Players: 1-2 (Local Co-op)
Online Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 10-20 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Junior Statesman, Career Politician, & World Leader.
Missable Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • First and foremost, know that this game will freeze and/or crash on you. The Developers have said they are working on a patch to fix the issues. It crashed or froze on me upwards of 30 times while completing the game.
  • Try to recruit the Yoga Instructor as early as possible. She requires you to level all your recruited citizens to level 20, so naturally having less citizens to level is beneficial to your time spent.
  • The Gardner's Nature's Boon skill gives the entire party Health Regeneration. This is quite beneficial to your team as it will give your entire party a chunk of hp back after every turn.
  • The School Mascot's Rouse the Troops skill gives an EXP boost to the entire party. This is self-explanatory as to why it helps you.
  • The Photographer's Duplicate skill will duplicate an enemy, so you will have more enemies to battle and receive EXP from. Also your EXP bonus at the end of the round for fighting more than one enemy will increase with each use.
  • I found Mother's Scold skill to be particularly helpful as it causes 2x DEF Down.
  • Get to know what enemies in the area are weak to, and use a citizen that attacks with that element.
  • Try and keep 1 citizen in your party a lot, they will continue to level up and be able to defeat just about anyone.
  • The Pilot's talent is to transport you to helipad's, this can help save a lot of time.
  • The Car Salesman's talent is to let you drive his car around (while on roads). This speeds things up immensely.


Step 1: Complete the story
For this step you will complete the main story line and this will unlock many citizens for you, as well as complete many requirements for unlocking others. Along the way if you stop and recruit some others, that works too. I would also attempt to grab the Yoga Instructor as early as possible to lighten the burden of her requirements. For this step you should earn the following trophies:
  • Junior Statesman
  • Intelligence Network
  • Golbetrotter
  • Crisis Averted
Step 2: Finish recruiting all Citizens
For this step you will grind out recruiting the remaining citizens. This should earn you the following trophies:
  • Career Politician
  • World Leader
Step 3: Complete the side assignments
Ah, the glorious cleanup step. To finish up, you will need to level up some citizens and complete their side assignments. These include the Photographer, the Cop, the Teacher, and the Exterminator. When you finish this step you will earn the following trophies and have 100%:
  • No Citizen Left Behind
  • New Sheriff in Town
  • Roll Up Your Sleeves
  • Paparazzi


Junior Statesman
Recruit 5 citizens

This will unlock after recruiting your first 5 citizens.

For more information, please refer to World Leader.

Career Politician
Recruit 25 citizens

This will unlock after recruiting your first 25 citizens.

For more information, please refer to World Leader.

World Leader
Recruit all 40 citizens

This trophy will unlock after you recruit all 40 citizens. This list is in the order in which they appear in your tablet, from left to right.

