Players: 1 - 4 Players
Online Trophies: All an be done offline split-screen
Online Pass Required: No, only the Season Pass
Cheat Codes Effect Trophies: No cheat codes available
Estimated Time to 100%: Minimum 5 hours, depending on skill
Estimated Difficulty: 8/10, depending on skill and luck
Minimum Playthroughs: 1, but multiple will be needed
Collectible Trophies: No, unless you count hoarding cash and gaining kills
Missable Trophies: Technically all can be missed
Glitched Trophies: None


It has all come down to this. After escaping Atlas' ship, our heroes find themselves stranded at The Trident Retreat, Atlas' secret underwater facility. Here, the final showdown with Oz takes place. Use your new weapons and take on Oz for the climatic ending to the Advanced Warfare Zombies story arc. Do you have what it takes to take down your old friend? finish this thing once and for all ..... or is this just the beginning?

[top]Tips & Strategies

Trident - Available from the 3D Printer, it is a single shot that bounces of walls and zombies allowing it to take out multiple zombies at once.

Blunderbuss - A single shot shotgun that does massive and can take out multiple enemies at once. Perfect for running trains and taking out a large group or doing massive damage to Oz.

Goliath - A new Atlas Drop that gives you the full arsenal of abilities. This is great to use in later rounds as it easily takes out zombies.

Oz Fight - Two fights occur at the ends of Rounds 12 and 19. Make sure you're equipped with good weapons and upgrades for these fights.

Double Feature - A new bonus mode that is basically hardcore zombies with new features to make your time in game all the more harder.

When looking through the guide, please use this picture as a reference for locations.


  1. Step 1: Learn the Map - Take a few games to really learn the map. It's a lot different from past maps with not many good spots to camp so try to find one that works or a good route to run.
  2. Step 2: Miscellaneous Trophies - Now that you have familiarity with the map begin going for the random trophies, especially the ones linked to Oz to make things easier for later.
  3. Step 3: Easter Egg - After clearing out some trophies and watching videos, start spending A LOT of time attempting the Easter Egg,
  4. Step 4: Double Feature - Now that you are skilled on this map, attempt the hardcore mode.


Smooth Operator
Defeat Oz in Descent.

This trophy is not obtainable until the end of Round 12. Oz will then speak to you and teleport you to a room for the first battle. Up to this point, you should have gotten enough points from slaying the undead to start bolstering your arsenal for battle. This part can be challenging for some, since you do not get points and ammo can be a pain to get. I recommend at the least having Exo Health, Distraction Drones/Nano Swarms, and a strong weapon (Blunderbuss, Trident, or Ohm). These will can help make your time in the area a bit easier and save you in the long run. During the battle, you will notice four little rooms blocked by a glass door. Oz will be hiding in one of the rooms and switch from room to room. Once a room opens, you need to shoot Oz until the room explodes, causing him to move onto another room. During this time, however, Oz will throw some curveballs at you in order to take you down. After his distractions end, he will become vunerable for attack. After destroying him a total of four times, you will be awarded a Max Ammo and numerous Credit Drops before being teleported back to the main map. The next portion I will describe what exactly is in the area and what Oz can do. Note that all of these occurences and happen at once, solo, in pairs, etc.

Weapons, Ammo, and Points: During this "round" you will not gain any points from killing zombies. Any ammo must be gained from picking up the Ammo Drops, or if you have enough money, using the Upgrade Station to get ammo and make your weapon more powerful. Another option is using the 3D Printer. Ammo Drops will resupply all of your weapon ammo, but only a single primary and secondary grenade.

Zombies: All variants can come during this time, except for dogs. They have normal health based on the round and do not stop coming. The only time they do stop is when Oz reveals himself. It is best to try to kill them all as quick as possible. When Oz shows himself, do not worry about killing zombies, just unload on Oz. If zombies happen to attack you when doing this, kill them then. It is more important to attack Oz during the short window of opportunity.

Electric Floor: You will start to see the floor sparking. This is your clue to jump on the pillars or on the walkways. Not only will this damage you but it can EMP your Exo Suit for a short period.

