Players: 1
Online Trophies: 3
Aim to be the best!
Record Score
Mark high score
Estimated Time to 100%: 20-25 minutes
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

Order of selections on screen (if you are playing the Japanese version and can't read it). Press the to bring up the options menu.
  • Save
  • Display Settings
  • Game Settings
  • Button Settings
  • Manual
  • Online Ranking
  • Restore Settings Game Reset
Quote Originally Posted by JDizzle0420
if youre struggling to get the high scores you can go in the options menu and add lives and in some of them change the difficulty from normal to easy. You can also abuse the saves so you dont have to do it in one try. You have to make a save when needed and if you need to reload you have to quit the whole game with the PS button and restart it and when you hit play itll put you at your last save spot...


Step 1: Trophies related to Game Settings
There are 7 trophies that are linked to just exploring the game settings. Open the touch pad to choose each setting.
During this you will obtain you
  • Settings can be accessed from here
  • Optimal display settings
  • Customize game settings
  • Set button configuration
  • The manual has been read
  • Aim to be the best!
  • Game Reset
Step 2: Scoring
Here you will want to score at least 40,000 or more and post it to the leaderboards. Technically this could be online.
You will obtain
  • Record Score
  • Mark high score


Settings can be accessed from here.
Option menu opened.

At any time, press the to open the option menu.

Optimal display settings
Display settings opened.

When in the options menu (pressing the ) select Display Settings

Customize game settings
Game settings opened.

When in the options menu (pressing the ) select Game settings

Set button configuration
Button settings opened.

When in the options menu (pressing the ), select Button settings.

The manual has been read.
All of the manual has been read.

When in the options menu (pressing the ), select Manual and then keep pressing right until you reach the last page.

Aim to be the best!
Online rankings opened.

When in the options menu (pressing the ), select the Online ranking.

Game Reset
The game has been reset.

When in the options menu (pressing the ), select Reset game, but be aware, this will erase any progress you have made in the game.

Record score
The score has been posted to the online rankings

See Mark high score. Regiser your high score now and submit it. (Japanese version is by pressing , English version is pressing )

Mark high score
High score has been updated.

Beat the high score in game to update/post it to the leaderboards.
Video of Gameplay

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