Players: 1 - 4 Players, Minimum 2 Required
Online Trophies: All Can be Done Offline Split-screen
Online Pass Required: No, Only the Season Pass
Cheat Codes Effect Trophies: No Cheat Codes Available
Estimated Time to 100%: Minimum 5 Hours, Depending on Skill
Estimated Difficulty: 5 or 6/10, Depending on Skill and Luck
Minimum Playthroughs: 1, but Multiple Will be Needed
Collectible Trophies: No, Unless You Could Hoarding Cash and Gaining Kills
Missable Trophies: All Will Come Naturally Over Play Except Game Over, Man!
Glitched Trophies: Possibly Survivor


We all know Atlas are a bunch of stinking [email protected], right? Well they have been up to something more dangerous than we ever knew. A new take on Treyarch's popular Zombies mode. The objective is the same: survive. Use the all new futuristic devices at your disposal to fend off against new versions of undead swarms. Play as four all new characters and their video game celebrity look a-likes. Do you have what it takes to survive this new onslaught?

[top]Tips & Strategies

Generators - One is located in five of the main rooms of the map, excluding the Administrative Area. Turning them on allows you to use things located in the room and awards the person who activates it with points.

Exo Suit - Located in the Exo Room, the suit works just like Singeplayer and Multiplayer. It allows you to move faster, jump higher, punch harder, etc. It is essential for your survival.

Exo Health - Acts like Juggernog, doubling your health.

Exo Revive - Same as Quick Revive, allows you to revive other players faster. When playing solo, it will revive you.

Exo Reload - Equivalent to Speed Cola. It reloads your weapons faster.

Exo Slam - By double jumping with , you can them aim your screen with then press when you are facing where you want to slam. This can kill zombies but most likely will knock them down or push them back.

Exo Soldier - Allows you to reload while sprinting, aim down the sights faster, and have better hip fire accuracy.

3D Printer - Sledgehammer's version of the Mystery Box. For 1,000 credits you get a random weapon. This time, you can see what weapons are cycling through and try to get the ones you want. Near each Printer is a map showing where the Printer moves after it malfunctions, it is represented by a red box with a question mark.

Decontamination - During Infected Rounds, if you get hit by an Infected you must go here, which is a blue pad in the Administrative Area. Pay 250 credits to cure yourself and kill any nearby Infected.

Upgrade Station - Located in the Holding Room and Administration Area, in the first room on the right when coming from the HUB. It acts like Pack-A-Punch. For 2,500 credits, you can upgrade your weapon from a measly Mark I to versions Mark II through Mark XX. Each upgrade increases its power and every few upgrades you get a new attachment or weapon skin. If upgrading a wall weapon, the more you upgrade eventually the ammo gets pricier.

Trash Chute - Located around the map for quick escapes. Starting at 250 credits, the price increases the more you use it.

Power Ups - Power Surge activates all 3D Printers and only costs 10 credits to use. Full Reload reloads all of your weapons. DNA bomb wipes out all zombies currently in the map and awards 400 credits. Hyper Damage allows for one shot, knife, or one bullet kills. Security activates security systems around the map without any cost to purchase. Multiplier doubles all points earned.

Atlas Supply Drop - Every now and then Atlas sends in supplies. They can range from turrets, to Zombie Blood, points, and Assault Drones. Pick them up whenever you can. You can hold four at once. Cycle through them with or and press to activate them. Save them for when you really need them, it can be a life saver.

Zombies - The standard enemy type of the map.

Exo Zombies - Equipped with the Exo Suit, they can use it like you can. Other than the standard version. The Exo Zombie has to variants listed below.

Exo EMPs - Surrounded by blue electricity, when close enough they will detonate, disabling your Exo Suit and attachments for a short time.

Exo Exploders - They have a neon green look to them and explode when close, causing massive damage. Use this to your advantage and kill them when they are around a group of other zombies.

Infected - These are special round zombies that look mutated and have green gas coming off them. When hit by one, you become infected and have sixty seconds to reach Decontamination to cure yourself. At the end of the round you get a Full Reload.

Dogs - During special rounds, dogs come and have the exact variants as the Exo Zombies: normal, EMP, and Exploder. At the end of the round you get a Full Reload.

Special Rounds - Dogs or Infected come every few rounds and will be announced by the speaker system. Dogs will say something like "kennels have been opened" or for Infected "a break in the genetic testing area." The end of these rounds offer a Full Reload. As you progress in the game, other zombie types will come in Infected rounds.

Bleeding Out- When you go down, you have thirty seconds to be revived before you die. You will not lose your Exo Suit or Exo Upgrades, however. You slowly lose them one by one, starting with the one at the top of the column on the right side of your screen. The longer you bleed out, the more you lose. Make sure to put your best upgrades towards the bottom, meaning buy them first. If you die, you can go back to where you died to pick up the gun your were using right before you went down.

