Players: 1
Online Trophies: Nope
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 40 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Glitched Trophies: None reported as of now
Collectible Trophies: The Missing, The Taken, Archivist, A Record of Disaster, Voices of the Sevastapol
Difficulty Trophies: Survivor
Missable Trophies: Mercy or Prudence?, One Shot

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • The Motion Tracker is the most important tool you have. Check it frequently to check up on the approximate location of the Alien as well as any Android or human threats, and prepare to act accordingly. It also leads you to your objective.
  • That said, acknowledge that the Tracker has no sense of depth. Listen to audio cues to ascertain if the Alien is in the vents or on ground.
  • Sound is very important to pay attention to. Learn to translate the Alien's traversal noises into a comprehensible language, and match noises with its actions, such as its tromping on the ground, its skitter into and out of vents, and its screech of designating prey.
  • Your tools are useful, but use them intelligently. They'll all draw the attention of your enemies, which can be a boon and a curse.
  • Enemies right next to you will hear the beeping of the Motion Tracker when it's in use.
  • Do NOT sprint if the Alien is present or even suggested at existing. It will appear right wherever you are, even if it's not technically supposed to be present.
  • The lower and slower you are, the less of a chance you are to be detected.
  • Always have an out. Know where the nearest hiding place is at all times.
  • Patience wins the day here. Be prepared to wait long periods of time to avoid the Alien. Wait until it doesn't register on the Motion Tracker before leaving your hiding space and proceeding.
  • The Alien will cleanse an area of humans, but has no interest in synthetic life.
  • Androids clad in hazmat suits cannot be stunned or burned. Only firearms can successfully dispatch them.
  • No one has peripheral vision in this game.


1. Conquer the Alien on Hard. Try to spare the humans.
Hard difficulty isn't too extreme, so might as well rip the bandage off and start with it. Just maintain a play style of patience and stealth and you'll do fine. You should also use this playthrough to avoid any human deaths. In doing so, you better tune yourself to a stealthy playstyle, which will help you in the long run.

2. Clean up collectibles using Mission Saves

Now you should drop back into the Missions and comb out the collectibles you missed the first time around.

3. Without Death
Now, since you've mastered the game mechanics, let's see how you fare without death. You can play on Novice difficulty and not have to worry about the Alien so much.

4. Clean Up
Missed anything? Need to be murdered by the Alien? Wrap it up here and receive your well-earned


Alien: Isolation
Unlocked every Alien: Isolation trophy

Complete the first mission

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
The first mission is simply following objectives. You will literally have no issues.

Welcome to Sevastopol
Complete the second mission

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
In this chapter, you finally board the Sevastopol. In addition to learning basic sneaking, traversal, and diversionary tactics, you'll discover that something's not quite right on the Sevastopol...

A Hunt Begins
Complete the third mission

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
You're hand is not being held anymore, as this chapter features your first stealth segment you must solve yourself. You'll also come close to meeting with a certain, eponymous organism.

You Shouldn't be THere
Complete the fourth mission

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
This mission will introduce you to the synthetics, dubbed "Working Joes". Not only are they ungodly creepy, but you'll have to use stealth to navigate past them to your objectives. Also, beware of vents inexplicably dripping… Trust me, ok?

How do You Feel?
Complete the fifth mission

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
Now you're to be hunted by the Alien. The Alien is the only foe to face this chapter, so use this to prepare yourself for the rest of the game.

Caught in the Trap
Complete the sixth mission

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
The Alien once again is the predominate threat here. Just be stealthy and careful. Also, near the end, watch out for the vents in the ceiling as you leave the area.

An Outpost of Progress
Complete the seventh mission

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
Humans and the Alien will roam during this chapter. Don't be afraid to take advantage of the Alien's desire to kill. You'll also have a puzzle to solve with mobile storage shelving.

Shock to the System
Use the stun baton

You find the Stun Rod at the beginning of Chapter 6. This tool is indispensable against belligerent Androids, stunning them so you can beat the strange white liquid out of them. It also takes down humans easily, as well.

Simply hold to ready the baton, then hit to lash out with an attack. It must connect with something for the trophy to pop, be it an enemy or a wall.

Complete the tenth mission

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
This is a long, perilous mission with heavy focus on the Alien and the avoiding of it. You make sure it's out of the area before engaging with any actions such as activating lockdowns or utilizing the Security Tuner.