Name Location Talent How to Recruit
Brother Hometown > Your House He can order items for you through FedUPs
  • Open his present
  • Thank him
Mother Hometown > Your House Motherly Advice
  • Get her attention (Shut off the TV).
Conspiracy Guy Hometown > Moonbucks Almanac of all enemies defeated
  • Obtain 3 pieces of evidence (dropped from Java Beans wandering around Hometown).
  • Get him out of prison at the police station.
Baker Hometown > Bakery Can bake you items if in his bakery
  • Enter the Bakery to see the Opposition Leader demanding baked goods
  • The Baker will be afraid of losing his prized baked good
  • Once you defeat Opposition Leader, come back and speak to the Baker. He will then join you.
Barista Hometown > Moonbucks Can sell you coffee if in a Moonbucks
  • Enter the Moonbucks and speak to the Barista
  • She will say she cannot leave without more Special Blend
  • Complete the main assignment by traveling to Mount Pom-Pom and getting the key to the back room
  • Enter the backroom, and battle a Decaffitator who will speak to you prior to battle, it will eventually use a move forcing you to purchase a Special Blend for $50
  • Speak to the Barista with the Special Blend
Bodybuilder Hometown > Gym Can move heavy objects from your path Beat him in a lifting contest...
  • Inspect the barbells to notice the sticky notes
  • Speak to him and ask about the sticky notes
  • Take both sticky notes off
  • Replace them on the opposite barbells
  • Challenge him
  • When it's time to pose, go around behind the mirrors at the top of the room
Handyman Hometown > Apartments Can open broken doors
  • You'll have to defeat the Heckevator until it spits you out on the 4th floor. Then just speak to him.
Cop Hometown > Police Station Allows access to Wanted Posters from anywhere
  • See New Sheriff in Town
Gardener Hedgemaze Can prune away thorny bushes blocking paths
  • When you enter into the Hedgemaze, follow these directions fully until you can not continue in that direction.
  • Down
  • Right
  • Down
  • Left
  • Down
  • Left
  • Down
  • Right
  • Up
  • Next, simply speak to the Gardener.
Architect Capital City > Architects Office Can build bridges to allow access to new places
  • After the Hometown Moonbucks took off, hire the Architect to rebuild it for $1000.
  • Once it is complete, go check our her handiwork and speak to her.
Lifeguard Crystal Beach > Shoreline Allows you to travel underwater to Seabottom, Lake Pom-Pom, & Timber Lake You have to get rid of the squid that is blocking the bridge.
  • Turn on the lighthouse in the middle of the Crystal Beach map by climbing the cliffs from the east.
  • Speak to Lifeguard and head underwater
  • Defeat the squid in battle in Seabottom (northeast).
School Mascot Hometown > Outside School Can change the difficulty (albeit with penalties)
  • Once you get the Recruitment quest from him, the School Spirit will begin appearing randomly in battles. Chip away at it's health over a few battles (it will flee quickly after appearing, however it's health remains where it was left).
  • Once you defeat the School Spirit, speak to the Mascot and he will join the team.
Camp Counsellor Camp Koo-Koo Entrance Can change recruits names
  • Complete 20 Challenges. I had this done by the time I found him.
Sushi Chef Hometown > Sushi Restaurant Will sell you Sushi if your are in his restaurant
  • Speak to him to get his quest, he will ask for 5 pieces of fresh sushi.
  • While in Seabottom, defeat enemies to get a random drop of Fresh Sushi.
  • Once you have 5, quickly head to the Sushi Restaurant and speak to the Sushi Chef.
  • You must make haste with the Fresh Sushi, as it will spoil after some time.
Teacher Hometown > School Will tutor your recruits for $ so they gain EXP
  • See No Citizen Left Behind
Photographer Hometown > Just outside Your House Allows access to Scavenger Hunts
  • See Paparazzi
Car Salesman Crystal Beach Allows you to drive a car instead of walking while on a road
  • Speak to him and he will challenge you to a race
  • Press to boost your speed. This will cost energy however.
  • To replenish your energy, simply slam into any of the other cars and defeat it in battle.
  • Finish 1st in the race, then speak to him.
Homeless Guy Capital City > Northwest by some dumpsters Allows you to search through trash for items
  • When you find him, speak to him and he will ask for money.
  • Give him $5.
  • Give him $5.
  • Give him $100.
Gambler Casino Canyon > Casino Management room Allows you to gamble at the high stakes tables at Casino Canyon
  • Complete High Roller assignment
  • Pay off his debt ($5000)
Pharmacist Hometown > Pharmacy Will sell you pharmaceuticals if in his Pharmacy
  • Speak to him at the Pharmacy, you will need to wait for him to finish his miracle diet pill.
  • Later on, you can find him at the Bistro as a Fat Pharmacist.
  • Speak to him to find out you need a Delicious Treat.
  • Head to the Hometown Bakery to take the prized donut.
  • Return to Fat Pharmacist and speak with him to initiate a battle.
  • Simply Flee the battle roughly 10-12 times and Pharmacist will thin out and be recruited.
Programmer Grasslands > Eden Industries Allows you to travel through the Internet to other locations with a Computer
  • Speak to him to find out he is battling Viruses inside the Internet.
  • Enter the Internet and head up, defeating Viruses.
  • Eventually you will see the programmer walk by.
  • Defeat the Viruses trailing him and he will join you.
