Players: 1 - 4 Players
Online Trophies: All Can be Done Offline
Online Pass Required:
No, Only the Season Pass
Cheat Codes Effect Trophies: No Cheat Codes Available
Estimated Time to 100%: 5 - 10 Hours
Estimated Difficulty:
Minimum Playthroughs: 5, but Blood-Spattered Savior Requires More
Collectible Trophies: No, Unless You Consider Resuing Survivors
Missable Trophies: Technically, All Are Missable
Glitched Trophies: All Trophies May Glitch, but Can be Obtained by Meeting Requirements Again

[top]Tips & Strategies

Power Drain - Comes into effect when a Survivor rescue is failed. This makes everything that you can use in the map inactive until the anti-Power Up fades away.

Survivors - Starting at Round 7, they come every five rounds. Use everything in your arsenal to escort them to their evacuation point. Once rescued, everyone will be awarded with a free Weapon Upgrade to their current gun. If failed, you will get the anti-Power Up known as Power Drain.

Toxic Zones - Come every few rounds, making a specific area ..... or two ..... or three unable to use until the round ends. If caught in the gas, you must Decontaminate yourself in the Pit.

Magnetron - The new wonder weapon that cooks zombies from the inside out. It slows them down and makes their skin boil and pop.

Goliath - Comes every round starting at Round 10. They can do a great deal of damage but should be left until all other zombies are killed. Their shield also blocks a large amount of the damage. Their swinging club can debilitate you and the shoulder rockets EMP your Exo.

Exo Oozer - They are noticable by their green goo dripping from their body. When killed, they leave a pool of toxic goo that can damage you when touched.

Meatbag Zombie - These wear body armor and can take double or more of the damage than the other zombies.

Spiker Zombie - These guys are a pain in the ass. When they get close, they can throw spikes at you or shoot them from their body. When killed, they can sometimes explode all their spikes out doing massive damage.

Please use this map for reference if need be. I know sometimes written discriptions for directions can be confusing but hopefully this helps in making these things easier for you.


  1. Step #1: - Learn the Map - The way this map is set up it's like no matter where you are you are far from another area so you need to figure out which one works best for you. The Sewers are a bit confusing when you first start so definitely make a point of learning them.
  2. Step #2: Miscellaneous Trophies - Go for any trophies non round or Easter Egg related that have not been gotten yet.
  3. Step #3: Round 25 - You should have enough knowledge of the map by this point, don't focus on doing the Easter Egg with this as it will make both trophies all the more harder.
  4. Step #4: Meat is Murder - Finally, with your skills on the map tackle the Easter Egg.


Alright, Alright
Survive until round 10 in Infection.

This will come naturally over play. Please see Climbing the Corporate Ladder for a more detailed description on how to make it to higher rounds.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder
Survive until round 25 in Infection.