Hazard Containment
Complete the eleventh mission

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
This Chapter begins a break from the relentless tension of having an Alien predator, pitting you against belligerent Androids and gun-toting humans. The gameplay here can get a bit more action-oriented, just be careful about the human pistols.

A Synthetic Solution
Complete the twelfth mission

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
Androids abound during this chapter of the game, along with some puzzle-solving. Nothing too taxing, however.

Complete the thirteenth mission

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
If you thought you were pretty mighty, dealing with all those Androids earlier, prepare to revert back to hiding and fear. Hazmat Androids are the main enemies here, and they can't be harmed by stunning or fire, making them very difficult to combat in this chapter, especially without weapons. Stick to hiding!

Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting

To clarify, this trophy is earned upon beating the game on the HARD difficulty setting. A tougher challenge, Nightmare, has since been patched into the game, but you only need beat the game on Hard for this trophy.

Hard difficulty is pretty serious. You take more damage, enemies take less, and everyone is a bit more perceptive. In addition, the Alien will have a knack for not straying too far from your position, so you'll constantly need to be alert and always have a plan for hiding. Check out the Tips and Strategies section for strategies on the game, which will most definitely help.

Ripley, Signing Off
Complete the game on any difficulty setting

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
You will earn this trophy after completing all 19 Chapters.

The Missing
Collect an ID tag

See The Taken

The Taken
Collect all ID tags

The Alien has taken many a life in its excursion to the Sevastopol, leaving only their ID Tags as their legacies.

ID Tags are usually found where people would have been, i.e. desks or wherever they were when they were killed. There are 50 in total, and once you've picked one up, it carries with you throughout all other playthroughs and even deaths. Here is a video guide by the legendary PowerPyx to help you locate them, with a guide for knowing what names you can find in each mission, in case you need help locating specific tags.

Toggle Spoiler

Collect 10 Nostromo logs in the main campaign

Nostromo Logs are different from regular Archive Logs. There are only 10 Nostromo Logs, and they each contain messages from each of the original Nostromo crew (yes, with the same cast as the 1979 film, barring Ash). Here's another great PowerPyx video detailing their locations:

Toggle Spoiler

Light 'em Up
Use the flamethrower

You obtain a Flamethrower at Mission 10, given to you by the Marshal. This tool is very useful, since it's one of only a few items that can ward off the Alien. Simply aim with and hold to spray flames. It consumes ammo quickly, though, so watch your ammo count!

Just out of Reach
Contact your team and escape Comms without being attacked by an android

This trophy takes place during the Seegson Communications segment of Chapter 4. You need to stealth your way to the terminal to contact you team, then ghost back.

From the room's entrance, crouch down the stairs to the right, avoiding sight of the patrolling Android. Head through the hall to the right, then pass through the door in the wall, through another hall, then across the hall is the contact room. You're safe for now, so contact the rest of the marooned Torrens crew.

After doing so, exit the room and crouch behind the crates near the door. Let the Synthetics pass by and stealth through the hall. Head through the computer room on the left, avoiding the Synthetic, and make it through that hall back into the area just outside the central Comms area. From the doorway, follow the left wall to a vent. Crawl through and exit onto the floor above. Wait for the Android to pass and then make for the elevator!

Or watch PowerPyx do it here:

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Use with Caution...
Use the shotgun

You get the Shotgun in Mission 11, and it works like any other Shotgun in any other game. Aim it with and fire with to take out nearby enemies.

Every Bullet Counts
Use the revolver

You obtain a Revolver in Chapter 3. Amanda is not a violent person, and this is shown by the fact that you cannot aim down the sights. Holding brings the gun out, and fires. The longer you aim, the more accurate the shot becomes.

Just fire the gun once for the trophy, but be cautious, as in doing so, you will bring all adverse attention to your position.

Self Defense
Kill 10 humans

You're not alone on the Sevastopol. Many have eluded the Alien, hiding and enduring. But no longer, if you want this trophy.

Humans will die if you attack them with lethal tools, shockingly enough. Guns, explosives, and the Stun Baton all kill. Simply murder humans as you go (but not if you want Mercy or Prudence?!). Kills count across all playthroughs.

Note, this does not count for humans the Alien murders. You are not the Alien.

Not a Scratch
Escape from android combat without taking damage

The Seegson Synthetics are engaging in violent behaviors throughout the Sevastopol. Angering one or encountering one in a restricted area will bring it to give chase, but if you can hide, they'll cease pursuit and return to their prior posts.

