Online Trophies:none
Estimated Time to 100%:8 hours
Minimum Playthroughs:1
Collectible Trophies: Old Hunter's Essence
Missable Trophies: Old Hunter's Essence
Glitched Trophies:none

[top]Tips & Strategies

While the new DLC areas are accessible very early in the game you shouldn't tackle them until you are about level 80/90 or 120/130 in NG+.
Outside of the five bosses you only need defeat four enemies in the game for weapon drops so you should sprint through all areas, there's nothing to be gained from standing and fighting.
The game structure is no different from the main game: discover a new area, open a shortcut and fight a boss.
There is no specific character build advantage to be had, whatever build has got you this far will serve you just as well in the DLC areas.
Make sure you join The League (see Roadmap for more info) and don't be afraid to ring your Beckoning Bell if you are struggling with a boss, you get the same trophy whether you tough it alone or reach out to the community for help.
If you are having trouble finding a partner head over to The Official Bloodborne Boosting Thread


Firstly, in order to access the DLC areas you will have to beat Vicar Amelia in the main game and interact with the skull on the altar behind her.
Once that is done you must go to the Hunters Dream and collect the Eye of Blood Drunk Hunter from the messengers at the bottom of the steps by the gravestones, you should also get The Old Hunter Bell from the messengers at the top of the steps.
You should then head to the Odeon Chapel, go out the left door turn to your right and pick up the Hunters Armour Set by the railings and wait for the Amygdala to pick you up and transport you to the Hunters Nightmare.
You should light the lamp as soon as you arrive and return to the Hunters Dream and then onto the Forbidden Woods lamp to join The League (a co-op covenant which enables you to summon NPC Hunters to help with boss fights).
There are no trophies related to The League but the extra summons are a great help especially against Ludwig.
To join The League you must have access to the hut to the right of the Forbidden Woods lamp, if you already have it open go in and talk to Valdt and agree to join him. If you don't have access to it you must continue through the Forbidden Woods until you reach the building behind the enemy with the cannon, go out the door at the bottom left, across the bridge with the snake-head enemy, swing right up the hill instead of going straight and ride the elevator up to meet Valdt and unlock the door back to the lamp.
Once you have spoken to him you will have to go get him a Vermin, you can get one by successfully completing a co-op session, I also got one from an enemy drop right beside where you pick up the Beasthunter Saif weapon.
Either way when you have a Vermin in your inventory, highlight and use it, go back to Valdt to get The League Staff, a new rune and a gesture. You now have access to many new NPC summons both in the main game and the new DLC areas.

Once that is all out of the way you can go back to playing the new areas.
There is only one potentially missable trophy, the other five are boss related.
There are a total of 16 weapons needed for Old Hunter's Essence two of them are related to an NPC questline, so long as you manage that you will have no issues. With that in mind I suggest you make a save either to the cloud or an external device as there are no manual saves in game, once something is done then it is done, there's no going back apart from starting a new game or running into NG+.

Step I
From the Hunter's Nightmare lamp you need to go straight up the stairs in front of you to reach Laurence and take the Eye Pendant, he won't attack you until you return with his skull. From there go to through the tunnel to the blood swamp to open the shortcut to the Hunter's Nightmare lamp and speak to Harrowed Hunter telling him that Yes, you are interested, or alternatively you can kill him and take his weapon.

Step II
Make your way back into the blood swamp to reach the Nightmare Church lamp, it's on the right of the area with the giant with the cannon.
Fight and kill Ludwig and attack his head to receive his weapon. You should light the Underground Corpse Pile lamp, return to the Hunter's Dream and back again to trigger Harrowed Hunters second appearance (unless you have already killed him) he will be right beside Ludwig's head.

