Players: 1 offline; 2-4 online (Extinction); 2-18 online
Online Trophies: Yes Egg-stra Awakening!
Estimated Time to 100%: 6-12 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 playthrough of each Multiplayer map; at least 4 playthroughs of the new Extinction map
Collectible Trophies: Yes Spelunker
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None


Pharaoh - an abandoned archaeological site that takes place in Egypt. Be mindful of the many traps and collapsing structures as you battle in the temple.

Departed - set in a small Mexican town that is in the middle of celebrating Dia de los Muertos. Run-and-gunners will find lots of cover i this map. The special Field Order killstreak turns the player into the Death Mariachi.

Mutiny - a coastal cave where an abandoned pirate ship rests is the locale of this map.

Favela - the MW2 fan-favorite is back and has never looked better.

Episode 3: Awakening - Taking place after "Mayday," you are sent deep underground to explore the cryptid catacombs. The new enemies in this map are the Gargoyle, the Mammoth, and the Bomber.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Most of your time spent playing through this DLC will be in Extinction mode. These trophies can be acquired offline or by yourself, but playing with a full team that communicates will make the process much easier. Look through and post in our Boosting Threads if you are looking for other players to help you.

Official Call of Duty: Ghosts PS3 Boosting Thread
Official Call of Duty: Ghosts PS4 Boosting Thread


This DLC's trophies can be tackled in any order you choose, but below is the quickest way to finish this DLC.

Get online and play through each new Multiplayer map. There is an alien hive in each new map that you need to shoot in order to complete the Egg-Stra XP challenge. Once you have completed the challenge, jump into Extinction mode and start the new map "Awakening." All you have to do is scan the first obelisk and the first trophy will unlock.

Egg-stra Awakening!

Continue playing this session and move on to Step 2.

You must get through all areas and escape "Awakening" to complete this map. Collect all intel while you play through the map. Kill a Gargoyle with the Vanguard once you get to the end of the first area. Try to complete every challenge from this step onward.

Targets Acquired
A Bridge To Somewhere
Escaped Awakening
Dog Fight

Start a new session of "Awakening" with two Relics active and successfully complete the level. If possible, complete this step using a class different from the one you used in Step 1.

Twice The Fun

By this point you should have completed "Awakening" twice using different classes. So complete two more playthroughs playing as the remaining two classes. Continue to work on the completionist trophy if you still need it. While doing your class runs I'd also recommend acquiring the ark attachment and getting 5 kills with each of the 12 weapons needed for this trophy. This must be done in 1 of your playthroughs.

Like A Glove
Well Rounded

The only trophy you should have left to unlock will be the completionist trophy. Focus on completing challenges and successfully complete the map.

Awakening Completionist


Targets Acquired
Get past the first gate in Awakening in Regular or Hardcore difficulty

Scan the five Obelisks in the first area. Now control the Vanguard drone and destroy the Obelisks. The trophy will unlock once all of the Obelisks have been destroyed.

A Bridge To Somewhere
Extend the bridge in Awakening in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

You will have to scan and destroy another five Obelisks similar to how you did it in the first area. Proceed and you will be tasked with scanning 3 more Obelisks. The bridge will extend once these 3 Obelisks have been scanned and the trophy will unlock.

Escaped Awakening
Escape Awakening for the first time in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

Cross the bridge and you will end up in a temple. You will now have to protect consoles from a hoard of cryptid. Once this part is complete, remove the Cortex from the room and carry it all the way to the beginning of the map. You will have 5 minutes to make it back to the beginning. Gates will impede your path. Set the Cortex on the ground and kill the cryptid. Each cryptid you kill will charge the Cortex. Once it is full, activate the Cortex to kill all nearby cryptid and to lower the gate. Keep doing this until you reach the extraction zone and successfully escape.

Video guide showing how to escape "Awakening"

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Twice The Fun
Escape Awakening using two Relics in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

In order to equip Relics, you will need to prestige at least once in Extinction Mode. You will gain an additional Relic slot every time you prestige, but this trophy only requires you to have two Relics active at once. You can choose which Relic you want to equip in the Loadout Menu, before a game begins. It does not matter which Relics you choose to use but there are a few that stand out, and as long as you are playing with other characters it won't impact your gameplay too much.

Do Less Damage - You will only do about 2/3 of the damage you would normally do. This Relic is probably the best one to use if you are playing with a group because your teammates will more than make up for your decreased damage output.

Smaller Wallet - You can only carry half the amount of money that you normally would, and you earn 25% less cash from all sources.

Mortal - You have no class and none of the bonuses that come with classes. You're just a regular dude. Again, having other players around will make having this relic just a small inconvenience.

