Jeremy - The Gamer
  • A professional gamer who doesn't see a difference between life and video games.
  • Primary Weapon: SMG - High speed, good range, and dirty
  • PWNAGE Ability: Quad Damage - Fast and deadly
  • Zombie Bait: Attracts Zombies and then goes "Boom."

Alma - The Engineer
  • An engineer with a penchant for building deadly weapons... what luck!
  • Primary Weapon: Rifle - Powerful, piercing, and highly accurate
  • PWNAGE Ability: Auto Turret Beta - A little extra firepower in the form of RAT-TAT-TAT
  • Zombie Bait: Propane Tank - A simple and effective target for her rifle

Father Bill - The Preacher
  • A preacher with a heart of gold... and a shotgun
  • Primary Weapon: Shotgun - Broad coverage with a lot of knockback
  • PWNAGE Ability: Holy Radius - A healing light that deals some damage for good measure
  • Zombie Bait: Molotov - A good use for cheap scotch

Def Money - The Rapper
  • A cocky British rapper blessed with the skills on the pitch
  • Primary Weapon: Dual Pistols - Good stopping power and long range
  • PWNAGE Ability: Textbook Shots - A rage filled with lots of bats to brains
  • Zombie Bait: Boom Box - An old stereo with jamming beats from the 80's


Players: 1-4 (offline and online co-op)
Online Trophies: Epic Run
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 4-10 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2 (online co-op)
Collectible Trophies: Weapons Expert
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: Exhausted is reported to be glitched if you do it online
Special Equipment Required: No
Online Pass Required: No

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Run and gun. A lot. This is so you can not get swamped by zombies like crazy. Make sure your teammates run with you, so you don't get singled-out
  • Zombie Bait is very useful. Once you collect a yellow orb, press to throw the Zombie Bait. It is different for each character
  • Upgrade whenever it is possible. Upgraded weapons are (obviously) better than normal, and you need all the help you can get
  • Pwnage Ability helps a lot with bosses. When you find that your team is getting hurt, switch to the individual characters and press , if their meter is full
  • Don't waste health packs! When you find one, switch to a character that is low on health, and grab it
  • Weapon pickups/mashups are very helpful. When you find one, use it to deal with a difficult group of zombies
  • Be fast. A lot of levels require you to finish in a certain amount of time for a Chapter Objective (see Exhausted )


Complete the game in Singleplayer
Just play normally, keeping an eye on certain trophies that may take a while. This should unlock:
  • The Law is Dead
  • Alone at the End
  • Money Grubber

Clean-up Singleplayer
Do the rest of the singleplayer trophies that you didn't unlock in your first playthrough. Use chapter select. This should unlock:
  • Hard Worker
  • Got Pwnage?
  • Weapons Expert
  • Super Savior
  • Playing with Power
  • Exhausted

Play the extra modes
You unlock Blackout mode and Survival: Classic mode after you beat the game once. Play these to unlock:
  • Beacon in the Dark
  • Long Term Survival Plan

Beat the game in online co-op
Beat the game once more in online co-op to unlock:
  • Epic Run


The Law is Dead
Kill your first Damned Zombie.

This should unlock through natural progression of the story. Damned zombies are different than regular zombies. Be sure it is actually you that kills it and not your teammates so you get the trophy. The first place to get this is 02: New Sheriff in Town, when the fat zombie that spews poisonous stuff comes out. Use your Pwnage () with every character to defeat him.

Alone at the End
Complete Story Mode in Single Player.

There are 10 levels in the single player campaign, once you beat all of them this trophy will unlock. Try to get most of the objectives out of the way to prevent many playthroughs of the same level.

Hard Worker
Complete all Objectives listed for any chapter.

See Exhausted . You can get this on any level. You will see a bunch of objectives that aren't mandatory but they are for this trophy. Get them all for one level and this trophy is yours.

Got Pwnage?
Use each character's Pwnage ability 10 times.

To use the Pwnage ability, press . You will need to use this 10 times, with each character. Meaning you will have to use it collectively 40 times across the entire game. Grinding may be needed, but just try to use Pwnage whenever you can.

Weapons Expert
Pick-up all five mash-up weapons with each character.

You will find these weapons scattered throughout the levels. If you walk over them, you acquire them with whatever character you have at the time. These weapons are:
  • Chainsaw
  • Flare Gun
  • Nail Gun
  • Flamethrower
  • Grenade Launcher

You need to pick up each weapon with each character, meaning all five weapons have to have been held by all 4 characters. An easy way to do this is in level 10, since it has each of the different weapons in it. Use the first weapon until it expires, then you can use another player on the weapon and repeat. If you haven't been keeping track of your progress this is a life-saver. This trophy is cumulative throughout all levels.

Money Grubber
Collect $20,000 in a single chapter.

Easily obtainable in 02: New Sheriff in Town. Use Jeremy (the gamer) because of his SMG that can kill fast and easy (or anyone else you feel comfortable with). Sit next to the Donut on the crane and kill the zombies coming up to you. Then collect the green orbs (money) until it shows in the top right side of the screen that you have $20,000.

Beacon in the Dark
Survive a fortnight in Blackout Mode.

Blackout mode is unlocked after beating the game once. Blackout mode is where the the lights are turned off for extra difficulty. You can turn up the brightness for a little help. You need to survive 15 nights to unlock this trophy. The higher the number the harder it gets, but just keep close to your teammates and use your zombie bait and Pwnage when you can. This can be done online, offline or singleplayer.

Long Term Survival Plan
You survived 30 Days in Survival: Classic.

This mode is unlocked after beating the game once. Use the tips in Exhausted and strategies you have picked up during your singleplayer game. Survive 30 days and this trophy will ding. This can be done in online, offline, or singleplayer.

