Players: 1-3 for most content (6 players required for the Raid)

Online Trophies: Access to the Raid requires a PS+ Subscription and an active Internet Connection.
Estimated Time to Platinum: ~100 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 4 (Main Questline and three Subclass-specific Questlines), plus Raids.
Collectible Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No

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[top]Tips & Strategies

For general information about Destiny, please refer to the appropriate section of the original Destiny Trophy Guide.

Light Level:
Your Guardian's Light Level is now an average of all your gear. This means that having a high LL weapon won't mean anything if your overall LL is low.

The highest attainable Light Level playing regular content is ~300; the current maximum for Endgame content is 320 (though evidence of 330 gear exists).

The Taken King has done away with Ascendant/Radiant Materials and Etheric Light - the new path to upgrading gear is called Infusing. Basically, you 'feed' a piece of high level gear to a lower level piece of the same classification (special weapon, chest armor, etc.).

Infusing Legendaries will result in a transference of approximately 80% of the difference between the two piece of gear. For example, if I infuse a LL200 Legendary with a LL300, I should end up with a LL280 piece.

Infusing Exotics is a little tougher, as the transference appears to be no more than 70%.

If you're unsure of the result of an infusion, check out this handy Infusion Calculator.

Exotic Farming:
New to Destiny is a special consumable item called "Three of Coins" (3oC), which can be obtained as a reward for completing a Nightfall, or purchased from Xur. Consuming a 3oC will grant you a buff that greatly increases the chance that the next Ultra enemy you kill will drop an Exotic Engram. While this buff has no expiration timer, there is a hidden cool-down timer of between five and ten minutes between uses (to prevent abuse).

The best time to use 3oCs is in Strike Playlists, Nightfalls, the King's Fall Raid, or in Story Missions.

Update: 3oCs can now be used in PvP content, giving you a chance to obtain an Exotic Engram upon the completion of your next match, regardless of whether or not you win.

Decrypting Engrams:
The quality of items received from engrams is affected by your Light Level at time of decryption, by an unspecified factor. In short: the higher your light level when you visit the Cryptarch, the better the gear you receive SHOULD be.

Exotic Engrams are particularly affected by this. If you are <300 Light, all Exotics will decrypt at 290 Light. If you are >300, however, there is a significant chance that Exotics will decrypt at 310 Light (I've personally experienced an 80% success rate). If you are ≥310, all Exotics will decrypt at 310, guaranteed.

Resource Farming:
When hunting for resources, there are a few new tools at your disposal to aid in your search. First and foremost, the Nightstalker Hunter has a perk called Keen Scout (last column, first node) that enhances your radar, splicing it into smaller sections for greater accuracy, as well as displaying Material Nodes and Chests. This perk is also available on the Hunter-exclusive Sniper Rifle 'Stillpiercer'.

If you don't have a hunter, or need to play on another Class, there are other options. Certain Ghost Shells come with a perk that will help you find one specific type of Material Node. They are available from the Vanguard Mentors, the Speaker, or as drops (common in Court of Oryx).

Another option is to find a weapon with the Relentless Tracker perk. RT gives you the same radar buff that the Nightstalker has, but only for a short period after a kill with that weapon.


Your road to 100% completion in The Taken King depends entirely on one thing: whether or not you're new to the game. If TTK marks your first steps in the Destiny universe then you're going to need to put in a little work before you can dive into the fresh content; if you're a veteran, or at least played Vanilla/TDB then you should be fine with jumping right in.

Note: all copies of The Taken King (including the Legendary edition), provide you with an item called the Spark of Light (you'll find it at the Postmaster in the Tower) which allows you to immediately boost a single Guardian to level 25. You will also receive a complete set of armour, weapons, and a sparrow that will be appropriate to your new level.

A KinderGuardian's First Steps

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Step 1 - Play the first story mission of The Taken King and get a new Subclass

Complete the first mission of the new campaign, then return to the Tower and speak to your Vanguard mentor. This should open up a new quest for you to obtain the new Subclass for your Guardian. Complete the two-part mission to unlock it.

Step 2 - Complete the main campaign

Make your way through the main story quest, though you should feel free to complete side-quests and bounties along the way. By the time you finish the campaign, you should reach level 40 (if not sooner).

Step 3 - Complete the Taken War quests

Upon completion of the main questline, a whole bunch of other quests will become available to you. Eris Morn will give you a meta-quest called 'Blighted Worlds', which requires the completion of three other quests: The Taken War: Earth, The Taken War: Mars, and The Taken War: Venus - all from the Vanguard Mentors.

In addition to these quests, two more will become available in The Reef: one from Petra Venj (Queen's Wrath Faction), and one from Variks (House of Judgement).

These Reef quests will have a lot of overlap (in terms of requirements) with the Vanguard Taken War quests above, so try to complete them at the same time.

