Players: 1-2 offline & 2-12 multiplayer
Online Trophies: Yes (1) No Man Left
Online Pass Required: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20-35 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 campaign & multiple extinction playthroughs
Collectible Trophies: Yes (2) Audiophile & Trash Picker
Missable Trophies: N/A - Chapter select

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Switch your pistol out for another weapon asap
  • Instead of reloading switch weapons
  • Use ammo crates whenever you see them
  • Always use cover in every level of difficulty
  • Enable subtitles if you're playing without sound so you know what your teammates are telling you to do
  • Auto-aim by pressing down on in the direction of the enemy
  • Get the miscellaneous trophies by playing on Recruit difficulty
  • Use propane tanks to blow up the hive barrier which is the fifth drill placement in each area
  • Use the electric and fire traps as they do a lot of damage
  • Scavenge for items to better your gear
  • Kill off rhino's quickly before you get overrun with enemies


**Depending on your skill you may want to add step 2 into 1, however this is a roadmap for those that are not so great with shooters or don't mind playing through multiple times.**

Step One: Complete the game on Recruit, Regular, or Hardened difficulty while finding and collecting the Rourke files along the way. Also look at step three for more trophies that can be earned during this step.
  • Ghost Stories
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Brave New World
  • No Man's Land
  • Struck Down
  • Homecoming
  • Legends Never Die
  • Federation Day
  • Birds of Prey
  • The Hunted
  • Clockwork
  • Atlas Falls
  • Into The Deep
  • End of the Line
  • Sin City
  • All or Nothing
  • Severed Ties
  • LOKI
  • The Ghost Killer
  • Audiophile

Step Two: Playthrough campaign again this time on Veteran difficulty without worrying about any other trophies.
  • Piece of cake
  • You've earned it

Step Three: Go back through campaign by mission select meeting the requirements of the miscellaneous trophies that did not come naturally. These can be unlocked at anytime during step one or two.
  • Liberty Wall
  • Blimey O'Riley
  • Waste not
  • Go Ugly Early
  • It Came from Below!
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Carbon Faceprint
  • Burn Baby Burn
  • Jungle Ghosts
  • Deep Freeze
  • Grindin'
  • David & Goliath
  • Cog in the machine
  • Jack-pot
  • End of your rope
  • Fly-by-wire
  • They look like ants
  • Tickets please

Step Four: Go into Safeguard Mode and reach wave 20 solo or with companions.
  • Safeguard

Step Five: Finally you can enter Extinction Mode as you have hit a checkpoint during the campaign. You will also need to prestige in order to use a relic which is after level 30.
  • No Man Left
  • Sprinter
  • Made it Out Alive
  • Completionist
  • Cabin Fever
  • City Dweller
  • Any Means necessary
  • Trash Picker
  • Throttled Escape


Earn all available Trophies for Call of Duty Ghosts

All bronze, silver, and gold trophies must be earned to unlock this.

Ghost Stories
Escape. (Complete "Ghost Stories" on any difficulty.)

There are three separate segments in Ghost Stories that you need to complete before moving onto the next mission. Starting with running through the woods following Hesh into the house where the two of you will open up a set of double doors leading you into the next segment. Here you are in outer space where you encounter your first enemy followed by multiple enemies. Lastly you are back with Hesh running through the streets where you need to keep up with him to avoid death.

Spatial Awareness
Kill your first enemy in the Call of Duty Ghosts campaign.

Once you begin your journey in Outer Space you must return to the ODIN Control by following SPC Mosley up into the hatch where the objective will be met. After passing the four space suits you come to an open area where Specialist Mosley is holding a hatch open for you to go through and help your team on the other side where a short cinematic will begin showing you the enemies killing off your team while you cannot do anything at the time.

Turn to your left and follow Mosley through the space station where he will be rammed by an enemy who loses his rifle forcing it to gravitate directly towards you. You will catch the rifle and when you do the enemy grabs onto you and in the midst of the struggle a text prompt will appear on the screen informing you to use the right stick to aim your weapon and to shoot, following the instructions and eliminate the enemy before he rips the rifle from your hands and shoots you. This will be the first enemy killed in the game without doing it you are unable to progress within the campaign.

Brave New World
Rendez-vous in Fort Santa Monica. (Complete "Brave New World" on any difficulty.)

From the beginning of the mission you will follow Hesh and Riley (German Shepard) through a small passage where he cuts a movie screen and you all will proceed to climb up through the theater until you have reached the concession stands where you will be met by some local wildlife. This will lead you into an open court yard where you will be met by other members of your team.

As this happens you will split up and group back up at a gas station further down the left side of the roadway. As you proceed you will see Riley attack an enemy followed by more enemies just behind the single combatant. Follow this path to the left and you will see he gas station in which enemies are holding some hostages outside on their knees. You can decide to take them out quickly or go silent down to the gas station and eliminate them. Eventually this leads to a pipe/tunnel that leads into a water reservoir loaded with enemies. Shortly after going underneath the bridge you will see a shack on both the left and right sides.