Super Savior
Bring all possible survivors to Def Money's yacht in Story Mode.

In 10: We're on a Boat, Mother$#@#er, upon finishing the level the credits will roll yet you can still move, with Def Money's yacht accessible. Survivors will be running to the yacht. All you have to do is kill the zombies that are trying to stop the survivors from boarding the yacht. Once all of them reach the yacht, this trophy will pop.

Playing with Power
Get all 100 upgrades for your characters.

To upgrade any item in this game, you must use/do whatever it is that you are upgrading. Then, if you have collected enough money, you can purchase the upgrade and have it. Then you do this again for all 5 levels of the 5 different upgradable things. When you actually have unlocked an upgrade a message will pop up above the character's head saying "X - Lvl X" which means you have that level available for purchase. These upgradable things are:
  • Speed - You can level this up by running a lot, just run around to dodge zombies to unlock these 5 levels
  • Primary Weapon - Kill zombies and use the weapon a lot to unlock the levels
  • Melee Weapon - To use the melee weapon, press and this will level up quickly
  • Zombie Bait Special - Each character has a different zombie bait, press to use it
  • Pwnage Ability - Use Pwnage enough to level up and unlock the levels. Try to get Got Pwnage? at the same time
You can purchase these upgrades at the end of a level for each character. Grinding may be needed as well, replay any level you want (2 and 4 are good places).

Note: This must be done in singleplayer, do not attempt in co-op.

Also Note: This trophy has been known to glitch randomly, so if you have all of the upgrades and the trophy doesn't unlock, you will have to redo everything on a fresh save, sorry to say.

Epic Run
Complete a Story Mode: New Game with 3 other players.

This has been reported that it needs to be completed in online co-op. It has also been reported that you have to do it in one sitting, no one can leave during your zombie massacre. Find 3 friends or boosting partners to spend a few hours with and just beat the game for this trophy. Use the boosting thread to find some partners.

Complete All Chapter Objectives.

There are multiple chapter objectives for each level. They consist of: Kill x amount of zombies, or Get x amount of points. Replays are possible and advised. There is a glitch reported, if you play online co-op and try to do this. It won't unlock, but if you keep track of the objectives you did online, repeat them again in singleplayer to get the trophy. Here is a run down and general tips:
  • Complete levels quickly, there are objectives for completing them under a certain time limit. Speed through the level while taking out zombies.
  • In groups of zombies, stick with one character to get the multiplier up, and score a lot of points while killing the zombies.
  • Save the survivors. You see survivors in the levels, and are asked to save them. This means protect them until you get to the drop-off point. When you drop them off, that will count as saving them.
  • Take as little to no damage in the levels. Use your AI teammates as blockades if you need to (just hide behind them). But don't run into groups of zombies. When you see a group, stay and hold the fort together with your team.
  • Use each character's Pwnage ability for the boss fights to make it a lot easier.
  • For the specific machine kills, eg. Kill 20 Enemies with the Flying Donut, the characters will talk about the thing so you know what it is you actually need to kill zombies with (if it wasn't obvious already).

01: Main Street, DOA
Chapter Objectives:
  • Score 1,000,000 points
  • Complete in under 3 mins
  • Save the first Survivor
  • Kill 15 Zombies in the First 60 seconds
  • Take No Damage

02: New Sheriff in Town
Chapter Objectives:
  • Score 1,500,000 points
  • Kill 50 Enemies with the Shotgun
  • Get 15 Zombies Dancing
  • Kill 20 Enemies with the Flying Donut
  • Kill 10 Enemies with the Street Sweeper

03: Tarmac Attack
Chapter Objectives:
  • Score 10,000,000 points
  • Complete in under 7 mins
  • Save 1 Survivor
  • Kill 30 Enemies with Def Money's Pwnage
  • Take no damage from Sheriffs

04: Change in Itinerary
Chapter Objectives:
  • Score 12,000,000 points
  • Kill 10 Mechanics with Alma's Rifle
  • Kill a Homeless with the C4 Teddy
  • Grind up 20 Enemies in the Turbine
  • Kill the Baggage Thrower Using Jeremy's Pwnage

05: Undead Double-Wide
Chapter Objectives:
  • Score 10,000,000 points
  • Complete in under 9 mins
  • Save 3 Survivors
  • Light 40 Enemies on Fire
  • Kill 15 Sorority Girls

06: Death of the Party
Chapter Objectives:
  • Score 7,000,000 points
  • Kill 50 Enemies with Dual Pistols
  • Kill 20 Enemies with the Neon Sign
  • Don't Get Hugged by Grandma
  • Kill 50 Enemies with Bessie the Bull

07: Energy Crisis
Chapter Objectives:
  • Score 8,000,000 points
  • Complete in under 7 mins
  • Save 2 Survivors
  • Kill 15 Enemies by Knocking them off the Scaffold
  • Kill 20 Enemies with the Modified Flare Gun

08: Shocking Conclusion
Chapter Objectives:
  • Score 5,000,000 points
  • Complete in under 7 mins
  • Take No Damage from Lumberjacks
  • Take No Lightning Damage
  • Kill 50 Enemies with Lightning

09: Thar She Blows!
Chapter Objectives:
  • Score 9,000,000 points
  • Complete in under 5 mins
  • Save 2 Survivors
  • Kill 30 Enemies with the Nail Gun
  • Kill 20 Enemies with Father Bill's Pwnage

10: We're on a Boat, Mother$#@#er!
Chapter Objectives:
  • Score 7,000,000 points
  • Save 4 Survivors
  • Kill a Damned using a Melee Attack
  • No Player is Downed
  • Kill 35 Enemies in the Propeller

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