Players: Single Player
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No Cheat Codes (It is a survival game afterall)
Estimated Time to 100%: 20-30 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 9
Collectible Trophies: None
Difficulty Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: Technically none
Glitched Trophies: None


Don't Starve is the latest addition in the growing survival genre. The game was developed and published by the indie developer Klei Entertainment and was released previously back in April on Steam. You take the role at first of a mad scientist named Wilson (and later on eight other characters) who made a deal with a demon and is transported to a strange world where pigs have houses and everything tries to kill you. The name kind of speaks for itself. The goal of the game is to not die mainly by not starving. The game takes many elements from a game like Minecraft whereas you must gather certain supplies to make things which can be combined with other things etc. Just be sure that you have a camp fire at night and this guide should fly you through this game.

[top]Tips and Strategies


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  1. Once youíve built your first tool, which is normally an Axe, get some wood ready for the night. Try and obtain a fire pit instead of a normal camp fire. A fire pit can be restarted and its considerably safer.
  2. Choose a suitable location for a permanent camp. Normally i place myself near a few things Ė a. A bunch of bunny holes, b. near beefalos, but not TOO near, as they tend to crowd.
  3. Chop trees that have already grown. You can see the difference, a fully grown tree is wide and tall. The reasoning behind this is that you will gain more wood and also acorns for you to plant new trees.
  4. Collect flint where ever you find them, as they are the main component of your tools.
  5. Get a shovel and dig up saplings and grass tufts. You can then place them where you want them near your camp. You can also do this for Berry Trees, but youíll need to fertilize them.
  6. Save up food for the next day. While you may have unlimited food later on, you never know when you run into trouble, so carrying a little bit of food around is essential.
  7. Make sure you make armor the minute you can, as they absorb all damage until they are broken. Hunt only with the spear or weapons you pick up, as do they considerably more damage to monsters.
  8. Research as much as possible in your first run. Do this by harvesting Grass Tufts and Saplings, as they provide 20 points per tuft/sapling. Otherwise, you can go dig up some graves. As research carries over, donít be afraid to spend on it. Your points carry over too!
  9. Pick up flowers when you see them. Feed them to pigs for manure, which is essential for farming. You can also use them to fertilize berry trees once they run out. Pigs are awesome when you need to farm wood, as they can help you cut them down.
  1. Donít start fires near burnable objects, which is essentially everything. Unless you have built a fire pit (which is the safer version), donít even try. You can however, do it if you intend to make charcoal.
  2. Donít ever eat Monster Meat. While it helps you regain some hunger, you lose health in the process.
  3. Donít feed Monster Meat to ANYTHING. Feeding them to pigs will turn them to Were-pigs, which will effectively kill you, especially in the earlier parts of the game.
  4. Donít bring pigs along to monster fights. Why? Pigs eat meat from the ground and monsters randomly drop Monster Meat from time to time. Youíll never know if they turn on you later.
  5. Donít leave food on the ground, this includes seeds, flower petals, berries and meat. Like the issue above, rabbits, birds, turkeyís come and gobble your food up. You can leave wood and stone on the ground though, since there hasnít been a monster that eats them
  6. Donít wait until the last minute before you light a fire. This is because the minute it reaches night, itís pitch black and you wonít be able to click anything. 2-3 wood is normally sufficient to last the entire night or if youíre a total cheapskate, use 2 torches.
  7. Donít place acorns too close together. Besides the fact that they eventually block you, they have a high chance of spawning Ents too, for some reason. Iíve gotten a few Ent spawns right next to my camp, simply because I was a tad bit lazy to spread them out. I was lucky to survive that too.
Thanks for the Do's and Don'ts list Brianc from http://vernonchan.com/2012/11/tips-t...ull-ever-need/

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode is not the standard mode that you can play at any time as many seem to think at first. Adventure Mode can only be started by finding a portal in your world and entering it. You will go through a sequence of 5 worlds in a game against Maxwell to build things out of wooden parts.

When you go through the portal for the first time nothing will be taken over from sandbox mode, but you can take up to four objects from all of the other levels. At the start of each world the name of the world and the chapter number will be displayed on the screen. A world will only appear once for every Adventure Mode playthrough. There is a greater number of worlds than chapters so not all worlds will be played through.