Step III
Go up the stairs to your left and make your way past all the cells into the room with all the beds. Go to the altar at the back of the room and place the Eye Pendant down to activate the elevator up to the Research Hall lamp. Once you have raised the elevator go back to the Underground Corpse Pile lamp via the Hunter's Dream and back up to where you activated the elevator and pick up Laurence's skull, he will now be aggressive when you return to him. You then need to go all the way up to the roof is the Research Hall lamp to activate a mechanism to raise the stairs. You can also complete the Saint Adeline questline if you wish, she is behind the door to the right of the lamp, she requires two dosses of Brain Fluid, in return she will give you the Balcony Key and some of her blood, there are no trophies related to her quest. Before going to fight the boss go back to the Research Hall lamp and speak to Harrowed Hunter the third time (unless you have already killed him). You can then ride the elevator up to the third floor and climb the stairs to fight The Living Failures and then Maria.

Step IV
From the Fishing Hamlet make your way through the village and up the hill to light the Lighthouse Hut Lamp, from there go back out the door you came in and across the rooftops to your left to open the door through the hole in the huts wall and from there the shortcut to the boss. You will the find Harrowed Hunter crumpled on the floor, speak to him to receive his weapon and a cell key to end his questline, if he is already dead you will find the key where is body would be.While you are there ride the boss elevator down and go through the right hand tunnel and stick to your right to find a Blood Rock, it has no trophy relation in the DLC pack but is needed to fully upgrade any weapon.

Step V
Go and get any weapons you don't have towards Old Hunter's Essence refer to the trophy description below for more information, the only 2 missable ones are related to the Harrowed Hunter questline.

Step VI
Return to the Lighthouse Hut Lamp and defeat the Orphan of Kos to finish the DLC and achieve 100% trophy completion.


Old Hunter's Essence
Acquire all old hunter weapons.

There are a total of 16 weapons to be found, here is the order in which I found them.
Only 2 are missable, read up on Simons Bowblade before you start and you will have no issues, the other 14 are either enemy drops or loot.

Beast Cutter- found in Hunter's Nightmare.
From the first lamp you should go up the hill to your right and roll down into the big circular area, follow the steps up from there and take your first left, roll down off this roof and you will find this weapon on a corpse just under a jutting out roof in front of you.

Boon Hammer-found in Hunter's Nightmare.
Once you have retrieved the Eye Pendant from the chapel (same room as you fought Vicar Amelia) go back outside and turn left to go through a tunnel, run through the enemies with the gattling guns and go into the house directly in front of you, the weapon is on the bottom floor.

Piercing Rifle-enemy drop in Hunter's Nightmare.
After collecting the Boon Hammer turn around and go out the door on your left, go up the steps and defeat the enemy there to collect the Firing Hammer Badge. The Messengers in the bath in the Hunters Dream will now sell you the Piercing Rifle for 20,000.

Beasthunter Saif-found in Hunter's Nightmare.
From the house where you got the Boon Hammer go out the door on your right, down and then to your left, keep going through the swamp area until you come to a ladder (there's an enemy with a gun and lots of crows), climb the ladder and roll off the ledge to your left (look down beside a pulley system), the weapon is a little ahead and to the left.

Amygdalan Arm-found in Hunter's Nightmare.
Again from the house where you got the Boon Hammer, go down into the blood swamp and turn right, run around a carriage and keep going until you drop down to see 3 items in front of you, the weapon is furthest on the right.

Gattling Gun-enemy drop in Hunter's Nightmare.
After collecting the Amygdalann Arm kill the enemy with the Gattling Gun and he will drop it.

Whirlgig Saw-found in Hunter's Nightmare, easiest reached by using Nightmare Church lamp.
You should go down the steps beside the lamp and run forward to drop back down into the blood swamp, follow this path to find the weapon on a stone jutting out of the swamp.

Holy Moonlight Sword-drop from Ludwig.
After beating Ludwig you will find his head at the bottom of the staircase beside the lamp, speak to it then hit it a couple of times and it will drop this weapon.

Fist of Gratia-Underground Corpse Pile lamp.
After beating Ludwig go up the stairs on your left into a corridor with cells on either side, this weapon is in the last cell on the right.

Church Cannon-Underground Corpse Pile lamp.
Once you have ridden the elevator up to the Research Hall return to the Underground Corpse Pile lamp and head up to where you activated the elevator. Pull the lever behind the railing, this will make the elevator go down, ride this new elevator down to find this weapon in a chest.