Simply engage in combat with an Android and hide without the Android grabbing or punching you for the trophy. This can be done in any Mission with Androids, the first being Mission 4.

Retreat from Fire
Cause the Alien to retreat using a molotov

The Molotov works like any other molotov in a video game, although its function of warding off the Alien makes it strangely tactical.

The Molotov V.1 Schematic is located in Mission 6, next to an Archive Computer in the room with the Keycard you need early in the mission.

Once you have the corresponding materials, build a Molotov. Simply aim it with and throw with . Doing so at the Alien will cause it to flee into the vents, netting you a trophy. It will return, however, so get moving!

A Perfect Organism
Encounter the Alien in Sevastopol for the first time

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
Ah, the beautifully deadly, eponymous predator that lurks in the bowels of the Sevastopol, whose only purpose is to propagate its race. You will mandatorily lay eyes on this creature during Chapter 3.

If you're anxious to earn this trophy quickly, simply make some noise during Chapter 2 while waiting for the transit, after your first witness of the Alien's lethality, and it'll come racing.

She's in the Vents...
Use the vent system 20 times

The Sevastopol's innards are comprised of a sophisticated ventilation system, large enough to be traversed by human and beast with ease.

Simply hit standing before a vent in the wall and you'll enter it. Simply do so 20 times across your journeys for the trophy.

I Admire its Purity
Detect 30 targets with the motion tracker

You first obtain the Motion Tracker in Chapter 4. It is literally the most useful tool in your repertoire, as if identifies the approximate location(s) of your enemies. Hold to pull it out, sacrificing the use of weaponry and shifting your focus.

You should be using it very frequently, so this should come within your first playthrough.

Back Off
Cause the Alien to retreat by using the flamethrower

The Flamethrower is one of a few tools that can actually ward the Alien away from you. You get it in Chapter 10. Once you have it, simply aim it with and hold to shoot out flames. Do this with the Alien in range and it'll scuttle away into the vents, netting you the trophy. It will return, however, so be careful.

Knock down a human or stun an android with a non-lethal attack

Amanda can craft a couple of tools that will incapacitate enemies without killing them. The Schematics for the primary tools for the job are located very closely to each other in Chapter 3.

Smoke Bomb - Grab the Revolver, and the Keycard under it, then pass through the hall from that very room and open the door. Proceed to the next area and the Schematic will be on the first desk of the room.

Flashbang - From the Smoke Bomb Schematic, head into the hallway on the left, labeled "System Monitoring". At its end, in the computer room, the Schematic hangs on the wall.

In addition, Synthetics are affected by the EMP Mine, the Schematic for which is located in Chapter 4.

EMP - On the table right next to the Save Station at the final area of the Communications area (with the three minigames on the computers).

Simply craft one of these tools and either throw it by aiming with and throwing with , or place it as a trap by holding . You'll get the trophy once they affect an enemy.

Build to Survive
Construct an item

See A True Engineer
There are enough components to make a Medkit in the same room in which the Schematic is located.

Mercy or Prudence?
Complete the game without killing any humans

You're not the only human on the Sevastopol. There are plenty of bands of survivors, scavenging for survival, sharing your plight. There's no need to kill them. But by turning a blind eye, do you consign them to a gruesome fate?

Whatever the case, let's not bloody Amanda's hands. This means you cannot use any lethal tools against humans. No guns, no explosives, no Stun Baton (yes, it counts as lethal for some reason). You can still assault Androids as often as you please, though, and use flames to ward off the Alien. If you kill a human on accident, reload the Current Save to undo it.

While YOU can't kill humans, a certain creature that roams the halls of Sevastopol certainly has no qualms with doing so… *hint hint*

Mind your Step
Navigate Reactor Maintenance without dying

Reactor Maintenance, probably more notorious as the Alien Nest, is the central section of Chapter 14. You need to complete this segment without dying (which must be done for One Shot).

This section of the game is very tense, as your Motion Tracker is useless due to constant and numerous amount of unseen movement around the nest, so you're forced to rely on your senses of sight and sound alone. Proceed with caution, and beware of Facehuggers and their instant-kill attacks.

If you DO die, like black screen death, hit "Restart Previous Checkpoint" and you can continue your journey.