Electric Grid: You will notice this on the halfway point heading up to the ceiling. When yellow, the lines are fine. If they turn red, they can knock out your Exo for a short time. This means you cannot use the pillars or walkways for escape. On top of this, you are unable to double jump away from zombies.

Sentries: These can appear in little rooms on the ground floor or high up on the walls. They don't do a lot of damage but can slow you down. In tandem with zombies, you can get downed very easily. It is best to destroy these as soon as they appear. Follow the red laser to see where exactly the sentry is located. They are weak and can be destroyed very easily.

Infectious Gas: This obsticle only occurs around the pillars. This means no using them for escape. Simply run the outer loop of the room or stay in the middle. If you get his, just run over to the Decontamination in the middle of the room. You can see they gas, as it looks like a layer of smog.

How the Mighty have Fallen!
Defeat Oz... again in Descent.

The finale boss fight with Oz happens at the end of Round 19. Oz will teleport you back to the room to take you on once and for all. He is equipped with a shield that covers his health until you can temporarily disable the shield. You do this by activating the four Generators located in the room. Once all foor are activated, head over to the Decontamination, luring Oz over as well. When he gets close, use it to lower his shield. This will stun him and make him available for attack. You will notice his health bar start to dwindle the more he gets damages. Oz is equipped with EMP rockets that disable your Exo Suit and you can be damaged when he hits you. This causes you to become infected and in need of decontamination. You can usually hold off on this until you have everything ready in order to attack him. Along the way he also brings zombies to help take you and your partners down. However, they do not spawn infinitely. You can kill all of the zombies off before you attack. Once all are killed, safely attack him. Once the sequence is over, he will summon more zombies to help. No matter what just keep repeating this process until he finally dies. When he reaches half health, infectious gas will form around the pillars of the map (along with them being destroyed when he teleports and spawns back in). Simply stay to the outer rim activating the generators or in the middle of the map. Once he is finally dead, you will be awarded with a Max Ammo and Credit Drops. Now comes the big question: what loadouts do you need in order to succeed? Realistically, by Round 19 you should have loads of points saved up in order to arm yourself. You and others if playing co-op should all buy Exo Health, Exo Reload, and Exo Stockpile at the least. If playing co-op, also buy Exo Revive. The other upgrades are okay to pass up but if your prefer to buy then you can. As per Atlas Drops, try to save all you can for this fight. They can make a huge difference in tight situations. If playing co-op, one person should grab the Goliath right before teleporting. This allows other team members to activate generators while you wait to attack Oz. The Goliath along with other other players' weapons can deal loads of damage at once. When it comes to weapons, every player should buy the Contact Grenades in case they get cornered, while special grenades should be either the Nano Swarm or Distraction Drone. The latter is highly preferred, although both can help a lot. In terms of weapons, no matter which you use, try upgrading as much as you can. Once a weapon reaches Mark 5 it will do substantial to Oz compared to lower levels. However, over my course of play the best guns to use are the Trident, CEL-3 Cauterizer, and the Ohm Shotgun. When upgraded to at least Mark 5 they can take up to a quarter of Oz's health. Usually, these guns can kill Oz in five or six go arounds maximum. If playing with others, the more players with these guns, Oz can be killed even quicker. None of these guns hail comparison to the Blunderbuss. When upgraded to at least Mark 5, a headshot to Oz will take away exactly one fourth of his health, meaning only four go arounds to defeat Oz. The higher level the gun is, the more damage it will do. If you happen to get the gun early on, you can easily have it upgraded into the teens. If at least one player as this gun and a co-op partner, or partners, have the other guns Oz can be defeated in matter of minutes. If multiple players have the Blunderbuss, it is possible, granted VERY rare, to kill Oz in two attempts, possibly even one. Once the killshot on Oz lands, he will explode, resulting in ammo, free credits, and a trophy.

Complete Oz's challenges in Descent.

I'll start out saying this: this Easter Egg is a real pain in the ass. It's long, takes skill, and is partially based on luck. If your luck comes early one, it will make the game so much easier. If not, you're going to have a lot of trouble. Use the recommendations for weapons and upgrades from previoous trophies but be aware you are in for a challenge.

