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Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to Platinum: 6 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1+
Collectible Trophies: Weapon Finder, Gun Runner, The Seeker, Hacker, Porter Pounder
Missable Trophies: Learn Gooder, Weapon Finder, Gun Runner, The Seeker, Hacker, Silent Assassin, Unhealthy Behavior, Benedict Arnold, Porter Pounder, Bomb Squad
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

Controlling Jehuty

The controls in the game are not overly complicated. There's not a fancy list of combos to pull off or gadgets to exploit. No amount of text can get you acclimated to the controls, and considering doing the quick-and-easy control tutorials are required for Learn Gooder, it wouldn't be a bad idea to try out some of them after listening to ADA explain them.

That said, your Dash-related moves (Dash Slash, Dash Missiles) are something you'll want to start honing from the beginning. Later in the game, it's safer to fight from a distance than it may be to fight up-close; knowing and loving your Dash moves could turn many tides in your favor!

Enemy Types

There are only three non-boss enemy variants in the game: Raptors, Cyclops and Mummyheads. Raptors are typically your mid-range enemies, launching attacks such as a Javelin throw; Cyclops are your close-combat enemies, unable to do damage from afar but able to get some heavy hits in if you drop your guard and let them get close; and Mummyheads will often fight from a distance, firing various projectiles/beams to do damage. Most of the time, enemies will be faced in squads constituting combinations of these three types, and you'll need to prioritize who to take out first.

As you level up through the game, so do the enemies. They get tougher, their attacks stronger and their defenses better. You'll need to adjust your play style according to each enemy and the circumstances. However, your Dash Missiles move will really help you out later in the game if you aren't solid with close combat controls. If you're low on health, spamming the Dash Missiles can slowly (very slowly) turn the tide in your favor if you're cautious.

Also, as you see squads roaming around throughout the game, you'll see words under their levels such as "Metatron" or "Javelin." This is the reward you get immediately on defeat of the squad. If you don't want to engage in battle, weigh the award gain (health, ammo) against necessity. You might find that you never once use a sub-weapon outside of required times throughout the game; therefore, if you're running low on health, there's no sense in engaging in a fight that could set you back just to get some Phalanx ammo.


Considering Saves do not affect your endgame ranking, it's recommended you save after you exit each area or after each mission to minimize the risk of having to replay long portions of the game. As you'll see in the Roadmap, it's in your best interest to not utilize Continues. If you die, Exit the game and load up your last save and go on from there. There's no section in the game where a death could set you back seriously so long as you're being mindful to save.

The Roadmap and various trophy sections have many more relevant tips to help guide you along, also!

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Full Health Cheat

During gameplay, if you find yourself struggling to keep your health up, there's a code you can enter to restore it to full. Pause the game, enter the following code and your health will immediately replenish:

This cheat does not affect trophies, but be warned: Each time you enter the code, your experience level will drop by one. Getting through the game on Hard is easy to do without utilizing the cheat, but if a late-game battle (such as Zombie Nieth) is causing you grief, you can use it because sacrificing a level or two to get through it won't affect you in the long run considering the game is at an end.


Welcome to the first Zone of the Enders, one-half of the series' HD Collection. Whether you're gunning for that wonderful Platinum as fast as possible or want to take your time, this Roadmap will give you an overview of how to go about it! At minimum, you'll need to do one full playthrough with some clean-up; at maximum, you'll need to do full two playthroughs and any necessary clean-up for anything you may have somehow gone out of your way to miss. Either way you want to do it, your journey starts now.

