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BattleField 4 Trophy Guide

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BattleField 4 Second Assault DLC Trophy Guide

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BattleField 4 Naval Strike DLC Trophy Guide

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[top]Introduction to China Rising

Maps: China Rising is the first of 4 DLC packs to be released for the BattleField 4. BattleField 4 takes you onto the Chinese mainland with four new maps (Silk Road, Guilin Peaks, Dragon Pass, and Altai Range). Silk Road places the player (you) on a military outpost surrounded by an open desert made up of manmade structures and sand dunes. Guilin Peaks plays heavily on infantry combat with mountain terrain. Dragon Pass is a map made for vehicles and spectacular view with its steep mountains. Lastly is Altai Range open for snipers, snowy peaks, and what looks like the Epcot ball that has a good mixture of play for any player.

Game Modes: Two new modes have been included with the China Rising DLC. Air Superiority where the player will be fighting for control points using air fighters allowing the player to fly low to the ground and keep from being discovered or engage in dog fighting. The second game mode to be included is Capture the Flag where two opposing teams must rush to capture and deliver the opposing teams flag for a point to be counted.

Gadgets: The last of the newest additions are the two new gadgets, the SUAV and UCAV. The SUAV is a remote control plane that can be piloted around the map that allows you to spot and tag enemies with the laser designator. The UCAV acts as a guided missile which is effective against all vehicles.


Players: 2-66 multiplayer (Minimum of 4 players boosting)
Online Trophies: Yes (5) All trophies have to be earned in multiplayer mode
Estimated Time to 100%: 10-15 hours (10 hours minimum even if boosted)
Collectible Trophies: None besides collecting awards (ribbons) to complete the assignments
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None known at this time

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Not all trophies and assignments need to be completed on the China Rising maps.
  • If you are searching for a China Rising map in the server browser they are stamped with CR next to the level name (Atari Range, Silk Road, Dragon Pass, & Guilin Peaks)
  • If you are having trouble earning the Death from Above you can browse the servers for a game with a decrease in population for example a game with 20 people will be much easier to get inside the bomber trailer, but have less of a chance to get the kills so whichever works best for you.
  • All trophies can be boosted by using the empty server exploit.
Boosting Method: Follow these guidelines if this trophy feels like a hard task for you:

1. Go to the Server Browser from the Multiplayer screen.
2 . Press to edit the filter.
3. Select your preferred game mode and maps then select the free slots to "empty."
4. Press to go back to the Server Browser and pick a server to join.

Following the above steps will place you in a match by yourself. Your friends will see this and be able to join you. Be mindful that other players may join as well. You will need four players to start the match to begin using this exploit.

BattleField 4 PS3 Boosting Thread

BattleField 4 PS4 Boosting Thread


1. Fledgling Head in the Air Superiority game mode and not only earn the trophy for playing in a round of Air Superiority, but achieve the 3 jet fighter ribbons which requires you to get 5 kills in 1 round. If you become frustrated head to the boosting thread or just take a break for awhile and play the other game modes.

2. 2 Wheels Get into a match on Conquest preferably on one of the China Rising maps so you could also try to unlock the Death from Above and accumulate those 10 hours of mandatory playtime. Hop on a dirt bike until you achieve a road kill.

3. Death from Above Earned while playing in the Conquest game mode in the China Rising maps. Simply get into the bomber raid trailer and earn a kill followed up by the Mini Kamikaze .

4. Mini Kamikaze Can only be done after earning the Death from Above, however in any game mode and any map within BattleField 4. Play as you normally would with the recon kit with the exception of throwing out and flying the SUAV until you earn a roadkill by hitting an opposing team member.

5. New Superpower View the assignments before diving into the China Rising DLC just so you know ahead of time what ribbons are needed and what medals unlock certain elements you will need for other assignments. By viewing these assignments ahead of time you will certainly decrease the amount of time needed to play to complete all tasks.


Play a round of Air Superiority

This is the easiest to obtain out of the China Rising DLC. To achieve this trophy all you need to do is finish a single round of Air Superiority without needing a victory. To enter the Air Superiority mode click on multiplayer from the main menu and then Quick Match followed by Air Superiority. These matches will either have you flying an attack helicopter or a stealth jet.

Although this is the easiest of the trophies to earn, you might be spending a lot of time within this game mode trying to earn the jet fighter ribbons, which is for getting 5 kills in 1 game. You will need 3 of these ribbons for an assignment as you will notice in the New Superpower .