This map can be a pain in the ass. It has almost a handful of tricks up its sleeve that can be a pain in your ass. Just try to adapt as best as possible and follow my tips down to the tee.
  • Get at least one other person to do this with. I find it best because you always have someone as backup in case you need it.
  • Always grab the Atlas Packages. These can really save your ass when in a bad situation. The Camo drop is by far the best, allowing you to become invisible to the zombies temporarily.
  • This map is full of small, narrow passages, like the Sewers. Try avoiding this mid round at all costs. Wait until the end of the rounds to do anything.
  • Make sure you turn on every Generator in every room so you can use everything each room has to offer.
  • When it comes to guns, make sure to utilize the 3D Printer. Get either the Distraction Drone or Nano Swarm for sticky situations. I recommend using a wall weapon in conjunction with CEL-3 Cauterizer. In my opinion, it is by far the best gun in the game. Whe upgraded completely, it is very powerful and can kill a zombie with one shot even in the thirty-numbered rounds. The new weapon, the Magnetron, is one powerful weapon. It slows down the zombies and starts to boil their skin, making it easy for them to be killed with other weapons. When upgraded, this becomes a powerful weapon.
  • When using the Power Ups dropped by zombies, use them at the best points possible. For example, don't use a DNA Bomb when only a few zombies are left. Wait for more to come. If you get a Full Reload but you have full ammo, use your grenades and spray some amoo before picking it up.
  • Make sure to use the Upgrade Station. Each time you upgrade, your ammo refills, the damage your weapon does increases, and you get a new attachment or camo every few upgrades. Wait until your gun is out of ammo to upgrade in case you don't get a lot of Full Reloads. I highly recommend not upgrading your weapon more than three times at once.
  • When you go down, you slowly lose your Exo Upgrades one by one until you die. Because of this, put your least favorite upgrades last. Get them in this order: Exo Suit, Exo Health, Exo Reload, Exo Slam, Exo Soldier, then Exo Revive.
  • There will be a special round every so often as well, rewarding you with Full Reloads at the end of the round. The special round is Infected. Mutated zombies will run around and when they hit you, you will have sixty seconds to get to the Decontamination in the Pit. Step on the pad to cure yourself for 250 credits. Dogs and variants do come during rounds, but their is not a specially dedicated round to them.
  • You will fight various zombie types throughout your path to Round 30. You have your Normal Zombies. Next come the Exo Zombies you can use their Exo Suit just as you do. The other type is my least favorite, the Exo EMPs. These have a blue tint to them and when they get near you, they detonate causing your Exo Suit to go offline for a short time. The last type is Exo Exploders. When they get close to you, they explode causing a lot of damage and damaging other zombies near them. They have a neon green hue to them. Try to kill them when they are around other zombies to take out a few at once. Exo Oozers are new and when killed, drop a puddle of goo that can damage you. These can sneak up easy and when very hurt, can down you. Meatbag Zombies are covered in heavy armor and take loads more damage than normal. Finally, the Spiker Zombies shoot you will deadly spikes when close and upon death, can expode and let out all their spikes. They should be killed as soon as they appear if possible.
  • Survivors come every five rounds starting at Round 7. Make sure you're stocked with good weapons and Atlas Supply Drops. Saving the Survivor awards you with a free Weapon Upgrade. If you fail, a Power Drain will come into effect, turning off all of the Generators, 3D Printers, and wall weapons. Try to save them at all costs!
  • Toxic Zones come randomly throghout the game and makes certain areas of the map unusable. The higher you get, the more zones become toxic at once. When you get high enough, all three outdoor areas become ridden with the green gas. In order for it to clear, you must finish the round. If you don't escape the gas in time, you have to get to the Decontamination located in the Pit before time runs out and you die!
  • Goliaths can spawn in on various rounds of the game. They start spawning at Round 10 then every ten rounds after. They take a lot of damage and their abilites can knock you around good. Use traps when you can. They take a lot of damage, so try killing the regular zombies before you work on this brute.
  • This map has a lot of areas to run trains on. Burger Town, Atlas Command, and Value Voltage all have wide open areas to run around as well as great traps to use to your aid. Burger Town and Value Voltage also have Upgrade Stations in their respective buildings. The Sewers also offer two places to run trains, in the main rectangular block or in the Pit. These are risky areas to run, but it can be done.

One Man's Poison...
Use the cure station to kill 5 host zombies at once in Infection.

In order to get this trophy, you need to wait for the Infected Round. You will need to get hit by an Infected, which have green gas coming off from them and look very mutated. During their round, dogs and other zombie varients may come so you will have a slew of zombies in a group. Once you get hit by an Infected, you have a sixty second timer to head to the Decontamination in the Pit before you die. Each time you get hit after the intial infection you will lose time off your total. The best thing to do is start running a train in the Pit. It is small and enclosed so there isn't much wiggle room. Once you get a few zombies in the room, let yourself get hit and keep running a train until the timer is close to expired. Then, when it is head to the Decontamination. Sit there for a second and let the zombies swarm you. Once they do, buy it for 250 credits. You should have enough Infected in the train to kill. If you are worried about possibly getting killed before you can run over and decontaminate yourself, get the Distraction Drone from the 3D Printer. Run your train and then get hit. Throw the Distraction Drone right in the middle of the Decontamination and let them all swarm. Head over and buy it to kill the Infected. Either way you do this you will see the Infected drop like flies, netting you the trophy.