This map is good reference to locations of objects in the map. The bottom most area where you start is the Courtyard. Going up from there, to the left if the HUB, followed by Holding. Going up from the start, to the right is the Administrative Area which leads to the Morgue. Finally, at the top in the center is the Exo Room. If you have trouble with my directions in the guide, please refer to this picture.


  1. Step #1: Learn the Map - Spend this time getting situated and familiar with the workings of the game mode and map. If you happen to get any trophies along the way who can complain!
  2. Step #2: Misc. Trophies - Focus on becoming strategic in the ways you play now. Don't worry about going for high rounds, rather find ways that will work good to get their. Focus on any non round Easter Egg based trophies.
  3. Step #3: Round 25 - Using what you've learned fight the undead until you get to this round, or past it if need be. You can try the Easter Egg in conjunction if you feel up to it.
  4. Step #4: A Whole New World - With its own unique story in place, figure out what happened to cause the zombie outbreak within Atlas with this first step in a new story.


I'm Alive!
Survive until Round 10.

This trophy will come naturally over the course of play and going for other trophies. It isn't to hard to reach Round 10 and if your good enough, you won't need your Exo Suit or Exo Upgrades to do this. Refer to Survivor for more detailed tips on the map and how to reach higher waves.

Survive until Round 25.

This can actually be quite the challenge. It is a lot harder to get to Round 25 but I will outline the best things to do in order to get to this round.
  • Get at least one other person to do this with. I find it best because you always have someone as backup in case you need it.
  • Always grab the Atlas Packages. These can really save your ass when in a bad situation. The Camo drop is by far the best, allowing you to become invisible to the zombies temporarily.
  • Make sure you turn on every Generator in every room so you can use everything each room has to offer.
  • When it comes to guns, make sure to utilize the 3D Printer. Get either the Distraction Drone or Nano Swarm for sticky situations. I recommend using a wall weapon in conjunction with CEL-3 Cauterizer. In my opinion, it is by far the best gun in the game. Whe upgraded completely, it is very powerful and can kill a zombie with one shot even in the thiry-numbered rounds.
  • When using the Power Ups dropped by zombies, use them at the best points possible. For example, don't use a DNA Bomb when only a few zombies are left. Wait for more to come. If you get a Full Reload but you have full ammo, use your grenades and spray some amoo before picking it up.
  • Make sure to use the Upgrade Station. Each time you upgrade, your ammo refills, the damage your weapon does increases, and you get a new attachment or camo every few upgrades. Wait until your gun is out of ammo to upgrade in case you don't get a lot of Full Reloads. I highly recommend not upgrading your weapon more than three times at once.
  • When you go down, you slowly lose your Exo Upgrades one by one until you die. Because of this, put your least favorite upgrades last. Get them in this order: Exo Suit, Exo Health, Exo Reload, Exo Slam, Exo Soldier, then Exo Revive.
  • There will be special rounds every so often as well, both rewarding you with Full Reloads at the end of the round. One special round is Dogs, with normal, EMP, and explosive varients. The other round is Infected. Mutated zombies will run around and when they hit you, you will have sixty seconds to get to the Decontamination in the Administrative Area. Step on the pad to cure yourself for 250 credits.
  • You will fight various zombie types throughout your path to Round 25. You have your Normal Zombies. Next come the Exo Zombies you can use their Exo Suit just as you do. The other type is my least favorite, the Exo EMPs. These have a blue tint to them and when they get near you, they detonate causing your Exo Suit to go offline for a short time. The last type is Exo Exploders. When they get close to you, they explode causing a lot of damage and damaging other zombies near them. They have a neon green hue to them. Try to kill them when they are around other zombies to take out a few at once.
  • Finally, the last thing I will cover is how to run the map. The two best places to run trains are in the HUB and Exo Room. These offer the best routes because of the room shapes (circular and square respectively). They have have quick escapes if you need to jump to get away from the undead hoarde. Also, just fast walk around the areas as well. Try to keep your speed for when you get overrun or if your Exo Suit gets taken offline for a short time. In later rounds, if with a group of three or four, the Administrative Area offers an awesome spot to funnel in the zombies. To use this strategy, you cannot open the door near Exo Revive, opening that door will not let you use this method. In this room, you have the MP11 and Upgrade Station. This allows you to easily and quickly upgrade your gun and buy an endless supply of ammo for your MP11. There are also two windows on the ground floor and zombies can also come from the ledge above the left window. If one person covers the right window and the rest cover the left window, ledge, and doorway there should be more than enough firepower to hold the zombies off. If you need to, open the door to the Courtyard as a last resort.

Upgrade 2 weapons to level 20.