Captain Camp Koo-Koo Above the Cookie Factory Allows you to ride Ogopogo and sail on the water. Must sail from a dock
  • Speak to him and he will want you to defeat the Ogopogo.
  • Initiate the battle with the Ogopogo on the dock next to him in Camp Koo-Koo.
  • Defeat the Ogopogo and speak to Captain.
Musician Grasslands > Eden Industries Can change the music
  • Speak to him at Eden Industries.
  • Complete his mini-game, it is a DDR/Guitar Hero type game. You will need to match the direction when they arrive in the target square.
  • You need 80,000 points, once you go over you can stop and let time run out.
Yoga Instructor Hometown > Gym Allows you to reallocate your stats
  • Speak to her to attain her assignment.
  • Level all of your recruited citizens to level 20.
  • Speak to her and she will join.
  • (I recommend doing this early so you have less citizens to level).
Cat Lady Various Will show you pictures of cats around the world with treasure nearby them.
  • Locate her 5 cats in the world.
  1. Fluffles - Mount Pom-Pom
  2. Boots - Hedgemaze
  3. Tiger - Big Steppe
  4. Princess - Whisperwood
  5. Mr. Whiskerton - The Oasis
Psychologist Hometown > Residence 3rd Floor Allows you to travel through the Dream World
  • Speak to him and he will want to perform Sleep Therapy on you, say yes.
  • You will be transported to the Dream World, speak to all 3 people there (Brother, Opposition Leader, & the President).
  • Mother will appear, speak to her.
  • Speak to Brother.
  • Speak to Mother again.
  • Speak to the President and tell him you were looking for him.
  • Speak to Mother again.
  • Speak to Opposition Leader and tell him you were looking for him.
  • Speak to Mother again, you will wake up and Psychologist will join you.
Artist Various Can show you concept Art for the game
  • Speak to him and will want you to culture yourself by viewing 5 paintings by him:
  1. Office Building -
  2. Residence -
  3. Capitol Building -
  4. School -
  5. Capital Hotel -
Exterminator Appleton Allows you access to the Extermination missions
  • See Roll Up Your Sleeves
Pilot Grasslands > Drive-In Allows you to fly to locations with a Helipad
  • Drive a car (Car Salesman Talent) into the movie screen.
  • Complete the mini-game.
  • You will need to destroy the city as a giant to gain points.
  • Focus on the buildings mostly with the other items filling in the spaces.
Scientist Whisperwood Cemetery Allows you to shift the time of day in the game
  • Speak to her in the Wisperwood Cemetery.
  • She'll want you to return during a Thunderstorm.
  • Speak to her during one and she'll say she made a mistake and you must help her defeat the undead.
  • Defeat them all and return to her, she will join you.
Weather Lady Various Allows you to change the weather
  • Speak to her, she will say something about finding people without an umbrella when it rains
  • She will randomly appear to you at some point when it is thunder storming out and join your party.
Alien Big Steppe > Crashsite near the NW corner Allows you access to the VR Arena from your tablet
  • After you complete the story, simply find him and speak to him.
Secretary Various Allows you to access New Game +
  • After you complete the story, simply find him and speak to him.
Superfan Various Allows you access to Player Cards made for each of your Recruits
  • Speak to her once you have 20 citizens recruited and she will join you.
Farmer Grasslands Can combine items for you to make other items
  • Will join you as part of the main story.
  • Speak to her in Grasslands to initiate.
  • You will have to solve the crop circle problem.
  • Wait for night and Moo.F.O's will appear, defeat them all.
  • She will send you to Appleton to do the same thing.
  • Once completed, speak to her again.
Plumber Flushmoor Can pick up items from the swamps of Flushmoor and hold them for you
  • Find him standing in the swamp in Flushmoor.
  • Collect 10 pieces of flotsam around Flushmoor.
  • Speak to him.
Firefighter Flushmoor > Flooded Building Allows you to Escape from buildings and other indoor areas
  • Head inside the Flooded Building.
  • Inside each level there will be a pump to activate.
  • Continue heading down until you come across her.
  • Speak to her and she will join.
Bartender Hometown > Soda Shoppe Allows you to purchase Soda from him if in his Soda Shoppe.
  • Speak to him inside the Soda Shoppe.
  • He will challenge you to a mini-game.
  • You must continue mashing while the bar is active. But you will lose points when pressing while the bar is red.
  • As you drain the bar down each level the rate at which the bar turns red increases. However, so does the points you gain.
  • Learn the intervals for the level you are on and it should be no problem.
  • Once you reach the 50,000 needed you can simply stop and let time run out.
  • Speak to him when finished and he will join.
Beekeeper Appleton Farms Allows you to zoom in or out, giving you a Bees-eye view
  • Speak with her and she will ask you to locate her Bees:
  1. Hometown
  2. Junkyard
  3. Hedgemaze
  4. Panjama Island
  5. Casino Canyon
  6. Wellspring Oasis
Photon Wellspring Desert > Moonbucks Can speed up or slow down time
  • As part of Chapter V, the Guru will ask you to retrieve the Artifact from the Hippies in Sugarflats.
  • Once you do so, you can enter the Moonbucks in the Desert again.
  • Head immediately left into the small rectangular hole in the floor.
  • Then head north to find a second glowing orb thing. Speak to it and the 2 Artifacts will join together to form Photon and it will join you.