Step 1: The Encryption - Head over to the Tidal Generator and look on the walls. You will see one red wheel on the ground level and two more higher up on the walls on the spiral staircase. Above each wheel is a dull gray light. Shoot the wheels to make them turn, eventually leading to the lights turning blue. A door on the staircase will then open, revealing a secret room. Press on the computer to continue.

Step 2: Depressurize - Head over to the Lounge and look at the closed door next to the 3D Printer. If you press on the door you will see the "In Progress" counter slowly rise. This can be started and continued at anytime in case you get distracted by zombies. Now comes the luck portion of the step. You need to wait for a Goliath to spawn in to be able to interact with the door and follow the path to a switch. Afterwards, just head back into the map and continue on. Now there is no telling when the Goliath will spawn in so you just have to play until this does. In preperation for later rounds, I HIGHLY recommend either starting to farm and hold points, get your upgrades, and get good weapons.

Step 3: Destroying Drones - At the start of the next round, five Drones will spawn one after the other in the map. Once one is destroyed, the next will spawn in. However, they only activate once you get close and begin to fly away, meaning you need to destroy them quickly. They only spawn in the lower level of the map, not on the ocean level portions. Each drones will get stronger and stronger. Make sure you have semi-dececnt weapons for this as well. I recommend, unless it is an early round, staying in one room as to not accidentally activate any drones in the middle of hoardes of zombies. Save about a handful at the end that way you can go out and destroy the drones.

Step 4: Capacitors - In the Galleria, near the broken fish tank on the lower level, you will notice a charging station on the wall is now open with numbers that represent percentages. For this tropy, you need to be standing in front of this station and let EXO EMP's attack you. When they do, no damage will be done to you. However, they will die and charge the capacitor. If you are in a lower round it will be easy to stand right against it to let the zombies attack you but fend of normal ones. In higher rounds, I recommend running a train but saving any of the EXO EMP's until the end, then bring the group to the capacitor all at one. Dogs are a lot easier, because you can stand there no problem. Once it is fully charged, the needle will be at the top and you will hear a notification.

Step 5: Grenades Only - At the beginning of the next round, you will only be allowed to use Contact Grenades. This isn't hard at all. Just run around, jump, and shoot grenade after grenade. Once the round finishes the challenge is complete.

Step 6: Jumping - This challenge takes place on the Landing. You are required to use your EXO's capabilities in order to manuever around blue and black pads on the ocean. Before I get ay further, falling off or failing a pad results in you being bounced back to safety. You only have a short time on each pad before it disappears. There a total of nine different jumps. Some can be tricky but are hard to explain, so follow the video at the end for tips on how to complete each jump.

Step 7: Movement Is Murder - The prior step and this one are two of the hardest in my personal opinion. This step is the reason why I said earlier to try and get good weapons early and to rack up points. The basis of this challenge is for the following round, every move you make takes away points from your total and quickly. Once you reach 0 points, you will not be able to move. The only time you can move is when you have points. There are no tips I could give for this, other than saving Atlas Drops. This step separates the skilled and regular/mediocre players. Good luck with this step, as this will most likely be the architect of your destruction.

Step 8: Simon Says - This step takes place in the Reception area that is at the bottom of the doorway where the Bulldog is located (and where the Tac-19 can be bought). Near the trophy case you will notice four screens. Interact with them to start the game. Basically, it is a game of Simon Says similar to the game played on the map Moon in Black Ops 1. Oz will give a pattern and you will need to match it. It is best to do this at the end of the round that waay you have crawlers or a teammate can distract a few zombies. Number the computers from left to run from 1 to 4. This will help memorizing the order in which to itneract with the computers because it can get a bit hectic. This step only takes about five minutes maximum and shouldn't pose too much of a challenge.

Step 9: Be a Good Teammate - This challenge will begin at the start of the next round. Basically, friendly fire is activated. During the round, you cannot cause your teammate to go down. If playing with real players, simply separate yourselves to different portions of the map. If solo, AI will spawn in so try and avoid them. There is not much to say about this other than focus on zombies and stay away from anything friendly.

