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[top]Tips & Strategies

  • When playing, take a slow and steady approach. You will need accuracy and efficiency.

  • The frog can have two balls at a time. The ball in his mouth is the ball "in the chamber." The color on top of his head represents the color of the ball that is "on deck." The two can be switched at any time by pressing ; use this to your advantage when the second color would be more useful.

  • Each level has a target score represented by the orange bar at the top of the screen. When the orange bar is filled (it will turn green): "Zuma" is achieved. This state means that the balls will slowly roll backward temporarily. Try to use this time wisely to assess the situation and ready the best strategy, like setting up combos to clear the balls quickly.

  • Shooting coins is always the best way to get points -- it takes the least amount of time and has the highest score. There is a trick to shooting coins, as they always show up behind balls on the curve. Coins behind only one line of balls are easy to hit with a double tapping technique. If a group of like-colored balls are directly between the frog and the balls, fire a ball of the same color directly at the balls and follow-up quickly with a second ball (of any color) and it should hit the coin. Double tapping the button should fire quickly enough to avoid hitting balls that might potentially be sucked back.

  • The single most important reason to collect as many points as possible is obtaining extra lives. An extra life is earned at every 50,000 points. A good way to gather points is with speed. The faster you clear a level, the better chance you have of receiving a bonus.

[top]Cheats, Glitches & Exploits



Aces High
Ace time on 3 straight levels

Now first off I just want to say that each level has an ace time where if you beat it under that certain time, you receive extra points at the end of that level. The level that you beat under that time in is known as a level that was "aced" and the time for acing a certain level can be found at the beginning and end of every level. For this trophy you have to ace 3 levels in a row.

Consecutive Consistency
Quick reactions and steady aim let you hit 20 straight chains

Chains are when you delete groups of balls with consecutive shots, so for this trophy all you have to do is hit 20 chains in a row and you well get it. The easiest place to do this is in Gauntlet mode where you can easily get 20 chains in a row.

Interloper of Puny!
Your adventure takes you through the Temple of Zukulkan

For this trophy just get to the second level in adventure mode. If you need any help, you can go to the top of this guide for some tips.

Quetzal Quatl Questing
Your adventure takes you through the Quetzal Quatl Temple

This is an easy trophy; just get to the third level in adventure mode. If you need any help, you can go to the top of this guide for some tips.

The Temple of the Tree Frog
Your adventure takes you through the Popo Poyolli Temple

For this one all you have to do is get to the forth level adventure mode. If you need any help, you can go to the top of this guide for some tips.

Iron Frog
Your quest is complete. You have completed Adventure Mode

This one is very easy; just finish adventure mode and you will get this trophy. The later levels in adventure mode can get really frustrating, but the good thing is you can cheese it and save before every level and start over again when you lose. Makes getting the nifty silver trophies a bit less of a hassle. If you need any help, you can go to the top of this guide for some tips.

The Zen of Zuma
Finishing a level in 8 seconds or less takes great concentration

This trophy is pretty hard unless your really really good at this game. To get this trophy, you can pick an easy level from Gauntlet mode and keep replaying that level until your used to playing that level so much that you can beat the level in 8 seconds. It's pretty hard at first but I'm sure you will get the hang of it.

Get Rich Quick
Fill your treasure chest by collecting 100 coins

For this trophy, you can keep playing Gauntlet mode and Adventure mode, and collect all the coins you see and eventually you will get this trophy; or you can play survival, where it's an endless game and you keep playing 'till you lose and there you can collect plenty of coins until you lose.

Win one for the Gapper!
Use your keen aiming skills to hit 100 gap shots

For this trophy simply get 100 gappers. Gappers, or gap shots, are when there are 2 or more layers of balls and you delete a group of balls in the first layer, then you quickly shoot another ball through the first layer of balls to the second layer of ball and delete another group of balls on the second layer and because you throw the ball in a gap of the first layer it is known as a gap shot or gapper. So for this trophy, just play the game and keep getting gappers; or play survival where it's an endless game and you keep playing 'till you lose and there you can make plenty of gappers until you lose.

From a Tadpole to a Frog
Rise to the Son of Sun rank in Gauntlet Mode

You will understand this as soon as you play Gauntlet Mode. There are four levels of difficulty for each board. So you have to complete all the boards on all difficulties for this trophy. Which makes sense. It is a gold.

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