Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 5 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Race to win! As a racing game, your primary objective is to finish races in 1st place. This will help with some race objectives as well as advance your Fame and accolade progress.
  • Always keep track of race objectives. It'll save on backtracking later.
  • Remember that during tournaments, you can always restart the round at any time before crossing the final finish line. It's often better to retry a single race than an entire tournament.
  • Practice drifting events to learn the curves. Your scores will increase the more you practice.
  • If you're having trouble beating the top time trial score, try following the "ghosts" to find a better racing line.
  • If you can't seem to beat the target time from a running start, try completing a lap at full speed to get the jump on the 1st place ghost on the next lap. It could be the difference between success and failure.


This DLC is an expansion of the Tour Mode, adding 11 new events for you to earn Stars in, as well as some new cars and liveries. The main goal of the DLC is to make your way through the two event brackets to the Trophy Event by earning a set amount of Stars, as in the Tour DLC. Once there, you'll need to win the event by finishing with the most points after the final race. After you have completed this, go back and clean up any Stars you may have missed to finish off the DLC.


Downforce Beginner
Gain a star in any event of 'Downforce'.

To earn a Star, you must complete any of the optional race objectives within the first 5 events. You'll earn this without even trying, assuming you know the basics of the racing genre. For more info on how to earn stars, see Downforce Completionist .

Downforce Rising Star
Unlock additional events in 'Downforce'.

The first block of events contains a possible total of 18 Stars. You'll need to obtain 8 of them to unlock the next block and make your way toward the Trophy Event. For more info on how to earn stars, see Downforce Completionist .

Downforce Contender
Unlock the 'Downforce' Trophy event.

To move on to the Trophy Event, you'll need to obtain 22 Stars. There are 36 possible at this time, so it shouldn't be overly difficult. For more info on how to earn stars, see Downforce Completionist .

Downforce Champion
Win the 'Downforce' Trophy event.

In the same manner as the Trophy Events in the Tour DLC, you will compete in a series of 3 races. At the end of each race, you will be awarded points based on how well you finish. After the 3 races are completed, the total points from each are added up, leaving the racer with the most points as the victor of the Event. Just aim to win 2/3 races, and you shouldn't have any real issue with this. The Position Scaling works like this:

Finish Position Points Earned
1 15
2 12
3 10
4 9
5 8
6 7
7 6
8 5
9 4
10 3
11 2
12 1

Downforce Completionist
Gain all stars in 'Downforce'.

There are 45 possible Stars to earn in the Downforce DLC. Many of them are obtained by simply finishing in the Top 3 in a race, but there are also a multitude of Drifting High Scores and in-race Face-Offs to complete. The Face-Offs are a mix of:
  • Beat the drift zone score
  • Beat the average speed zone score
  • beat the cornering zone score
  • Finishing ahead of a particular driver
  • Finishing in a certain amount of time
  • completing a clean lap
The most difficult objectives to complete will be the Fast Lap Challenges. They will require the utmost precision in your driving to reach the target time. Luckily, the AI has "ghosts" showing the racing lines of the 3 target times, allowing you to copy their moves as you practice the tracks. Keep at it and you will eventually obtain all 45 Stars, a new commemorative paint scheme, and the trophy.



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