Battlefield 4 has now released four new maps found within the Naval Strike DLC in addition to bringing a new vehicle and paying homage to an old game mode from Battlefield 2142’s, Titan mode. Naval Strike also brings 5 new trophies for you trophy hunters to enjoy achieving.

Lost Islands (level) – In this map, players focus around a crashed airplane near the center of the map with numerous islands in the environment. In this wide spread of terrain are vehicles that allow the players to traverse the land quicker by taking shortcuts. This map has two main areas which can become filled with corpses as well as the cave that is hidden by a waterfall.

Nansha Strike (level) – This map is boat heavy with multiple infantry units being available to attack while on small islands in the middle areas. The central area provides cover for ground units and makes vehicles vulnerable to all attacks as it becomes a deathtrap being surrounded by forces. The key to winning in this map will be the efficiency of the more powerful vehicles and teamwork of branching out to surrounding islands.

Wave Breaker (level) – A map specialized for close quarter combat putting the players on edge and shooting any enemy that peaks around the next corner so watch out if you’re playing on hardcore mode to prevent yourself from killing teammates. The level provides many canals with gates allowing or preventing your enemies or teammates from gaining access to the opposing side.

Operation Mortar (level) – This could be the map that brings frustration to the players that happen to be on the losing team if one team happens to score the high grounds first as it is a great advantage on the battlefield. This level has a fort on top of the mountain giving view over the entire terrain making enemies easy sniper bait if they are running out in the open. What’s new about this map is that it adds a vertical stance of gameplay that gives the players a sense of urgency to reach the top to become king of the mountain eliminating all that dare try and take it over without having multiple squad mates to help them out.

Carrier Assault (game mode) – This game mode requires teams to bring down and capsize an aircraft carrier by launching missiles at it.

Hovercraft (vehicle) – Will be provided to the players to enable them to traverse between the open sea and land at the same time without having to stop, giving an edge to those who become efficient with its driving capabilities.


Players: 2-66 Multiplayer (Minimum of 4 players boosting)
Online Trophies: Yes (5) All trophies have to be earned in multiplayer mode
Estimated Time to 100%: 1 ½ - 2 hours non-boosting (1 hour boosting)
Collectible Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

All trophies can be earned on carrier assault or conquest

All Trophies can be earned by boosting

Boosting Method: Follow these guidelines if this trophy feels like a hard task for you:

1. Go to the Server Browser from the Multiplayer screen.
2 . Press to edit the filter.
3. Select your preferred game mode and maps then select the free slots to "empty."
4. Press to go back to the Server Browser and pick a server to join.

Following the above steps will place you in a match by yourself. Your friends will see this and be able to join you. Be mindful that other players may join as well. You will need four players to start the match to begin using this exploit.

PS3 boosting thread

PS4 boosting thread


1. Go ahead and enter a game of Carrier Assault and make sure you stay until the end of the round so the trophy unlocks (The Big Leagues ). Also be sure to work on the death from below assignment by earning 3 PDW ribbons, killing and destroying enemy aircraft's with stinger or rpg's to complete the death from below assignment.

2. Head into Conquest or Carrier Assault game by using the server browser & select the map Wave Breaker followed by climbing/parachuting to the center of the map at the highest point (Spotted ).

3. From any map of Naval Strike hop into a hovercraft and run over an enemy (Killing Me Softly ).

4. Join into a game of Conquest or Carrier Assault and reach the designated point and take fire with the cannon hoping to kill someone (No Parley ).

5. Hopefully you have unlocked your AA Mine by this time if not get on the requirements and if you did work unlocking the mine throw them down to eliminate opposing aircraft (Fly Swatter ).


The Big Leagues
Play a round of Carrier Assault

Just do as the trophy describes which is to play a round of Carrier Assault. You do not have to win the round nor do you have play the entire round, however you do need to finish the round for example if you come in when there towards the end of the round you will still unlock this once the round is over.

Killing Me Softly
Get a kill in the ACV

The ACV is the newly added vehicle known as the hovercraft. This trophy can be earned in any of the Naval Strike maps (Lost Islands, Nansha Strike, Wave Breaker, Operation Mortar) in the game modes of Conquest and Carrier Assault.

This trophy will only unlock if you’re the driver as the passenger kills will not count towards earning this trophy. Also remember that this vehicle can traverse both land and water and can be boosted with the stick by pressing it in.

It is suggested that you attempt to earn this trophy while playing on the map Lost Islands simply because there is a lot of shallow water between the islands allowing enemies and allies to run across without having to swim giving you the best advantage to drive over someone. If you are having issues unlocking this trophy, camouflage yourself behind an island and wait for a single target that doesn't see you when you approach them making it an easy kill.

Climb the highest point in Naval Strike

This can be achieved while playing the Carrier Assault or Conquest game mode on the map Wave Breaker. Naturally you would be led to believe you can climb the ladders on the towers found on top of the mountain; however this is not true as you cannot climb these ladders. The mountain top is found in the center of the map and can be reached by aircraft or foot depending on which you prefer.

Below is a video provided by our very own Pancake Model to show you exactly where the highest point is located to earn this trophy.

This cannot be earned without the minimum amount of players needed to start a match meaning this has to be earned during an ongoing round.

Fly Swatter
Kill an enemy with the AA Mine

You need to unlock the AA Mine before you can earn this and to do that you need to unlock the Death From Below assignment.

Death From Below Requirements

Reach rank 10
Purchased Naval Strike DLC

Obtain 3 PDW ribbons
Destroy 5 attack air vehicles with Rocket Launchers (this can be done with stinger missiles)

The requirements can be done on any map inside of Battlefield 4 so choose a map you feel you can eliminate numerous aircraft's easily. Once these tasks have been completed you will earn the AA Mine which is part of the Engineer class equipment. Be sure to equip this once you have unlocked it. Once equipped press or and throw it down with and it will shoot missiles off on its own.

If you shot down an aircraft without having all three PDW ribbons and the round ends they will not count towards the Death From Below requirements so you will need to finish off the ribbons first off.

The AA Mine is a portable device that will lock on and shoot at enemy aircraft on its own so you can place it anywhere. You will have two in your position when it is equipped so it’s best to place them down together so they work on one aircraft. They are not very strong so this may take a few attempts to get multiple hits on 1 vehicle more than once unless it has been weakened already.

No Parley
Get a kill with the old cannon

This is earned on the map Operation Mortar, whether it is Conquest or Carrier Assault that is your choice. There is more than one old cannon in this map and it is found at B point on Conquest and D point while playing Carrier Assault.

The old cannons are the large and long cannons outfacing the map in each direction so you get on the cannon by pressing . The aiming of the cannon is not what it seems, wherever your reticle is DO NOT expect for your cannon to land there. Aim twice as high as you would normally and chances are you won’t be able to tell what you’re shooting at.

This is a video showing you roughly where to aim your cannon if you are focusing in on the targets on the small island below the point.


Thanks to Pancake Model for the banners and videos used in the guide along with finding out how to earn some of these trophies.

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