"A Rank" Playthrough on Hard

Right off the bat, you'll want to jump into Hard mode (or Super Hard mode, if you've played the game before and think you have the skills to pull it off). While it may take some time getting used to the controls depending on the player, Hard mode is not that Hard. In fact, going for certain trophies are what actually gives the game a little bit of extra difficulty. It's important to go through your first playthrough with several things in mind:
  • At the end of your playthrough, you will receive an evaluation that constitutes your Rank. By going for an A rank, you need to make sure you're playing on Hard off the bat. To get an A rank, you'll have to focus on two things: your Rescue Mission rankings and your Continue count.
  • For all 5 Rescue Missions, you'll need to get an A rank (which is a trophy in itself). These are relatively easy feats, with the exception of Rescue Mission 2, solely due to your battle with Tempest. Mission rankings are based on how many Survivors are left standing and damage to the colony. During your battle with Tempest, he can actually do damage to the colony that carries over into Rescue Mission 2, putting you at a potential disadvantage. It's recommended that before you confront Tempest (before entering TOWN.1) you make an extra save so that if you get to Rescue Mission 2 and have too much colony damage left over from Tempest, you can reload your save and try again to lessen the damage he does.
  • As for your Continue count, make sure you use no more than FOUR Continues throughout the game. If you keep dying, make sure you Exit instead of Continue. Since Saves do not affect your overall ranking, it's recommended to save every time you finish a mission or exit an area so that, if you do die in the next area, you can simply Exit, reload your save and go from there, rather than using up your Continues. If you are in the final stretch of the game and find yourself dying at some part (particularly the Zombie Nieth battle, wherein if you die, your last save would be before the bomb disarming mission) you can afford to use up a Continue or two just to save yourself some time if you've managed them up to that point. Don't get careless, though. Everything is manageable and a bit of replay from a save is worth not using up a Continue you might want to save for later.
  • In this playthrough, you'll want to focus on gathering every single collectible--these are passcodes, weapons and Porters--as well as every trophy marked Missable. By doing so, you should be able to obtain every single trophy with the exception of Salutatorian and Framed.
  • After the second Neith battle, make sure you make a Save. The game will automatically prompt you regardless, but make note of it. The save will be at HUB.1 and you will need it for Step II.
  • Lastly, after you have received your Evaluation, the game will prompt you to make a Clear Save. Do not deny the game's request!
With all this in mind, you should be able to finish the game somewhere between 5-6 hours, slower if you choose to spend time grinding experience or faster if you've played the game before (or you're just really, really eager).

STEP II: "B Rank" Playthrough From Your HUB.1 Save OR "B Rank" New Game Playthrough

If you choose the faster route, load up the HUB.1 Save you made near the end of Step I. Immediately rack up 5+ Continues and then beat the game. It should only take 10+ minutes skipping cutscenes and dialogue to beat the game.

If you choose the slower route, simply start a New Game on Hard. You'll still want to aim for A ranks on Rescue Missions, but you can afford a B or two, so long as you also use 5 or more Continues. Doing this route is rather unnecessary unless you really love the game, and it's recommended to just choose the above option to save you several more hours of essentially doing everything all over again unless you somehow missed one of the Missable trophies in Step I.

Either way, upon completion, you should earn Salutatorian, Framed and the Platinum!


Elite Frame Runner
Collect all trophies

Story related and -- just kidding. You'll get it once you've obtained everything else. Congratulations!

Achieve an Overall Evaluation grade of A

NOTE: After you've defeated Neith the second time, you'll be prompted for one last Save before entering HUB.1. DO SO. After you've finished the game and earned Valedictorian, you'll need to go reload your HUB.1 save to go for Salutatorian if you don't want to play through the entire game again.

To get this trophy, you're going to have to play on Hard or Very Hard. If you're going for a one-run playthrough and have never played the game on PS2, it's recommended to just stick with Hard. After the credits have rolled, you will receive an overall letter score grade. For this trophy, obviously, you'll be aiming for an A. Only two factors seem to contribute to your score: Your Rescue Mission ranks and your Continue count. You'll need to get an A rank on all five Rescue Missions and use NO MORE THAN four Continues.

You can Save at your leisure in the world map; it's recommended that you do so each and every time you finish an area/mission, so that, if you die, you can simply Exit and reload your Save so as to not waste a Continue. It's very easy to get through the majority of the game without worrying about how much not using a Continue may cause you to replay things. However, if you're near the end of the game (practically from MOUNTAIN.1/Nebula on) and haven't used a Continue, you're in the clear to use one if you absolutely must, but don't be careless. Completion time may also be a factor, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem; the game is short and even with taking your time, you'll most likely complete it around the 5 hour mark and get the A rank as long as you have fulfilled the other two requirements.

Make sure
to allow the game to make a Clear Save once you've moved past the Evaluation screen!

For more information on getting A ranks in the Rescue Missions, see Damage Control.

Achieve an Overall Evaluation grade of B

NOTE: After you've defeated Neith the second time, you'll be prompted for one last Save before entering HUB.1. DO SO. After you've finished the game and earned Valedictorian, you'll need to go reload your HUB.1 save to go for Salutatorian if you don't want to play through the entire game again. If you prefer to play through the game again, feel free to do so; still aim for a majority of A ranks on Rescue Missions and aim for at least 5 Continues.

