Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Estimated Time to Platinum: 25+ hours
Minimum Playthroughs 1 + replays of individual memories for any missed secondary objectives
Collectible Trophies: Yes: Language of Flowers , Student of History , A Life in Letters , Godlike
Missable Trophies: No, all memories can be replayed after you complete them
Glitched Trophies: None at this time

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Stealth is key! Gone are the days when you could run into a restricted area guns blazing an expect to walk out unhurt. Take it slow if you have to, and clear out enemies one at a time.
  • Know your Eagle Vision! Activating this sixth sense will highlight specific NPCs for you. Red is a hostile enemy, blue is for law enforcement, and green is for friendly Rooks. Special targets will be tagged in gold, making them hard to miss.
  • Open any chest you come across. If you're nearby, why not grab some free cash and resources?
  • Upgrade your skill sets as you earn more XP. A few new moves can go a long way.
  • Upgrade your gear ASAP! Your starting gear is very weak and will not do as much damage to higher level enemies. Take any advantage that you can find.
  • Have Fun!


Welcome to Syndicate, the latest iteration in the Assassin's Creed franchise. This title takes you on a wild ride through London in the midst of the Industrial Revolution, leading to fantastic new technology being available to you. As far as trophies go, it's pretty much standard fare for a Creed game, with only a few collectibles to pick up and various side missions to complete. When hunting the game's platinum trophy, there is a fairly simple path to success.

Step 1: Play Through the Story.
The story memories are rather straightforward, so it's best to get these done as soon as you can. Not only will they unlock new areas an people to interact with, they will also grant you plenty of XP and cash to use at your leisure. Most missions have secondary objectives needed to reach 100% sync, but these can be completed at a later time if you're having difficulty when you first play them. Your endgame gear and skills will also be a great boost to help you along. Expect to earn:
  • A Spanner in the Works
  • A Simple Plan
  • A Modern Babylon
  • A Quick and Reliable Remedy
  • The Perils of Business
  • A Run on the Bank
  • All Is Fair in Politics
  • The Joys of Freedom
  • Blade in the Crowd
  • Shall We Dance?

Step 2: Borough Takeovers and Collectibles

Next up we'll tackle any boroughs of London that may still be under Templar control. While we're in the neighborhood, why not also snag the necessary collectibles and earn a bit more XP at the same time? In this step, you can expect to pick up:
  • Cerevisaphile
  • Flawless Conqueror
  • Thieftaker
  • Unqualified Success
  • Children's Aid Society
  • Ordinary Criminal
  • Language of Flowers
  • Student of History
  • A Life in Letters
  • Chimney Sweep
  • A Broad Base
  • Bedfellows, Strange or Otherwise
  • Godlike
  • Street Sweeping

Step 3: 100% Synchronization in Main Sequence Memories

This next step will vary in length, depending on how well you played through the memories the first time around. Completed challenges carry over from the first playthrough, so if you had previously completed one of a memory's two challenges, you will only have to complete the remaining ones to hit 100% sync for that mission. This is where you'll snag:
  • Mentor

Step 4: Miscellaneous and Cleanup

The final step will include any trophies that you may have missed during your playthrough. Still need to finish the World War I Simulation? How about completing some fights, raids, and races? Maybe certain kill trophies have evaded you thus far. Perhaps all that's left is to upgrade the Twins and their Rooks. Whatever the case may be, this final step should earn you:
  • Master Assassin


Master Assassin
Earn every other trophy.

You know the drill. Hop to it, Initiate.

A Spanner in the Works
Complete Memory Sequence 1.

Story Related. Cannot be Missed.
Complete the following memories in the Sequence:

Sequence 1:
  • A Spanner in the Works

A Simple Plan
Complete Memory Sequence 2.

Story Related. Cannot be Missed.
Complete the following memories in the Sequence:

Sequence 2:
  • A Simple Plan

A Modern Babylon
Complete Memory Sequence 3.

Story Related. Cannot be Missed.
Complete the following memories in the Sequence:

Sequence 3:
  • Somewhere That's Green
  • Freedom of the Press

A Quick and Reliable Remedy
Complete Memory Sequence 4.

Story Related. Cannot be Missed.
Complete the following memories in the Sequence:

Sequence 4:
  • A Spoonful of Syrup
  • Unnatural Selection
  • On the Origin of Syrup
  • Cable News
  • Overdose
  • The Crate Escape
  • Playing it By Ear

The Perils of Business
Complete Memory Sequence 5.