Air Superiority only allows air transportation where the boots will not be on the ground so if you try to eject from your helicopter or jet it will not comply with your actions. To win a match of Air Superiority you need to capture the 3 points while flying with the jet and 1 point during the helicopter battle. Unlike the jet fights you can place yourself inside of a cockpit of another helicopter during those matches.

2 Wheels
Get a kill with the Dirtbike

Similar to the trophy from BattleField 3 dirt bike trophy of having to kill someone from the passenger seat you must kill an enemy by driving over them causing a road kill death. Dirt bikes are found in the game mode Conquest where you simply hop onto one by going up to it and holding or by jumping on it from the spawn screen by hovering over it and pressing . Holding gives your dirt bike a speed boost to help in some situations and can do a 360 turn pretty fast.
Silk Road is a great map to achieve this on as there are so many snipers laying on the sand dunes its easy to drive up on one of them and even if they notice you chances are they wont kill you if you begin swerving. Most likely they wont even move because they are in zoom trying to shoot you leaving them to be easy road kill for this trophy.

If you are struggling with this trophy please refer to the boosting threads found in the tips and strategies section above. Try joining a game with a friend on the other side and meet up to achieve this, but remember to be kind and help others.

Mini Kamikaze
Kill an enemy with the SUAV

Pretty simple trophy once unlocked. To unlock the SUAV you need to achieve the Safe Raiding medal which becomes completed once you acquire a kill with the bomber raid. For a description of how and where the bomber raid location is please look below to the Death from Above .

Once you have the SUAV unlocked you have to add it to your load out from the Recon class. Depending on which gadget slot you put it in determines how you will pull it out whether it is or on the dpad. Once pulled out you will see the SUAV, as it is pretty huge, find somewhere you can remain undetected so you can fly around until you find an opposing enemy to kill. After you throw it out you will be flying only with the right analog stick; up, down, left, & right so it may take a few moments to get the hang of it, but becomes simple after about a minute. You can laser target enemy vehicles, however to get the kill with the SUAV you must get a road kill with it meaning you literally need to hit an enemy not in a vehicle so as expected look for an unaware enemy or a sniper. It is easier to kill someone standing as it makes for a bigger target to hit therefore it makes this trophy that much easier to get the kill.

Death from Above
Get a kill with the bomber

This trophy can only be obtained while playing on the China Rising maps (Atari Range, Silk Road, Dragon Pass, & Guilin Peaks) in addition to playing the game mode Conquest. No other game mode will allow you to use the bomber as well as the standard BF4 maps.

If you are familiar with BattleField 3 or have been playing Battlefield 4 for awhile you will know that while playing the Conquest game mode there is a point on the map where the team controlling that particular point will have access to the Gun Ship. Just like the "Gun Ship" this bomber is accessed in a similar manner, however just controlling the point is not enough to put you inside the bomber.

To get a kill with the bomber you first must enter a trailer (always found at point D) by pressing and holding . If you just press when prompted you will not gain access to the trailer, therefore, you must be holding it in. More than likely the trailer will be swarmed with other members of your team so luck also needs to be on your side just to enter this trailer.

The bomber has a limited supply of JDAM's (missiles) that can be used before refilling ammo as well as flares. releases the flares where as shoots off the JDAMs. Regardless if your bomber gets destroyed or not by the time it reaches the opposing side it will destruct and you will exit the trailer. The best approach I would say for this trophy is to go after enemy ground vehicles as they are really easy to see and are not always running for cover. Once earned the trophy will deploy on the screen and you will need an additional 15 bomber raid kills for an assignment. See Mother Of All Bombs in the Silver Assignment Section found within the New Superpower for more details.

A video is provided for those struggling to get a kill or having trouble finding this trailer for some reason.

Toggle Spoiler

Video provided by ObliviousWorld

A few notes for this trophy that can help you out:
  1. Either team can enter the bomber trailer at any time if it is available so be on the lookout for runners.
  2. You will know when the trailer is accessible when a blue plane appears in the games mini radar. This also leads you to the D control point (PS4 Version).

New Superpower
Complete all China Rising Assignments

There are 10 assignments in total to be earned to unlock this trophy. Be sure to look over these assignments before you begin playing if you only plan on earning the trophies as quick as possible. You need to play in China Rising maps for a minimum of 10 hours to unlock a medal so you should be relatively close to earning this after your 10 hours. If you need help with any of these assignments please refer to the tips and strategies sections for a directory to the boosting threads.

