Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 4-8 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Yes (4) Dev-Diary , Ay Ay Ay! , Super-Cosplay , Treasure Hunter
Missable Trophies: Yes (6) Dev-Diary , Ay Ay Ay! , Super-Cosplay , I got this...ī , Treasure Hunter , Good Vibrations!
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Unlock the Zombeer vending machines.
  • Keep your eye on the zombified meter at all times.
  • Aim for the head to conserve your ammo in addition to deal more damage.


You can acquire all the trophies in one playthrough, however that is completely up to you as a speedrun will only take about 1:30 hours so it isn't entirely a bad idea to do this is in two. It will also be easier in the sense that you won't have to worry about playing on hard and keeping yourself in a normal state without being zombified or drunk.

Step 1: As you begin to play the game for the first time you should play on Easy so you can kill the enemies much faster and take less damage. During this playthrough you should focus on all the collectibles, killing all enemies with the dildo, and keeping yourself from being drunk or zombified.
I survived! Ay Ay Ay! Willy's plan Vendetta! Treasure Hunter
Dev-Diary Super-Cosplay Zomburguer "I got this..." Good Vibrations!

Step 2: Start a new game and play on Hard. You will be able to use any weapon at any time or you can run past most of the enemies and kill only those that prevent you from moving forward.
My hero! Heavy Metal Man


I survived!
Finish the game in Easy difficulty

Please refer to Heavy Metal Man down below for more information.

My hero!
Finish the game in Normal difficulty

Please refer to Heavy Metal Man down below for more information.

Find all the developer diaries

Please refer to Treasure Hunter down below.

Ay Ay Ay!
Find all the ģmen in thongsī figures

Please refer to Treasure Hunter down below.

Find all the cover pages of Jessica

Please refer to Treasure Hunter down below.

Willy's plan
Get all the sniper rifle parts

This quest of finding the sniper rifle parts will begin in the groundkeepers office in which you will find the first part. You will make your way through the school locating three other pieces, one where the chancellor is making a speech and another in the planetarium. You will find the fourth and last piece of the sniper rifle on the roof where the tripod has been setup.

Grind up three zombies in the turbine

As you leave the sewer system towards the beginning of the game you watch a brief cinematic of a man being sucked into the jet turbine. You will be informed that this engine will soon blow up. Therefore once the cut-scene ends there will be zombies respawning infinitely until three are sucked into that same turbine. To do this you must have the zombie(s) following you through the airway of the jet engine, but be careful not to get yourself sucked in by running with . Repeat the process until three zombies have been eliminated by the turbine allowing you to move forward to the school doors.

Crush the president in the stadium

You will get your opportunity to crush the president/chancellor on the football field after meeting with Jessica. You will go up against waves of zombies each getting progressively harder in which at the end of a wave you do a quick time event to throw a grenade at the scoreboard each time. At the end of the third wave and your last grenade has been thrown this will unlock!

Note: waves will continue to spawn if you do not throw the grenade at the scoreboard.

"I got this..."
Complete the game without getting zombified or drunk

This can be a pain just because you have to always be aware of your zombified/drunk meter at the bottom center of the HUD. When you drink Zombeer you will increase your drunk state and if you don't this meter will begin to drain into the zombified state. Always have the maximum inventory of Zombeer (5) on you at all times just in case and drink beer just before it goes into the zombified area (purple). Even if the meter goes into the [ ] you will not be able to earn this trophy. Once the credits begin you will unlock the trophy if you didn't get drunk or become zombified during the game.

There are enemies you need to watch out for such as the dancing zombie as he will get you drunk very fast if he is dancing near you. Your drunk meter will continue to increase slowly even after you run away so be sure to keep some distance or kill him quickly. The other enemy is the siren zombie that can kill you rather quickly and although he doesn't get you drunk you may be more prone to killing him than paying attention to your meter down below.

Note: if at anytime your meter does go into the drunk or zombified state press the and quit the game quickly before hitting a save point. When you continue your game you will begin from the last checkpoint therefore you shouldn't have been drunk or zombified if you backed out quick enough!