If you're going to load your HUB.1 save after beating the game with your A rank, immediately rack up at least 5 Continues off that bat and proceed to finish the game again. Skipping cutscenes, you'll be able to have this within no more than ten minutes.

If you've done everything right, Salutatorian should pop along with Framed!

KO Neith
Win your first encounter against Neith

Story related and cannot be missed.

This will be your first trophy of the game. In FACTORY.1, right off the bat, you'll face Viola/Neith. There is no strategy required here, so long as you get several attacks in (your slash alone will do). In a matter of moments, she'll give up and you'll get your trophy.

Homecoming King
Defeat Tempest

Story related and cannot be missed.

Tempest will be your second boss battle. He's a very straight-forward fight, but you need to be mindful of the damage to the colony around him (see the note below). At the beginning of the fight, you'll notice a street below you. Lock-on to Tempest and keep a mid-range distance from him, firing your gun with nonstop to whittle down his health as you lure him backwards down the street. Stay close enough to him so that he keeps his flamethrower gunning for you and not the surrounding area. If you notice a building or two get destroyed, you should probably quit and reload your save just to be safe. Keep him lined up in the street to avoid him bumping into buildings, spamming your gun and you'll have him to half-health in no time.

The second part of the fight, he'll switch gears. Keep shooting him and eventually he will launch himself up into the sky. Turn your lock-on off and reposition yourself in the canal or on the bridge. Lock back onto him before he drops back down. Dash out of the way and he'll land where you were standing; if you positioned yourself properly, his ground smash will have done no damage to the colony. Fly up to his face, move in close and start spamming your gun again. A Burst attack or two might work, but you risk getting hit by his fireballs. Spamming the gun is a surefire technique. As long as you're close enough to him, you only run the risk of getting hit by an occasional fireball, which are easily blocked with .

He'll launch back up into the sky and drop back down again several more times. Make sure his landing position is safely on the bridge or in the canal to avoid colony damage and continue to attack him with your gun. After several rounds of up-and-down battling, he'll go down, hopefully with minimal damage in his wake so your Rescue Mission 2 isn't negatively affected.

NOTE: Before entering TOWN.1 for the first time to face him, make sure you save to have a back-up in case he causes too much damage to the colony, therefore potentially hindering your A rank in Rescue Mission 2. See Damage Control for more information.

The Bigger They Are
Defeat Tyrant

Story related and cannot be missed.

Immediately make sure your Decoy sub-weapon is equipped before rushing into battle against Tyrant. The first half of this battle is straight-forward. He will predominantly fire laser attacks that can be easily dodged. Make sure you use your Dash Missiles frequently and, when you get a clear shot, throw in a Burst attack for some solid damage. Several times throughout this part of the fight, Tyrant will lock-on to you. You'll now it's happening because you'll be shrouded in a red ring and you'll practically have it shouted at you. When this happens, quickly hit to launch out a Decoy. Tyrant will be busy firing at the Decoy, opening you up to get in a Burst attack or two. Simply Dash, fire Missiles and send Bursts his way and you'll get him to half-health soon enough.

At the halfway mark, he'll transform and start flying around the screen in an attempt to hit you. Dodge these attempted rams until he stops moving. He'll either fire projectiles into the air to hunt you down (simply Dash to get out of their way) or start a laser-based attack. Continue spamming your Dash Missiles as you're moving around dodging what he sends out and throw a Burst shot into his center when you get a clear shot. This mode is essentially the same as the first, only without the targeting he does and you being unable to damage him until he stops dashing around on his own. Get his pattern down, dodge his projectiles, don't let up and you'll finish him off in no time.

Defeat Nebula

Story related and cannot be missed.

Don't attempt to do any close-combat attacks on Nebula, it won't work. For the first half of the fight, Nebula will be flying around the area and stopping to unleash his own missiles, drones, beams, etc. The important thing here is to simply continue to Dash and never let up. If you do so, you should be able to get away from everything with minimal to no damage whatsoever. While doing so, make sure to stay in close enough of a range to hit him with your Dash Missiles. If you think you can get a clear Burst Attack (holding down while stationary then sending it flying with ) do so, because it gets some nice damage. It does leave you open for one of the various projectiles to hit, so you might only want to risk it when he starts his multi-directional beam attack.