Story Related. Cannot be Missed.
Complete the following memories in the Sequence:

Sequence 5:
  • Friendly Competition
  • Research and Development
  • Survival of the Fittest
  • Breaking News
  • End of the Line
  • the Lady With the Lamp
  • A Room With a View

A Run on the Bank
Complete Memory Sequence 6.

Story Related. Cannot be Missed.
Complete the following memories in the Sequence:

Sequence 6:
  • A Case of Identity
  • A Spot of Tea
  • A Bad Penny
  • One Good Deed
  • A Thorne in the Side

All Is Fair in Politics
Complete Memory Sequence 7.

Story Related. Cannot be Missed.
Complete the following memories in the Sequence:

Sequence 7:
  • Playing Politics
  • The Bodyguard
  • Driving Mrs. Disraeli
  • Motion to Impeach
  • Unbreaking the Bank
  • Change of Plans

The Joys of Freedom
Complete Memory Sequence 8.

Story Related. Cannot be Missed.
Complete the following memories in the Sequence:

Sequence 8:
  • Strange Bedfellows
  • Triple Theft
  • Fun and Games
  • Final Act

Shall We Dance?
Complete Memory Sequence 9.

Story Related. Cannot be Missed.
Complete the following memories in the Sequence:

Sequence 9:
  • Double Trouble
  • Dress to Impress
  • Family Politics
  • A Night to Remember

Friends at My Back
Recruit a gang of 5 allies.

While traveling through the various boroughs of London, you may come across green blips on the mini map. These are Rooks that you can hire with to help you, at no cost whatsoever. They can be used as extra muscle in fights, or even used to distract guards, allowing you to sneakily infiltrate a restricted area. Through the first half of the game, you will only be able to recruit 3 Rooks at a time, but this is eventually raised to 5 after Sequence 5. Just walk around hiring Rooks until you have 5 following you for the trophy to pop.

The War at Home
Complete the World War I simulation.

The World War I Simulation first becomes available after completing Sequence 5. You can find it by traveling to the East-most point of the Thames On a small river barge. The rift will look like a large mirror floating above the water. As you get close, a voice from a previous game in the series will urge you to enter. By doing so, you arrive in London in the year 1916, near the end of the first World War. Spies have set up a radio on London's Tower Bridge, and you must prevent an attack from German airships. The best part is, this is just the intro section! After completing the first mission, you open up free roam (though it is limited to the region around London Bridge) to begin on the subsequent memories, given to you by none other than Winston Churchill. Your next step is to reclaim the small section of London from the spies, much like the borough takeover from the main sequences. After the city is clear, Churchill will have one final mission for you to complete.

Sample every beer brand in London.

Throughout London, there are 20 beer bottles that you can collect. Most of these are in corner pubs (where else? ) that will show up on your mini map if you get close enough to them. The easiest way to find them all is to buy the map from a merchant for 5000. This automatically reveals every bottle on the full London map if you've synced all of the viewpoints, allowing you to mark them as a destination and easily collect them. The 20 bottles are split between the following boroughs.
  • 5 in the City of London
  • 4 in Westminster
  • 4 in The Strand
  • 3 in Whitechapel
  • 2 in Lambeth
  • 2 in Southwark

No Ticket
Kick fifty enemies off of trains.

Sometimes when fighting enemies near ledges, attacking them will cause you to kick them off the edge. Fighting on top of trains is a rare occurrence throughout he main sequence memories, so you will most likely have to farm these kills by replaying specific memories or side missions. Train heist found while roaming around London can be a great place to work towards these, as there are plenty of enemies on each train. If you feel like working on it in one of the memories, try Sequence 2: Memory 1. You can simply replay the first section of this memory to farm kills, then restart once everyone is dead. Since there is no perk relating to this kill type, you can't keep track of how many you've performed.

Flawless Conqueror
Secure three Gang Strongholds and complete their optional constraints.

You will likely earn this while going for Street Sweeper , as you need to complete all 12 gang strongholds in the city. Strongholds are simple, just sneak into the restricted area and kill all of the Blighters to take over the district. Like main sequence memories, these takeovers have optional side objectives to reach 100% sync and earn more cash/XP. For the trophy, you must complete any 3 of the 12 strongholds at 100%. If you fail too many side objectives, you can replay them from the Associate Activities section of the Progress Tracker.