This leads you into an attack from a support helicopter dropping off troops and an attack helicopter, do your best to stay alive and destroy the helicopter before receiving an order to get in the back of the MATV. You will be driven to a FOB (Forward operating base) where you will walk up a set of stairs meeting up with Hesh and Elias where the mission will end.

The Liberty Wall is also earned during this mission so be sure to view it below for more details.

Liberty Wall
Take down both attack helicopters.

In the mission Brave New World after going through the pipe/tunnel next to the gas station you come to a water reservoir with plenty of enemies to kill. Once you reach the end with the two shacks, one on each side there is a guided missile weapon system known as Maaws. Pick this up and turn around facing the bridge you just went under. You will see a support helicopter flying just above the bridge shoot off your missile while staying locked on and it will destroy within a couple missiles.

After taking out the first helicopter reload your weapon immediately. The second helicopter is an attack helicopter that will obliterate you if you stay out in the open so be careful. The attack helicopter will fly over and return to the right side if you are looking at the bridge (American flag side). Once it is overhead repeat the missile shooting until it has been destroyed as well.

The amount of missiles needed is different depending on the difficulty in which you are playing on. Obviously Recruit difficulty would need the least and Veteran needs the most.

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No Man's Land
Make it to San Diego. (Complete "No Man's Land" on any difficulty.)

At the start of the mission you sync up with Riley clearing a way to get through unnoticed. Once the area is cleared Hesh and you will meet up with Riley and await a group of enemies that come rushing out of a set of double doors giving you the opportunity to kill them off quickly as it goes to slow motion. From here you will be going through the wooded area killing off enemies high and low eventually going through a tunnel to avoid being seen.

Again you will sync up with Riley and clear out the zone while having to listen to a conversation before moving on. Momentarily after listening to the conversation Riley proceeds to meet up with the rest of the team. This will give you the last bit of enemies fighting up-hill.

The Blimey O'Riley is also earned during this mission so be sure to view it below for more details.

Blimey O'Riley
Pounce on 10 enemies whilst controlling Riley

In the No Man's Land mission you will sync up to Riley on a couple occasions and this is the only time your kills will count as controlling Riley. You can attack while controlling Riley with or using the sprinting method of . Go after the soldiers that are standing alone or distant from others so they do not hear the screaming of the enemy being killed (a soldier is not only represented by their silhouette but also a white border outline once Riley is behind some cover/concealment).

Be sure to take your time and look around with Riley before attacking anyone so those on security don't find a dead body and become concerned of your presence.

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Struck Down
Find Ajax. (Complete "Struck Down" on any difficulty.)

You begin the mission looking for Ajax through a scope zooming in on him at the vip booth (12 o'clock direction). Once Ajax is found you will need to pick up the MK 32 Holographic and shoot the vehicles that come by in any order, however you want to hit as many as possible since you will be blowing them up when you enter the park in your truck. After marking the passing vehicles you get in a truck and rush the gates having to shoot any enemy that causes danger to you until you hop out back onto your feet. Follow your team until they hit a set of double doors initiating the first remote sniper segment.

You will continue proceeding through the ball park looking for Ajax and until you do you will be met with enemies. Once you breach the double doors with Keegan you will enter the locker room where Ajax will be found. You will proceed to use the remote sniper rifle to protect the team's evacuation and end the mission.

The Waste not is also earned during this mission so be sure to view it below for more details.

Waste not
Every shot with the remote sniper hits a person or vehicle.

In the Struck Down mission you are required to use a remote sniper rifle 4x to take out enemies at long distances and avoid giving away your position. You will not have to kill every enemy once you are using the sniper rifle only the ones that provide a threat so listen clearly to the instructions given to you.

Your first shot will be into the vip booth having to shoot one enemy before your team rushes in the double doors to take out the remaining.

The second session is after you advance from the vip booth where the enemies begin shooting rpg's at you. You will need to shoot and kill 4 enemies.

The third segment is after finding Ajax when the double doors open and you begin getting shot at. Head back to the locker area and use your remote sniper rifle by pressing taking out the enemies that are sitting by the door while protecting your team as they run towards the helicopter on the right side of the ball park.

The fourth and last segment is when you get into the helicopter which will be automatic once the helicopter begins to take off. You must kill the enemies on the 50 caliber weapons which are attached to the Humvee's. There is also an rpg gunner to the right but you do not need to kill him.

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Defend LA. (Complete "Homecoming" on any difficulty.)

You will be looking for your father (Elias) during this mission doing a lot of close quarter combat so choose your preferred weapons. There is a lot of combat through the trenches and in between buildings along with multiple A-10 strafe segments as well to eliminate any threatening enemies that stand in your way.

The Go Ugly Early is also earned during this mission so be sure to view it below for more details.

