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Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required for Platinum: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 10-12 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Difficulty Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips and Strategies

Campaign Tips:

  • Always choose the right vehicle for the job. During the early stages your choices will be limited to the taxi, sports car, and limo, but as you progress and unlock more vehicles, the game starts upping the ante in terms of what needs to be done. Plan ahead based on your objectives and choose accordingly.
  • Get to know your surroundings. While it might seem best to stick to main roads to reach your objective, other times it's better to stray slightly and take some back roads and alleys which hold valuable weapon pick-ups and cash.
  • When playing missions that require you to rescue civilians, start with the group closest to your base, finishing at the ones farthest away. Logic here, people. Also keep an eye on their health bars. If one starts dropping lower than the others at a faster rate, it means they have a larger zombie attack. Get to them as quick as possible and dispatch the threat.
  • If you're trying to clear out an area and find that there seems to an endless spawn of zombies, it's probably because there is. Drive around the vicinity and look for a zombie spawn plant; odds are there's one or more of them halting your progression. Destroy them and get back.
  • Remember that weapon upgrades apply to all vehicles, but vehicle upgrades don't. Don't waste money upgrading a vehicle if you know you're not going to use it that often.
  • Nitro. Not only does it make you go faster, it's also a mini-flamethrower. If you find yourself stuck in the middle of a pack of zombies, hit your nitro and burn a doughnut to fry everyone around your vehicle.

Slaughter Tips:

  • While vehicle selection is ultimately up to you, I highly recommend using the super car for every event due to its overall ratings.
  • If you're playing a map for the first time, drive around and get accustomed to it for the first couple of waves, paying attention to where the weapon/item pick-ups are. Their spawn locations never change, so it's good to know where they all are, which is usually on the corners and in the middle.
  • Don't waste ammo. You can keep a good combo going just by plowing through zombies. Save it for when you need it, like later waves where they tend to spawn in huge groups.
  • If your vehicle is at 50% health or better, don't grab a health power-up just because it's there. The more of them you pick up, the less the game gives you as you progress.
  • At the start of each wave, look for the new upgrades that drop. Follow the indicators and grab them as soon as possible, before more zombies start appearing.

Blood Race Tournament Tips:

  • If you've waited until after finishing the campaign to start this (which you should have), don't bother spending any money on buying a new car or car upgrades. Your goal here is to save up $95,000 to buy the super car, which will get you through the entire Blood Race tournament with ease. Even if you lose the first tournament, any money you've earned will be saved. You can also replay events over and over to your hearts content before continuing on to rack up cash. Once you've purchased the super car, invest everything into it.
  • Races are pretty straight-forward and relatively simple, but always keep an eye on your mini-map for shortcuts. Every race has them, and while some are rather simple, others will help a great deal in putting distance between you and your competitors.
  • Remember that a gold medal in every event is not required to win the tournament; you simply need to meet the points requirement listed at the top of the screen. So if you find that a particular event is giving you trouble (usually the Eliminator or Endurance ones), try and snag at least a silver in it and focus on getting a gold medal in the other events to meet the point requirement for an overall first place finish.
  • Be a bully. The AI has no qualms in bullying you, so hit them back just as hard, if not harder. Remember that one good, solid hit when boosting will usually destroy an enemy car, depending on your upgrades. If it leaves them smoking, go in for the kill.
  • The key to setting a good time in Eliminator events is boosting and destruction, on top of the checkpoints, obviously. The best way to drive these events is to hold down your accelerator, boost, and fire button all at the same time, all the while making sure to destroy any environmental objects by plowing through them. Use this method and you'll notice those gold medal requirements are a lot easier to get.

[top]Cheats, Glitches & Exploits

There are no cheats or glitches to report, but the game might freeze on you from time to time. It only happened to me once, but it forces you to hard reset your PS3.


Campaign - There are no difficulty trophies to worry about, so start up the campaign and work your way through all 31 missions. The game might seem easy in the beginning, but pay attention to the tips I outlined in the "Tips & Strategies" section above, as the game gets progressively harder as you move on. While you'll obviously want to complete the secondary objectives which unlock the appropriate trophies, you'll generally want to try and complete most secondary objectives as they reward you with a nice sum of cash.