Bare-Knuckle Champion
Win three different Fight Clubs.

In order to gain access to the various fighting arenas around the city, you'll first need to arrange a meeting with Mr. Topping, London's finest bookie. You can find him by the large golden "T" symbol on the London map. Once you've spoken to him, you can join any fight club in the city, and slug your way to the top. To win a club, you have to survive through all 5 rounds of the fight, proving you have what it takes to reclaim London. If you aren't the best fighter, try going for the easier low-level clubs for practice. After you clear your third unique club, the trophy is yours.

*Note* The golden fight club icons for community events do not seem to count towards this trophy.

A Quarter-Furlong at a Time
Finish first in 3 different Street Races.

Like the fight clubs, you'll need to speak with Mr. Topping to unlock street race events. These races take place on the crowded streets of London, with obstacles ranging from pedestrians and lamp posts to other carriages. Navigating these busy avenues will take some skill and maybe a bit of luck. There are two types of races: Point-to-point, and circuit races. The goal is to race from checkpoint to checkpoint, making it to the final point while in 1st place. If you can do this in 3 unique races, the trophy is yours.

*Note* Like the fight clubs, the golden community races don't count for the trophy.

Treasure Hunter
Complete ten Raids of any type with Jacob or Evie.

To gain access to raid missions, you'll need to chat up Ned Wynert about halfway through the game. You can find him under the gold "W" icon on the London map. Raids are any side mission where you steal something from rival gangs, with Cargo Hijacks being the most prevalent. The premise is simple: the Blighters have something you need, so why not just take it? You'll often steal a carriage and be told top deliver it to a drop point. The Blighters won't be too appreciative of this, and will try to take you out along the way. Either run away or kill them all to safely deliver the cargo.

Bring three Bounty targets back alive.

Another type of side missions used to take back boroughs from Templar control is Bounty Hunts. There are 18 such missions throughout London, each tasking you with finding a key target, and bringing them back to the police by any means necessary. While you can complete each of these missions by killing the target and turning in the body, you'll want to keep them alive for the trophy. To do this, you'll need to kidnap the target by sneaking up behind and pressing to start leading him toward a carriage (or just hold to knock them out and carry them away). Along the way, he may try to escape or draw attention to other enemies, so press to silence him. Once at the carriage, press again to place him inside, then hop on and drive to the drop off point. Along the way, the kidnapped guard's buddies will try to slow you down, so either kill them or escape before dropping the bounty off. You can also run to the drop point and use a smoke bomb to end the chase. If you somehow complete all 18 missions without bringing in 3 suspects alive, you can replay any of them via the Associate Activities menu.

Unqualified Success
Complete three Templar Hunts and their challenges.

Templar hunts are similar to the assassination missions from the the main memories. They task you with finding and killing a Templar leader. Simple, no? Once you have killed the target, all you have to do is leave the area undetected, or escape and go incognito if they saw the murder. The side objectives in these missions mostly require the Templar to be killed in a specific fashion, such as dropping barrels on them or via cover kill. There are 18 of these missions to complete, and they can be replayed at any time if you fail the side objectives.

Children's Aid Society
Complete five Child Liberation memories.

You will earn this while conquering all of London's boroughs. These 11 missions see you breaking into a factory to liberate children that are essentially being used as slave labor. Sickening, isn't it? There are often 2 or 3 groups of kids that you can free by pressing when prompted, just keep out of sight (or just kill everyone ). Once they are all freed, the last task before leaving is to pay the foreman a visit. And by visit, I mean stabbing. Preferably multiple times. Once this is done, feel free to exit the restricted area and move on to the next borough.

Guardian Angel
Successfully escort ten friendly cargo shipments.

These missions show up randomly on your mini map, much like the various crowd events. They will task you with taking control of a Rook supply shipment and safely escort it to its destination. Blighters will obviously be interested in these shipments, and will try to stop them in any way that you can. Kill your pursuers or escape and deliver the the shipments to end the mission. These seem to pop up often in Westminster, so maybe stick around there until you complete enough for the trophy.

Unlock all of the Secrets of London.