At the halfway mark of knocking his health down, the battle changes. At this point, he'll start flying high up in the sky, leaving behind more of his obnoxious drones, missiles, etc. before plummeting back down. When he goes up into the sky, turn your lock-on off and try to take shelter in one of the buildings from the projectiles trying to get you. You'll get hit now and again, but it'll be minimal damage and must less under a roof. Once you're under it, though, lock back on to him and wait until he starts his descent. Once he's down, launch a Burst orb to break his guard and then go all-out on him again. You can get about 2-3 Burst attacks or a lot of Dash Missiles in at this point so long as you're mindful of the ever-present projectiles flying around.

Once he's taken a bit of damage, he'll fly up again. Rinse and repeat your defense and offense pattern, attempting to get as many hits in as you can once his guard is down. His attacks seem to do much more damage, including a one-hit kill beam I encountered out of nowhere, so you want to make sure each shot fired counts. It won't take too long to bring him down and the trophy to pop!

You Again?!
Win your second encounter against Neith

Story related and cannot be missed.

Shortly after your battle with Nebula, Viola comes back to settle her issues with you from the beginning of the game. For this fight, you'll be in a warehouse filled up with towers of boxes. You'll want to keep this fight as long-range as possible; if she gets up close, her short-range moves can make short work of you. That said, don't take her long-range attacks for granted, because a few of them can bring you down almost as easily.

Your Dash Missiles work wonders here. Keep your distance from her and keep firing them off and you'll pile up damage. She'll block them every now and then, which is a given, but just as many of them will land direct hits. Stay mobile so as to avoid her own projectiles. She'll frequently try to launch her own Burst attack, but it can be cancelled if you hit her with missiles while she's readying it.

Your Burst Attack can also graciously knock down her health if you can land it. Hovering in place to launch it can open you up to projectile hits, so be mindful. You can actually use the towers of boxes to your advantage. If you can line her Burst attacks up so she fires them through a tower, it gives you sufficient time to launch your own and hit her since her's will be destroyed on impact with the boxes.

Love your Dash Missiles, don't let her get close and you'll be in the clear. This is an easy battle compared to what you've experienced.

Third Time's the Charm
Defeat Zombie Neith

Story related and cannot be missed.

After taking care of the 4 bombs in HUB.1, you'll come face to face with Viola for one last tussle. Unlike your last encounter with her, you'll want to get up close and personal as best you can. Your long-range attacks will only get you so far before her own long-range attacks start landing on you. It only takes a few hits to bring you down for good, so you'll want to rely on your short-range attacks. Dash Slash is great for keeping you mobile and doing solid damage.

As long as you keep her close, she won't pull off her long-range attacks (and if she does, they'll miss). Every now and then, though, she'll try to launch a ring of burst shots. Make sure you attack her as quickly as you can when they fly up around her and you can either cancel the attack or avoid it completely. Don't take your time and dawdle and play defensively like the last round; it won't work. You need to stay active and on the offense to keep her on her toes and dish out the damage.

Also, note that if you made your save at HUB.1, losing this fight will put you back before the bomb disposal section if you Quit and reload. If you haven't used any Continues up until this point and don't feel like doing the Quit/reload combo (but feel like you can beat her) go ahead and use a Continue or two, so long as you don't go over your "safety net" of four total.

Survive the battle with Anubis

Story related and cannot be missed.

After you've defeated Zombie Neith, you'll face Anubis. Fortunately for you, the actual fighting is over; this "battle" is all about running away. Simply dash over and over around the map, avoiding all of his attacks. Eventually, Anubis will hit you with an unavoidable attack and Elena will contact you. Once you're in control again, simply continue to dash around avoiding attacks until another cutscene occurs. Very easy and painless trophy so long as you spam your Dash and stay mindful!

Power Down
Destroy the Power Facilites in EPS1 & EPS2

Story related and cannot be missed.

In both the EPS.1 and EPS.2 relay generator rooms, the generator is the big, blue fan-looking thing; simply attack/shoot it with something a few times to destroy it. You'll get this at the end of your whirlwind tour as the Raptor. Just play it safe as the Raptor, avoiding any unnecessary scrapes. Check your map for the entrance to the underground section (a line of white arrows) and you'll get inside. Follow the path straight to ahead at the intersection of the tunnels to get to the generator or detour right to find detector.fmcd, which will also reveal 6 Porters first. Either way, destroying the generator will net you the trophy.

NOTE: When controlling the Raptor, this is your only chance to get the Benedict Arnold trophy. Don't destroy the generator with the Raptor unless you've gotten it!