Loch Shield-Research Hall lamp.
You can only access this after you have turned the handle in the roof to raise the stairs. From the lamp go through the first door on your right as if you're heading for the boss but don't climb the stairs. Once you reach the room with the wheelchair bound enemies go through the door and roll down past the enemy with the stick and follow the stairs down to find this weapon.

Church Pick-Underground Corpse Pile lamp enemy drop.
Once you have raised the stairs in the Research Hall go back up to the 3rd floor and run all the way to the end to collect the Underground Cell Key in a previously inaccessible room. Head back to the Underground Corpse Pile lamp and open the last cell on the left, defeat the enemy there and he will drop this weapon.You can also use this key to open the first cell and kill its inhabitant for an armour set.

Rakuyo-enemy drop Fishing Hamlet.
Drop Down the well at the beginning of the area (there's an enemy spewing purple skulls in front of it) and attack the Giant at the bottom. When he is at about 25% health another Giant will join the fight, defeat this second Giant for the weapon to drop.

Simons Bowblade-follow Harrowed Hunter questline (or kill him).
You will first meet the Harrowed Hunter after opening the shortcut to the right of the first lamp in Hunter's Nightmare, you can either kill him to collect his weapon or finish his questline to have him give it to you. If you kill him you will find the Underground Cell Inner Chamber Key at the Lighthouse Hut lamp. If you wish to follow his quest answer Yes to his first question, meet him at the Underground Corpse Pile lamp after beating Ludwig, the Research Hall lamp after activating the boss shortcut and again at the Lighthouse Hut lamp after opening the door to the elevator leading to the Orphan of Kos. You will find him crumpled on the floor by the wall at the last location, he is quite difficult to see.

Bloodletter-Underground Corpse Pile lamp.
Once you have gotten the Underground Cell Inner Chamber Key head back to the Underground Corpse Pile. Go up to the cells and go to the downstairs cell, open it and speak to Brador, hit him once and he will die dropping this weapon. If you want to get his armour don't kill him until after you have dealt with his four invasions.

Kos Parasite-dropped by the Orphan of Kos.

Orphan of Kos
Defeat Great One: Orphan of Kos.

The Orphan of Kos is the last boss of the Old Hunters DLC pack. He can be accessed at the Lighthouse Hut lamp.
There are no League or other in game summons available for this fight.

Phase I
The first phase of this fight requires patience, if you go toe to toe with him he will finish you in seconds. Firstly you should take the fight into the water, if you fight him on land he can pin you against a wall and your circling can be restricted. Keep him at mid range, circle around him to your right and try to bait two of his attacks: he will jump high towards you, simply roll either left or right and hit when he lands, he will swing his weapon around his head twice in growing circles, roll under the second circle for a hit. If he is doing any other attack stay out of his way. You should never hit him more than once as he will retaliate immediately, hit him and backstep. It is also possible to Visceral him, when he stands still and raises his weapon above his head wait for him to raise his foot and shoot, when he screaches and runs towards you shoot him just before he reaches you. He hits very hard and very fast so be on your toes.

Phase II
At about 50% health Orphan of Kos will grow wings and attack with more ferocity. The second phase of this fight is very different from the first, you will be reacting to whatever the Orphan does rather than trying to bait him, hit when you can and always keep him locked on. Like the first phase you should keep him in the water, when he jumps back and does his ranged/projectile attack he mostly likely won't hit you as he will be too far away, if you keep him on land he is restricted as to how far he can jump back. You will however have to take a hit when he does his new electrical attack, make sure your health is full when he stands still and screaches and you will have no issues. Your best window is when he jumps high and tries to slam down on you, roll out of the way and get in a couple of hits when he lands. It is also possible to Visceral him, when he is coming towards you wait for him to raise his arm to either side and shoot. His second phase is very tough, but stick with it and you'll get there.

Ludwig, the Holy Blade
Defeat the beast that was once Ludwig, the Holy Blade.