The most important collectibles are the Secrets of London. These special music boxes have been scattered across the city, each containing a special disc that acts as part of a large key. Once all 32 disks are collected, return them to Reuge's Vault in The City of London to unlock a spiffy new outfit. It won't fit Jacob, but Evie will find good use for it. These collectibles do not have a map that you can purchase to make finding them easier, so you'll either have to use the clue and picture next to each one under the Secrets of London page under the Progression tab, or by using a video guide. The images next to each secret show the box and let you find it based on its surroundings. When you first enter the Vault, Secret #15 will be automatically attained, leaving you with only 31 to find. They are broken up across the following boroughs:
  • City of London
    • #02
    • #11
    • #17
    • #23

  • Lambeth
    • #05
    • #06
    • #08
    • #19

  • Southwark
    • #09
    • #12
    • #24
    • #27

  • Thames
    • #03
    • #14
    • #20
    • #21

  • Whitechapel
    • #16
    • #18
    • #22
    • #29

  • The Strand
    • #07
    • #10
    • #16
    • #25

  • Westminster
    • #13
    • #28
    • #31
    • #32

  • Buckingham
    • #01
    • #04
    • #30

Locations guide by Powerpyx

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A Broad Base
Reach Loyalty level 1 with all Associates.

Associates are 6 unique NPCs that open up new side missions for you to complete. Completing these missions will slowly raise your loyalty levels with them. The mission types and their corresponding associates are listed below.
  • Frederick Abberline - Bounty Hunts
  • Winston Churchill (WWI Simulation only) - Takeovers, Dirigible Defenses, Spy Hunter
  • Henry Green - Gang Strongholds, Gang Wars, Templar Hunts
  • Clara O'Dea - Child Liberations
  • Robert Topping - Fight Clubs, Street Races
  • Ned Wynert - Various Robberies/Heists
As you complete these missions, you will slowly build loyalty with each associate. Once you reach Level 1 with each of them, the trophy is yours.

Bedfellows, Strange or Otherwise
Reach maximum Loyalty with any Associate.

You will get this when taking back control of London for Street Sweeper , but if you feel like trying to get it done early, you need only play through the World War I Simulation. The reason for this is that you need to complete it for a trophy anyway, and that simply completing all of its side missions will max out Winston Churchill's loyalty at level 2. For the other 5 associates, you'd have to play until their loyalty was at level 5 to max them out, and that can take a while.

Needle in a Haystack
Kill five enemies from within the same haystack.

There are many times throughout the main memories where you can hide in a haystack with multiple enemies nearby. Simply lure them one by one to the stack and kill them when they get close. Just make sure that when you whistle for them, it doesn't attract more than one guard to the spot, or you may be seen and trigger a fight. There is one in Sequence 6, Memory 2 that is right at the beginning of the mission.

*Tip* Having trouble getting 5 kills in one try? If you kill an enemy from a haystack, and then restart the chapter (or die, even), you can return to that same haystack and earn another kill that will count towards this trophy. Repeat 5 times for a quick pop. The first haystack you jump into in Sequence 2 will work great for this.

Powerpyx has shown a good spot to earn this in Sequence 6.

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Street Sweeping
Conquer all the boroughs in London

The seven boroughs of London are under Templar control when you first enter the city, and it's up to Jacob and Evie to change that. In order to conquer a borough, you must synchronize all viewpoints to unlock all of the Bounty Hunts (18 total: Kill or kidnap a person of interest, then return them to the police), Templar Hunts (18 total: Kill a prominent Templar target, then escape the area), Gang Strongholds (12 total: Clear an area of Blighters to take it over), and Child Liberations (11 total: Free the children, then kill the foreman) within that borough. Once done, move through each mission type, clearing a section of red from the city map as you go. Once all of the main takeover missions are completed, you will unlock a final Gang War to permanently take control of the borough.

*Note* The WWI Simulation borough does not count toward this trophy.

Acquire ten Perks.

Perks are special unlocks that permanently increase your stats. These 30 stat buffs are unlocked by completing various actions found under the Perks section of the Progression Log. You only need 10 of them, and plenty will be earned from normal play. Most of the stealth-related perks will be unlocked early on, while ones like stealing a police carriage can drag on without a quick method to farm it.

Keys to the City
Acquire all of the Gang Upgrades.