Step 10: Matching Numbers - If you go back to the room where you initiated the Easter Egg there will be a gray panel with numbers on the top row. The object of this challenge is to get the bottom row to have numbers identical to the top row, in the same order, at the same time. The first number is zombies that you have used your Exo Slam upgrade on. The next number is the number of jumps done by the player. The third number requires you to buy weapons off the wall. Finally, the last number is the amount of zombies killed. The numbers cycle from 1 through 9 so try to work on the easy ones and save the harder ones for last. Once all the numbers match the challenge is completed.

Step 11: Mayhem Only - Similar to the grenade challenge earlier, you will be given a Mayhem Mark 25 and can only use this weapon once the next round begins and must use it the entire round. This weapon is actually very strong and should cause any trouble. Simply run a train and shoot into the crowd of undead.

Step 12: The End - Oz will now teleport you to a small area similar to the starting area in the map Outbreak and only an Upgrade Station will be available. AI of the normal characters will be placed in to fill spots to have four player party if you do not have a full party. Also, Oz will replace the character of Lennox. You will need to survive 2 waves in the memory stage while Oz talks. Simply use the upgrades when you need it and run in circles. Each wave does not take too long and you get a quick break in between waves to know how far you've gotten. After surviving the waves, the game will end and you will have unlocked a new mode called Double Feature.

Double Tap
Defeat Oz for the last time in Descent.

For general tips for how to get to the big fight with Oz please see Smooth Operator and How the Might have Fallen!. In order to use the Double Feature mode, you must either be playing with someone who has completed the Easter Egg or have completed it yourself. At the start of the game on the Landing, on the small room located opposite of the generator, on the right side is a green button you can interact with. If playing solo, simply press but if playign with a group everyone must do so. This mode is a hardcore variant of normal Exo Zombies. For the most part, follow the tips for getting through the fights and the upgrades and weapons suggestions. Here is what you need to know for tackling this game mode, because there are some new things to be aware of:
  • The game is in black and white, meaning you need to be extra careful when making sure things are activated.
  • Exo Revive is disabled, meaning you will die when you get downed.
  • Your Heads Up Display is removed, except for your point counter. This means you need to have a good idea of how much ammo is allowed per weapon and need to know what upgrades you have bought along with the upgrade level of your weapon.
  • Along with having decreased health, zombies can take more damage than usual.
  • The only way to gain points from zombies is by killing them. This means using melee whenever possible and shooting for the torso and head.
  • Finally, the Upgrade Station is less expensive to use, costing only 1,500 points.
This mode is difficult and will take time to get used to. Just practice as much as you can and view tactics online. Also, following the troophies mentioned earlier will give you a large advantage when going into both fights. I recommend taking a few practice matches to figure out what will work best for you and to get acclimated to the new scenario.

Big Game
Kill Oz with a Blunderbuss in Descent.

For tips and how to get to this point in the match please see Smooth Operator and [color="sienna]How the Might Have Fallen![/color]. The Blunderbuss is a new special weapon gained from the 3D Printer, costing 1,000 points to use. If you are unfamiliar with the Blunderbuss, it is a single shot, old style reload shotgun. It can be loaded with just about anything and is very strong with a wide spread. It can take out multiple zombies at once. Once you obtain it, keep constantly visiting the Upgrade Station and upgrading for 2,500 points. It is very important to get it upgraded as many times as possible by the end of Round 19. Then, Oz will teleport you for the final fight. You will need to head around the room and turn on the four Generators. Then, head to the Decontamination in the middle of the room. Lure Oz there to it and activate it. This will stun Oz, lower his shield, and allow him to take damage. There is abit of leeway with the trophy. Oz does not need to take all of the damage from the Blunderbuss, only the killshot needs to be from the Blunderbuss. However, the Blunderbuss does a vast amount of damage on Oz. When playing solo with it upgraded, the gun can take up to a quarter of his health with one shot. If playing with others, it is safe to have everyone attack him. Once his health gets to about a quarter, start strictly using the Blunderbuss as to not make a mistake. Once you make the killshot on Oz, her will explode and the trophy will pop.