Location-directly across from the Nightmare Church lamp.
There are three League summons available for this fight, Henriett (down the steps beside the lamp and to the left) or Valdt (behind the two crows on your way to the fight), Younger Madras twin (right where you pick up the Butcher Armour set). Valdt & the Twin can be brought in together but Henriett only flies solo.

Phase I
The first phase of this fight is quite tough. At close range Ludwig is unpredictable and relentless, dodging him is hard, spamming won't work, try to keep him at range to bait his stampede or jump attack then move in for a couple of hits. It is also possible to get under him where he won't be able to reach you but don't go behind as he kicks like a mule. Also avoid the steps at the back as it's easy to get pinned down. The quickest and easiest way to deal with Ludwig is to bring Valdt with you and let him take most of the agro.

Phase II
At about 50% health Ludwig will go up on his hind legs and produce a Moonlight Sword. He is much easier to manage in this phase, he isn't as mobile and his attacks are well flagged. Just roll in under his swings, hit his legs a coupe of times then roll away. Once you've finished him off speak to his head on the ground, hit it and he will give you his sword.

Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower
Defeat Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower.

Lady Maria can be accessed immediately after defeating The Living Failures, she can be reached via the Lumenwood Garden lamp.
There are no League or other in game summons available for this fight.

Phase I
Lady Maria is a typical Hunter enemy, for her first phase she will use her twin swords, attacking relentlessly, she will also try to stagger you with her pistol, she can also turn invisible. When you first encounter her it is easy to become overwhelmed by her speed and ferocity but she is quite easy. The key to beating her is keeping her close, she is very easy to Visceral, an attack will disrupt her attack animation so if you hit her first she won't hit back until you stop. Go to town on her and use your last drop of stamina to backstep.

Phase II
Once you get her to about 60% health she will plunge her swords into her chest and her attacks now have a much larger range, she will shoot her sword at you both horizontally and at an angle, she can also spin into the air and slamming down on you for high damage. The same approach can be taken for this second phase, stick close to her and punish her, always be aggressive, don't let her hit you with her ranged attacks.

Phase III
When she reaches about 30% she will add fire to all her attacks but don't let it change your approach. So long as you keep her close, Visceral her when you get the chance and punish her relentlessly you will have no issues.

Living Failures
Defeat the failed attempts to become Great Ones.

The Living Failures can be found in the Research Hall, once you raise the stairs by using the mechanism in the roof they can be reached by riding the elevator in the first room on the right at the Research Hall lamp then climbing the stairs to the right.
There are no League or other in game summons available for this fight.

Phase I
When you first enter the boss area, you will see an eyeless giant, kill him and another will appear until there is a maximum of four in the area.
They have 4 different attack patterns: swinging their arms left and right, slamming both fists down, shooting a large ball of magic or shooting out lots of small magic arrows.
The key to this boss fight is staying mobile and using the environment. Do not lock on, sprint around the large plant in the center and up the balcony around the edge and they will not hit you, get in a hit as you run past and you will whittle their health down in no time. The magic welders are no real threat but the melee attacks hit hard, for that reason you should never hit more than once.

Phase II
At about 50% health the Living Failures will occasionally stand still and look to the sky, this causes the sky to turn black and large magic arrows will rain down (similar to Vacuos Rom from the main game). While they are standing still you have time to get in 3-4 hits before you should run and hide behind the plant in the middle. Continue the strategy from Phase I and the fight will be over before you know it.

Laurence, the First Vicar
Defeat the beast that was once Laurence, the First Vicar.

Location-Laurence can be reached by going all the way up the steps at the Hunter's Nightmare lamp. He will not become aggressive until you return with his skull which can be found after activating the elevator up to the Research Hall.
League summons Valdt is available right outside his fog gate.

Phase I
The Laurence fight is very similar to the Cleric Beast fight from the main game, the main difference is that Laurence is on fire so don't get too close.
To beat him you should stay behind him as much as possible, roll under and around his attacks where possible.

Phase II
At about 50% health Laurence will lose his legs, he will crawl around in a lava pool spitting fire and swinging his fists at you. Lock on him and circle around, hitting when you get the chance.

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