Gang upgrades can change a lot around London, from new shipments of barrels and explosives, to Blighters no longer attacking you for fear of retribution, to lowered prices in shops and future upgrades. There are 39 possible upgrades available in the Gang Upgrades section of the pause menu or at your hideout. To purchase them, you'll not only need enough cash, but resources like chemicals, cloth, leather, and metal. These materials can be found in chests, as ell as being earned through various side activities like fights and raids. To make this slow process a tad faster, try to unlock the City Takeover perk early, as it lowers the price of all future upgrades. Even with a lowered price, it will still take a while to farm all of the necessary cash and resources to purchase them all, so you may want to go for this after earning most of the other trophies.

Craft a Level 10 Item.

Many of the game's best weapons and outfits are only attainable by crafting. To do so, you will need to first find the schematic for the weapon, then gather up all of the necessary materials and cash. Two level 10 schematics are gained through story progression, so we'll focus on those for now. The Aegis Cloak and Legendary Assassin Gauntlets are both earned upon completing the final Main Sequence Memory. Once attained, you'll need need to find either the Golden Spider Silk in The Strand or the Bluestone in Lambeth respectively. Now that you have the two most important pieces, all you have to worry about is the remaining resources needed. The Aegis Cloak costs 10000 along with 150 Leather and 100 Cloth, while the Legendary Assassin Gauntlets cost 10000 with 150 Leather and 100 Chemicals. There are plenty of other level 10 ranked items, but their schematics take a bit more work to track down.

Powerpyx shows the Aegis Cloak method

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Learn every Fight Skill as Jacob.

As you complete memories and perform various actions, you will earn XP and gain Skill Points to upgrade your own abilities. For the sake of this trophy, you'll only be focusing on allotting points to Jacob's Combat skill tree. Though adding a few skills from the Stealth and Ecosystem trees can help you throughout the story, all you need for now are combat boosts. For more info on XP and Skill Points, see Wonder of the Age .

Learn every Stealth Skill as Evie.

As you complete memories and perform various actions, you will earn XP and gain Skill Points to upgrade your own abilities. For the sake of this trophy, you'll only be focusing on allotting points to Evie's Stealth skill tree. Though adding a few skills from the Combat and Ecosystem trees can help you throughout the story, all you need for now are stealth boosts. For more info on XP and Skill Points, see Wonder of the Age .

Wonder of the Age
Reach Level 10.

Continuing on from maxing out Evie and Jacob's preferred skill trees, we move to filling out the rest of your skills. Level 10 is reached once you assign points to every available skill across the Combat, Stealth, and Ecosystem trees. To earn Skill Points, you'll need to perform actions that grant XP. Most of the XP will be earned by completing the main sequence memories and their side objectives, with many others coming from you trying out different abilities in combat. For every 1000 XP, you will be granted 1 Skill Point to assign to whatever you please. You don't need to max out both Evie and Jacob, as only one is needed for the trophy.

Ordinary Criminal
Complete twenty Crowd Events.

Crowd Events are scenarios that randomly pop up as you waltz around London. They can range from a standard mugging to Blighters trying to intimidate random citizens. As you get close to one, it will appear on your mini map and prompt you to complete it. Not only will you make progress on this trophy, you'll also pick up more XP to reach Level 10 with Evie and Jacob. Some of the events are:
  • Petty theft - a thief has stolen something from a citizen, Tackle them to get it back.
  • Harassment - some Blighters have decided to try and scare some innocent people into doing what they want. Break it up.
  • Kill the messenger - There is a specific target that you must silently kill to halt the flow of information.
  • Attempted murder - some Blighters are attacking a civilian. Help the poor chap.

Language of Flowers
Collect all of the Pressed Flowers.

Another new collectible type is a series of pressed flowers, which Evie has vowed to find for Mr. Green. These show up as small books hidden around the city, most often found on benches in parks. Like many of the collectibles, you can purchase a map from any merchant showing where each of the flowers is hidden, if you have all viewpoints synchronized. There are 30 flowers to be found, with locations in each of the following boroughs:
  • 6 in Westminster
  • 5 in The Strand
  • 5 in the City of London
  • 4 in Lambeth
  • 4 in Southwark
  • 3 in Whitechapel

Student of History
Collect all of the Historical Posters.