In terms of vehicle selection, there are 3 that will be your go-to choices once you unlock them all: the bus, police car, and super car. Early on, don't bother investing too much cash into the taxi and sports car, as you'll never use them again once you unlock the limo. The limo will be your primary car for quite a while afterward, so start investing in that vehicle. It has decent armor and better than average ramming capabilities.

Slaughter Mode - This step can be swapped with the Blood Race mode, but I chose Slaughter mode first because it's shorter. This mode is actually quite easy, especially now that the campaign is done with and you should be familiar with how to string combos together. So long as you make a point of putting together large combos, achieving each stages Gold medal will be no problem. If you're worried about Slaughtermaster, don't fret. The last stage, Paradise Island, is perfectly created for achieving insane combos and you'll hit that 150K mark before you realize it. In terms of vehicle selection, it's ultimately up to you and what you're comfortable with. I went with the super car for every stage because of its overall capabilities.

Blood Race Tournament - Getting your hands on the super car should be your number one priority here, which is why it's best to leave this mode until after beating the campaign, otherwise it won't be unlocked. Refer to the "Tips & Strategies" section for the fastest way to get it, as well as tips for winning the Eliminator modes. The AI is no slouch, but they're not overly hard either. Drive hard, fast, and aggressive, and you shouldn't have too much trouble winning all the tournaments. Remember that if you're not happy with your finish on a particular event, you can restart it and try again without any penalty.


Platinum Driver
Collect all Trophies.

Unlock all other trophies and be forever known as the ultimate zombie driver! Oh, and you'll get this shiny platinum trophy too.

Dirty Work
Defeat the first boss in Story mode

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Mission 03 - Meatball

An appropriately named mission for this boss, as that's exactly what it looks like. Except zombified. Even though you should have unlocked the sports car in the previous mission, I don't advise using it here. Stick with the taxi - its armor and ramming are higher, and you're going to need that extra push when dealing with the zombies roaming around the boss. The boss itself is quite weak and only has one real attack, which is a ranged one. Keep moving and fire everything you've got at it and it will explode in a big, red, gooey mess in no time.

Zombie Plants Must Die!
Defeat the mutated zombie plant in Story mode.

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Mission 20 - Lawn Mower

This boss is a pain in the ass, and actually the hardest of the three in the game, in my opinion. Not only do you have the usual assortment of zombies to deal with, you also have to deal with its attacks which do a lot of damage. It has an earthquake-like attack that will cripple your vehicle if you're stuck in the middle of it, and miniature tree stumps that sprout from the ground if you try and get too close to it, acting like a barrier. The good thing is there's a lot of driving room on the outskirts with plenty of weapon and health pick-ups. Rockets work great against it, as does the flamethrower if you can sneak in and get close to it. The key here is to always keep moving, otherwise it will target you and destroy you, fast. Once its health is depleted, you will have to head to one of two locations to pick up a nuke to finish it off.

As for the secondary objective, I wouldn't even worry about it. 8 minutes is not a lot of time to get everything done, and you'll probably be closer to double that time when the mission is over.

Father of all Zombies
Defeat the last boss in Story mode.

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Mission 30 - Manhattan

This is the final boss of the game, and your only objective. If you've been investing money in the super car you unlocked, this boss is an absolute pushover. It resembles the tree boss from mission 20, and its attacks are quite similar. Fortunately for you in this battle, there are plenty of weapon pick-ups scattered around, including a generous helping of railguns. The railgun should be your primary weapon here, and will make short work of the big guy. Once he's defeated and his head explodes into chunks, the trophy will unlock.

Hot Rod!
Obtain the sports car in Story mode.

Mission 02 - Neighbourhood

Complete the primary objective and evacuate the four survivors from both homes, and this sweet looking ride is yours. I emphasize "looking" because other than that it's useless. It might have a high speed rating, but its armor and ramming abilities are right at the bottom. Give it a spin, if you want, for the sake of acquiring a new ride. I guarantee you won't use it much - if at all - afterward though.