Coast s Coast
Cross the water with a teleport grenade in Descent.

In order to do this trophy you must buy the Telefrag for 750 credits in the Lounge. The quickest way to get to the Telefrag is through the Lounge's left side entrance. Then, you need to head to the top of the Tidal Generator. If you look to the opposite side of the Exo Health, you will see a teleporter with the sentry security system. Just to the left of that you can see the Landing from where you spawned into the game. It's a bit tricky to figure out how high to aim in order to teleport across the water. If you stand right against the barrier to the water start aiming about an inch above the spawn and keep an eye on the Telefrag and alter your aim depending on the arch of it takes. Once you land on the other side the trophy will pop.

Size DOES Matter
Punch Oz with a Goliath in Descent.

To get to this point in the game, please follow the trophy descriptions for Smoother Operator and How the Might Have Fallen!. Now, the idea for this trophy is to make it to the end of Round 19. When the round ends, Oz will teleport you for the big finale fight against him. In order to complete this trophy, you need to save a Goliath Atlas Drop until the end of Round 19. Save a few zombies towards the end of the round and head towards the drop. Kill the last few zombies and wait for Oz to start talking. When he does immediately get into the Goliath and wait to be teleported. Oz will then appear in the room with you for a short period, disappear shortly, then reappear. You need to run up to him and press in order to melee him. However, this will deal no damage but the hit will count. When you see a shield icon appear, it means you have landed a hit. Be weary though, as Oz's attacks quickly drain the battery life.

Punch 20 enemies with a Goliath in Descent.

The Goliath is a new Atlas Drop only available on this map. Like in singleplayer and Exo Survival, use it to squash these measly little zombies. All of its abilities are available from the start, but for this trophy you can only use melee by pressing . There is no telling when exactly the Goliath will drop, but if you make it to Round 19 two should drop by then. The main worry with this trophy is that it needs to be done in a single game, and zombies drain the battery of the Goliath quickly. The goal is to try to hit zombies as soon as they get close enough. It is luck based whether or not you can get this done in one go, but more than likely you will need the second drop in order to get this done. Alternately, if someone happens to get Distraction Drone, one could be thrown then you could go right up to the group to melee them as they idle. Just try your best but don't fret, you will get this by the second drop at least.

Bah, I'm Good
Reach round 7 without anyone opening a door in Descent.

You read it right, you have to survive in the Spawn Area, known as the Landing, until Round 7. This is nowhere near as daunting as it may seem. Along the way Atlas Drops and Power Ups will still show up. You will need to buy the Bulldog and MK14 in order to survive. Unofrtunately, there is no real strategy about how to do this since you need to stay in a small, enclosed area. What I did was run around the outer rim of the area then weave in and out of the openings near Exo Revive. Zombies will start to pile up quick closer to Round 7 and they will become faster, so save and cook your grenades for when large groups begin to form. Also, aim for headshots. If you shoot anywhere else it will take too many bullets and will cause you to get get cornered. Try to run around and build up a large group then either use a grenade or turn around and aim for their heads. This trophy will not take long, I happened to get it the second time I tried.

Kill 100 enemies behind you with the KL03-Trident in Descent.

The Trident is new special weapon found in the map. It costs 1,000 points and can only be obtained from the 3D Printers located around the map after activating the Generators. It is very easy to get this weapon confused with the Crossbow when seeing it get printer. However, an easy way to tell what the weapon is, is that the Trident is the same length, but more compact looking at the arched end. The way this weapon works is by firing a high energy "ball" that can bounce off walls and zombies, causing damage to multiple zombies. This weapon is strong and upgrading it makes it even stronger. Now, realistically, you could get this anywhere on the map. All you need to do is run a train then fire at a while straight ahead of you and let the bullet bounce around. The way I did it was by running a train in the Spa. From there I would either just shoot the wall or run the group of zombies around the map. When doing this, make sure that when you shoot your back is already facing the zombies. This will rule out any possibility of you not meeting the requirements. I cannot confirm that if you face the zombies, shoot, then turn around that the kills will count so the way I said to go about this is the best way to make sure your kills count. This must be done all in one game, just take your time and grind it out.

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