Go Ugly Early
A-10 strafe 50 enemies

During the Homecoming mission you will take control of the A-10 Strafe which is a drone that you will be directed to use multiple times throughout the mission by pressing . Once in control of the drone you will see yellow borders around foot patrol enemies and vehicles such as the hovercrafts or helicopters. For the purpose of this trophy it is much easier to attack the foot soldiers since there are a lot more of them and don't need to be shot at so much. Too shoot press and hold and move your crosshairs over an enemy you wish to obliterate.

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Legends Never Die
Hunt down Almagro. (Complete "Legends Never Die" on any difficulty.)

During this mission you will be following Rorke through the city where a rocket hits the dam and water comes flooding the city forcing you and your team to reach higher ground. Battling through enemies and the flowing/crashing down debris you will be progressing through the city as you lose members of your team. There are areas of the mission where you can submerge under water and kill enemies with a melee attack. Meeting back up as a team towards the end of the mission you will break through a set of double doors jumping into a helicopter with the proposition of shooting the enemies to save your team.

The It Came from Below! is also earned during this mission so be sure to view it below for more details.

It Came from Below!
Kill 6 enemies with the knife while underwater in "Legends Never Die".

There are three sections during the mission Legends Never Die that you have the opportunity to submerge underwater and melee your enemies. One enemy you are forced to melee however make sure you do it while you are under water by pressing to submerge yourself.

The second segment is partially difficult just because enemies randomly go in and out of water or Rorke kills them so you need to be quick. This is right after Merrick comes in through the communication radio followed up by you and Rorke jumping down to be shot at. Stay under water and go for two kills so if you don't you can always hit the options button and start from last checkpoint to re-do the section.

Lastly is after you and team cross another makeshift bridge going over into the carport. You should be able to achieve 4 underwater kills here from two in the front and two in the back but this is a long time to be under water so you will need to be popping up for air before dying.

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Federation Day
Gather Intel on Rorke. (Complete "Federation Day" on any difficulty.)

You begin the mission acquiring a facial resignation which will result in shooting ziplines to the building across the way where you will then take the zipline over to the roof. You will soon begin rappelling down to where you torch a window to enter the building and upload a virus. This will lead you to disabling the elevators and killing a group of enemies that come rushing in before getting back on the rappel rope face down to eliminate the enemy of the sky walk. From here you continue through the building looking for the individual you did the facial recognition on when the building comes crashing down forcing you and your team through the windows opening their parachutes to safety.

The Sleeping Beauty & Carbon Faceprint are also earned during this mission so be sure to view it below for more details.

Sleeping Beauty
Kill the sleeping guy in face down rappel section

Earned during the mission Federation Day

After getting back on to the rappel rope from uploading the virus you will begin to head down the large building face down. Move slowly and about the fourth window down you will see an enemy sitting up straight sleeping with his legs in a chair just kill him and continue moving down.

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Carbon Faceprint
Catch Photocopier with your face

Earned during the mission Federation Day

After disabling the elevators you will need to eliminate some enemies before being told to hook up on the rappel rope. Once on the rappel rope don't move to the left or right just stay in that original spot and momentarily a photocopier will come crashing down from the window above, let it hit you and proceed by killing the enemies over hanging the ledges.

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Birds of Prey
Capture Rorke (Complete "Birds of Prey" on any difficulty.)

In this mission you will be piloting a helicopter whiling killing the enemies (in yellow/orange outlines) looking for Rorke. You will not have to worry about the altitude as the game controls that itself, but you do need to worry about getting shot down so know is for your flares, is your machine gun, tapping releases rockets, and holding is a homing missile. Look for the propane tanks to take out large groups of enemies at once.

You will also be on the ground fighting 2x during this mission so change out your weapons as you like and do not rush ahead but keep advancing slowly as these enemies are close to one another making it an easy death if you get caught up between a couple. After exiting the helicopter the second time you have a small batch of enemies to kill before reaching Rorke who is in an office awaiting to be captured.

The Burn Baby Burn is also earned during this mission so be sure to view it below for more details.

Burn Baby Burn
Destroy 80 Fuel containers.

During the mission Birds of Prey you will be mostly flying in a helicopter using the left and right analog sticks to fly your chopper. Holding locks onto an enemy so that is not useful for this trophy, however shooting rockets by tapping and holding for the machine gun is the way to obtain this trophy. Some fuel containers are red and some are white in addition to being placed on top of or in between buildings so you have to fly around looking for them while be targeted. If you have an incoming missile press for your flares.

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The Hunted
Make it out alive (Complete "The Hunted" on any difficulty.)

The beginning of the mission Elias is trying to break Rorke for information, however Rorke has a plane with a team himself who come to his rescue and destroy the plane you are on sending you all crashing to the ground. You will proceed running through the dense jungle with a heartbeat sensor looking to meet up with your team. Once you meet up with your team you will listen for and follow their instructions.