Here are some tips and tricks for each and every world

A Cold Reception
  • Summer is 6 days and winter is 3. Daytime only lasts about 1/3 of the day.
  • Always one resource that is super rare
  • Make as many recipes as possible to carry over to the next chapter
  • Create farms because of a large rain supply
  • For the areas that are blocked off by spider dens, build a bunch of traps and lure them all over to quickly get rid of them all
  • Make winter equipment
  • During the nights use a torch to travel and collect resources such as grass and twigs.
  • Umbrella's are a necessity
King of Winter
  • You will be spawned in the grasslands biome with burning trees surrounding you
  • Permanently winter so be ready for a struggle
  • Try to end this level quickly as the longer you are here, the worst
  • Nearby when you spawn is a dead adventurer with a heat stone that can provide a small amount of warmth
  • Obelisks will be blocking many of your pathways
  • Gather all of an areas resources before moving on
  • Standing near a fire can charge a heat stone
  • Berry bushes and grass will NOT respawn
  • Rabbit earmuffs are important. They are made with a twig and 2 rabbits
  • Make a crock pot ASAP
The Game is Afoot
  • This is a great level to farm important items as after Day 11 it is infinitely summer
  • There is a treasure chest nearby where you spawn that has important objects
  • The level contains several blockades that can provide challenge
  • Don't mess with the hounds. Just run, don't try to be a hero
  • This world is strange as it consists of six islands
  • The other islands are accessible by wormholes
  • There is a Thing on every island besides the beginning island
  • Seasons are very similar to survival mode
  • At the first island collect the abundance of resources available to you
  • Wormholes will drain your sanity so be prepared
Two Worlds
  • There are two islands in this world. The one you spawn in is peaceful and is abundant in resources. The other is deadly and infested with monsters. The second of course has all of the parts
  • Some wormholes do not have a a way to go back through them so beware
  • If this is your 3rd world, make winter gear as your next level is bound to be winter
  • Day time is shorter on the second island
  • By far the hardest world
  • The world is permanently nighttime
  • You are spawned with several fire pits around you
  • Food is super scarce so pick up any that is seen
  • Pigs can be found sleeping around the map
  • Night hands will put out your fires so only build them for cooking food
  • Wear armor constantly as the darkness can prevent you from seeing the monsters

Well this is finally it. This final world is actually fairly simple and greatly rewarding. The world has a giant hallway in the middle of it that is your goal. It really won't take that long and food can be found everywhere. Still make fires when its nighttime. Don't get cocky. Make your way down the hallway to the throne where Maxwell is sitting. DO NOT TRY ATTACKING MAXWELL. Instead craft or take your divining rod and put it in the Nightmare Lock. You will then be asked if you want to take pity on Maxwell. Make your choice and the throne will be yours and you will spawn as Maxwell back in survival mode. Congrats Adventure Mode is finally complete.


The Firestarter
Unlock Willow

Willow is the first unlockable character in the game

Unlocked By 160XP (8 Days)
Special Abilities Immune to Fire Damage
Has a Sweet Lighter
Lights Fire When Nervous
The character Willow is mostly based upon fire abilities. She is immune t fire damage and when she is at low health she starts lighting random fires around at her feet. The fire can end up spreading, catching valuable resources or maybe even your own camp on fire. By fire the largest advantage she has is the lighter she carries around. It provides an unlimited source of light and can set certain things on fire. On the down side, Willow has a lower sanity, but it can be regenerated when near a fire.

Willow is a fantastic character for first-time players to use. She is a great way for players to adapt to the light mechanic in the game. If you are stuck out in the middle of the wilderness during the night, just flip on that lighter and you will be fine. This means that Willow has unlimited time to gather resources which is by far the most important task at the beginning of the game. During the winter she can also set things on fire to stay warm.

The Strongman
Unlock Wolfgang

Wolfgang is the second unlockable character in the game

Unlocked By 320XP (16 Days)
Special Abilities Gets stronger with a full belly
Is afraid of the dark and monsters
Wolfgang is a very questionable character to ever use in the game. He does higher damage in melee combat and naturally has more health. He also has a much larger stomach at a max of 300. Unfortunately his hunger will decrease faster than the other characters. His sanity is also lost a lot more quickly then the other characters when in the dark or when near monsters.

Wolfgang has a mighty form when his hunger is filled where his health and strength are skyrocketed. This can make fights extremely easy. His hunger decreases 3x faster in this form.

The Bereaved
Unlock Wendy

Wendy is the third unlockable character in the game

Unlocked By 640XP (32 Days)
Special Abilities Haunted by her twin sister
Comfortable with darkness
Does not hit hard
Wendy is quite the interesting character. She is constantly relating everything to death, including herself. When you start as Wendy you may notice a flower in her inventory. If you place it on the ground it will summon her twin sister, Abigail. The summoning will require a sacrifice so an animal must be killed near the flower. Beware though as summoning Abigail will take away 50 sanity points. Wendy has less sanity taken away from her than other characters. Wendy also is a lot less powerful than other characters, so hunting can be a larger challenge.

The Soulless Automaton
Unlock WX-78

WX-78 is the fourth unlockable character in the game

Unlocked By 960XP (48 Days)
Special Abilities Not a picky eater
Charged by lightning
Damaged by rain
Can upgrade with gears
WX-78 can potentially be the best character in the game. It is a robot so many advantages and disadvantages will come from not being human. It can eat any type of food without the worry of having your health or sanity hurt. Monster meat is the only exception. WX-78 will unfortunately take damage when the rain begins, losing 1 health for every 2 seconds. Using an umbrella is the only way to prevent this. It also loses quite a bit of sanity in the dark.

