Players: 1 (2 for Co-op)
Online Trophies: Yes
Estimated Time to 100%: 8 - 10 hours (Riddles are a pain)
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 plus cleanup
Collectible Trophies: Yes for Hydrogen Bonded
Missable Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Keep your inventory filled – Always make sure that you have ammo, blades, bombs, and grenades at all times because you'll be needing them.
  • Have patience - You will deal with more than one group of soldiers so pace yourself and take your time killing them.
  • Press and hold during cut-scenes to skip them.
  • Have even more PATIENCE – Suger’s Legacy WILL drive you insane so be prepared for the long haul.


Step 1: Complete the Story Mode

The first thing you want to do is play the story and by doing that you will receive:

Piece of Eden
Reign of Terror

Step 2: Clean Up and Miscellaneous Trophies

After you finish the story you will be in free roam to continue getting things that you missed in the game. Do all side missions, find all collectibles and finish the finish other things and you should end up with:

Defender Of Franciade
Hydrogen Bonded
Freedom Fighter


Piece Of Eden
Complete Memory Sequence 13.

You will get this trophy for completing the following in the Sequence:
  • Buried Words
  • The Book Thief
  • A Shadow From The Past
  • Raising The Dead
  • Under Lock And Key
  • A Crown Of Thorns

Defender Of Franciade
Complete Suger’s Legacy and recover the Eagle of Suger.

Okay now it's time for the most confusing and annoying trophy. For this Trophy you will have to solve some riddles. There are a total of seven riddle missions but two of them are story related so you really only have to deal with five. When you start the mission the only thing you need to do is simply follow the riddle to find the next symbol. You need to solve three symbol in the mission to complete it.

Now if you are having difficulty finding these symbols, here is a video to help you out

Toggle Spoiler

Free every outpost in Franciade.

For this one you need to find the Outposts that are located within the city. There are only three of them and each one is like a mini mission. When you start it you must find the three officers that are at each location. You can use Eagle Vision to locate these officer's by pressing . So when you find them kill them then you must escape the Outpost. Once you complete all three Outposts you will get this .

Reign Of Terror
Kill 5 enemies at the same time with a Guillotine Gun.

The Guillotine Gun is a grenade launcher and a axe weapon. You will get this during Sequence 13 Mission 2 – The Book Thief. What you need to do once you get this weapon is when you see a group of enemies standing around doing nothing hold and then hold and the blue radius circle will come up showing you who is in range. When you're ready to fire the gun just release and it will shoot at whatever in its range. So when you see 5 enemies that are in range fire it and this trophy will be yours.

Freedom Fighter
Kill 15 Raider leaders.

This one consists of you killing the Raider leaders. Raider can be found in the Caverns under the city so to get to them you must use stairs entrance. The Raider leader is a big brute that has a red diamond on top of his head with a star in the middle. What you want to do here is try to fight them first, once you have killed them you will see the other Raiders run away because they have no leader to guide them. Once you do this 15 times and you will have a nice shiny to add to your collection.

Hydrogen Bonded
Achieve 100% synchronization in Dead Kings.

For this trophy you have to get 100% on everything in the the game. If you press the Options button and select Progress Tracker and then go to the far right to se this. You would need to collect and do all of the following on this list to get this:

Toggle Spoiler

Complete the Heist and the Co-op mission in Dead Kings at least once.

For this trophy you will need to play The Heist and Co-op Mission in this game. You CANNOT unlock these until you finish Sequence 13 Mission 4. Luckily for this DLC there are only one of each and its best to do with a partner.
  • Co-op Mission – You will need to protect three guards as they travel around in the area. The will be a lot of Raiders to fight off and you need to sabotage three bombs as well.
  • Heist Mission – You will have to find the right treasure chest in the area. To make sure that you get the maximum reward its best to stay unseen. There are guards everywhere so make sure that you are well protect and have maximum weapons and supplies.


I would like to thank EricVoltage for yet another amazing banner, Arcane Penguin Gaming for the videos

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