The Jungle Ghosts is also earned during this mission so be sure to view it below for more details.

Jungle Ghosts
Finish the mission without breaking stealth.

In Jungle Hunted you begin playing the mission by having to cut the ropes of your parachute. Once your feet touch the ground and you get your bearings you will start with a silenced pistol, combat knife, and a heartbeat sensor. The heartbeat sensor allows you to see enemies which are red circles on the heartbeat sensor and blue circles for those that are your teamates.

Stay in the concealment of the bushes or behind trees to avoid detection while staying crouched. After you meet up with your teammates just follow their instructions and do not void away from them

You can kill off enemies but do it when there is only one or two so they cannot find the dead body or only do this when they are coming towards as the heartbeat is getting louder.

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Hack the system (Complete "Clockwork" on any difficulty.)

This is a unique mission as it is lit up by the moon and not occuring during the day. You and your team will come to a section where they order you to kill off a set of enemies in a sequence, however you can eliminate any of them and they will kill the rest. This will lead you to taking over a jeep driving into their base with duffle bags when the lights go out giving you the direction put on your night vision goggles by pressing . This leads to drilling holes killing more enemies and protecting Hesh in the next sequence with a turret, mines, tear gas, and claymores so place them wisely as the enemies will come down from the same direction you did but they will split off to the right and left. Once Hesh is done you all will be given instruction to move backward into the vault.

Lastly you come to the end of the mission where you must destroy and fend off enemies from your jeep being taking over by shooting grenades from your turret on the back of the jeep you entered. This will be a short ride but there are lots of enemies that have the chance to end you so keep your turret moving on the swivel.

The Deep Freeze is also earned during this mission so be sure to view it below for more details.

Deep Freeze
Drop 8 vehicles into ice holes.

Once you enter the jeep for the second time in Clockwork you will be placed behind the grenade turret to destroy any vehicle or soldier that is trying to kill you and your team. During this time there are snow mobiles and jeeps that try to catch you so you are forced to shoot their vehicle or for this trophy you must shoot just in front of them making a big hole in the ground surface making them drive straight into the ice holes. There are more than 8 vehicles so don't stress about the number just concentrate on shooting in front of the vehicles at all times. You will know you have done this correct once a vehicle drives over a hole and it becomes incapacitated.

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Atlas Falls
Distract the Federation Fleet. (Complete "Atlas Falls" on any difficulty.)

You will begin the mission in the water where you will proceed up through an ice hole where a large quanity of enemies is awaiting your presence. Be sure to advance forward as the enemies will keep coming at you until you do. Eventually you come a section where you will rappel upward and begin breaching doors taking out more enemies during the action packed mission. Your team is very useful during this mission taking out enemies and not sitting back waiting for you to do so.

Eventually you have to shut down the water by keeping the meters out of red, doing so will shut down the water and you will be told to run where you will be met by a helicopter so just keep sprinting off the edge. You will hold onto the ladder and watch the explosion as the helicopter continues to fly away.

The Grindin' & Piece of cake are also earned during this mission so be sure to view it below for more details.

Completing the console section on first attempt.

Late in the mission Atlas Falls after taking out the machine gunners you will need to shut down the water by taking control of three bar meters. You will need to keep these bars in the middle by using your left analog stick to go up or down without going into the red. Going into the red will force you to restart the entire mission but yellow is a warning so you will not have to back out if your meters go into yellow. Each time a a water valve gets shut down the screen shakes and the meter fluctuates keep that in mind.

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Piece of cake
Storm the common room and kill everyone without taking damage on veteran.

This must be done on veteran difficulty and don't use your flashbangs or grenades up to this point of the mission.

During the mission Atlas Falls you will use a rappel line to go up onto another platform where your team will breach a door followed up by another door that must be breached. This second door is the opening of the common room and once it is breached your teammate will throw you on your back. Hopefully you haven't used flashbangs or grenades up to this point as you will need them. Throw all your flashbangs in the room followed by your grenades then back away from the line of fire. If you did not kill all the enemies allow your team to finish them off so you don't risk getting hit.

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Into The Deep
Destroy the enemy ship (Complete "Into The Deep" on any difficulty.)

During this mission you will be guided by Keegan while scuba diving just follow his orders and beware of the sharks as they will attack you if you get to close or move fast in their path. There are a few instances where you are in a shootout but do as you normally do by finding cover and use your ascend with or descend with to avoid being out in the open. Also keep up with Keegan since there are multiple areas where debris comes crashing down or exploding that can kill you instantly so if you stick with him you should be safe.

The David & Goliath is also earned during this mission so be sure to view it below for more details.

David & Goliath
Take down the LCS on the first go.

At a point in the mission Into The Deep you must follow Keegan up through a spiral staircase where you grab the torpedo from the roof and send it off shortly taking control of it. Your remote will be in thermal view and you must glide your torpedo with the right analog stick to the red point of origin on the sub.

