly LV4 and below monsters.

- When choosing magic and trap cards, try to maintain a good balance between defense cards and offense cards. For example, "Negate Attack" [trap card] and "Emergency Provisions" [magic card] are considered defense cards because "NA" denies and enemy's attack and "EP" increases your life points, while "Axe of Despair" [magic card] is considered an offense card because it increase a monster's attack points. (I have provided a link on each card's description. Click on the card's name in quotes for the enlarged image of the card.)

- Just because a monster has low attack and/or defense stats, doesn't mean that it can't obtain much higher stats with the right cards.

- When creating a deck, make sure to create a solid 15 card side deck. Side decks are used during match duels [3 consecutive duels against the same opponent]. This while help you structure your deck based on what cards you've seen in the enemy's deck.

- There are currently 45 separate DLC packs, pricing at $1.99, $2.99 and $3.99. While all of these cards obtained through these DLC packs can be obtained by winning duels in the game, the time it would take to actually unlock them by winning requires far too much grinding. If you are able to spend the small amount of money and want to, I would recommend buying a pack or two. Buying a structure deck and a couple card packs is probably the best way to go instead of buying all packs. These early card unlocks will definitely help during your duels versus Yusei and Jack, and also will help during multiplayer duels. If you're not sure which to buy, look for packs that have a lot of rating votes and are closest to have the 5 star rating.

-If you're finding winning troublesome, you probably need to reorganize your deck. Try checking out these 2 videos from Youtube on tips for creating a deck:

video by nintenbruce

video by PhoenixFlareX

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

No Cheats Reported.


***please note that steps 1 & 2 are interchangeable, but is slightly discouraged due to lack of decent cards***

Step 1: Single Player Mode:
At first during this mode you will be trying to get the feel of the game and trying even harder to win against the first opponents. The cards you are starting the game with a brutally awful, and a win or two will almost definitely be due to luck. After each duel, you are given a random set of cards as reward for winning. The amount you will receive will vary from duel to duel because cards are rewarded for every 20 points you get after the duel. Winning a duel should earn you between 200 to 400 points (the most I've received so far is 384 points). After awhile you will start to get a decent amount of cards built up in your trunk. Go there from the main menu and create a custom deck with the cards you've earned. After you create your custom deck with better cards, single player should be a lot easier.
After this step, you should have earned the trophies Become A Duelist, First To Become A True Duelist, You Have Talent!, Becoming A Special Duelist, Lonely Duelist. Other trophies you may most likely earn during this step are Become A Signer, Absolute King of the Turbo Duel

Step 2: Online Mode: This part may and probably will take you the longest of all 3 steps. As goes with the Nintendo DS Yu-Gi-Oh! games, most online players will quit out if they're going to lose. And beside that, finding people who are willing to play a tag duel is even harder. And if you happen to be playing with a tag partner who has no idea what his strategy is, or has one that conflicts with yours, will demolish your chances of winning. For this step, I would HIGHLY recommend using a group of boosters. You will need to have 3 other boosters willing to play tag duels. For a list of boosters, please visit the Yu-Gi-Oh! Decade Duels Plus Boosting Thread here.
After this step, you should have earned the trophies Create A Friend!, You Became A Tag Duelist!, Friendly Duelist.
Other trophies you may earn during this step are Violent Duelist, Ultimate Duelist.

Step 3: Clean Up:
This step shouldn't take you that long, maybe a couple hours at most. If you haven't earned these trophies during step 1, you should now get Become A Signer, Absolute King of the Turbo Duel. And if you haven't earned these trophies from steps 1 and 2 combined, you should now get Violent Duelist, Ultimate Duelist.


Become a Duelist
Play a single player game.

This is an easy trophy. All you have to do is choose Single Player from the main menu, choose a gender (which one you choose doesn't really matter), skip through the announcer's speech, and play a duel. You don't need to win the duel, just finish it.

First to become a true Duelist
Win a Preliminary Tournament.

The single player mode starts off every time with a preliminary tournament. Just win 3 duels during this time to move on to the final tournament. You will most likely get this trophy during your second try at a preliminary tournament due to lack of decent cards.

Note: If you lose at any point during the single player mode, you will have to restart the whole thing again. What I would recommend, if you don't want to redo all your progress each time, is that if you see you're about to lose, just quit to the game's main menu. This requires you to save your progress after each win. When you quit to the game's main menu, you will lose the progress for that duel, but your saved progress from all the previous duels that you've won is still there, essentially meaning that the duel you just exited out of... kinda never happened. This is a great way for learning an opponent's deck and then going into your own deck and restructuring it to better fit the opponent.

Become a Signer
Defeat Yusei.

After winning a preliminary tournament, you will enter the final tournament. In this final tournament, duels are now played in matches, instead of single duels. Matches are in best-2-out-of-3 format, and the opponents are much tougher than in the preliminary duels. Their will be either Jack or Yusei as one of the opponents in the final tournament. They will always win their match duels, so as long as you can keep winning too, you are guaranteed to duel them. For this trophy, you must defeat Yusei in the final tournament. He is pretty tough, even with a strong deck, and will require a decent amount of luck and strategy to beat.

Be prepared for a lot of low level monsters Yusei will be summoning. He'll use equip magic cards to increase his monsters' stats. He will be relentlessly attacking you. To defeat him, use monsters of LV4 or lower but with high attack points (to destroy his monsters before they can engage their assault and lower Yusei's life points quickly), have a few magic cards that increase your life points and/or decrease his, have a few LV5 or higher monsters-again with high attack point stats. Round that off with a few equip magic cards and some summon-cancelling trap cards, and you should be all set. Also keep in mind that you should still have a relatively small deck (around 40-45 cards) and a full side deck of 15 cards to switch between duels in a match. This will help you get the cards you need, when you need them and fast.