Treasure Hunter
Find all the collectibles

There are 33 collectibles in total that are separated into three categories; Machos Con Tanga (bobble-heads), Cover Pages (Magazine), and Diaries. They do stand out by glowing bright yellow so even from a distance you can see them. Follow the order in which the collectibles present themselves below to ensure you don't miss any along the way as you cannot return to collect them after completing the game or reaching new areas.

Machos Con Tanga #1 - As you first gain control of your character at the start you will be able to pick up the bobble head that you were talking to during the cut-scene.

Magazine #1 - After answering the phone and proceeding through the Minecraft environments you will enter an alleyway. Directly ahead is a stack of boxes where a Zombeer is placed and the magazine up above it up jump accordingly to the top.

Diary #1 - Once you jump into the green tunnel at the end of the hallway from the last collectible you will enter the sewer system. Take the first left and in the left corner on the ground is where you'll find this first diary.

Diary #2 - Jumping into the green tunnel again to leave the sewer system you will be given a brief cinematic of a human being sucked into a jet engine. If you go straight from where you open the gates and to the left of the jet engine there will be a truck that you can jump into. In the bed of this truck is the diary.

Machos Con Tanga #2 - When you enter the school you will need to continue through the only set of open doors and into the basement area where the fuses are so you can turn on the lights. Go down two flights of stairs and as you reach the third staircase you will see and edge next to some fuse boxes where the bobble head will be.

Diary #3 - Dropping down from the air vent you will see a work table to the right with numerous resources on it, including the collectible.

Magazine #2 - After fixing the generator by playing the color sequence game you will make your way through back through the basement. At one point you will need to jump over some boxes to continue and doing so will lead you to the next collectible. In this area you jumped to will be two zombies and directly past them will be a zombie leaned up against a box sitting on the ground near some Zombeer and ammo where the magazine will also be. You should get this before going into the second air-vent.

Machos Con Tanga #3 - Once you reach the new level by using the elevator you will be told not to be distracted by the swimming zombie. At the end of the hall and behind a box in the statue.

Magazine #3 - Going through the third air-vent you will drop down into an office with a zombie. Leaving this office you will pass the red sliding doors where a restroom will be located on the left where there magazine will be found in the center stall.

Magazine #4 - After finding your first sniper rifle piece in the groundkeepers office you will open the next door and immediately see two ammo boxes on top of a desk in front of you. If you jump onto the desk and chairs you will notice the shelf to the left of the ammo boxes where the magazine will be placed on top.

Machos Con Tanga #4 - Moving forward from the last magazine you will end up in the room where the swimming zombie was in the tube. As you enter the door there will a long horizontal glass window that you can see through and if you walk over on that size of the glass you will notice the bobble head on the ground.

Diary #4 - In the room where you collect the boots from the hanging zombie. The walkman will be to the left as you enter the room.

Diary #5 - Past the dancing cheerleaders in the gymnasium you will enter a control room that you must interact with the lever and on this control panel table is the collectibles.

Magazine #5 - Head back into the main lobby of the school and up the stairs as the doors are now unlocked. Interact with the red doors that act as an elevator and as you step out proceed to the right down the hallway where you will see the magazine placed on the chair to the left.

Machos Con Tanga #5 - Back up just a few steps and on the left side of the hallway (same side as the magazine) is a yellow door with the words Power by Unity on it they you're able to interact with. Inside on the floor is the statue.

Diary #6 - Turn around from where you picked up the bobble head and go to the end of the hall where there two zombies are eating the flesh of a body. To the right past the red doors will be a door you can open where you will find the diary on a zombie.

Diary #7 - Downstairs of the library where you need to grab the grenades. There will be the large skull statue with some cubicles to the left and in the closest on to him you will find this.

Magazine #6 - After moving the bookshelves in the downstairs area of the library you must jump out of the window onto the pipe that now forces you to balance as you move forward. As you reach the other side there will be a magazine directly in front of you as you reach the ground.

Machos Con Tanga #6 - Go through the door where the chancellor was giving a speed and head to the left of the hall where you will see a zombie eating some flesh. Kill them both and to the left will be the statue on a desk.

