Players: 1 - 4 Players
Online Trophies: All Can be Done Offline Split-screen
Online Pass Required: No, Only the Season Pass
Cheat Codes Effect Trophies: No Cheat Codes Available
Estimated Time to 100%: Minimum 5 Hours, Depending on Skill
Estimated Difficulty: 7/10, Depending on Skill and Luck
Minimum Playthroughs: 1, but Multiple Will be Needed
Collectible Trophies: No, Unless You Count Hoarding Cash and Gaining Kills
Missable Trophies: All Will Come Naturally Over Play Except Flotsam & Jetsam
Glitched Trophies: None


Oz is dead. Sentinel was supposed to be your savior. But they weren't. Sentinel leader Lennox is now trapped with our three heroes. Survive the Atlas Aircraft Carrier where they have been studying the zombie virus. Use the new Atlas gear to try and survive as long as you can, facing the new threats Atlas has to offer. Can you solve the puzzle and rid the world of one of the main Atlas FOB's?

[top]Tips & Strategies

LZ-52 Limbo - A new gun gained from using the 3D Printer. It uses a beam of energy the length of the room that will go through all of the zombies. It can be very useful in sticky situations.

Repulsor - A new special grenade that sends out a shockwave, pushing away zombies.

Telefrag - Found in the Armory, it will teleport you to wherever you throw it. It costs 750 points. It can also kill zombies around where it explodes.

Open Fire - A new Power Up that gives you unlimited ammo for all guns for a limited period of time.

Explosive Touch - A new Power Up that surround the player with explosives. You take no damage and kill any zombie you touch.

Exo Stockpile - A new Exo Upgrade found in the Med Bay, costing 1,250 points. When bought, it increases the amount of grenades and special grenades you can carry buy one. It also increases the amount of ammo you can carry.

Advanced Repulsion Turret - This new Atlas Supply Drop is a turret that slows zombies and pulls them in. It slowly causes damage until the zombie is dead.

Sentinel Reinforcements - This is a new and great Atlas Supply Drop. It gives you a squad of four Sentinels. They can kill zombies, defuse bombs, and revive players.

Gas Bombs - Every few rounds these come and you have a short time to defuse it. If you fail, it will move to the next area and then the next. Defusing a bomb gives you a Power Up. If any bombs go off, the gas won't vent until the end of the round. they are guarded by Soldiers with guns. After killing them all, you can pick up a Camo.

Exo Phasers - A new Exo Zombie that can teleport from area to area and can only appear to attack you.

Teleporter - Located at points around the map, they can be used for a quick escape.

Grenade Disposal Machine - Located in the Armory, it has a moving opening to throw any of your grenades in order to gain extra points.

Weapon Disposal Machine - Located in the Armory, it is a zombie arm that sticks out of the wall. You can dispose of your gun here to gain new things or points.

When playing the game, use this map for reference when reading trophy descriptions. It gives a perfect layout and should give you a good idea of the map.


  1. Step #1: Learn the Map - Take a few matches, or as many as you need, to learn the map, how it plays, and where everything is.
  2. Step #2: Miscellaneous Things - Now, head out and do all the random trophies you have not gotten yet. This shouldn't take too long, as none of them are that difficult.
  3. Step #3: Round 30 Baby - Now that you know the map and have an idea of what to do, start making your progress to reach Round 30.
  4. Step #4: Flotsam & Jetsam - Finally, take on the "daunting" task of attacking this Easter Egg!


Reach round 10 in Carrier.

See Admiral for a more detailed description of how to make it to higher rounds. This trophy will no doubt come naturally over play.

Reach round 30 in Carrier.