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End of the Line
Storm the factory (Complete "End of the Line" on any difficulty.)

You will be starting this mission off by doing a jump melee followed by a set of sequences you need to follow your teamates instructions to whom you should kill. This will lead you to download some information off of a computer and your first real shootout of the mission where you are directed to use your thermal since your team threw smoke grenades. Clear this area and head onto the roof where you can use your thermal vision at any time to seek out any enemies that may be hiding in the dark shadows. At the last section of the mission you are jumping down from the rooftop onto the ground killing off the dozen enemies that are awaiting your presence until a truck and open trailer appear where you get on with the help of a teamate and begin getting pursued by vehicles behind you until the destruction prevents anymore enemies from getting through ending the mission.

The Cog in the machine is also earned during this mission so be sure to view it below for more details.

Cog in the machine
Kill 5 enemies without being detected before infiltrating Black Zone.

From the beginning of the mission End of the Line you will want to get as many kills as you can without being detected. The first melee kill counts towards the trophy and if you are not swift enough to kill the following enemies after that your teamates will do it instead so be quick and stealthy. You do not have to crouch the entire time as you can see the enemies for the most part. Your team will provide you with instructions as well so you will know when you need to kill those enemies. If you killed all the possible enemies at this point you can unlock the trophy after the large gate opens with two more enemies standing behind it after killing the enemies by the truck. You can kill enemies after this point just starting from the beginning is easiest.

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Sin City
Plan your next move (Complete "Sin City" on any difficulty.)

This mission begins with a long cinematic with Rorke trying to get some information from Elias but towards the end Rorke disappears and a sniper begins to take out enemies allowing you to pick up a pistol. From here you will be fighting through a hotel where you must push forward and advance or you will most likely run out of ammo as enemies come pushing in during a lot of areas within this mission.

Towards the end of the mission you will exit the hotel having to pick up Riley (the dog) and carry him to safety, yet if you leave him behind you will restart from the last checkpoint. At this time you still must advance forward while shooting helicopters down all at the same time as picking up and putting down Riley. The mission will end once the two last helicopters explode in what seems to be with a couple of shots.

The Jack-pot is also earned during this mission so be sure to view it below for more details.

Destroy 21 slot machines.

In Sin City you will come to the casino floor which is when you begin to see roulette tables and slot machines in addition to waves of enemies. You must fight through these enemies and go down a set of escalators to where numerous slot machines are located. If you move forward and see your team raising a gate for you turn around and the slots are there in that room. Shoot the screens of the slots to destroy them and once you have destroyed those go through the gate and before going down the next staircase look up directly across from you to the next platform and you will see a small set of slots that need to be destroyed as well by taking out their screens.

Video Demonstration

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All or Nothing
Gather the troops (Complete "All or Nothing" on any difficulty.)

You will be fighting off enemies on the flight deck while explosions are popping off as well as helicopters coming inbound dropping off more enemies before taking control of the Osprey when you shoot down your target with rockets or machine gun . You will need to run to a new area of the deck where you need to shoot down the helicopters and Osprey. Once you shoot down the main objective you will be running back across the flight deck as debris is crashing down towards the ocean and the ship is sinking leading you to hop into a helicopter.

The End of your rope is also earned during this mission so be sure to view it below for more details.

End of your rope
Cut a grappling hook rope with enemy on it.

Towards the beginning of the mission End of the Rope your objective will be to clear the flight deck, do this then meet up with Hesh who you will follow after picking up the Osprey control rig. At this point you will see your team shooting down towards the boats in the water with the occasional grappling hook being caught up on the rails. When you see these ropes walk over to them and you will be directed on screen to press in addition to Hesh telling you to cut the rope.

Video Demonstration

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Severed Ties
Destroy the Federation's satellite array (Complete "Severed Ties" on any difficulty.)

You will begin with a short cinematic scene followed up by driving and shooting the tanks HE rounds and guided missiles at other tanks and helicopters. You will soon switch over to take control of the machine gun on the helicopter where you will jump out with Hesh to activate the silo missile and escape to the train. You will finish off the mission by going back into the tank and foot once your tank becomes out of commission.

The Fly-by-wire is also earned during this mission so be sure to view it below for more details.

Take out helicopters with remote missile 3/3.

Shortly after taking out the first line of tanks in Severed Ties you will be directed to press to switch to guided missiles once you see this proceed by pressing and hit three helicopters in a row.

Press to shoot the missile than when in guided mode is to detonate and is to accelerate.

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Commandeer the enemy space station. (Complete "Loki" on any difficulty.)

This is a very short mission that has you going through outerspace with to ascend and to descend. You will encounter a few shootouts during the mission so be sure to find so cover as you advance ahead. Once you reach the designated spot you plant a a small c4 charge blowing up the cover where 4 enemies are hiding out protecting the missile rod control panel take them out to take control of the targeting rods and then kill off the enemies that are marked with yellow/orange markers while being in control of the missile rods.