Seegson Security Bypass
Perform 10 successful hacks

Several doors in Isolation are locked by security panels that need hacking to unlock. Hit to initiate the hacking with your Security Tuner, then swivel the left stick until you find codes. Hold that left stick in that position, then use the right stick and to select the proper symbols in the matching order. Careful, as time will not stop as you hack, so your enemies can find you!

There are more than 10 Hacking opportunities in the game, so you needn't worry to heavily about this one.

Seegson Systems Expert
Complete 10 minigames successfully

Minigames are essentially hacking events that don't involve the Security Tuner. Some involve matching numbers, others button prompts, but all are simplistic in nature and completion.

Minigames usually appear in groups, and there are more than 10 throughout the game, so don't worry about this.

Power Games
Access 10 different rewire points

Rewire points are small boxes located on various walls. By utilizing them, you can alter aspects of the Sevastopol, such as activating a speaker system to lure enemies, turning off lighting for a certain zone, or disengaging camera feeds and poisonous gases. Simply approach one and tap to access the panel. You can select options with the directional keys, tapping to toggle the various functions, then hit to exit.

Simply access 10 different Rewire points throughout the game. You'll find many in the early chapters, and you don't even need to toggle any functions for the point to count. Simply hit to access one, then back out with . You'll know if you've accessed the point if the door to the panel is open.

A True Engineer
Construct one of each craftable item

The Alien is never defeated by brute force, but with cunning and intellect. Ergo, Amanda can put her engineering prowess to work by constructing a variety of useful gadgets to aid her in her harrowing escape from the Sevastopol and its horrors. But first, she must know how to make them...

Schematics are large sheets of paper found in various locations. Collecting one allows you access to craft that item by holding , and, using the left stick, hit . Apply all the necessary components with the directional keys, hitting to place them, and finish crafting with another tap of .

There are seven different craftable items, each with its own Schematic to find. There are upgraded Schematics that improve the effects of tools, but you only need the base Schematic for this trophy. Here are all the initial Schematic locations:

Mission 2
MedKit - After turning on the power and opening the door from the booth with the Save Station, use the passcode (0340) found in the first Archive file to open the door near the entrance, by the Sevastopol model. The Schematic is one the boxes.

Mission 3

Smoke Bomb -
Grab the Revolver, and the Keycard under it, then pass through the hall from that very room and open the door. Proceed to the next area and the Schematic will be on the first desk of the room.

Flashbang - From the Smoke Bomb Schematic, head into the hallway on the left, labeled "System Monitoring". At its end, in the computer room, the Schematic hangs on the wall.

Mission 4
Noisemaker - After obtaining the Motion Tracker and unlocking the nearby door using the Archive Computer, head upstairs and save at the Save Station if you wish. Break the Maintenance Lock on the door right in front of you as you enter the upstairs hallway, and the Schematic is on the table in the area to the right.

EMP - On the table right next to the Save Station at the final area of the Communications area (with the three minigames on the computers).

Mission 5

Pipe Bomb - Read the chart detailing the doctors' shifts, then follow the objective into the hall on the right. In the first room on the right is a Save Point and a Schematic on the desk.

Mission 6
Molotov - On the desk next to an Archive Computer in the room with the Keycard you need.

A Record of Disaster
Collect an archive log

See Voices of Sevatopol

You can easily get one Log by accessing the terminal located in Mission 1, in the room in which you get dressed.

Voices of Sevastopol
Collect 100 archive logs

Those who once inhabited the now-desolate Sevastopol often left mementos, reminders, or goodbyes on designated Archive computers. These can be found in many different places, and each one can have between 1 and 8 Logs loaded. Simply hit to use the computer, then scroll through the files with and . Hit to view a Log (thereby saving it), scroll around for more, then hit to browse the other categories.

There are 151 Logs to collect, but you only need 100 for this trophy. Here is a group of videos by PS4Trophies that shows the locations of every Log (along with other collectibles):

Toggle Spoiler

Fault Detected
Kill an Android

Androids are resilient foes. They lack ranged attacks, but will grapple you with brutal melee, forcing you to mash if you wish to escape with your life. They'll pursue you relentlessly, too.

You'll first encounter Androids in Chapter 4, and you'll have to confront them at many times later throughout the campaign. They're easily taken down by ranged attacks, but if you can stun them with the Stun Rod or EMP, you can easily dispatch them with your melee.