So far, I have found this map to be the easiest to work on due to the large open areas around the map. Here are some quick rundowns and tips to make your life a bit easier.
  • Get at least one other person to do this with. I find it best because you always have someone as backup in case you need it.
  • Always grab the Atlas Packages. These can really save your ass when in a bad situation. The Camo drop is by far the best, allowing you to become invisible to the zombies temporarily. The new package, Sentinel Reinforcements, brings in a group of operatives to help you in your fight and can be a valuable asset when trying to go about the map.
  • Make sure you turn on every Generator in every room so you can use everything each room has to offer.
  • When it comes to guns, make sure to utilize the 3D Printer. Get either the Distraction Drone or Nano Swarm for sticky situations. I recommend using a wall weapon in conjunction with CEL-3 Cauterizer. In my opinion, it is by far the best gun in the game. Whe upgraded completely, it is very powerful and can kill a zombie with one shot even in the thirty-numbered rounds. The new weapon, the LZ-52 Limbo, is also very useful since one shot can knock out a whole group of zombies.
  • When using the Power Ups dropped by zombies, use them at the best points possible. For example, don't use a DNA Bomb when only a few zombies are left. Wait for more to come. If you get a Full Reload but you have full ammo, use your grenades and spray some amoo before picking it up. Don't waste your Open Fire or Explosive Touch either, kill off the last few zombies before grabbing them that way you can use it on a fresh new round.
  • Make sure to use the Upgrade Station. Each time you upgrade, your ammo refills, the damage your weapon does increases, and you get a new attachment or camo every few upgrades. Wait until your gun is out of ammo to upgrade in case you don't get a lot of Full Reloads. I highly recommend not upgrading your weapon more than three times at once.
  • When you go down, you slowly lose your Exo Upgrades one by one until you die. Because of this, put your least favorite upgrades last. Get them in this order: Exo Suit, Exo Health, Exo Reload, Exo Stockpile, Exo Slam, Exo Soldier, then Exo Revive.
  • There will be special rounds every so often as well, both rewarding you with Full Reloads at the end of the round. One special round is Dogs, with normal, EMP, and explosive variants. The other round is Infected. Mutated zombies will run around and when they hit you, you will have sixty seconds to get to the Decontamination in the Moon Pool or Med Bay. Step on the pad to cure yourself for 250 credits.
  • You will fight various zombie types throughout your path to Round 30. You have your Normal Zombies. Next come the Exo Zombies you can use their Exo Suit just as you do. The other type is my least favorite, the Exo EMPs. These have a blue tint to them and when they get near you, they detonate causing your Exo Suit to go offline for a short time. The last type is Exo Exploders. When they get close to you, they explode causing a lot of damage and damaging other zombies near them. They have a neon green hue to them. Try to kill them when they are around other zombies to take out a few at once. Exo Phasers look almost like the Exo EMPs, but have their blue embedded in their bodies and can teleport.
  • Gas Bombs come into play every few rounds. They will go to three locations if they are not defused. If you enter the infected area you must decontaminate yourself. Defusing a bomb awards you with a Power Up. Gas will not be vented from an area until the end of the round. Make sure to kill the Soldiers to grab their Camo.
  • Grenade and Weapon Disposal Machines are located in the Armory. This is a quick and easy way to earn some extra credits if need be.
  • Goliaths can spawn in on various rounds of the game. With four players, I've had one spawn in on Round 10. With two players, it didn't spawn until Round 20. Take out the zombies first and leave the Goliath until last to save yourself the trouble of watching out for zombies.
  • This map is amazing to run trains on. The two best places are the Moon Pool and Cargo. They each have 3D Printers, wall weapons, and Exo Upgrades near them. Also, both have great traps that can help out if need be. It will be tough close to Round 30, but these areas should offer you enough room to escape and enough security to run the trains safely.

Flotsam & Jetsam
Sink the boat in Carrier.

Welcome to the next step in Sledgehammer's Exo Zombies storyline. Oz is dead, killed by the leader of a Sentinel group known as Lennox. Now, our three heroes must team up with an apparent enemy to sink an Atlas carrier containing traces of the infection. This is how our group of heroes need to accomplish their goal.

Step #1: A Little Hidden Power - First, you need to head to the Armory and buy the Teleport Grenades for a mere 750 points. Then, head over to the Cargo area and activate Chompy. When he leaves his holding, throw your Teleport Grenade into his story and activate the hidden Generator. This will activate part of the Grenade Disposal Machine and will make the Weapon Disposal Machine available in the Armory, to the left of the Contact Grenades.

Step #2: Time for Some Fishing - You will now need to get guns from the 3D Printer and hand them to the zombie arm at the Weapon Disposal Machine in the Armory. By doing this, you will eventually get three pieces you need to build the Fishing Pole on the Gun Deck. You need to keep handing the zombie arm Printer guns until you get the Hook, Line, and Reel. You can only carry one at a time. Luckily, the Pole is already at the Gun Deck so you just need to place the parts on it.