I mentioned above in the trophy description for First To Become A True Duelist a glitch that can really help you out. Refer to that if you are struggling to win. Also check out this video made by X3xAnsemx3x of his duel against Yusei.

Absolute King of the Turbo Duel
Defeat Jack.

After winning a preliminary tournament, you will enter the final tournament. In this final tournament, either Jack or Yusei will be one of the opponents. For this trophy, you must defeat Jack in the final tournament. Like Yusei, he is pretty tough, even with a strong deck, and will require a decent amount of luck and strategy to beat.

This one will probably take more than luck and strategy to finish. If you haven't already, and are able to do so, buy a couple of the DLC booster packs to give you the advantage you need. Jack is an overpowering opponent who has his name as the definition of special summoning and extreme power. He'll make quick use of his cards by either sending them to the graveyard to be retrieved later, creating huge fusion monsters like "Five-Headed Dragon" (link to a picture of the colossus provided, just click on the name in quotes). To defeat Jack, use counter cards like "Magic Jammer" (to cancel magic cards that help him summon or fuse monsters), "Swords of Revealing Light" (to keep his monsters from attacking you), and "Dark Hole" (for times when you're faced with high powered monsters and you've got nothing). Also keep in mind that the first opportunity to activate a card doesn't necessarily mean it's the best time. For example using "Dark Hole" when Jack has a LV3 dragon on the field and that's it... probably isn't as good of a time as when you're facing behemoths like "Five-Headed Dragon" or the infamous "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". Use carefully judgement and don't rush decisions.

I mentioned above in the trophy description for First To Become A True Duelist a glitch that can really help you out. Refer to that if you're struggling to win. Also check out this video made by underlordtico of his duel against Jack.

You have talent!
Save an original Deck Recipe.

After winning a duel in single player mode, you will earn cards as a reward for winning. You will earn 1 card for every 20 points received during the end-of-duel scoreboard, where you earn points based on things like how many traps/magics you activated, no damage received, deflected attacks, etc. After you earn cards from winning, you can either quit to the main menu or continue dueling to earn more cards until you lose. either way, once you are back at the main menu, choose "deck edit" to be brought to your trunk and current deck. for this trophy, all you need to do is add or replace any number of cards from your trunk to your deck, and then save the deck recipe in the deck options menu.

Create a Friend!
Play a Tag Duel.

Choose "multiplay" from the main menu, choose "player match" and then choose "custom match", and define your match search terms to tag duel. ( all other options are personal preference). Once matched, play the tag duel and finish it. you do not have to win to get this trophy.

Also, for those who are new to the game of Yu-Gi-Oh!, a tag duel is a 2v2 duel where its you and another player on one team versus two other players on the opposing team. how a tag duel works starts out the same as a normal duel, where rock-paper-scissors decides which team goes first. once the duel starts, the turns roll like this: Player 1 from [rock-paper-scissors winning team, from now on Team 1] goes first, then Player 1 from [rock-paper-scissors losing team, now Team 2]. after Player 1 from Team 2 finishes his turn, it moves on to Player 2 of Team 1, then to Player 2 of Team 2. once Player 2's turn is over, the cycle rolls back around to Player 1 on Team 1. cards played by the other team member can be activated by either player on the same team, but only cards that are on the field. life points are shared by the teammates, so if one player gets damaged, it draws from the team's life points.

You became a tag Duelist!
Win a Tag Duel for the first time.

(please see Create A Friend! for how to enter the tag duel mode and how a tag duel works)

As stated above, enter a tag duel match and finish it. but this time you must win. This trophy and all other wins obtained during tag duels are much easier when you have 3 other boosters you know playing.

Becoming a special Duelist
Win and get a Rare Card.

This trophy should unlock most likely after your first win. If not, just keep winning duels, though honestly it shouldn't take you more than two or three. This trophy unlocked for me after my first win. Once you win, you will get cards as a reward, the trophy will unlock after you have viewed all obtained cards and have chosen either yes or no to save the game.

Violent Duelist
Inflict at least 1 million total damage.

This trophy is for your overall duels, not at one time (good lord that'd be awful). There are no restrictions as to which mode you must be playing in to have damage points count towards 1 million, but it would be easier to do in single player if you don't have any boosters, and easier in multiplayer if you have boosters. When going the boosting route, have your opponent boosters fill their decks with cards that will increase their life points. Then just keep attacking them or using cards to decrease their life points, and repeat. When going the single player route, there are 8,000 life points for each duelist. it will take 125 duels to reach that amount if you play just single player, and that number requires you to deal 8,000 points of damage each duel. damage dealt in duels lost also count towards this total.

Lonely Duelist
100 wins in Single Mode.

Despite saying single mode, and referring to a "lonely" duelist, you can earn this trophy in single player or 1v1 online. just win 100 times through either game mode and this trophy is yours

Friendly Duelist
100 wins in Tag Duel.

This trophy must be done in multiplay mode, and once again is HIGHLY recommended that you do this with 3 other boosters from this site. Just win 100 tag duels and this trophy is yours

Ultimate Duelist
200 wins in any mode.

You could earn this trophy using any of the following 3 ways:

- Single player only
- A combo of single player and multiplayer
- Multiplayer only

I would recommend using the middle method because you can earn the other 2 trophies that require a certain number of wins.
Play single player first and accumulate 100 wins first, create your awesome all-powerful deck and then hit multiplayer and accumulate 100 tag duel wins. doing that is probably the fastest way of getting all 3 trophies

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