Magazine #7 - On the other side of the hallway from the previous collectible is a classroom you can enter on the right side. Inside will be zombie with his head on the table where the magazine is.

Diary #8 - As you enter the hallway with the elevator again that has the Zombeer grenades on the other side of the hallway that is blocked will be the diary walkman.

Machos Con Tanga #7 - Take the elevator to get back to the planetarium, but do not go inside yet (you can destroy the doors). Instead go to the right and back through the the ventilation system entering the first door to the right as you drop down as the door is unlocked now where the bobble head will be inside.

Machos Con Tanga #8 - Now that you're on the rooftop you will want to go straight to the Zombeer vendor skeleton, but turn left as you reach him and interact with the gate so you can go inside and pickup the statue that is on the ground.

Magazine #8 - Make your way to the ventilation opening, but before going inside turn around and jump onto the air fans where the magazine is.

Diary #9 - Leaving the last ventilation system you work your way around into another one where you will soon see a dragon! On the ground past the dragon is the diary.

Diary #10 - After the sniper marksmanship you will see a brief cinematic of Karen and the chancellor in the elevator and when it ends go to the elevator to see the diary in-between the two elevator shafts.

Diary #11 - Entering the shower room where the electricity meets the water you want to go straight to the last shower stall where a zombie will be laying outside of it and inside will be the diary.

Magazine #9 - Shortly ahead of the last collectible you will enter the locker room with all the sinks and mirrors. To the left of the room in the back is where you will find the magazine on a shelf.

Machos Con Tanga #9 - Jumping over into the area where three zombies are admiring the dancing cheerleader you will find the diary on the ground behind her.

Diary #12 - You will walk up some stairs and to a hallway with green lights zooming down the to the football field entrance. In this hallway to the left in a cabinet cubby is the diary.

Machos Con Tanga #10 - On a table at the 45 yard line to the left side of the football field.

Magazine #10 - This is found after meeting the girl from the football field and going through the tunnel that was ripped open. It will be found on the table along with a bunch of ammo!

Diary #13 - After defeating the chancellor on the football field you will walk back over to jessica only to find a note. Move through the gate and into the door where the last collectible will be next to the Zombeer vendor in an open briefcase.

Heavy Metal Man
Complete the game on Hard difficulty

Each time you begin a new game you will be asked how brave you're feeling in terms of difficulty that consist of Shot (Easy), Half Pint (Normal), or Pint (Hard). Once you begin the campaign you cannot change the difficulty at any time because you're not given the option so you must either complete the game on this setting or start a new game with the difficulty you wish to play on.

Playing on the easier difficulty of course allows you to deal more damage and take less damage yourself whereas the harder the difficulty the more it begins to reverse engineer those statistics. Playing on Hard is not difficult at all, however, if you're trying to earn "I got this..." & Good Vibrations! it becomes a bit daunting since you always have to be aware of your zombified/drunk meter as you attack with only the dildo.

A speedrun on hard difficulty will take about 1:30 hours as you can run past almost all the zombies in the campaign altogether and just worry about the ones that prevent you from moving on until they're dead. Unlocking all Zombeer vending machines will be the key here since your zombified meter will drain rapidly. The vending machines will allow you to have a full inventory of Zombeer (5) without having to use any found along your journey to save Karen.

In respect to the difficulty you can allow yourself to get drunk or turn into a zombie as they both have benefits! Being a zombie won't allow you to shoot, but it won't allow the zombie enemies to attack you either whereas being drunk will allow you to do everything much faster.

Note: to end the game when given the selection of three doors, choose the second one as it's the only one to end the game.

Good Vibrations!
Complete the game using only the dildo

The dildo is found when you first take control of your character at the bar. Always use your dildo to attack and kill the zombies with the exception of the sniper combat on the football field as you save Jessica, throwing the Zombeer to get into the planetarium, and throwing a grenade at the scoreboard to defeat the president. If you happen to pick up another weapon that's fine as long as you use the to equip your dildo! This will unlock once you reach the credits.


Special thanks to Eric and his Electric Banner Shop for the guide banner.

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