Get ADA back online using the Vaccine

Story related and cannot be missed.

After ADA has been infected with the Virus thanks to Tyrant, you'll need vaccine.exec to get her back on track. Head to FACTORY.2, check your map for the entrance to the servers (the line of white arrows) and head inside. You'll need to defeat a Raptor for pass_vaccine, with which you can access the nearby sever, purge ADA of the Virus and obtain your trophy!

NOTE: This is the only time you can get the Unhealthy Behavior trophy, so make sure you've obtained that before accessing the server.

Learn Gooder
Complete all of the in-game tutorials


After the very first Raptor fight at the start of the game, you'll be brought into a Tutorial menu. Here you'll have the option to have ADA explain each topic listed or try it for yourself. Simply listen to each of them, working your way down. If the trophy didn't pop, don't panic, because you're not done. Eventually you'll be required to access a server. Once you've done so, you'll be brought into another Tutorial menu. Continue to work your way down each topic and listening to what ADA has to say. Make sure you listen to all these now, because this second opportunity is also your last. Upon completion of your last one, your trophy will pop!

Weapon Finder
Find 5 sub-weapon drivers

See Gun Runner below for more information.

Gun Runner
Find all 10 sub-weapon drivers


Throughout the game, you'll have the opportunity to collect 10 different sub-weapons. Most of them will require Passcodes to access servers to subsequently net you the weapon. As such, please see Hacker below for the compiled list and locations of passcodes and sub-weapon drivers.

NOTE: Once you've obtained a sub-weapon driver, go to your Menu, scroll to Weapons and choose a Weapon you want to equip. Once you have it equipped, use to fire it, but stay mindful of your ammo.

The Seeker
Find 7 passcodes

See Hacker below for more information.

Find all 14 passcodes


Throughout the game, you'll have the opportunity to collece 14 different passcodes. Some will be required to complete the various missions, while others will allow you to access servers to obtain the 10 sub-weapon drivers. Below is the complete list of passcodes and sub-weapon drivers (required for Weapon Finder and Gun Runner) and their locations in order of how to obtain them over the course of the game. Collectibles highlighted in green denote story-related items while collectibles in purple denote items you need to collect on your own.

FACTORY.1 Passcode 1: A squad will be carrying pass_global.
TOWN.1 Passcode 2: A squad will be carrying pass_phalanx.
Phalanx Weapon: Use the passcode to obtain phalanx.drvr.
FACTORY.1 Passcode 3: A squad will be carrying pass_antilia.
TOWN.1 Passcode 4: A squad will be carrying pass_javelin.
Javelin Weapon: Use the passcode to obtain javelin.drvr.
TOWN.2 Sniper Weapon: Destroy the 6 Porters in the area to get sniper.drvr.
CITY.1 Passcode 5: A squad will be carrying pass_geyser.
Geyser Weapon: Use the passcode to obtain geyser.drvr.
EPS.2 Passcode 6: After being instructed to leave the underground area, a new squad will show up carrying pass_control1.
EPS.1 Passcode 7: Destroy the 10 Porters in the area to get pass_halberd.
Halberd Weapon: Use the passcode to obtain halberd.drvr.
TOWN.1 Passcode 8: A squad will be carrying pass_control2.
CITY.2 Passcode 9: Destroy the 9 Porters in the area to get pass_comet.
Comet Weapon: Use the passcode to obtain comet.drvr.
FACTORY.2 Passcode 10: At the servers, a Raptor will attack. Destroy it to obtain pass_vaccine.
EPS.2 Passcode 11: You'll need to get detector.fcmd in the underground. Once you have it, exit to the outside and you'll immediately see 6 Porters. Destroy them to get pass_gauntlet.
Gauntlet Weapon: Use the passcode to obtain gauntlet.drvr.
TOWN.3 Passcode 13: A squad will be carrying pass_decoy2.
FACTORY.2 Decoy Weapon: With pass_decoy1 and pass_decoy2, simply use the server to get decoy.drvr.
PARK.1 Mummy Weapon: You need to defeat Tyrant first. Once you have, return to the world map and then re-enter PARK.1, head to the center and obtain mummy.drvr.
MOUNTAIN.1 Passcode 14: Instead of heading into the ravines, continue along the river. After fighting several enemies, you'll find pass_bounder.
Bounder Weapon: Use the passcode to obtain bounder.drvr.