The next collectible type is the Historical Poster. There are 50 hidden across London, most of which are just inside alleyways. Like most of the collectibles, you can purchase a map from any of the local merchants to make them show up on your London map, assuming you've synchronized all of the viewpoints. These 50 posters are split up among the 7 boroughs as such:
  • 10 in the City of London
  • 10 in Westminster
  • 8 in The Strand
  • 7 in Southwark
  • 6 in Lambeth
  • 5 in Whitechapel
  • 4 on the Thames

A Life in Letters
Collect all of the Royal Letters.

There are 12 Royal Letters that you can collect and read in the game. Naturally, these are found throughout Westminster, in and around Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Westminster, which the two Parliamentary Houses call home. Unlike most of the other collectibles in the game (as with the Secrets of London music boxes) you are unable to purchase a map showing their locations. The only way to find them is to activate Eagle Vision while they are nearby, just to have them appear on your map. If you don't feel like searching street by street for these small collectibles, you can check out the video guide below.

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Chimney Sweep
Synchronize every Viewpoint in London.

View points are a staple of the series, providing a quick overlook of each district and unlocking a previously grayed-out minimap. As you gad about in London, you will be able to find 19 of these perches to synchronize at. Don't be alarmed if once you've synced the final point on the map that your trophy doesn't unlock, as there are actually 22 total view points. The final 3 can only be found in the World War I simulation once you've completed its introductory memory. The simulation shows up on the East end of the Thames after you complete Sequence 5.

Reach 100% Sync in the Main Memories

Another returning feature requires side objectives to reach 100% synchronization in memories. These objectives are certain actions that Evie or Jacob performed that will allow you to achieve a better synchronization if recreated properly. From stealing items and remaining undetected to getting kills from zip lines, almost every main sequence memory will have an optional objective or two to complete. In each memory, these objectives are listed as "challenges" and once completed, add extra experience points and do not need to be completed on subsequent playthroughs of the memory. This can be very helpful in the event that you miss one of them, as you will only need to complete that challenge to reach 100% sync. All of the story memories and their challenges are listed below.

Challenge Guide

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Destroy twenty vehicles by ramming them.

While minding your own business driving through London, you may attract the unwanted attention of random Blighters or the police. If they decide to give chase, you can lose them either by outrunning their carriages, or by destroying them. Now which of these options sounds like more fun? In order to destroy their carriage, you must continuously ram them with and hope it lands a solid hit. After enough damage has been dealt, their carriage should fall apart.

*Tip* The Demolition Derby skill will increase the amount of damage your carriages deal.

Flip five vehicles by shooting their horses.

When engaged in a carriage chase, you will have the ability to quickfire your weapon while driving (assuming you have bullets). Rather than shooting at the other driver, you should instead target the horse. With 2-3 body shots, the horse will meet its end, causing the entire carriage to roll, killing any passengers instantly. Neat. If this method is taking too long, you can try to manually aim at the horse's head for a quick 1-shot kill.

Quote Originally Posted by mikesorrell
I found it easy to get this in free-roam, by getting a single-horse carriage, speeding up, hopping up to the roof (with L1) and shooting the horse in the back of the head. It takes a couple shots, albeit it does work.

Look Out Below
Kill three enemies with a single stack of hanging barrels.

One of the new environmental kills styles in Syndicate is hanging barrel kills. Throughout London, you will see clusters of barrels hanging over walkways. By throwing a knife or shooting at the ropes holding them up, they will plummet to the ground, killing anything under them. If you see a group of enemies standing around underneath a stack, why not take them all out at once? For the trophy, you will need to kill at least 3 people with one stack of barrels. A great location during the main story is in Sequence 4 during the Unnatural Selection memory, as right at the beginning, there will be 3 people under the barrels near the door.

Powerpyx has outlined the Sequence 4, Memory 2 method below.

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You Wouldn't Steal a Policeman's Helmet
Hijack twenty police vehicles.

It just wouldn't be a proper open world game without the ability to mess with the authorities. Whenever you cause a ruckus, the police will often be there lickety-split, ready to bash your skull with a club for disturbing the peace. When they show up and try to stop you from continuing your nefarious deeds, knock them out of one of their carriages and go for a joyride. Every time you take control of a police carriage from its driver, you will make progress on this trophy. If you call upon a Rook to help you out while driving, you can direct him to drive while you hop up top () and then drop back down to drive with . You can do this almost indefinitely until you earn the trophy, and continue until you snag the perk (earned at 50 hijacks) if you wish.

Queensbury Rules
Reach combo level 40.