Step #3: Obtaining the Data Tablets - You will now need to get Four Data Tablet and put them to the right of the Vault located on the Gun Deck.
Tablet 1 - This tablet is really confusing to get. To the left side of the Grenade Disposal Machine you will notice a cone shape that cycles through four different types of grenades. When you throw a Grenade in on the grenade that needs to be used first, it will drop down into a holder. You basically have to watch the cycle and throw a grenade in when the grenade you need appears in the cone.
Row #1 - Distraction Drone, Normal Grenade
Row #2 - Explosive Drone, Distraction Drone, Explosive Drone, Normal Grenade
Row #3 - Explosive Drone, Nano Swarm, Explosive Drone, Distraction Drone, Explosive Drone, Normal Grenade
The Distraction Drone looks like a propeller. A blue looking orb represents the Nano Swarm. When the Explosive Drone appears, it will look like a stick with a red dot. Finally, the Normal Grenade has red/orange dots on it.
Tablet 2 - This tablet can be a bit fun. You need to give the Weapon Disposal Machine weapons from the 3D Printer. You are looking to get a Beer from the zombie arm. When you do, head through the Bio Lab and press the botton located to the right of the entrance to the Cargo area. You need traverse a laser field by dodging lasers by going around them, crouching under them, or double jumping over them. While drunk from the Beer, you cannot slide or boost. On top of everything, you only have 2 minutes to get this done. When done, you will be near a teleport in the Hanger, the tablet will be at the foot of the teleporter.
Tablet 3 - Now, use the Fishing Pole on the Gun Deck until you obtain the Shovel. Then, you need to obtain Teleport Pieces which are gained from killing Exo Phasers and Phasing Dogs. Every time you get a piece, you need to take it to the inactive teleporter located at the first floor of the Bio Lab. You can only carry one at a time and not many of these zombie types come at once so this may take a while. Each time you put a piece in you can hear the sound it makes get stronger and stronger. Once you have put in enough, use the teleporter to take you to the Desert Island. Using the action button and your Shovel, dig around the island until the tablet pops up in a box. This may take a few trips to get.
Tablet 4 - First and foremost, you need to get a Fish from the Fishing Pole. Go to the Hanger, on the second floor, there is a locker with Captain DJ on it. It has a eye scanner and requires an eye to get into it. Somewhere on the map, it is random each time, there will be two Drone Buddies. One has a Power Up, whilst the other is empty. You need to shoot down the empty one to get the Level. Next, head to the Moon Pool and place the level on the switch to the right of the 3D Printer. Now, you need to kill zombies on the three glass squares so their blood leaks into the water and lures in the Shark. Once the Shark is present, pull the Lever you places. The pool will open and a Cage will drop down into the water. Hop on top and work your way into it. You will now be under water and the Fish will lure the shark into attacking you. Press to grab DJ's Eyeball. Then, take it back to his locker to obtain the tablet.

Step #4: Sink this Ship - Now, head back to the Weapon Disposal Machine in the Armory. Kepp handing it any guns until eventually the C4 is dropped. Then, pick it up and take it to the Vault on the Gun Deck. Place the C4 to end the match and complete the Easter Egg!

Slot Jockey
Use the Grenade Disposal Machine 30 times in a single match in Carrier.

The Grenade Disposal Machine is located in the Armory, to the right of the door leading to the Lift. It is basically a mini arcade game where you try to get the grenade in the sometimes moving hole. The grenade then drops down and lands into a random spot, awarding you credits. In order to get it in the hole you always need to aim a little below. If you put the middle of the grenade reticule at the bottom of the hole more than likely you will get it in. Both your primary and special grenades can be used to gain this trophy. This seems like a grind, and it kind of can be. You need to go for this whenever you have grenades. I highly recommend using your primary grenades since your specials can save you in bad situation. You are awarded one grenade of each type each round. Also, you could buy Exo Stockpile for 2,000 credits which allows you to hold one extra of each grenade. Also, Teleport and Contact Grenades are located in the Armory and cost 750 credits. You can rack up points and keep buying refills off the walls and throwing them into the machine. For reference, I got this around Round 20. It takes a bit unless you save a crawler at the end of every round so you can take your time aiming and constantly buy grenades.

Right of First Defusal
Defuse 5 gas bombs in a single match in Carrier.

Gas Bombs a new new, and a bit aggravating, addition to Exo Zombies. Every few rounds, you will get an on screen notification that a bomb has been detected in one of the rooms on the map. If you fail to defuse the bomb before the timer at the bottom of the screen goes away it will detonate, filling the room with Manticore Gas. Coming in contact with the gas will cause you to become infected, meaning you need to head to the Decontamination located in the Med Bay or Moon Pool. When the gas goes off in a room, it basically makes the room inaccessible until the end of the round when the gas will get vented. The bomb will start and one location, and move on towards two others if the bomb does not get defused in time. This means you have three opportunities to defuse the bomb each time you are alerted of its presence. Unfortunately, this means three rooms that could possibly become tainted and unusable for a bit. When you head to a bomb, you will notice it is guarded by four Soldiers. These guys will shoot at you and can cause major damage alongside the zombies that are already spawn. Once all four are killed, the last one will drop Camo. Pick it up to quickly defuse the bomb without taking any heat from nearby zombies. Once the bomb is defused, you will be rewarded with a random Power Up. Save your Atlas Supply Drops for these rounds. The best two are Camo and Sentinel. Do not use the Camo until the four Soldiers are killed, they can see right through it and still damage you. With the Sentinel Squad, make sure you get to the bomb before they do or else one of them will defuse it.

NOTE: This must be done buy you. You will need to defuse five bombs individually. This is not a group effort. My team had defused six bombs in one game, three by me and three by the others, and I did not get the trophy.