The locations listed are not always the only place to recruit the citizen listed, rather than the location I recruited them. I would say about half of them must be recruited in a specific location, while the others can be recruited wherever once you complete their recruitment assignment.

Enclosed in the spoiler is an image of the tablet with all Recruits attained:

Toggle Spoiler

Intelligence Network
Find 100 treasures

For this trophy you must simply pick up 100 pieces of treasure.

They can either be plain old items left around the world (like the Dirty Socks in your bedroom when you first started), or the treasure chests scattered around ().

When you recruit the Homeless Guy, you can use him to pick through trash for you as well to attain more treasure.

Anything that shows up on the map as a small yellow circle is considered treasure.

Discover 30 locations

To get this trophy you will need to discover 30 unique locations in the game.

This is not all too difficult, I got this right after recruiting my 5th citizen, about an hour into the game. Simply go in every house and building you see. That, combined with exploring different outside areas should have you in 30 locations in no time.

Crisis Averted
Defeat the Secretary Supreme

This trophy is Story Related and can not be missed.

Once you complete Chapter 6, you will notice things are not returning to normal. Now that you know that it is not the Aliens who are behind the chaos, you must find out who it is.

Head to Southern Hometown from your house and then to the small alcove where the Beekeeper was and you will see that it was your Secretary who was behind everything. He will say some things and take off in his large mechanical suit.

Follow him to behind to school and walk up to initiate battle.

The Secretary Supreme is in no way a difficult battle. He does a lot of damage and has a lot of health, but should not pose too much of a problem. I would provide tips, but you should not need them. Use your strongest party members and keep smacking away at him until his health reaches 0.

He will then come out of the suit and say that there is no way to stop it, as the suit runs on sadness and anger. The VP himself will step forward to do battle with this blue orb that comes down. Obviously, you can not do much damage with this weakling. So you pretty much watch cutscenes where your citizens and others give you encouragement to weaken the blue orb. After a while the orb will be defeated and you will complete the game. The trophy should unlock during the credits.

No Citizen Left Behind
Enroll 9 citizens simultaneously in School

To attain this trophy you must have 9 different citizens enrolled in school at the same time.

To do this there are a few requirements you must complete first:
  • You must first recruit the Teacher
  • You must have enough citizens recruited to enroll
  • You must level up the Teachers skill points to Max to unlock enough spots
  • You must have at minimum $900
I'll tackle these requirements one at a time:

To unlock the teacher you must first locate him. It does not matter where you recruit him, but you can first find him at Moonbucks, followed by the school in Hometown. When you attempt to recruit him, he'll want to make sure you are studious. Answer his questions correctly and he will join you.