100 Times too Many
Get killed by the Alien 100 times

Violent death at the hands of your titular predator, the perfect organism, is almost a certainty throughout Isolation, and you'll undoubtably face a grisly demise numerous times throughout your adventure to the platinum.

If you've yet to earn this trophy after earning all the others, simply load up a Mission Save and attract the Alien over and over again via sprinting or such noisy tactics. I would choose Mission 6, as the Alien is able to appear from the very beginning.

Throwing the Switch
Complete the fourteenth mission

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
Bookended by mildly combative, "safe" sections, this middle chapter is fraught with unbridled horror, throwing you right into the Alien nest. Screeches and ungodly noises fill the air, and your Motion Tracker is basically worthless with much unseen activity, forcing you to rely almost solely on your own senses to avoid death. Hear for the skitter and screeches of Facehuggers, which will kill you with one grab, and listen for the thumps and other such noises of the Alien. Also, burn all close eggs before they hatch!

The Message
Complete the fifteenth mission

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
Outside of a rogue Facehugger, there's very little risk during this mission. A simple stroll with some interactions, really.

Hide. Run. Survive.
Complete the fifth mission without being killed by the Alien

Chapter 5 is the first mission that pits you against the infallible Alien. You'll have to navigate through the Medical wing without fail for this trophy.

Since the Alien is the only enemy in this mission, this trophy itself isn't very difficult, and you'll get it along with One Shot. Look at the Tips and Strategies section for general tips regarding confronting the Alien.

Here's a neato PowerPyx video showing you how it's done (on Easy)

Toggle Spoiler

Not the First
Turn off the beacon

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
You'll get this trophy during Chapter 9, which serves as a crucial plot device as well as a nostalgic throwback to the original 1979 Alien film. It's another simple, "follow directions" chapter.

Complete the sixteenth mission

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
The Alien makes its triumphant return to the Sevastopol in this chapter, so I hope you haven't forgotten how to hide properly!

One Shot
Complete the game without dying

Don't fret too much, this trophy won't be as taxing as you worry.

Still, it is no small task. Given the unpredictability of the Alien, there is never really a "solid" method to completing some missions. Your best bet is to play on Novice, a new difficulty patched in that features a very disinterested Alien, even more resources, and frail enemies. Use strategies in the Tips and Strategies section to outmaneuver your predators.

Now, if the Alien or a rogue Facehugger grabs you, you can pause and Restart the Current Checkpoint, and it will not impact the trophy, AS LONG AS the screen is NOT the black death screen. If you end up dying, like black screen, it isn't over yet. Reloading the PREVIOUS save (NOT Current) will allow you to continue the game without starting over.

Free the Torrens
Complete the seventeenth mission

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
This mission will feature much of the titular predator stalking around, so be prepared to hide a lot. Also, watch out for the Facehugger in the room next to the generator! You need to remove it sooner or later, just be prepared that doing so unavoidably draws Xenomorphic attention.

End of the Hunt
Complete the eighteenth mission

This is a story-related trophy, therefore it cannot be missed
This chapter begins without much Alien interference, but while the last half of the chapter is wrought from its involvement, there's actual only a segment with it actually stalking near you. Much of this chapter is just getting from A to B. Be ready to deal with Facehuggers!

This Should Work
Use the bolt gun

The Bolt Gun is obtained in Mission 14. Aiming it with , you hold to prime it, then release to shoot a powerful bolt. The longer you prime, the more accurate the shot becomes. This is very useful against Synthetics, felling them in a single charged shot to the mechanical brain.

My Turn now
Kill an android using only the maintenance jack

The Maintenance Jack is your melee option, used by a pull of the trigger. While effective at felling mortal foes with only a few bludgeons, Synthetic opponents are more resilient. Furthermore, once in attack mode, they will easily counter any attempts at a frontal melee assault.

That being so, the only way to get this trophy is to employ hit-and-run tactics, being landing a few strikes, escaping combat, then striking again, repeating as necessary. PowerPyx demonstrates this at the beginning of Chapter 4, with the first Android you encounter. See here:

Toggle Spoiler

There's also a prime locale for this in Chapter 12. There will be a series of three rooms, practically identical, with Androids laying (asleep I guess?) in beds, some awakening to deal with you. Leave at least one, then get the drop on him with a few strikes. Head into one of the room guarded by the camera(s) and into the floor vent. Crawl to another room and return to the Android, beating him up a little more until he's forcibly deactivated.

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