Silent Assassin
Take out the EPS relay block before eliminating any enemies


You'll know it's time to start working towards this trophy when you first enter CITY.1. You'll be instructed to leave, so do so immediately. From here, head to TOWN.2, destroy the 6 Porters there, nab sniper.drvr, and then head back to CITY.1 all as part of the story.

Equip the Sniper as your sub-weapon (fire with ) and watch out for the squads in the area. Back up from your starting position towards the edge of the area for a good spot. Your goal here is to snipe out the white-dot targets on the rotating column in the center of the relay. Simply snipe them out from a distance. If a squad decides to attack, simply Escape from the situation and reposition yourself so you can get a clear shot again.

Once you've hit all of them, the trophy will pop!

Unhealthy Behavior
Defeat 10 enemies when under the influence of the Virus


This could be one of the more annoying trophies of the game depending on your skill level. After being shot down by Tyrant, ADA will be infected with the virus. During this time, you CANNOT get hit; if you do, it's instant death. Your best bet to get to your ten kills is to stick to long-range fighting. Your Dash Missiles will most likely be your best friend, since your Blast Charge move could potentially open you up to an attack you didn't plan for.

Immediately after Tyrant shoots you down, Rescue Mission 4 will become available. Go ahead and do it. There will be only 5 very low-level enemies to deal with. If you're worried about your A rank, don't fret. You can pick off all 3 squads very easily with 0% damage done to the surroundings by keeping their attention on you. Take care of each squad one at a time with your distance attacks and don't worry about colony damage or civilian casualties. You'd have to try really hard to cause either.

For more information on Rescue Mission 4, see Damage Control.

After you've beaten the mission, you're halfway to your ten kills. Unfortunately, the second five are going to be much tougher. Head to an area you'd feel comfortable with (I personally just continued on ahead into FACTORY.2) and focus on singling out the lowest-level squad(s) you can find, one at a time. Don't engage any high-level Mummyheads, and if you can stick mainly to squads of Cyclops, do so. You can lure them around with your Dash Missiles without worrying about them potentially hitting you with long-range attacks. If you engage a squad with a Raptor, simply keep the Raptor at a distance and get rid of them first. Make sure you get this trophy before accessing the server for vaccine.exec, because this is your only chance to get it.

Be patient, play it safe, and once you've got all ten, the trophy is yours!

Benedict Arnold
Defeat 10 enemies while controlling the Raptor


During the game, you'll be placed in control of a Raptor on your way to destroy one of the underground generators. The Raptor can be a frustrating thing to control due to it being much weaker than Jehuty and the attacks being relatively weak. Several squads in the area will need to be defeated for this trophy. It's suggested that you focus only on one squad at a time, preferably ones that offer Metatron upon defeat. Out in the open, your Javelin attack will be easily avoided; your laser mines attack might land some minor damage if you can keep enemies near the ground; your Burst attack is probably the best option if you want to stay long-range. Firing it sends it towards the ground, subsequently bouncing upwards towards a target. The closer they are to the ground, a better chance you may have at landing a hit with it (chiefly on Mummyheads). This is going to take patience and, potentially, practice.

Keep in mind that you need to enter the tunnels to get to the generator. In the tunnels, there are a maximum of four enemies you can face: two if you just go straight at the junction for the generator and two extra enemies if you pop a right and grab the decoy.drvr. Take that into account as you face the enemies outside. If you can't get all ten outside, get six and head for the tunnels. You'll face each enemy individually in the tunnels, and your best weapon here (especially against the high-level Mummyhead) is the laser mine attack. Launch a few around and lure your enemies around the confined space and they'll take pretty decent damage. If you can launch a good Burst, do it. If you get hit, inside or outside, you run the risk of taking some serious damage.

Play extremely defensive and be cautious of where other enemies are hovering around you. If you die, take a deep breath, reload your save and try again. This is arguably the "hardest" trophy of the game, so if you can pull it off, everything else is a piece of cake.

NOTE: This is your only chance to play as the Raptor, so make sure you get this trophy before destroying the generator for Power Down.