Limited Ammo - Weapon pickups and ammo refills will give you less ammo, which sounds harder than it really it is. I recommend using this relic if you are playing solo.

Awakening Completionist
Complete all Challenges and escape Awakening in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

No doubt the hardest trophy to earn in this DLC. A challenge is presented to you each time you begin to scan an Obelisk in "Awakening." You will earn a skill point for each challenge you complete before the Obelisk is scanned. In order to unlock this trophy, you need to complete every challenge that you come across and then go on to successfully escape. It will take a coordinated group of players to complete all challenges and if that's not possible then you may want to try going for this trophy solo. If you played the default Extinction map or any of the other DLC maps at all then you will be very familiar with challenges and how to complete them.

Find all of the Intel in Awakening.

The hidden intel in "Awakening" can be put into three categories: Cutscenes, Encrypted Intel, and Classified Intel.

Cutscenes - All you have to do is complete "Awakening" to unlock all cutscenes.

Classified Intel - These are randomly found in search boxes. Look all around the level for these search boxes and press to open them. If an intel was inside, it will now be on the ground. Press to pick it up. The intel looks like a smartphone. If you are playing with other players, only the player that picks up the intel will get credit for picking it up. There are 3 Classified Intel that you need to find.

Encrypted Intel - They look like laptops and are found in specific places. There are 3 encrypted intel: 1 can be found in the first area, 1 can be found in the second area, and the last intel can be found in the final room.

Video guide showing locations of all intel

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Dog Fight
Kill a Gargoyle with the Vanguard in Awakening in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

The Gargoyle is one of a few new cryptids in "Awakening." It is a flying beast that shoots players with small projectiles.

The Vanguard is basically a remote-controlled Vulture and you will find one at the end of each area in "Awakening." Walk up to the laptop and press to start piloting the Vanguard. Now wait until a Gargoyle appears and blast it out of the sky.

Video guide showing how to operate a Vanguard and how to kill a Gargoyle with it

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Egg-stra Awakening!
Complete the Egg-Stra XP challenge and then scan an obelisk in the Invasion DLC package.

Each new multiplayer map in this DLC contains a hidden alien hive. You need to find and shoot all four of these hives to complete the Egg-Stra XP challenge. This challenge must be completed in public matches. A prompt will appear at the top-left of your screen the moment you shoot each hive. After you have shot all four hives, enter Extinction Mode and scan one obelisk. You do not have to be the one to plant the drill - you just have to be present for the obelisk's scanning.

Departed - Head to the cemetery. You will see stone shelves with pottery. Go to the shelf next to the fence is shoot the red/white pot in the middle. The hive is behind the pot.

Mutiny - Get on the deck of the boat and look through the holes in the floor for the hive.

Pharaoh - Go to the square room at the top of the map. Look at the back of the room beyond the fire and you will barely see the hive in the distance to the left of the torn red banner. You may need a powerful scope on your weapon in order to see it.

Favela - Head to the southeast corner of the map and walk up the steps that are just outside the blue and green building. Now turn 180 degrees and look slightly to your left. The hive is next to the base of a tree.

After destroying all four hives, start an Extinction session and scan one obelisk on "Awakening." The trophy will unlock after that.

Video guide showing hive locations

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Like A Glove
Kill 5 cryptids with the Ark attachment equipped to every compatible weapon in Awakening in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

The ARK is a weapon attachment that can be found on the ground of the new Extinction map "Awakening." It will greatly increase the power of your weapon. In order to unlock this trophy, you must attach it to every compatible weapon and kill 5 cryptids with each weapon. There are 12 weapons that you will need to buy/find for this trophy. This must be done in a single game in order to unlock this trophy. This may be easiest to do solo if you can't play with friends willing to help you get this trophy. The ARK will transfer to every weapon you pick up so you only need to acquire one attachment.

List of Weapons
  1. Maverick assault rifle
  2. Tac 12 shotgun
  3. VKS sniper rifle
  4. Remington A5 assault rifle
  5. IA-2 semi-auto rifle
  6. Ameli LMG
  7. K7 SMG
  8. Ripper SMG
  9. MK14 EBR semi-auto rifle
  10. Chain SAW LMG
  11. USR sniper rifle
  12. Bulldog shotgun
Video walkthrough

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Well Rounded
Escape Awakening with each of the four classes in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

This trophy requires you to complete "Awakening" while playing as each of the 4 classes in Extinction. To clarify, you need to beat "Awakening" four times and play as a different class each time. The classes are Tank, Weapons Specialist, Medic, and Engineer. The game will not keep track of your trophy progress so you will have to remember yourself.


Maka91Productions - videos used in this guide. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZo...aZyAQc8KaBNrJw

TheRelaxingEnd - "Like A Glove " trophy video https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWV...hItH9-Gr7e8wqw

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