The They look like ants is also earned during this mission so be sure to view it below for more details.

They look like ants
Destroy all enemy ground targets and kill no allies with the rods.

At the end of the mission Loki you will be directed to shoot missile rods down onto the surface where it will show you the blast radius of what you will be targeting. Use to shoot the missile rods down onto the enemies which are yellow/orange borders without hitting your allies presented in blue markers. Be careful as the troops are moving so you do not want to come close to your allies with the blast radius. If at any time you feel or hear that you killed off any of your allies hit the options or start button and restart from last checkpoint.

Destroy the enemies closest to your allies first.

Video Demonstration

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The Ghost Killer
Confront Rorke (Complete "The Ghost Killer" on any difficulty.)

This is the final mission where you are running up to the front of the train to catch Rorke. You will come in contact with numerous enemies which can be a struggle to kill them since the train is moving making parts of the train get in the way at times. Towards the middle of the mission a helicopter comes to the side of the train making this the hardest part of the mission where you must kill the enemies on the outside or put a lot of rounds into the helicopter itself without dying.

Shortly after the helicopters you will jump down to breach a door with a slow motion sequence be sure to shoot the enemies and ahead is Rorke who will shoot Hesh making him drop his weapon and then you will see the missile rods from the Loki mission come crashing down destroying the train. You will now grab onto Hesh and swim to the surface and then you drag him up onto a rock. Again Rorke will appear to give you the games final cinematic.

The Tickets please is also earned during this mission so be sure to view it below for more details.

Tickets please
Shoot the grapple guys off the side of the train.

During The Ghost Killer mission you will have helicopters flying next to the train shooting at you as you are attempting to find Rorke. Once those helicopters disappear begin sprinting with until you see the 4 enemies climbing to the top of the train from the sides. You will want to kill them and in order to do that you need to get there quickly and shoot them before they reach the top of the train. You won't have to kill all 4 but pause the game after doing so and if you do not unlock the trophy restart from the last checkpoint.

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Collect all 18 Rorke files.

There are a total of 18 Rorke files within the campaign, 1 in each mission. A Rorke file is displayed as a laptop with a green screen and in order to collect it you must hold when directed on screen. Once a file has been collected the game will save allowing you to quit and back out by pressing the "options" button then quitting.

File # Location & Video Guide
Ghost Stories 1
Found once you arrive back on land after the space station segment. Stay on the right side of the mission into the second house with the car parked in the driveway and inside on the ground will be the laptop.

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Brave New World 2 Once you have gotten your ride to the FOB head up the staircase where Hesh and Elias is and the file will be on the desk as you enter the room.

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No Man's Land 3 After killing off the enemies that rush through the door from Riley’s attack you will follow a trail in the woods as you kill off enemies. Continuing you will come to a large tractor trailer with a building to the right. Enter this building and you will the laptop on the desk.

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Struck Down 4
This will be in the locker room you breach with Keegan directly after you follow him when he lights a flare. After the slow motion breach is done with turn left and the file will be placed inside a locker area.

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Homecoming 5
From the start of the mission go through the large tent area in from of you following Hesh in a building on the left side. Before going up the stairs go around the corner on the left and the laptop will be placed on some sandbags.

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Legends Never Die 6
Directly after being told to kill an enemy with Rorke as he grabs a hatchet from an emergency station you will have to cross what is now a bridge from the flood. The bridge will break off forcing you to run to the other side where the file is on the left.

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Federation Day 7
Found directly after torching through the window from rappelling, continue straight and left to an open room where you will find the laptop on the desk of a cubicle.

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Birds of Prey 8
At the very end of the mission you and your team will go through a set of doors where Rorke is leaning up again a desk, behind him is the file. You must get this one quickly as the mission will end automatically shortly after entering that room.

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The Hunted 9
Following the path in order to advance in the mission you will come to see your teamates by way of blue dots on the heartbeat sensor radar when this occurs go to the far left and you should see a water fall. Near the waterfall on the left side is the file.

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Clockwork 10
When the lights turn out and you must turn on your night-vision goggles continue moving straight until you need to hop over a desk structure which has "structure 2" text on both sides.

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Atlas Falls 11
After clearing the common room you and your team will open another door with a by-stander which Merrick grabs ahold of. To the right is the laptop just pass the open door.

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Into The Deep 12
After shooting the torpedo you will swim through another boat with a truck/jeep that is placed on the left side just continue moving ahead and you should see the laptop straight ahead.

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End Of The Line 13
When you are directed to press to use your camera ignore this and go down the stairs and turn around for the file sitting slightly to the right.

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Sin City 14
After fighting through enemies while going down to sets of stairs your teamate will raise a door after you go through this door turn left and the file will be on a table.

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All Or Nothing 15
Once you pick up Elias's mask turn around and look for the bright light on the left side on the floor between the bunks and walk over to it and you will see the No Exit sign on the hatch door, look on the bunks for the file.