Syndicate introduces a new combo system akin to the Batman Arkham series. As you land successive hits on enemies, a combo counter will begin to tick. With each hit, the counter will increase, only stopping once you fail to hit an enemy or are hit yourself (the latter can be somewhat nullified by unlocking the Unstoppable II perk). Paying attention to the enemies' status is essential to building high combo counts. While pounding away on one enemy, another will eventually try to interrupt you with an attack of their own. This is displayed as a yellow marker above the enemy's head, giving you ample warning to press to block the attack, which both adds to and allows you to continue your combo. Some enemies will display a grey marker above them, and begin blocking you. If they do this for long enough, they can reset your combo and even sneak in an attack! Press for a quick staggering strike that lets you quickly get in 4-5 hits. A combo of 40 or more is very easy to attain in any of the fighting clubs located around London, but can also be managed with a small group of Blighters if needed. If you find that you're killing the enemies too quickly to reach 40 hits, try equipping weaker gear, as it will take far more strikes to kill them, allowing you to build larger combos.

Powerpyx has outlined the Fight Club method below

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Whirlwind of Death
Perform fifty Multi-Finishers.

Multi-finishers occur when you attack near two or more enemies that are in near-death state. You'll know when they reach this state when they hunch over and stumble around with very little health remaining. When two or more enemies are close together and you attack, you'll be treated to a quick scene where you skillfully kill all of the wounded Blighters. You can easily farm these kills in fight clubs, as there are plenty of lower-level enemies to quickly beat down.

Blade in the Crowd
Assassinate fifty enemies.

As the game's namesake, the assassination will make up the majority of your play style. This insta-kill move is performed with the hidden blade while in low profile mode. Any time where guards or gang members aren't actively hunting for you counts as low profile, so feel free to use these moments to silently dispatch enemies. Walking up to an unsuspecting enemy will bring up the "assassinate" prompt next to the in the bottom right of the screen. You will have hundreds of these opportunities throughout the game, especially if you prefer a stealthy approach to missions. Unless you go into every mission guns blazing, this should be earned just by playing the main story missions.

Opium Scourge
Affect at least four enemies simultaneously with the Hallucinogenic Dart.

Midway through Sequence 4, you'll be given hallucinogenic darts for the first time. When used on individual enemies, they go into berserk mode, attacking anyone and anything that moves. To get the most out of every dart, shoot one into a fire source to have it turn to gas, affecting anyone within a few meters of the fire. In order to get 4 affected at the same time, you may need to round up a few extra baddies and lead them to the fire. Once there, climb on top of something (as you can't manually aim on ground level when detected) and shoot into the fire. Hopefully the enemies were close enough that the drugs start to take effect.

Powerpyx found a great place in Sequence 4, Memory 4.

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Blade from Above
Air Assassinate twenty enemies from a zipline.

The zipline is more than just a way to quickly scale buildings. It also allows you to set up aerial assassinations where they would have been impossible before. By spanning the gap between two buildings, you can move along the line until you are directly above an assassination target, without needing to sneak up on him. While some memories require a zipline kill for 100% sync, you can earn them in any part of London, provided there is an enemy beneath you. The best place to perform a bunch of these kills in in gang stronghold missions, as there are plenty of rival gang members patrolling lower levels. Simply set up above them on a line, and hit when prompted to to drop in for a quick, clean kill. Double assassinations also count toward this, as well as a few Perks, so zip on over.

Most Unsporting
Shoot fifty enemies before they shoot at you.

When in combat, enemies may decide to shoot at you. If you have a firearm equipped (and the necessary ammunition), you will be given a prompt to shoot them first. While running away from enemies will give you the same prompt when they are about to fire at you, pressing the button will instead cause you to duck the bullet. If you wish to round up a large group of enemies this way, feel free to do so. Just remember to turn around and at least punch one of them to enter combat, or the will not perform a quickfire.

Without a Grudge
Destroy 5000 destructibles with your carriage

This one will take a while, unless you drive like Davey... As you drive through London in a horse carriage, you are bound to hit and break something at some point. Doing so will slowly begin to damage your carriage. Receive too much damage, and it will fall apart. Because of this, it is not recommended that you try to farm 5000 destroyed objects at once, not to mention that it can become very boring grinding. The best way to go about this is to go on a destructive drive every time you need to move across the city to a new memory start point.

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Powerpyx for the awesome video guides

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