Step 4 - Court is in Session

By now you should have a high Light Level and some decent gear, so it's time to pay a visit to the Court, Destiny style. Go to Patrol on The Dreadnaught and make your way to the Hall of Souls (first exit on the right from the starting area). In the center of this area you will find The Court of Oryx (for more info on how the Court works etc., see the trophy description below). Complete a Rune here then return to Eris in the Tower to obtain the quest 'The Court of Oryx'. Complete the quest at your own leisure.

Step 5 - Raids

All that's left to do is complete the raid. Find a like-minded group of Guardians and organise a day when you're all free for at least 2-3 hours. All of the sections are pretty straightforward, but if you run into any issues you can refer to the relevant video guides included in the trophy description below.

For Normal, the recommended Light Level is 295 to start, but you want to be as close to 300+ as you can by the time you reach Oryx, the final boss. For Hard, the recommended Light Level is 305 to start, but you really need to be 310+ for the final boss, unless you're being carried.

Before you attempt the latter, however, you'll want to complete 'The Old Hunger' and obtain the Touch of Malice Exotic Scout Rifle, as it's pretty much required to defeat both the Daughters and Oryx himself.


The Taken King
Complete "The Taken King" quest.

Recommended level: 34

This trophy unlocks after your first completion of the main quest line. Once you've defeated the final boss in the mission 'Regicide', return to the Tower and speak to the Vanguard leaders to complete the quest.

Night Court
Complete "The Court of Oryx" quest.

To unlock this trophy you must complete The Court of Oryx, a quest obtained from Eris Morn, which requires the completion of six Reciprocal Runes, three Stolen Runes, and a single Antiquated Rune (also known as Tier 1, 2 and 3, respectively).

Currently there's no consensus on how to obtain this quest, but as soon as there is I will update this section. Your best bet is to try a little bit of everything, so do the following:
  • Complete a single Court of Oryx event. The first time you complete one in a week you will receive a bounty called 'Dreadnaught Pugilist'.
  • Complete Dreadnaught Pugilist for the first time.
  • Collect 6 Calcified Fragments. For more information on collecting CFs, see below.

If you've having trouble obtaining Runes, don't fret: to meet the requirements for this quest, you don't actually have to be the one summoning with the Rune - you just have to participate in someone else's.

Additional Info on Runes:

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Hunger Pangs
Complete "The Old Hunger" quest.

The Old Hunger quest is a multi-part meta-quest that will appear, disappear, and reappear as you complete the various sub-quests for it. It's definitely one of the longer quests in The Taken King, as well as one of the most difficult, as it requires extensive collectible hunting, and completion of the King's Fall raid.

To begin your journey, start by hunting down a single Calcified Fragment on The Dreadnaught. Once you've obtained one, return to Eris Morn in the Tower and she'll offer you the Shattered Past quest, which requires that you find five more Fragments. Once you've found those five, again return to her to complete this section of the quest.

Of your own volition, return to The Dreadnaught and hunt down nine more Fragments (bringing your total to 15), then return to Eris, who will now offer you the Hunger Pangs quest. To complete this quest you must defeat a certain boss at the end of a Heroic version of the Promethean Code story mission (which will appear in your Director when you return to orbit). Complete it then return to Eris.

At this point, your questline will go cold until you zone into the King's Fall raid for the first time. Doing this will trigger Eris to offer you The Old Hunger quest, which requires three items from some of the raid's bosses, including the final boss (100% drop rate). To save yourself some time, back out of the Raid and return to the tower to collect the quest, then you can rejoin your fireteam and continue the Raid.

With the three items collected, return to Eris and she will ask you to bring her 25 Wormspore (planetary material from The Dreadnaught), 50 Hadium Flakes (obtained from chests on patrol on The Dreadnaught), and 50 Weapon Parts. Finally, you will also need to hunt down more Calcified Fragments until you have a total of 30.

Once you've found 30 Fragments, your Hunger Pangs quest will resurface. This step requires you to enter a Heroic version of the Undying Mind Strike and kill an Ultra Hive Knight who appears at the same time as the final boss (Note: once you kill the Ultra, you do not have to complete the rest of the Strike). Once he's defeated, return to Eris, then go out and hunt down 15 more Fragments to bring your total to 45 Calcified Fragments.

With 45 Fragments found, you will receive the final version of the Hunger Pangs quest, which directs you to go to Phobos and kill a Wizard in a Heroic version of main story mission Fear's Embrace. Once you defeat the wizard, return to Eris for the final time to complete this quest. Your reward is the Touch of Malice Exotic Scout Rifle and this trophy.

Calcified Fragment Hunting Resources

Part 1 - Patrol Fragments

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Part 2 - Story Mission/Strikes/Events/Court of Oryx/Special Chest Fragments

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Part 3 - Raid Fragments

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To view your progress, go to DestinyTracker, enter you PSN ID, then navigate to Checklists > Calcified Fragments Checklist.

Second Wind
Complete the "Echoes of Oryx" quest.