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Severed Ties 16
When you activate the missile silo wait for Hesh to open the double doors down the stairs behind you and head to the right then into the office to the left where the file will be on a desk.

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Loki 17
After eliminating the first set of enemies and the few that come out of the hatch a fuel explosion will happen sending you floating wait until you stop and through a oval opening there will be an orange solar panel to the left proceed to that mark and look at the base for the file.

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Ghost Killer 18 Turn around from the beginning of the mission and to the right of the jeeps on a toolbox is the last file.

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No Man Left
Escape with all four players.

Please refer to Sprinter above for more details.

Reach the exfil chopper with 1 minute and 30 seconds or more remaining on the clock.

In order to have he opportunity to reach the exfil you must reach the cabin area and destroy all the hives before having to go to a specified marker starting the clock which is set to 4 minutes so you have that amount of time to reach the helicopter back at the beginning however to earn the trophy you must make it into the blinking circle with 1:30 minutes remaining to earn the Sprinter .

Keep your money on you as you will need it to purchase perks along the way as you come in contact with plenty of enemies on your way back including rhinos. If you use money on your Feral Instincts perk it will allow you to run faster and see where the enemies are. This comes in handy to keep running without having to slow down.

If you are doing this with four people you all should place some turrets around the area that will attack the enemies that way you will be earning money as you continue in addition to have a somewhat safe route with less to deal with before any of you activate the countdown.

All but 1 extinction trophy can be earned while playing solo and the one that you must play online for is No Man Left as you will need to have 4 people playing at once and locally you can only get 2 players going at once.

Made it Out Alive
Escape 1st time.

Please refer to Sprinter above for more details.

Complete all challenges and escape.

Each game of Extinction will have 12 challenges, 1 for each drill that is placed down. From the moment you or your teammates put the drill down a new challenge will appear and you will have until the hive has been destroyed to complete the challenge. Every game is random with the challenges and the order in which they can be given so be aware of what you need to do and the locations of where certain weapons are.

If you decide to play solo it does decrease the amount of enemies that need to be killed before the hive is destroyed. If you decide to play with a team try using headsets as it will help out tremendously if someone gets in trouble or needs some ammo, armor, or any other perk.

If one challenge goes without completion you will fail to meet the requirements.

Some of the various challenges are:

Use only melee attacks to damage the aliens. (First Hive only) Keep shot accuracy at 50% or higher until the hive is destroyed.
Don't take any damage from the aliens. (First Hive only) Keep shot accuracy at 75% or higher until the hive is destroyed.
Don't bleed out until the hive is destroyed. (Co-op only) Don't go into final stand until the hive is destroyed.
Protect a random player from going into final stand. (Co-op only) Kill 10 aliens using Traps.
Kill 10 aliens using Turrets. Kill 10 aliens using Propane Tanks.
Kill 25 aliens while prone. Kill 25 aliens using Pistols before the hive is destroyed.
Kill 25 aliens using SMGs before the hive is destroyed. Kill 25 aliens using Shotguns before the hive is destroyed. (15 aliens on Solo)
Kill 25 aliens using Sniper Rifles before the hive is destroyed. (15 aliens on Solo) Kill 5 Scouts with melee damage before the hive is destroyed.
Kill 25 aliens using LMGs before the hive is destroyed. (15 aliens on Solo) Kill 5 aliens while they are in the air before the hive is destroyed. (3 aliens on Solo)
Find and kill the Leper in 30 seconds. Kill a Scorpion with melee damage before the hive is destroyed.
Don't reload for 90 seconds. Don't spend any money for 2 minutes.
Don't use any abilities for 90 seconds. Do not take any damage from exploding Seeker aliens until the hive is destroyed.
Spend $10,000 before the hive is destroyed. ($6,000 on Solo) Spend $15,000 before the hive is destroyed. (Last Hive only)
Spend $20,000 before the hive is destroyed. (Last Hive only) Keep the drill health at 50 or higher until the hive is destroyed.

Cabin Fever
Made it to the cabin.

You will need to have reached the city in order to get to the cabin as it is the third and final section needed to complete the game mode. You will have to use the drill to destroy the 4 hives in the city before destroying the fifth and final barrier before moving into the cabin area. Once you do complete the city and move into the cabin area be ready to go up against a Rhino or two.

City Dweller
Made it to the city.

At the start of the Extinction you are given a drill to place down and destroy a hive, the drill can be damaged so you will need to fend off any enemies attacking the drill. You will have to destroy four hives before reaching the firth and final barrier. Once destroyed you will have earned this trophy. The city is the 2nd section of Extinction so you still have a ways to go before completing it.

Any Means necessary
Get 50 kills with the electric fence and fire traps in a single game.