WX-78 has some very unique abilities. The first is System Overload which occurs when you are struck by a bolt of lightning. When it is raining lightning has a great chance of hitting the small robot. This will cause it to regain it's health, gain a speed boost and emit light. The second and best power is the ability to upgrade with gears. Every gear will raise WX-78's health, sanity and hunger. It can eat a max of 15 gears and each one raises his health by 20, hunger by 6.66 and sanity by 13.33.

The Librarian
Unlock Wickerbottom

Wickerbottom is the fifth unlockable character in the game

Unlocked By 1280XP (64 Days)
Special Abilities Very picky eater
Starts with a free tech level
Self-publishes books
Can't sleep
Wickerbottom is the reincarnation of the mean librarian that you had in high school. She is the most intelligent character in the game who can prototype any one of the science machine recipes without building the science machine. Therefore a science machine can make the alchemy machine recipes, etc. Wickerbottom cannot sleep because of her insomnia. She also receives a larger sanity loss when eating spoiled food.

Wickerbottom comes with a crafting table for books and 2 papyrus. She has the ability to create many different types of books that have different abilities. You get these different abilities by using different ingredients with papyrus. Wickerbottom also has the highest sanity of any character, but since she cannot sleep it can be a challenge for her to not lose her sanity.

The Lumberjack
Unlock Woodie

Woodie is the sixth unlockable character in the game

Unlocked By 1600XP (80 Days)
Special Abilities Has a nice axe
And a terrible secret
The man with the curse himself, Woodie. Woodie is a lumberjack who's favorite activity is unsurprisingly chopping down trees. Woodie starts with Lucy the Axe in his inventory. Woodie has the ability to transform into a monster after chopping down too many trees or if there is a full moon.

Lucy the Axe will talk to Woodie a lot during the game and warns him about how the curse is coming along. Lucy has an infinite amount of durability and chops down trees faster than every axe in the game. The transformation into a Werebeaver is kind of a double-edged sword.When you are in this form, there will be no map, and all of the HUD will be replaced by the HUD meter. You must keep the log meter up by eating trees, bushes, etc. Once the log meter reaches zero, you will turn back into a human form, where you dropped all of your objects.

The Silent
Unlock Wes

Wes is the seventh unlockable character in the game, but can be unlocked out of order from the rest

Unlocked By Finding and rescuing Wes
Special Abilities Can't talk
Has trouble staying alive
Practices baloonomacy
Okay first off here is how you unlock Maxwell. While wandering around the map you may come around a structure with two Maxwell statues and a Wes in the middle. WARNING THIS WILL NOT SPAWN IN EVERY MAP. Destroy one of the statues and monsters will come out to fight. Continue to break the other statues and kill the monsters until Wes appears. Then fight even MORE monsters and Wes will pass out and officially be yours. So don't do this until you are very powered up.

Wes really is not good at anything whatsoever. He has the lowest hunger, health and sanity. It also drains faster than every other character. He can however blow up an unlimited amount of balloons that can chain together to do massive attacks on enemies.

The Puppetmaster
Unlock Maxwell

This is the eighth unlockable character in the game, but can be unlocked out of order from the rest

Unlocked By Finish Adventure Mode
Special Abilities Is dapper but frail
Can fragment his own mind
Brings his own sword
The only way to unlock Maxwell is to finish five consecutive chapters and then the epilogue. Then you must choose to spare Maxwell's life at the end of it all. Check up in the tips and strategies section for steps on how to beat adventure mode.

Maxwell is pretty much the best, lets be honest. His health may be a little low, but his sanity has the ability to recover a little bit every minute. He comes with a giant set of items including a dark sword, night armor, 1 purple gem, 4 nightmare fuel and the Codex Umbra. The Codex Umbra can summon a Shadow Puppet using 15 health and two nightmare fuel. The puppets will help in tasks such as fighting, mining rocks or even chopping down trees.

Look on my Works, Ye Mighty,
Build an Accomploshrine

These next two trophies are basically just a way for Klei Entertainment to show their dissatisfaction with being forced to incorporate trophies. Making the accomploshrine can be quite the task. To create this illustrious machine you must have 1 cut stone, ten gold nuggets and six gears. Gears only come exclusively from clockwork enemies that are found around those estrange areas surrounded by robots (or you could find a good bunch when rescuing Wes). As well as already owning a science machine and an alchemy machine. After building the accomploshrine you will be gifted with the gold trophy.

After using the accomploshrine 25 times it will say "I feel so accomplished!" which is clearly just taking a stab at trophy hunters.

..... and Despair!
Use the Accomploshrine 725 times

Hahahaha this developer honestly cracks me up. This trophy is practically just a slap in the face to trophy/achievement hunters alike. After building the accomploshrine you must use it a whopping 725 times. It is actually a lot easier than it sounds. It just takes awhile. Really all that you do is use it. After the 725th time there will be a huge firework explosion with the words "If only my friend could see me now...." poking fun at the fact that you just sat there pressing the same button 725 times to get a shiny gold trophy. Eh it was probably worth it

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