Very Important Person
Unlock the mayor's White Limousine in Story mode.

Mission 04 - Lost Bird

This is the missions secondary objective. There is plenty of time to complete the primary objective, so focus on saving the mayors butt and obtaining the limo first. When you arrive at the location, you'll notice the limo and the immediate vicinity is completely surrounded by zombies. The majority of the threats can be dealt with your car, physically, and the rest with your machine gun. There isn't a lot of ammo around though, so try and use it sparingly. Once the area is clear and the mayor issues you his "gratitude", your job is done.

I am the Law!
Unlock the police squad car in Story mode.

Mission 12 - Blue Shield

This is the missions secondary objective. Focus on completing this objective first by clearing out all the zombies from the area, and then proceed to the primary objectives. The police car is well balanced and one of the better cars in the game, so feel free to invest in it and up its attributes.

Unlock the super car in Story mode.

Mission 24 - Pigeon Hunt

This is the missions secondary objective. Without question the best vehicle in the game, but unlocking it isn't easy. It's up to you if you want to try and complete this first or go after the primary objective first; regardless, expect one hell of a fight. The entire area is swarming with zombies and spawn pods, so you'll have your hands full. Make the spawn pods your top priority in eliminating, otherwise zombies will keep coming. There are two health pick-ups in the immediate area, but try saving them for when you absolutely need them. Once the pods are destroyed, picking off the stragglers is all that's left, and that can be done with ease.

You should have a decent amount of cash saved, and I strongly recommend investing every penny into the super car. It truly is a beast when fully upgraded, and will make completing the remaining missions significantly easier.

Your 5 Minutes
Ensure that the TV van reaches the base with at least 50% of health.

Mission 05 - Sitting Duck

This is the missions secondary objective. Unlocking this trophy is almost identical to Very Important Person. Your primary focus should be keeping the zombies away from the van where they can do damage. Use weapons for this (don't worry, they won't hurt the van) and your car for running over any stray zombies coming toward the van. Keep the van in your view at all times and strafe around it if need be, and you'll have no problems.

Hot Deal
Put out the fires in the shopping mall.

Mission 22 - Water Warfare

Refer to Missed Flight.

Heavy Hitter!
Kill 20 or more zombies with one shot while driving the tank.

Not only is this an easy trophy, it's also fun as hell. The tank is an absolute blast to drive - pun intended - and will demolish anything in its path. Its cannon is its only actual weapon, but that's all it needs. The first chance you have at driving the tank is mission 11, Steel Will, and there are so many zombies to deal with that killing 20 or more of them with one shot will come almost naturally. If, for some reason, you're having problems with this, approach a group of zombies to get their attention, and slowly start driving backward. They'll follow you and you'll start corralling more zombies along the way. Wait for them to group together and fire away.

Mission 18, Thunderhorse, is the only other tank level, so you can get unlock the trophy there too.

Bob the Destroyer
Kill at least 150 zombies in one combo while driving a bulldozer

This trophy ranks right up there with Heavy hitter! on the fun-o-meter scale.

You get the chance to drive the bulldozer in mission 15, Bulldozer. Like the tank missions, this mission is a joke due to the overwhelming power of the bulldozer. There are also a ton of zombies on the streets, so stringing together a combo of 150 isn't hard at all. Don't go full throttle though - take your time while building your combo and watch where the "path" of zombies leads. Don't stray from it or your combo will break. If you do lose your combo before reaching 150, head to a populated area and try again, remembering to follow their path.

You'll more than likely unlock Combo Master during this level too.

Pimp Car
Fully upgrade one car in Story mode.

As I mentioned in the Roadmap, there are 3 vehicles that you will heavily rely on throughout the game - the police car, bus, and super car. Since you should be investing in these cars, this trophy will unlock through natural progression. You can unlock this trophy earlier too if you invest in the limo, as you'll be using that vehicle for several missions before acquiring any of the aforementioned ones.

Sunken Hope
Move to the harbor base in Story mode.

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Mission 07 - Harbour Stench.