Not all of the assignments have to be earned while playing the China Rising maps; only those that need you to use and destroy the bomber plus the air superiority medals and ribbons.

6 Bronze Assignments:

Safe Raiding

Prerequisites of opening award requirements
  • Reach Rank 10
  • China Rising DLC
Award Requirements
1. Get a kill with the bombing raid __________x 1
  • In order to get a kill with the bombing raid you must enter the raid trailer and then light the map up with JDAM hoping you get at least one kill. Once completed you will need 15 more for the Mother Of All Bombs medal. Please refer to the Death From Above trophy above on how to find and get a kill with the bomber raid.
  • SUAV

Eyes In The Sky

Prerequisites of opening award requirements
  • Reach Rank 10
  • China Rising DLC
Award Requirements
1. Air Superiority Ribbon __________x 1
  • Win a round of Air Superiority to earn this ribbon. Most likely you will be spending a lot of time in this game mode if you are not good with flying the jets and helicopter, which then would be suggested to just go for the point controls to earn points and unlock better equipment.
2. Jet Fighter Ribbon ______________x 3
  • This could be looked at as the hardest ribbon to earn in the DLC so if you are having trouble please refer to the tips and strategies above for the boosting thread. To earn a Jet fighter ribbon you must kill/blow up 5 enemy air vehicles in 1 round. Do this a total of 3 times.
  • An easy way to fulfill these ribbons is to boost it in the Silk Road map (not while playing with randoms). Have 1 or more players depending on how many you are playing with land a jet in between the dunes so if it backs up it cannot go up the hill and have the remaining players stand in front of the machine gun to die.
  • UCAV

Open Fire

Prerequisites of opening award requirements
  • Reach Rank 10
  • China Rising DLC
Award Requirements
1. Assault Ribbon _________________________________x 3
2. Get a kill with a pistol in a round ___________________x 1
3. Get a kill with a 40mm grenade in a round ___________x 1
4. Get a kill with the defibrillator in a round _____________x 1
  • You have to have earned all 3 assault ribbons before the other requirements to achieve this medal. If you earn the three kills without having all 3 assault ribbons it will not save and you will not be awarded the medal at the end of the round!
  • For the 40mm grenade kill it can be under slung or the HE round just depends on your preference.
  • When you are attempting to earn a kill while use the defibrillator you should be holding down the trigger.
  • L85A2
Make A Dent

Prerequisites of opening award requirements
  • Reach Rank 10
  • China Rising DLC
Award Requirements
1. Destroy an air vehicle with portable AA _____________x 1
  • The portable AA is not the AA vehicle; they are the gadgets from the support class such as the stinger, javelin, and SA-18 IGLA. It has to be an air vehicle and does not have to be flying in order to destroy it. This can also take a few tries as numerous shots dont always destroy it and you cannot lock on anymore before it destroys itself.
2. Anti-Vehicle ribbon _____________________________x 3
  • You get awarded the anti-vehicle ribbon when you destroy 2 vehicles in 1 round. Do this 3 times to complete the requirement.
  • MP7

Powder Keg

Prerequisites of opening award requirements
  • Reach Rank 10
  • China Rising DLC
Award Requirements
1. Get 1 mortar kill _____________________________x 1
  • Play with the support class to unlock the mortar which is the 8th unlockable item in the kit. Once unlocked continue to use the support class with it equipped and I found Team Deathmatch to be easy as snipers lay on the boundaries of the map making them an easy kill. Fire off multiple rounds to ensure the kill. When you place the mortar down as a suggestion DO NOT go prone next to it for an easy death.
2. LMG ribbon _________________________________x 3
  • To achieve a LMG (Light Machine Gun) ribbon, earn 6 kills with any LMG you prefer in a single round. Earn a total of 3 ribbons to complete the medal requirements.
  • RPK-74M

Need Only One

Prerequisites of opening award requirements
  • Reach Rank 10
  • China Rising DLC
Award Requirements
1. Sniper ribbon ________________________________x 3
  • To earn a sniper ribbon you need to get 6 kills in 1 round with a sniper rifle. Complete this a total of 3 times.
2. Get a kill with a shotgun in a round _______________x 1
3. Get a killer with a DMR in a round ________________x 1
4. Get a kill with C4 in a round _____________________x 1
  • You have to have earned all 3 sniper ribbons before the other requirements to achieve this medal. If you earn the three kills without having all 3 sniper ribbons it will not save and you will not be awarded the medal at the end of the round!
  • The C4 is given to the Recon class, therefore, you will not have to unlock it in the Support class to have access to it.
  • Also the shotgun, DMR, an C4 kills must be completed in 1 game to achieve the medal.
  • L96A1