Indirect Fire
Kill 100 zombies with traps in Infection.

This trophy is pretty easy and just revolved around spending 500 credits each time to use the trap of your choice. Also, you must turn on the Generator in each area in order to use the area's trap. After using the trap, it must be given a grace period to recharge. Right off the bat, the Ambulance at Value Voltage and Camo in the Sewers DO NOT count for this. They simply distract the zombies, you killing them while the trap is activated does not count towards the total. Now we can break down each area and their respective traps. In Burger Town, located on the roof, is the Orbital Strike. This rains down missles with a large blast radius than can decimate any zombies in the proximity of the red markers. It is best to run a train and then to call it in. The Alligator in the Sewers in a fun little trap as well. When bought, a very large alligator roams the small rectangular sewage path and jumps into the air, swalling the unfortunate undead. I don't recommend this trap, however, as it doesn't kill as many zombies as the other ones available. Next, we have the Sniper Overwatch located in Atlas Command. At four different positions, snipers with laser sights aim down their scopes on the zombies. This can be very helpful but at times it seems like the snipers can take a bit to line up their shots. Finally, we have the Electric Floor located in Hoard More. It electrifies the water on the floor. It can take a while to kill the zombies, but when sitting up on the storage shelves it can really soften them up. Simply use any combination of the traps I have described, or just the trap of your choosing, and you earn yourself a nice easy bronze trophy.

Burgertown Escort Service
Rescue 1 survivor in Infection.

The very first Survivor you can save will come during Round 7. Even with your low level weapons, it shouldn't be too hard to rescue him. He will either be hiding in Value Voltage or Atlast Command. He will then head to the top of the storage in Hoard More for extraction. Use the traps in the areas to help you out. Please see Adbandon All Hope for a more detailed description of rescuing Survivors.

Abandon All Hope
Rescue 4 survivors in a single game of Infection.

I will come right out and say it, this is a difficult thing to do. You will need a coordinated group of players in order to get this done. Survivors have become trapped in certain areas of the map. Your goal is to grab them and escort them to the red extraction flare. Doing so will give you a free Weapon Upgrade. During the escort, if the Survivor gets hit or surrounded by zombies they will stop moving. If they get hit too much, they will die. An anti-Power Up known as Power Drain will come into effect for the next few minutes. LAfterword, alliterally not a single thing on the map can be used. Wall weapons, Upgrade Stations, 3D Printers, Traps, etc. will all be offline. Once it goes away, every Generator will need to be turned on. The earliest this can be gained is by Round 22. The other three come at Round 7, Round 12, and Round 17. I will try my best to break this down by what loadouts to use, how to attack each Survivor, and the pick up areas. If you can, go at this with three or four people, it makes a world of difference. Finally, when rescuing a Survivor, have one person sit back and run a train. This person should not kill any zombies that way it lessons the load on those aiding the helpless civilian.


First off, everyone should have Exo Health, Exo Reload, and Exo Slam. Slam comes in hand because in a sticky situation, this can save you by knocking the zombies back and giving you a few seconds. Next, half the group should have the Distraction Drone to lure away zombies en route to the extraction. The other half need to have the Nano Swarm. This comes in handy at the flare when the Survivor is at a standstill. You can throw this right at them to give them a "sphere of protection." Contact Grenades are also a very good option. These can almost instantly clear the immediate area of the Survivor. When Atlas Drops show up, drones are good to keep for the escort. Camo is also helpful but this will cause all the zombies to go for the Survivor. Turrets should be saved for the flare since you will be at a standstill. Finally, the best weapons to have are the CEl-3 Cauterizer, S12, Magnetron, and LMGs. These do a bunch of damage and can clear out a group of zombies quick. Upgrading them as fast as you can will also prove to be a load of help.