Question Answer
Economics: How much does a Bun cost at the Bakery? $15
Architecture: How many exterior doors are there in the Capital? 18
Anatomy: How much health does a Bubble Bee have? 18
Social Studies: Where does your brother work? FedUPs
Geography: What island nation is south of the Capital? Panjama
Psychology: Where does the plumber find items that were washed down the pipes? Flushmoor
Once you answer all of his questions correctly, he will join you.

Having enough citizens won't be a problem for you, as you'll need to recruit all 40 of them for World Leader.

Likewise, having $900 will not be a problem as you need to pick up 100 treasures for Intelligence Network. Also, I did not find the need to purchase anything really, other than items necessary to recruit citizens or progress in the story.

Finally, you must make sure the Teacher has maximum skill. To start, Teacher will only have 3 slots to tutor citizens with, once his Skill level is 2 he will unlock 3 more spots, and when you max it at level 3 he will gain the last 3. To level up a citizens skill, they must participate in battle. You can not use the Auto-Battle feature. They will gain experience from the Auto-Battle feature, however they will not gain skill experience. If you level up a character plainly through battles and not through Auto-Battle, you will attain maximum skill at about level 22.

Now that all those requirements are out of the way, we can complete this trophy. Open your tablet, select Talent then select the 9 citizens to enroll in school. There are a few options to select:

How Long Price Amount of EXP
15 minutes $100 100
1 Hour $1,000 1,000
10 Hours $10,000 10,000
So for the matter of this trophy, you can stick all 9 citizens in for $100 each as that is your cheapest option. It does not matter if some are at varying prices.

New Sheriff in Town
Complete all Wanted Poster quests

To attain this trophy you must complete all 9 of the Wanted Poster assignments. These are available to you from the Cop. However, you must level the Cops skill to maximum in order to attain the 2nd and 3rd tiers of assignments.

To level up a citizens skill, they must participate in battle. You can not use the Auto-Battle feature. They will gain experience from the Auto-Battle feature, however they will not gain skill experience. If you level up a character plainly through battles and not through Auto-Battle, you will attain maximum skill at about level 22. Also, sending the Cop to school through the teacher will not work either. She must participate in battle.

To recruit the Cop, you must first Solve the strange behavior around town. To do this you must complete Chapter 1 and have Moonbucks blast off. Once that is complete, head over to the police station. She will be there behind the counter and when you attempt to recruit her you will need to defeat some Police Officers beforehand. First you will fight 1, then 2, then 3 of the Police Officers. Finally you will battle the Cop herself. Once you defeat her she will join your team.

After you level up the Cops skill level to maximum, you can complete all of her Wanted Poster Assignments. To begin, go into your tablet and select Talent then Cop. Next, select all 9 Wanted Poster Assignments so that they are active for you to complete. For the Wanted Poster Assignments, you must head to the location provided in your tablet under Secondary Assignments, then speak to your target. They will have a Secondary Assignment bubble over their head (Pink bubble with "!!!" inside). Simply defeat them and you will complete the assignment.

Name Location
Queasy Bee Mount Pom-Pom
Madam Clam Under Lake Pom-Pom
Moody Foody Capital City
Shadow Monster Forbidden Highway Tunnel
Toastergeist Whisperwood
Green-ish Goblin Camp Koo-Koo
Dunesday Device Wellspring Desert
Deepsea Manager Timber Lake
The Jester In the Dream World
Enclosed in the spoiler below is a screenshot of the tablet showing all 9 of the criminals in the Wanted Poster Assignments:

Toggle Spoiler

Roll Up Your Sleeves
Complete all Extermination quests

To attain this trophy you must complete all 9 of the Extermination assignments. These are available to you from the Exterminator. However, you must level the Exterminators skill to maximum in order to attain the 2nd and 3rd tiers of assignments.