The Echoes of Oryx is a meta-quest that incorporates the Main questline, the three Vanguard Taken War questlines (Earth, Venus, and Mars) which are unlocked sequentially once you complete the the story mission 'Regicide', and lastly The Road to King's Fall quest (which is awarded for completing the previous four questlines). Complete each of these to unlock this trophy.

Complete "The Stormcaller's Path" quest.

This trophy will unlock once you have completed the Stormcaller Subclass questline. You must be playing on a Warlock, and have completed the first story mission from The Taken King on your Warlock to unlock the quest.

Note: the subclass quests can only be played solo.

Complete "The Sunbreakers' Challenge" quest.

This trophy will unlock once you have completed the Sunbreaker Subclass questline. You must be playing on a Titan, and have completed the first story mission from The Taken King on your Titan to unlock the quest.

Note: the subclass quests can only be played solo.

Complete "The Nightstalker's Trail" quest.

This trophy will unlock once you have completed the Nightstalker Subclass questline. You must be playing on a Hunter, and have completed the first story mission from The Taken King on your Hunter to unlock the quest.

Note: the subclass quests can only be played solo.

Still Got Wolf Problems
Complete "The Wolves of Mars" quest.

The Wolves of Mars is a questline offered by Variks (House of Judgement) in The Reef, which becomes available after you have completed The Taken War: Petra (offered by Petra Venj, also located in The Reef). Complete the questline and return to Variks for your reward, and this trophy.

The King is Dead
Complete the King's Fall Raid.

This trophy will unlock upon completion of the King's Fall Raid on Normal, which becomes available once you've finished the main story of The Taken King.

Preparation: Reaching Level 40 is a given, but a Light Level of 290 is absolutely essential (295 is preferred) - anything lower and you'll be doing reduced damage to even basic ads. Essentially, the closer you are to LL 300, the easier the Raid will be for you.

There are also two quest lines that you can complete by finishing the raid: Road to King's Fall, and The Old Hunger. The former is acquired by completing all three 'Taken War' quests from the Vanguard; the latter is obtained simply by zoning into the raid - enter the raid then back out, return to the tower to speak with Eris and get the quest, then return to the raid.

In terms of equipment, I recommend the following:

Primary Slot - I personally recommend Scout Rifles over all other weapon types, as they're unmatched in terms of consistent DPS at range. The 'Hung Jury' Scout Rifle from Dead Orbit is widely regarded as THE best PvE Legendary primary available, so save up some Legendary Marks and buy one, ASAP.

Secondary Slot - Don't even bother with Shotguns; it's all about High-Impact archetype Sniper Rifles. The King of DPS is the Exotic 'Black Spindle', but you can easily get away with an Omolon Eirene RR4 or a 1000-Yard Stare (the latter is available from the Vanguard Quartermaster in the Tower with a near-perfect PvE perk roll of Triple-tap and Mulligan).

Heavy Slot - Rocket Launchers are pretty much useless in the raid, so you'll want to stick to Machine Guns or Swords. My preference is for the former, though both are viable.

Exotics - Your best options are Red Death (for survivability), No Time to Explain (for near-infinite ammo), Zhalo Supercell (amazing add control), and Black Spindle (unrivaled DPS). Thunderlord and Raze-Lighter or Dark-Drinker are also good options.

King's Fall Raid Video Guides:

Part 1 - Ascendant Portal and Ship Jumping Puzzle

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Part 2 - Basilica Gateway and The Warpriest (First Boss)

Toggle Spoiler

Part 3 - Golgoroth and The Deathsinger's (Second and Third Bosses)

Toggle Spoiler

Part 3.5 - Alternative Golgoroth Strategy (AKA The 1 Orb Strat)

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Part 4 - Oryx, The Taken King (Final Boss)

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Part 5 - Calcified Fragments and Raid Chests

Toggle Spoiler

Long Live the King
Complete the King's Fall Raid (Heroic).

This trophy will unlock upon completion of the King's Fall Raid on Hard, which becomes available once you've finished the main story of The Taken King, and beaten the raid on Normal.

For Hard Mode, I recommend you be at least LL 305+, though you'll want to be 310+ for the final encounter. While technically not 100% necessary, it is also highly recommended that you obtain the Exotic Scout Rifle Touch of Malice before you attempt Hard Mode, as it will make the last two encounters much easier (see Hunger Pangs for how to obtain it).

Hard Mode Guide:

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[top]Raid Challenge Mode

Each week, Guardians will be 'Challenged' to complete one of the three boss encounters using a very particular strategy (you'll see which Challenge is available when selecting the raid from the Directory). Successfully completing the encounter within the set parameters will guarantee drops from the loot table at the maximum available Light Level (310 for Normal, 320 for Hard).

While completing the raid challenges is not required to earn any of the trophies, it is the best way to get high-level gear.

King's Fall Raid Challenge Mode Guides:





Planet Destiny, VersusTheStream, and Coconut Bra Gaming for the Raid Guides.

DattoDoesDestiny for the Fragment, Raid Loot, and Hard Mode Guides.

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