In each area of Extinction there are two types of traps, electric fences and fire traps that are used sparingly compared to the electric traps. The electric fence cost $500 while the fire trap cost $750-1000 considering where you are located. The electric fences run electricity through fences through a certain area and the fire barrels explode across a plain so any enemy that goes through the fire will have immediately catch on fire.

It's best to choose the engineer class since their is an ability to make the traps last longer and cause more damage. This can be done in the first area you come to without having to pass the first barrier leading into the city. There is an electric fence that you can lead the enemies to over and over again without even having to drill after the first hive since they will respawn and come after you, however this method will take much longer and you will need to melee the enemies to make additional money making it harder.

Trash Picker
Scavenge 40 items in a single game.

Items that can be scavenged are boxes and bags that are highlighted in blue. Once scavenged they will not be available anymore and every new game they are placed within the random locations.

This is easier done solo unless you're boosting so you can tell/ask your boosting partners not to scavenge any of the items. It would be best if you wait until you got to the cabin area before going around looking for the item so you will not be attacked by anymore enemies. If you place the drill down enemies will come and if you choose to carry it around no enemies will spawn so keep that in mind. Once all 40 items have been obtained the trophy will pop so you do not need to complete the game for this trophy.

Scavenged items consist of:

Ammo Clip
Stun Ammo
Incendiary Ammo
Explosive Ammo
Two Semtex grenades
Armor Piercing Ammo
Two Canister Bombs
One Hypno Knife
Two Claymores
One Flare
Two Bouncing Betties
One Trophy
Muzzle Brake
Red Dot Sight
ACOG Scope
Rapid Fire
Thermal Hybrid Scope
Burst Fire

Throttled Escape
Escape using a relic.

You will not be able to use a relic until you prestige which is rank 30 then you automatically get sent back to rank 1 keeping your gear that you unlocked along the way. Next time you enter a game of Extinction you are able to apply one of the 5 relics. These relics can be added or removed from the loadout screen and the purpose of them is to make the game harder to complete.

The five relics are:
  • Relic 1 - Take more damage from aliens

  • Relic 2 - Pistols only

  • Relic 3 - Limited wallet/Max 3000K

  • Relic 4 - No class selection available

  • Relic 5 - Inflict less damage on the aliens
Each one has its downs but the limited wallet seemed to be the easiest to earn the trophy with and you spend a lot of money in any situation and it's a good idea to try and get this done while playing with three other players.

You will need to have a relic equipped from the beginning to completion in order to earn this trophy.

Complete round 20 in safeguard.

To enter a game of Safeguard you need to enter "Squads" from the Main Menu then choose how you would like to play whether it be online, local, or multiplayer followed by the Safeguard game mode.

Safeguard can be played with up to 4 players vs. AI. There two game modes in which you can play (safeguard & safeguard infinite) but in either one your are required to complete round 20 which regular safeguard ends afterward and infinite mode does not. You can also join a game that is later in the rounds and still earn the trophy if you get lucky enough. Playing with 3 other players is your best bet as it will increase your chances in completing round 20.

The objective is to kill off the waves of enemies each round with special drops and weapons in between the rounds to help increase the likelihood of you staying alive. Pick up and use perks that come and glowing items as they will boost armor, reload ammo, shield, etc. You will want to find an area of the map that provides a lot of cover so you will not be shot in the open and have a great chance to see the opposition coming towards you.

Also go out and pick up loot at the end of each round, however if you are playing in a multiplayer game be sure to leave some good equipment behind for those that need it.

You've earned it
Earn the mask. Finish the campaign on Veteran.

Veteran difficulty is already unlocked so you will not need to playthrough the campaign multiple times thus saving you a lot of time if you do it from the beginning, however if you are not comfortable come back to this difficulty when you are ready.

Playing on Veteran difficulty is much easier than the previous game in the franchise, however if you have not played those you will not have much to worry about as there are only a few spots that may provide enough frustration for rage.

Some tips that may help you are:
  • Switch your pistol out as soon as possible by killing an enemy and picking up there weapon while having your pistol equipped or by picking up one at an ammo crate.
  • Switching weapons instead of reloading actually helps and provides quickness when in battle.
  • When you have control of Riley definitely use him to your advantage by having him attack frequently.
  • Be sure to always find and use cover not concealment to protect you from being shot and taking damage which ultimately in the end kills you quickly.
  • Sitting back after taking damage will regenerate your health so when in cover you can pop up and down as long as your health is regenerated.
  • Advance ahead as soon you can to better your position and get extra help from your teammates.
  • Quick aim, this can be done by using . When you see an enemy hold it and the crosshairs will be directed over them granted you have your weapon pointed in the right direction. This is great for groups of enemies since it conserves spraying the ammo and ensures you are actually hitting a target.
**This can be done via mission select if you have completed the campaign already on a lower difficulty.**


Thanks to Pancake Model for all banners and images used within this guide.
Thanks to PS4 Trophies for the video tutorials used within the guide.
Thanks to WikiGameGuides for the Rorke File Videos.

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