Your sole objective here is to bring the chemical compound to the new base and protect it while it sprays the area. Treat this the same way you would any other "protect" mission (i.e Very Important Person and Your 5 minutes) and you'll be fine.

The Last Express
Progress to the train station base in Story mode.

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Mission 15 - Bulldozer.

Hop in the bulldozer and clean up all the debris hi-lighted on the map so you can progress to the next base. The bulldozer is a beast and can take a lot of punishment, so this mission is a breeze. Refer to Bob the Destroyer for tips on unlocking two more trophies as well.

Missed Flight
Progress to the airport base in Story mode.

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Mission 22 - Water Warfare.

Before tackling the primary objective, head directly East of your base and put out the fires at the shopping mall to unlock Hot deal. From there head South and extinguish the remaining fires to complete the mission. The high-powered hose works (strangely) great against groups of zombies, but it's usually easier - and faster - to simply plow through them with the fire truck.

Zombie Driver
Complete the Story mode.

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Mission 31.

After killing the boss in the previous mission, your army buddy informs you that he's going to nuke the city and that there's no room for you to tag along. Asshole. You're on a very short timer for this mission, so there's no time for messing around; you need to get from point A to point B as fast as possible. What you need to do is avoid the roads and get on the highway, following it all the way around to your destination. Check your map quickly if you lose your bearings to avoid going the wrong way.

Once you reach the final stretch of highway, you'll notice it's absolutely crawling with zombies from one end to the other. Don't try boosting through recklessly though, as there are a lot of fat zombies that will destroy your car before you can reach the end. Instead, pay attention to where the fat zombies are and swerve around them, boosting when you have the chance so you don't lose too much time. If you stuck to the highways and followed my advice, you should reach the end with a few seconds to spare.

Look! I Know How to Drive!
Earn your first Blood Race mode medal.

Bronze, silver, or gold - it doesn't matter here. As long as it's a medal, the trophy is yours. The Beginners' Tournament is more of a warm-up than anything else, so it shouldn't be difficult to snag gold medals in all the events.

I Don't Want it to End Yet!
Survive for more than 2:30 in an Endurance event in the Blood Race mode.

This trophy might seem impossible as you work your way through the early tournament stages, and for the most part it is. The game simply does not give you enough time out of the starting gate to even get close to this time. Once you reach the Pro Racers' and Zombie Drivers' tournament, however, things change drastically. You're given a lot more starting time, and if you follow my advice in the "Tips & Strategies" section, you'll be able to surpass this time with ease.

Maybe it is Too Much to Handle...
Unlock the Muscle Car in the Blood Race mode.

This car will unlock early on in your tournament progress. Its stats are identical to the Drifter, and it`s geared primarily toward speed. Personally, I used the super car for the majority of the tournament, but if you`re finding the AI is giving you a bit of trouble then the extra bit of speed from this car might help.

Fair Play
Kill 100 enemies in the Blood Race mode.

You`ll end up killing a lot more than 100 enemies throughout the tournaments, so don`t even worry about this trophy as it will unlock through natural progression.

Find Your Own Race Track!
Kill 30 enemies during an Eliminator event in the Blood Race mode.

As with I Don`t Want it to End Yet!, this trophy`s pretty much unachievable until you reach the Pro Racers`and Zombie Drivers` tournaments. The latter tournament especially, because you`re awarded 20% more ammo pick-ups. There are several Eliminator events where 30 wrecks is achievable, and the very last race requires 31 wrecks for a gold medal. If you`re having trouble, keep replaying the last event until you get it.

I Just Can't Get Enough!
Win all tournaments in the Blood Race mode.

There are a total of five tournaments you need to compete in and win: Beginners', Rookies', Drivers', Pro Racers', and Zombie Drivers'. Each tournament offers more events than the previous one, and the AI is slightly harder, but earning a gold medal in each tournament isn't hard at all. Refer to the "Tips & Strategies" section for help.