Porter Pounder
Destroy 40 Porters


Throughout the game, you'll see what ADA will advise you are called Porters. They look like big floating pots and only take several shots to destroy. There are a total of 48 Porters in the game. Some are required to move the story forward, some are required to obtain sub-weapon drivers and some may seem to be extraneous. However, since it takes seconds to just destroy them all in an area, it's in your best interest to just destroy them all. Below is the list of locations and information about the Porters in each:

TOWN.2 During the game, you'll be required to hunt down sniper.drvr. In TOWN.2, you'll be introduced to Porters, of which there are 6. Destroy them all!
EPS.1 On your way to destroy the first EPS generator, you'll end up here. There are 10 Porters around the area to destroy, after which you can nab pass_halberd.
EPS.2 When you're controlling the Raptor, you'll come to a junction underground. If you head right, you will ultimately come to find detector.fcmd. With it installed, head back into the hallway and you'll find 6 previously-invisible Porters for you to destroy.
CITY.2 After Rescue Mission 4, destroy the 9 Porters in the area to nab pass_comet.
EPS.2 After obtaining detector.fmcd from your old Raptor, head back outside. You'll immediately see 6 Porters hovering above you. Destroy all of them and you'll get pass_gauntlet for your trouble.
FACTORY.2 When you're in this area on your mission to obtain decoy.drvr, you'll see 11 Porters scattered around the area. Destroy all of them and you'll be able to nab some ammo for Decoy, which should prove beneficial in your battle against Tyrant.

Bomb Squad
Disarm all the bombs in HUB 1 correctly


After the second battle against Viola, you will automatically enter HUB.1. Following some dialogue, you will be tasked with disarming 4 bombs. ADA will take several moments scanning for a bomb; once she has found it, you will have 50 seconds to disarm it.

The problem here is that for each bomb scanned, a new squad will appear. Off the bat, a squad of high-level Mummyheads will already be floating around and it's only a matter of seconds before a squad of Cyclops enter the fray. This may seem daunting with the timer running down, but don't worry too much about the Mummyheads. Take care of the Cyclops squad first. Your lock-on will most likely target the Mummyheads immediately after; turn it off and head towards the bomb. Make sure you have no sub-weapons equipped before you get to it, lock-on, grab it with and hold down the button. It takes ADA 4 seconds to disarm the bomb, and if you're hit during this time, the bomb will explode (and cause you death).

For each of the next three bombs, simply focus on eradicating the squads that join the fray while keeping relatively away from the two initial Mummyheads. Your Dash Missiles will help a bit, but you'll want to attempt to get up close and personal with your Dash Slash every now and then to keep the risk of time running out to a minimum. Most of the squads offer up Metatron upon defeat, which is a huge help, but don't take it for granted.

Once you've disarmed all 4 bombs, the trophy will pop. If it doesn't, simply finish off any enemies you may have left (probably the Mummyheads) and it should pop during the next cutscene.

Good Samaritan
Achieve an A Rank in any Rescue Mission available

See Damage Control for more information on Rescue Missions.

Damage Control
Earn an A Rank in all 5 rescue missions

You'll know when a Rescue Mission is available because, on the world map, an area will be flashing orange with a big SOS. Enter the area and you'll suddenly be responsible for the lives and welfare of the civilians in the area. At the end of a Rescue Mission, you'll be graded on two things: "Buildings Destroyed" and "Survivors." It's highly suggested you tackle each Rescue Mission as they come so as to avoid the potential for missing one.

To avoid damage to the colony, you need to avoid, well, causing damage to the colony. To do so, you're going to need to lure away squads from their happy destruction and keep their attention on you (a point we'll get to in a second). To keep survivor rates high, you'll need to keep squads away from buildings/vehicles/etc. (marked "Survivors") so no one gets killed. Ultimately, to get an A rank, you'll need to make sure that no more than 10% of the buildings are destroyed and that 100% of the survivors survive.

Because of the importance of this when going for an A rank, there's something that should be noted before we get into it. If Tempest causes to much damage to TOWN.1 during your fight with him, you won't be able to get an A rank in Rescue Mission 2 due to the damage he causes carrying over. As such, make an extra save before Tempest just in case the damage rate proves to be too high for you to get lower than 10% doing your best on Mission 2 (and refer to Homecoming King for tips on Tempest).

Provided you're able to overcome this inconvenience, the Rescue Missions themselves aren't terribly hard proving you move quick and do your best to use the map to your advantage. If you can get through Rescue Mission 2, the rest is a breeze. Below are tips to successfully beating each Rescue Mission:


Your first SOS will come from TOWN.2. Survivors and buildings are spread out over the whole area and there are a total of 5 squads in the area. When you start, take notice of the open space around you (and to the left). You'll want to lure the squads here, especially the Raptors, so as to avoid damage to buildings in the rest of the map.