To level up a citizens skill, they must participate in battle. You can not use the Auto-Battle feature. They will gain experience from the Auto-Battle feature, however they will not gain skill experience. If you level up a character plainly through battles and not through Auto-Battle, you will attain maximum skill at about level 22. Also, sending the Exterminator to school through the teacher will not work either. She must participate in battle.

To recruit the Exterminator you can find her in various places, but she will tell you to find her in Appleton. Once you find her in Appleton you will have to help her get rid of the pests in Appleton. You will be in this field with an apple tree in the middle. There will be little bugs coming from several directions towards it, you will have to stomp on the bugs by walking over them or using the charge (). I'm not quite sure what the overall objective is from this mini-game, as I failed it several times only to randomly succeed while doing nothing different.

Once the Exterminator is recruited and leveled up to maximum skill, you can complete all her Extermination Assignments. First, make sure you go into the tablet, select Talent, then the Exterminator. Next, be sure to select all 9 of her Assignments so that they are active.

For the Extermination Assignments you not only have to defeat a certain number of a specific enemy, but you must collect a specific item from said enemies as well. Due to this I recommend attempting to fight a single one of the enemies each time. This was you will be guaranteed an item, and only need to battle 1 enemy at a time, speeding up the process.

Name of Assignment
Item to Collect
The Drive-In Let's All Go to the Lobby... 10 Popcorn Kernals
Capital City (Apartments) Renter's Remorse 10 Buggy Bodies
Seabottom Urchin for a Fight 15 Urchin Goo
Junkyard Caffeine Crash 10 Decaffitator Scraps
10 Cappuccinerd Hats
Flushmoor Swamp Things 12 Shiny Thoraxes
Sugarflats The Good, The Bad, The Thuggly! 10 Thuggly Feathers
Panjama Jungle First Rule of Bright Club 15 Brightbug Whisker
Camp Koo-Koo Lakeside Warfare 10 Flying Fish Wings
Lake Pom-Pom Get Jiggy with It 15 Jigglyfish Goo
Enclosed in the spoiler is a screenshot of the tablet, showing you the Exterminator's Extermination Assignments, and the area in which you will find the enemies:

Toggle Spoiler

Complete all Photography quests

To attain this trophy you must complete all 9 of the Photography assignments. These are available to you from the Photographer. However, you must level the Photographer skill to maximum in order to attain the 2nd and 3rd tiers of assignments.

To level up a citizens skill, they must participate in battle. You can not use the Auto-Battle feature. They will gain experience from the Auto-Battle feature, however they will not gain skill experience. If you level up a character plainly through battles and not through Auto-Battle, you will attain maximum skill at about level 22. Also, sending the Photographer to school through the teacher will not work either. She must participate in battle.

First things first, we must recruit the Photographer so she is in your team to level up. The Photographer will more than likely be the first citizen you speak to other than Brother and Mother, as she is standing right outside your house. If you attempt to recruit her, she will say she needs t ofollow up on some stories first. In order for her to complete said assignments, you must locate the scenes:

Cars in a lake - If you head up into Mount Pom-Pom and then head Northeast, you will come to a small lake with 4 cars in it. Some of the cars will form a bridge. If you cross the car bridge the Photographer will appear and take a picture.

Light projection's impact on the shipping industry - For this one you will need to head to the helipad in Crystal Beach. Once there, simply head south toward the cliff and she will appear to take a picture.

Next you must return to her and speak to her and she will join you.

Now on to the Photography assignments. Go into the tablet and select Talent and then the Photographer. It will show you "Scavenger Hunts." Make sure you select each one, the crooked square with the star on it will be highlighted when you select them. In each of the pictures it will tell you which area you need to be in, as well as give you a picture of the specific area.

All you need to do is go to the small area in the picture and walk around until it triggers the Photographer popping up to take the picture.

Enclosed in the spoiler is a screenshot of the 9 Scavenger Hunt quests from the tablet:

Toggle Spoiler


I would like to thank ERICVOLTAGE of Eric's Electric Banner Shop for the awesome main banner.

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