One key thing to remember is that if you aren't happy with your finish in a particular race, you can always restart it without any penalty. This is helpful if you're trying to familiarize yourself with an event but just aren't getting the results you're looking for. Also note that you don't have to get a gold medal in every event to win a tournament, you just need to meet the overall point requirement. This gives you a bit of leeway if one event is giving you trouble.

I'm Just Warming Up
Kill 100 zombies in a single game in Slaughter mode.

Refer to Can't hide from me.

Can't Hide From me
Kill 500 zombies in a single game in Slaughter mode.

There are so many zombies that spawn for your killing pleasure in Slaughter mode that you'll probably reach 500 kills within the first few waves. To give an example of how fast the kills come, I unlocked this trophy a mere two minutes after unlocking I'm just warming up. No need to worry. Just sit back and enjoy the carnage.

Naughty, Naughty
Destroy 1500 destructibles in Slaughter mode.

There are dozens of destructible items on every map, ranging from light posts, boxes, fences, mailboxes, cars, etc. Everything is fair game and contributes toward the 1,500 total. To speed things up a bit and to avoid having to replay maps over and over again, spend the first couple of waves driving around and destroying as many items as possible while there aren't a lot of zombies roaming around. Once you reach the higher waves and have hundreds of zombies to deal with you won't have time to focus on destroying items, although you will destroy more with your weapons as you fight to survive.

The Best Car Ever!
Get all car upgrades in a single game in Slaughter mode.

Also, you can obtain all upgrades on level 1. I just did it. I was originally just trying for the 150K trophy. I got it then figured what the hell I'll just keep going. Scored 283,261 freaking points! Got last upgrade around wave 25.
- tip submitted by 00Highway00

As you can see, this trophy can be obtained on the very first map, but you need to reach a lot higher wave level than the later arenas to unlock it. If you're having trouble, wait until you reach the third map - Park - where the fat zombies spawn during the first wave. You'll need to play through 15-18 waves to earn the gold medal anyway, and it's during these waves where the final upgrade you need will spawn. As soon as you grab it and your vehicle is maxed out, the trophy will unlock.

My Favourite Color
Earn a gold medal on all original arenas in Slaughter mode.

After having played through the campaign, you should be quite comfortable with setting up combos and knowing what weapons work best in specific situations. Use this knowledge throughout Slaughter mode and you'll be hitting those gold medal marks with nary a problem. As you reach the higher waves use your weapons wisely and sparingly; try using the ramming abilities of your car whenever possible to conserve ammo. For further help, refer to the "Tips & Strategies" section.

The gold medal requirements for each map are as follows:
  • Harbour - 37,500
  • City Center - 50,000
  • Park - 60,000
  • Midtown - 75,000
  • Suburbs - 85,000
  • Trainstation - 95,000
  • Paradise Island - 105,000

Earn 150 000 points on any arena in Slaughter mode.

This trophy is largely skill-based, as it's possible to attain 150,000+ points on any map depending on how good you are with creating large combos and staying alive. I came close a couple times on the earlier maps, but didn't hit the 150K mark until the last map - Paradise Island. This seems to be the best map to achieve a really high score on, as the map is essentially one giant circle with a road divider up the middle. Once you've reached the higher waves and there are zombies literally everywhere, you can continuously circle the map combining ramming and weapons and creating one huge combo. This is the best, and most recommended, method to achieving 150,000 points.

Combo Master
Make a 10 000 points combo.

You might have unlocked this trophy during the campaign - mission 15, Bulldozer. See Bob the destroyer for tips there. If not, you'll unlock this trophy without even trying while playing Slaughter mode and going for My favourite color.

Out of My Way!
Kill 30 zombies with a single railgun shot.

This trophy is easiest to unlock in Slaughter mode, although it can be unlocked during the later half of the campaign. While you can kill 30 zombies with the basic railgun, it's much easier when it's fully upgraded and fires two shots instead of one. If you're playing Slaughter mode, simply grab the railgun pick-ups when they appear and fire at a large group of zombies. If you don't get it right away, wait, like I said, until you get the final upgrade for it. You'll already be in the higher waves, so killing 30 zombies with a fully-upgraded railgun shot will come with ease.

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