Extraction Zones

While at Burger Town, one of the players needs to run a slow train around the bottom of the store. The other players need to stand on the roof and guard the Survivor. Every now and then, a player needs to hit the Orbital Striketo clear out some undead bastards.
At Atlas Command, the Survivor runs to a corner of the area. When heading to the spot, a player needs to activate the Sniper Overwatch. At the corner where the Survivor is, zombies can only come from straight ahead or from the left. One player (two if four are in the game) needs to cover the doorway on the left. The other two players cover the area that is straight ahead.
Hoard More is the trickiest of them all. Since it is a small area, zombies come from here, Value Voltage and Atlas Command. Get with the Survivor on the top shelf to give him 360 degree cover. Activate the Sniper Overwatch in Atlas Command to get the stragglers coming from that location. In Value Voltage, activate the Ambulance to lure away zombies coming from that location and a few in Hoard More. Finally, in Hoard More, turn on the Electric Floor. This will soften up any zombies that get by and possibly kill a few on the way.
Finally, at Value Voltage activate the Ambulance at all costs. Also, turning on the Electric Floor will soften up any zombies that come through that way. While all the zombies are distracted, start mowing them down.


Use my recommendations for traps and weapons to use. Here, I will just give a rough outline of each round. It won't be too in depth since I have explained a lot already.
Round 7: Save your special grenades and Atlas Drops unless you really need them. Using them now, especially the Drops, is mostly unneeded. Drops should be saved for later rounds. If you need to use your specials in a bad situation, do so since you get one each round. Traps should quickly dispatch zombies coming around.
Round 12: Again, save you Atlas Drops. It is almost not worth wasting them on this round. Your team will want to start to form a triangle shape, or diamond, around the Survivor. Distraction Drones are great to start using now. When getting close to a trap, one team member needs to run off very quickly to get the trap activated and prepared for when the Survivor reaches the area.
Round 17: Atlas Drops will start being key now. Getting someone to run a train in an area may begin to be beneficial here since it will lessen the amount of zombies coming to kill your cargo. Traps will save your ass as well. If you happen to run past the Camo in the Sewers, use it as well.
Round 22: This is the same as Round 17 but you need to bring your A-game on this one. Use all the traps and special grenades. Unload all your Atlas Drops and give them hell. Their is not much to say other than coordination is key.

Blood-Spattered Savior
Rescue a total of 20 survivors in Infection.

If you rescue the first first Survivor every game, which you will most likely will, this will take maximum twenty matches to obtain. Just keep playing and this will eventually come. Please see Abandon All Hope for a more detailed description of how to rescue Survivors and the path to do so.

Love Tap
Kill a Goliath with a melee attack in Infection.

This trophy is a real pain. The Goliath started coming every ten rounds starting at Round 10. The Goliath comes jammed packed witha bunch of weapons to make your time in the game a living hell. His shoulder rockets will have an EMP effect on you, bringing your Exo offline. He can also ram you with his riot shield or swing at you will his club. First off, always save this guy for last that way you have no other zombies getting in your way. The Goliath can take loads of damage so laying into him a bit will not cause you too much of a pain. Make sure you buy Exo Health to give you a better shot and Exo Revive so you can either have a self revive or your partner can revive you quickly. There are a few methods you could use to do this. First, you could head to Burger Town and constant jump on and off the roof, luring the Goliath into the path. When he jumps up or jumps down, he will be wide open for a few seconds. This could let you get in a few punches if you are lucky. The other method you could use does not matter where you are. Simply get close to him so he initiates an attack. You can usually get in a punch or two while he charges up his attack then another punch or two after you back off, letting him follow through and miss. Also, make not that hitting his shield does no damage to him. This will take a bit of grinding due to his vast amount of health so just keep meleeing him until he dies. After the Goliath is killed, you will be rewarded with a Full Reload.

Cook 50 zombies with the Magnetron in Infection.

The Magnetron is a cool new gun that was added to the map, and is obtained for 1,000 credits from the 3D Printer. For some reason, it seems that myself and other have had trouble getting this gun on the PS4. While on the PS3, it seems as people and myself get it with ease. Regardless, when you get this weapon I highly suggest heading to Burger Town and run a train around the fast food joint. It you happen to run out of ammo, you have the Upgrade Station right there is you need. When used, the zombies will start to slow down. Then, they will start to biold until the pop like a piece of popcorn. When upgraded, this gun is very useful and kills zombies instantly at points. Keep this in mind when rescuing Survivors. Just keep killing with it until the trophy pops, I swear I killed loads moer than fifty but eventually it will unlock.