3 Silver Assignments:

Mother Of All Bombs

Prerequisites of opening award requirements
  • Safe Raiding
  • Reach Rank 10
  • China Rising DLC
Award Requirements
1. Get 15 kills with the bomber raid ______________x 15
  • Please view the Death From Above trophy to understand how and where to get these kills.
2. Destroy an enemy bomber ___________________x 1
  • You can destroy an enemy bomber easiest by attacking helicopters and jets. Those are not the only means of destroying an enemy bomber as the portable AA (anti-aircraft) weapons such as the stinger and SA-18 IGLA can also hit the target, however they do very little damage to the bomber leaving you to hit it multiple times on foot will be incredibly hard.
  • If you are in an attack helicopter or jet you can wait by the opposing teams spawn area because it will appear there and begin its raid from their spawn point making its way over your before being destroyed automatically whether you destroyed it or not so be quick and accurate.
  • If you are helping someone out it would be best if they had a portable AA such as the stinger. They could sit in the helicopter with you and you both can target the bomber.

Multi Talent

Prerequisites of opening award requirements
  • Reach Rank 10
  • China Rising DLC
Award Requirements
1. Get a kill with a sniper rifle in a round _____________x 1
2. Get a kill with an assault rifle in a round ___________x 1
3. Get a kill with a LMG in a round __________________x 1
4. Get a kill with a hand grenade in a round __________x 1
  • To earn this medal all the award requirements must be done in 1 game.
  • MTAR-21

Im Dynamite

Prerequisites of opening award requirements
  • Reach Rank 20
  • China Rising DLC
Award Requirements
1. Bomber Delivery Ribbon _______________________________________________x 3
2. Get 20 UCAV Kills (Please Refer to Bronze Assignment Eyes In The Sky) ________x 20
3. Score a multikill! _____________________________________________________x 1
  • The bomber delivery ribbon is awarded when you have killed 3 enemies with the bomber in 1 round.
  • Once you unlock the Eyes in the Sky medal you will have access to the UCAV where you will need to achieve 20 kills. The UCAV is very powerful and similar to the SUAV, but allows you to destroy vehicles letting you get multikills pretty easy.
  • Scoring a multikill is not hard at all as long as you are playing TDM or Domination. A multikill is awarded when you kill 4 enemies rapidly.

2 Gold Assignments (1 Needed For trophy)

Middle King

Prerequisites of opening award requirements
  • Reach Rank 10
  • China Rising DLC
Award Requirements
1. Play 10 hours of China Rising ________________________________________x 10
2. Get a kill streak of 5 _______________________________________________x 5
3. Get a kill with a SUAV (Please refer to Bronze assignment Safe Raiding) _____x 1
  • Simply play 10 hours in the China Rising maps. For a list of maps and how to only search for China Rising maps in the server browser please refer to the tips and strategies towards the top of this guide.
  • Not everyone finds it easy to get a 5 kill streak let alone 5 of them, however if you play in TDM or Domination the chances are high to be awarded with these kill streaks. If these modes are giving you issues try the mode you are best in and maybe even use a sniper rifle if you are good with it.
  • You will complete the SUAV kill when you earn the Mini Kamikaze trophy.

Phantom Prospect (not needed for trophy)

Prerequisites of opening award requirements
  • Play as a premium member once
  • Video below explains in detail how to unlock the box with the question mark which is needed to unlock the Phantom Prospect dog tag.
  1. Log onto your battlelog webpage online.
  2. Click on the tab "leaderboards" scroll to the bottom left and you will see the Phantom Prospect skull in white. It is very dull so it may be hard for some people to see.
  3. Let the screen loadup and then type in the password bumpinthenight or caps which then unlocked the tasks for the phantom prospect. Go check your assignments by hovering over your soldier ----> assignments. There you will be able to see the challenge unlock with its tasks.
  4. Accumulate 200 kills with the assault rifle.
  5. Accumulate 200 kills with the main battle tanks.
  6. Achieve a total of 300m headshots.

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