To start off, while going for Survivor you will undoubtedly get this so you more than likely won't have to go out of your way to get this. Similar to Treyarch's zombies, Sledgehammer added their own upgrade station. This time, you can upgrade you gun through twenty levels instead of a one time deal. Each upgrade gives your weapon more damage and every few upgrades will give your weapon a new attachment or camo. Each upgrade, going from Mark 2 to Mark 20 costs you 2,500 credits. Doing the math, your are upgrading nineteen times twice, totaling 95,000 credits. This will take a long time to pile up so follow the tips outline in the trophy listed to make it to higher rounds and farm points. The Upgrade Station is located in the Holding Room, which is through the north door of the HUB. In the Holding Room, it is the first room on the right. The station looks a a bulky gun outline on the wall but with no gun.

Have 15000 credits in the bank.

For this trophy, you will need to be holding 15,000 credits at once during the game. Depending on the type of player you are you can go about this a few different ways. If you are very experience and can hold off getting all your goodies for a while, there is a risky option. Stay in the start area and by one of the two weapons off the wall for 500 credits. Then, just run around the spawn area using your weak weapon as the rounds increase. The zombies will get stronger meaning your gun will do next to no damage as the round increase. This will rack up points very easily and kind of quickly. Alternatively, you can get yourself situated with what you feel comfortable with. Then, keep a wall weapon that you want to rack up points. Have a good weapon to keep as back up. With the wall weapon, either don't upgrade it or upgrade it only a few times that way it will raack up points. I suggest using the AMR9 and run around the HUB. Soon enough, you will have your points. You will get this while going for Survivor, also when going for 20/20, don't spend your points as soon as you can to upgrade. Instead, hoarde the points until you get the trophy.

Acquire the exo suit without spending any money.

This trophy is a lot easier than you man think. You will need at least one other player to do this. You will need to make it to the Exo Room, activate the Generator, and equip the Exo Suit without spending a single point. This includes not going down either, since going into last stand takes points away from your total. I got this while playing in a full game with randoms. They will want the Exo Suit bad, it is the only way to survive the map so they will do anything to get to the Exo Room. Even if it means them needing to spend their own points. Whether you go left or right from the Courtyard, the quickest way to get to the Exo Room is three doors. The first being 750 credits, the second is 1,000 credits, and the final door being 1,250 credits. You can get to the Exo Room by Round 3 so you should have no problem getting there without dying. If playing with a group or friends, coordinate between them to see who will open which door. Also, the person going for the trophy should not kill zombies, let the people opening the door get the points. Make sure they are shooting them a few times in the legs then knifing them for the kill to get maximum points.

Burgle Burgle Burgle
Steal 10 kills from a teammate.

There is one way and one way only to get this trophy, using the 3D Printers located in all the main rooms by activating the Generators. Someone you are playing with will need to get the Distraction Drone from the Printer. It looks like a miniature ariel vehicle and is pretty bulky. It is obvious when it appear because it doesn't look like a gun. When a teammate throws the Drone, it sounds a siren and flashes red. It draws zombies close to it then it explodes, either damaging or killing them. What you need to do is kill zombies when a teammate has thrown their Drone. I personally recommend waiting until the zombies are standing underneath the drone that way you know for sure they are considered distracted. Simply kill ten in one game while they are distracted and the trophy is yours. This can be done across multiple Drones in a game.

NOTE: People have claimed to have gotten this trophy when a teammate has thrown Nano Swarm, which is gotten from the 3D Printer. The Swarm does not distract zombies, but rather slows their movement and damages them. From my experience, kills gotten on zombies in the vicinity of the Swarm do not count.

Game Over, Man!
Call in a rescue.

Of course Sledgehammer had to include a side story to zombies, right? This time we find our four new heroes of the Atlas Corporation struggling to escape their Atlas headquarters and call in an escape helicopter. I recommend going for this trophy last, giving you enough time to learn how to play this map and almost know the layout by heart. You can do this all solo, but by doing this solo you will have to do every single part one at a time (like the cards) where as playing with multiple people decreases your workload. Do your usualy steps first, turning on Generators, getting the Exo Suit, and buying the Exo Upgrades.

Step #1: While you the Courtyard, look at the bus head on at the front. To the back left you can see some headlights from anothre bus/car. Behind it is a black box, grab it with . Head into the Morgue. Near the stairs in the back of the room on the first floor, to the right are some computers. Press again to place it.