Activate Bubby.

Compared to the other maps, this isn't really a storyline Easter Egg. It's more or less just a normal, fun Easter Egg that is just there to be there. It is pretty cool, however, because Bubby and Burger Town return from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This time, Bubby has a bit of a surprise for you.

Step #1: The Golden Skillet - First, you will need to obtain your Exo Suit from the Sewers. Next, you need to head back over to the starting area, Hoard More. Then, use the Exo's double jump ability to grab the Golden Skillet that is hanging by one of the pipes on the ceiling.

Step #2: Finding the Pipes - This step is a pain sometimes. You will need to go into the Sewers and find four randomly placed Pipes. These Pipes have a wheel on them and can be found anywhere in the Sewers. You will notice that normal Pipes do not have the wheel to turn. Look anywhere in the Sewers. Sometimes they are all very close to each other while at other times they are all separated and well hidden. Make sure you look all ovre, as you may need to jump or double jump to reach some. Once all four are turned, a secret door behind the waterfall is now open.

Step #3: Zombie Sacrifice - You need to put the Golden Skillet on the pedastool in the now opened room. It will then go into the ground. You will need to spend the next few rounds killing zombies within the circular area to get their blood. It is best to do this as early as possible as it could get very hard in later rounds. Buy the Exo Health upgrade if need be. Also, the Nano Swarm and Distraction Drone are very good to use here. Once you have killed enough zombies, the pedastool will rise. Grab it and take it to Burger Town and place it on any stove in the area.

Step #4: Making a Burger - Next, you need to get four pieces of meat scattered around the map. The good thing is all four spawn at the same time, but you can only hold one at a time. The bad thing is that they randomly spawn across the map, one in each major area: Sewers, Value Voltage, Atlas Command, and Burger Town. I cannot give you specific locations because each piece can literally be in anywhere within the respective location so you just need to do A LOT of searching. The meat looks like a hunk of gray, rotten flesh with flies buzzing around. After you grab a piece, place it in the Golden Skillet. Now you need to somehow obtain the Magnetron from the 3D Printer for 1,000 credits. Once you have the Magnetron, shoot the meat to cook it. Once it is cooked, you will hear a ding which means it is done. By now you have noticed that some of the zombies have Burger Town uniforms on. One of them will be carrying a Burger Bun. Simply keep killing zombies and eventually one will drop and will automatically get picked up when walked over. Take it over the skillet, placeit on then grab the Burger. The Burger is infected, however, and must be Decontaminated in the Pit for 250 credits. Afterward, take the Burger over to Bubby on the right side of the restaurant.

Step #5: Powering Bubby - Head over to Atlas Command and press on the picture of Bubby, then quickly run over to the Generator in the area. In the wall opposite of it is the Battery. You must do this quick or you will have to go back to the picture again. Then, take the Battery over to Value Voltage and place it at one of the Gas Pumps. As the Battery is getting filled, defend it from any zombies that come to it. If a zombie knocks it off, or you acidentally shoot it off, you must place it back in the spot to continue charging. Once it is finish, the pump lights will turn on and you can take it over to Bubby to get your White Key.

Step #6: Your Mechanical Hero - Located on the roof of Burger Town is, who would have guessed, a Burger Statue. There is a ladder leading up to a now open hatch. A screen within the burger will not let you use it. You need to go down into the Sewers and but the Alligator trap for 500 credits. When it is visible, you need to shoot at it so it explodes. The Contact Grenade and Mayhem are really good to use hear. When it is finally killed, walk over where you killed it and you will retrieve the Hoard More Manager's arm. You need to take this to the scanner in Hoard More. When heading up the steps, in the room before the 3D Printer, you will notice a hand scanner to the left of the doorway. Use it to reveal a Datapad. Place the Datapad back in the Burger Statue. After it kicks you out it will eventually shoot out like a rocket. You can now head back in and grab a whole new Datapad. Take it over to Bubby to complete the Easter Egg!

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