If you check your map, you can see squads that are on a route and those that are sitting in place. The immobile squads are less-inclined to cause damage on their own, so focus on rounding up the mobile squads and bringing them to open space. The Cyclops enemies will be the least of your problems, while the Raptors, arguably, will be the worst due to their Javelin attack, which can land on buildings and do pretty solid damage to the colony.

Your Burst attack can keep enemies at bay pretty easily once you've reeled them in. Work on the Raptors first, then Mummyheads, then Cyclops. As long as you keep them all focused on you and over the grassy, open area, colony damage will be practically non-existent.


Be aware that this is the Rescue Mission wherein colony damage is carried over from the Tempest fight. If you find yourself unable to get an A rank after a number of tries due to colony damage being over 10%, you're going to want to reload the Save you hopefully made before engaging Tempest to try again at minimizing his damage.

At the start of it, you'll see 4 squads roaming the area with a lone church of Survivors near the middle. If that church goes, your Survivor rating drops to 0%, so it's something to be cautious about. Immediately start Dashing to the squad furthest away from you. On the way, you'll notice a canal/ravine in the middle of the map. Keep moving past it and approach the squad. You'll want to keep the Raptor(s) in the center above the large grass paths between buildings and start luring them back to the canal. Move in a wide arc around the canal and try to lure in the other 3 squads as fast as possible and then bring them down into the canal.

Make your first priority the Raptors. If you lock-on to a Cyclops, move past it until you've finished all Raptors and Mummyheads. Mix up your Dash moves (Missiles and Slash when applicable) as well as your Burst to start making quick work out of the enemies. There should be 3 Cyclops standing if you've defeated all the other enemies. They won't attack any of the buildings and they actually work in your favor. If you check out your Map in the Pause menu, you'll see a squad waiting outside the area's borders in both the upper half and lower half. What you'll want to do is lure the closest Cyclops to each one over to where they are waiting, finish off the Cyclops, and then, when the squad appears, immediately engage them and lure them back to the canal where you can finish them off.

Do this again with the other waiting squad. If you have a sole Cyclops squad still standing, finish him off in the canal and you should be golden! Again, this Rescue Mission really has a lot to do with the damage Tempest does, so if you think he did too much damage when fighting him, it's worth reloading your Save right then and there rather than find out later on you're screwed. Overall, it's not too hard with a bit of patience, speed and attention. If you can get an A in this, the next three are a piece of cake.


Right off the bat, check out your map. Pick out the squads that are moving around, approach them and lure them back to the canal in the middle of the area. You'll want to get the Raptors into the canal area as fast as possible due to their Javelins causing some unwanted colony damage. Dispose of them as you see fit, preferably with a mix of close- and long-range combat maneuvers low to the canal. When all roaming squads have been destroyed, pick one of the motionless ones and lure them back to the canal. Upon their defeat, another roaming squad will appear; rinse and repeat with them. Again, after they are defeated, pick another stationary one and repeat the process over several times until all squads have been destroyed.


This Rescue Mission will occur while you're infected with the Virus from Tyrant. One hit means you're dead, so be extra, extra careful! Fortunately for you, there are only 3 squads floating around, all at Level 1. You can easily move from squad to squad and using Dash Missiles (or, better yet, your Burst attack) to take them out in mere seconds. Don't worry too much about colony damage; so long as you're moving quickly and keeping your attacks hitting the enemies, there's nothing to fret over. This is a simple, quick Rescue Mission solved easily by loving your long-range attacks.


The final Rescue Mission is almost just as easy as the fourth. This time around, you'll have to square off against 5 squads all attacking the tower in the middle of the area. Your main concern here are the Raptors and Mummyheads. Engage a squad or two at a time to lure them off attacking the tower and focus on knocking out the range fighters while leaving the Cyclops enemies for last. Move clockwise or counter-clockwise around the tower to find the other squads, mixing up your own long-range attacks with some short-range attacks if you have an opening to make quick work of the enemies. So long as you keep Raptors from using attacks like Javelin, you'll be able to breeze through this Mission with ease and get your trophy!

Unlock all the frames

To unlock all the frames for the game's Versus mode, beat the game twice. Upon your first completion, you'll unlock five frames; upon your second, you'll unlock the last two. If you're following the guide, you'll get your A rank playthrough done (getting you your first five frames) and then load up your HUB.1 save and finish playing for your B rank. If you've done it properly, Framed should unlock with Salutatorian.

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