Step #2: Next, you need to aquire the key cards of the four playable characters. If playing solo, you can grab all of the keycards no problem. When you play with others, however, you and each other player must grab their own character's keycard. If the party isn't full and a character isn't present, anyone can grab that character's keycard. For Lilith, you need to get the EM1 laser gun from the 3D Printer. Once you have it, buy the Printer again and while it is making the gun, shoot it with the EM1 and Lilith's keycard will appear. Kahn's card is rather trickey. During an Infected Round, you must get hit and become infected. Then, in the Administrative Area, there are three green easy to find buttons on the walls of the first floor and one on the ledge above the window. After pressing on each, go to the window near Exo Revive and Kahn's card will be there. If playing with multiple people, everyone must hit at least one button. Next up is Oz's card, located in the room leading to the Exo Health in Holding. There will be three elevators. On the elevator farthest from the wall, go prone and shoot the level in the middle until it disappears. Then, using Exo Slam, keep slamming the middle elevator's roof. Eventually, the elevator will drop, the other will raise, and the keycard will appear. If playing with multiple people everyone must slam on the roof of the elevator. Finally, we have Decker. In solo, you need to buy the Trash Chute, then step back. Then, buy it again and go down it. This will take you into the Incinerator. Basically, walls will cave in on you and eventually force you out. You need to shoot the ground until his keycard appears. When playing with multiple people, each player much use a trash cute at the same time.

Step #3: After taking your keycards back to the original computer, you will be told your access level isn't high enough. You need to get each keycard to level forty-nine. To do this, keep killing zombies and pick up the keycards they drop. On the bottom left of your screen, on the top right of the ID card, their will be a counter for you. Each player does their respective character. The characters present in game only need to be done. So, if your are playing solo, you would only have to do your character's key card. After filling a card, take it back to the computer and press to hand in that card and to get a new one if needed.

Step #4: Now you need to log in for the day, meaing to find the respective character's hand scanner. Each player must do their own hand scan. Each character's scanner is located near their card. The only weird thing is Decker's is near a Trash Chute, and Lilith's will be near a 3D Printer. Kahn's and Oz's are around their keycard's area. I will provide a more detailed description once I run through the Easter Egg again. After doing this, you now have access level fifty. Head back to the computer, press and become authorized.

Step #5:
Head back to the Exo Room and go to the machine where you grab your Exo Suits. Press on one until you hear about an helicopter coming. If you have a full group, each person can go to an Exo Suit and press . If you have less than four, you have to find the combo that works. Head back to the Courtyard and watch your hope crash down before your eyes.

Come On And ...
Slam 10 zombies at once.

First of all, in order to even attempt this challenge you must obtain the Exo Suit from the Exo Room. After you do that, get the upgrades and weapons you desire, because it is best to do this when zombies start swarming frequently that way you will have plenty more than ten coming at once. Next, you will need to purchase Exo Slam for 2,000 credits. With this ability, double jump by double tapping . Then, you can use to point in the specific area/direction you want to slam. Finally, press to speed towardss the ground and slam, pushing away and knocking over zombies. You don't have to kill then, them simply being effected by the slam will do. I suggest running a train in circles around the HUB since it is a circular room. For those who do not know what a train is, it is when you run around allowing the zombies to group together that way you can shoot at a large group. Wait until close to Round 10, that way enough zombies will be in and you have the necessary upgrades and weapons you feel comfortable with. Then, train the zombies. When you have more than enough, double jump, look at the group, then slam down onto them.

PC Load Letter
Use the 3D printer 15 times in a single match.

The 3D Printer acts as Sledgehammer's version of the Mystery Box. For 1,000 credits, it will give you a random gun or special grenade. The trick is with this machine, you can see what weapon or special is cycling through, giving you the opportunity to try and get the exact thing you want. There is one printer located in all five major rooms on the map (refer to the map in the Tips & Strategies). After about four or five uses, the Printer will malfunction and move to a different location. The next location can be found on the maps near the Printers, represented by a red box with a question mark inside. Remember, you must active the Generator in each room in order to access the Printer. Save up 15,000 credits in order to get all your uses. Also, if the Power Surge drop is activated, this will could towards the fifteen even though the price to use the Pronter is low. Finally, don't feel obliged to take the weapon, simply buying the cost to use it will suffice.

Do you even Exo?
Exo Melee kill 10 zombies in 30 seconds.

First of all, you will need to obtain the Exo Suit from the Exo Room. The only credits you will need to spend are opening doors to obtain the free suit. Next, you should buy Exo Health from the room heading north from the HUB (the circular room near the start of the game). While you don't need to buy the health upgrade, I would highly recommend it because by not using it, odds are you will have a very tough time even attemping this. You can stock yourself with any other perks or weapons you would like, it won't matter. Next, the remainder of this is mostly based on luck. I recommend running circles around the HUB. You have the escape to the starting area if need be. You will be waiting and killing zombies until the power-up Hyper Damage drops off a dead zombie. It is represented by a green skull and allows one shot or one punch kills. When this drops, pick it up and start smashing . One kill every three seconds seems daunting, but realistically it is more than enough time. I got my kills in about fifteen seconds no problem. Also, remember to turn on the Generator in order to use the machines!

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