Take Off, Hoser!
Ride Chompy for 5 minutes in a single match in Carrier.

Chompy is a trap located in the Cargo area, behind the Exo Suits. It costs 500 credits to activate Chompy, which then comes out of holding and goes on a predetermined path, killing zombies with its blades. I've never timed a ride but I would estimate it to be around a minute long path. After a go around, Chompy heads back to storage to charge back up. Get this done in the early rounds, grab your Exo Suit and any upgrades then head to the Cargo area and activate Chompy whenever you can and stay on him as long as possible. If playing with other people, have one get a crawler and take it to another room and keep riding Chompy until the crawler dies, rinse and repeat. It is not a hard trophy if you get it done early, but if you wait until later rounds it becomes hard to stay on while zombies attack you and climb on.

Telefrag 50 enemies in a single match in Carrier.

Telefrag is a new special grenade that costs 750 credits and is found in the Armory, to the left of the door leading to the Bio Lab. When you use this grenade, it will teleport you to wherever it makes contact with. This can save your life if you are in a group of zombies and need a quick escape. It also has another good effect, if thrown at zombies, it will teleport you into the group but the warp will kill any surrounding zombies like a normal grenade. This can be a pain, because if you throw it into a group, it may not kill all of them and cause you to be stuck in a group and get killed. The way I found best to do this was to run a train in the Moon Pool. Then, wait until you have a large group then let them get close. When they get close, throw the grenade at the ground so you teleport to the same spot but kill the zombies in your reach and still have time to escape if you need to. You get one grenade each round so you will always have a constant supply no matter how you choose to acquire more of these grenades.

How low can you go?
Hit 18 enemies with a single shot of the LZ-52 Limbo in Carrier.

The LZ-52 Limbo is a new gun that is obtained for 1,000 credits from the 3D Printer. Per usual, you need to activate the Generators in the rooms in order to use the Printer. When looking at the Printer, the gun appears to be the same length as the EM1, but with a slit that separates the top of the barrel from the bottom. When shot, it first a devastating red line that stretches the length of the room and will go through all of the zombies. Also, the line will rotate. There is no telling how long it will take to get the gun, it took more over ten times playing on the map to finally get the gun. Another person I know got it the first time they played it. It's just luck of the draw. When you obtain the gun, run a train in the Moon Pool. Then, when you are sure you have enough, turn around and let the zombies get a bit closer. When they are close, shoot the gun that way it will be mostly horizontal while it goes through the group before it begins to rotate. It may take a few tries before you finally get the trophy to pop. To make it a bit easier, you don't actually have to kill eighteen, just hit that many with one shot. This is best and easiest done in later rounds. To be extra safe, when playing with a group, have each player run trains then merge them in the Moon Pool.

Kill 20 enemies in a single burst of Explosive Touch in Carrier.

Explosive Touch is a new and very fun Power Up. It is symbolized by a green star. When grabbed, you become invincible due to a shield of rockets protecting you for a limited time. The only thing it will not protect you against is the Soldiers that defend the Gas Bombs. It will kill them, but their bullets can penetrate and damage you. Also, any zombie you touch will be killed on contact and award you with 60 credits. This Power Up can come in handy, allowing you to use the 3D Printer, buy weapons or upgrades, or upgrade your weapon mid round while you are swarmed by zombies. The best place to go for this is in the Moon Pool. Run circles in the main area to train zombies. Then, when you have a group start to open fire on them. If the Power Up drops, wait to grab it until it is almost about to disappear. When it is about to, grab it that way it gave a chance for more zombies to spawn in. Once you grab it, run into the train you made then run around the room towards any other zombies that are spawning it. It may take a few times but once you get into higher rounds this will come no problem and more than likely without trying.

Mad Hops
Jump over 4 live sharks in 10 seconds in Carrier.

This trophy can be tedious. Some get lucky on their first try, while others take time and time again to get this one done. In order to even attempt this, you must get the Exo Suit from Cargo. Then, you need to head on over to the Moon Pool. You will notice the glass hexagon floor with a few glass squares coming off of it. There is a shark that comes underneath the floor only when you kill zombies over the glass squares. When you will the zombies over the squares, you will notice blood leak into the water below. This will lure the shark in. The other three sharks after located up at the top of the stairs heading to the Lift. There will be one shark on the left and two sharks on the right hand side. To do this trophy, start off in the Moon Pool until the shark spawns. When it does, double jump over it towards the stairs heading to the Lift. Then, double jump over the shark in the tank to the left. Land towards the back of the tank, turn to the right and double jump over the two sharks on the right. If at all possible, try to wait until the end of the round and get a crawler, or wait until you get a Hyper Damage or Explosive Touch. Personally, I got this mid round. I happened to have a good gun and was able to quickly kill any zombies that got in my way up the stairs.

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