Players: 2-66 multiplayer (Minimum 4 players)
Online Trophies: Yes (5) All trophies have to be earned in multiplayer mode
Estimated Time to 100%: 10 hours minimum
Glitched Trophies: None reported at this time

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Most assignments can be done on every map, however there is a requirement to play on Final Stand maps for 10 hours.
  • All trophies can be boosted by using the empty server exploit.
Boosting Method: Follow these guidelines if this trophy feels like a hard task for you:

1. Go to the Server Browser from the Multiplayer screen.
2 . Press to edit the filter.
3. Select your preferred game mode and maps then select the free slots to "empty."
4. Press to go back to the Server Browser and pick a server to join.

Following the above steps will place you in a match by yourself. Your friends will see this and be able to join you. Be mindful that other players may join as well. You will need four players to start the match to begin using this exploit.

BattleField 4 PS3 Boosting Thread

BattleField 4 PS4 Boosting Thread


There are two ways you can approach this DLC to achieve the 100% and that will be your decision, however they will both be listed.
  • Play on each of the Final Stand maps in rotation earning each of the trophies on the distinct maps while working on the new assignments.
  • Play on 1 map at a time until you earn the 10 wins on that map then switch to the next until all 4 maps have been won 10 times in any game mode to further your progress in unlocking the Frostbite assignment.


Play all Final Stand maps

It doesn't matter which game mode you play just as long as they are played on. These maps include Giants of Karelia, Hammerhead, Hangar 21, and Operation Whiteout. Choose whichever game mode you prefer and make sure you finish each round on each of the four maps, however you do not have to start from the beginning of the round. The trophy will pop as you enter the fourth map and final map.

Your Titan is Ready
Get a kill by activating the Titan Engines

The Titan Engines can only be found on the Hangar 21 map on Conquest game mode. You will activate a switch that will initiate an audio cue informing everyone the engines are about to be ignited which then exhausts fire out of the engines burning the enemies into instant death if they are caught underneath the engine on both the left and right side.

The location of the switch is underneath point A in a small trailer/office. If you are at point B it is directly north on the same level so you should run directly into the trailer where the switch is just inside on the left side. To activate the switch press and hold down waiting for the audio cue and the interaction to go away and shortly you will see the flames bursting out of the engines. If you failed to get a kill the switch will be available to be pressed again within just over a minute so keep your head and weapon on a swivel to ensure safety.

Your opponents and friendlies can be killed by the exhaust fires so be careful of when you activate the switch so you do not get booted out of the game and do my harm to your team than good.

Video Demonstration

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Cold Blooded
Get a kill with an icicle

Icicles can only be found on the map Operation Whiteout by point C on Conquest. There is a large dome like building to the side (facing the middle of the map) on steel pillars and next to that is a small shack with staircase and hand rail with icicles. As you approach this handrail a text prompt will inform you to hold to pick the icicle. Once done you will smash it and take it into your hand like a knife as this becomes your melee weapon. You can switch out to your weapon and still have the icicle but once you die you will need to pick the icicle again from the hand rail as you did before.

It is important you know this is the only "known" icicle that can be picked at this time. In addition to that you can also earn the trophy by reversing the melee attack and killing your opponent who is trying to kill you with an icicle.

Video Demonstration

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Has science gone too far?
Get a kill using the HT-95 Levkov, XD-1 Accipiter, Rorsch Mk-1, and Schipunov 42

Two of these weapons (XD-1 Accipiter & Rorsch Mk-1) are battle pickups meaning you will find them somewhere within the Final Stand maps. Once a battle pickup is acquired up you will need to wait for it to be used allowing it to respawn moments later. The HT-95 is a mobile vehicle with multiple ways of killing enemy, however is only found as distinct points on the map while playing Conquest which will be posted below. Last is the Schipunov 42 which is a stationary turret that deals a lot of damage within its parameters and in many cases you will die when attempting to use it.

All known locations are from playing Conquest Large (if playing on normal and not hardcore the battle pickups will be shown on your map)

HT-95 Levkov

The HT-95 is a main battle tank (hover tank) that has a 360 turret mobility. This gives it great power and speed to put the crosshairs on the target and eliminate it without having to go forward or reverse to escape the hazard. It also has a main, secondary, and tertiary weapon system for all situations whether you are riding along solo or with another teammate as this beauty can hold a maximum of two people.

You can earn a kill by using the primary weapons as the driver, earning a roadkill, or being the secondary gunner.

Where they can be found in each map:

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XD-1 Accipiter

The XD-1 Accipiter is a battle pickup found within the Final Stand maps and acts as a drone, flying high or low with an automatic weapon system. However, there are always negatives with the positives and for this drone that is the battery pack as it can only be flown for a short duration.

The XD-1 Accipiter can be shot down with the anti-air missiles so watch out. To fly the Accipiter use to ascend and to descend.

Where they can be found in each map:

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Rorsch Mk-1
The Rorsch Mk-1 is another battle pickup that can be found within the Final Stand maps. It has a blue laser sight and setup with a 20x scope equipped with variable zoom thus making it an incredible weapon from distance.

The weapon system also is gun that forces you to wait a second before firing forcing it to charge before being capable of firing. The weapon system can only shoot once at a time.

Where they can be found in each map:

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Schipunov 42
The Schipunov 42 is a stationary turret shooting off 40mm grenade rounds in a wide spread pattern eliminating a foot soldier instantly. Any soldier using the Schipunov 42 will be in grave danger as there is no cover when using these stationary turrets.

Where they can be found in each map:

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Video Demonstration

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King in the North
Complete all Final Stand Assignments

There are 8 assignments in total to be earned to unlock this trophy. Be sure to look over these assignments before you begin playing if you plan on earning the trophies as quick as possible. You need to play in Final Stand maps for a minimum of 10 hours to unlock a medal so you should be relatively close to earning this after your 10 hours. If you need help with any of these assignments please refer to the tips and strategies sections for a directory to the boosting threads.

Not all of the assignments have to be earned while playing the Final Stand maps. Also you do not have to unlock any of these assignments to work on the next or earn any of the other trophies within this DLC so good luck.

2 Bronze Assignments:

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5 Silver Assignments:

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1 Gold Assignments:

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Thank you ObliviousWorld for the trophy related videos.
EricVoltage deserves a great deal of thanks for the banner from his Electric Shop!

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