Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 4-5 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Difficulty Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • Once you have the DLC loaded on your game, start up your game then head to your War Table in Skyhold. From here you will have a new area available called the Frostback Basin. Send one of your advisors to the area to unlock the area and you can start the DLC.
  • The Jaws of Hakkon DLC is basically a set of missions in a new area from the map and takes place entirely in the Frostback Basin.
  • The DLC can be accessed at any time during the main story, BUT I recommend waiting until you have completed the main story and are at least level 20 or so before playing as the enemies appear to be a fairly high level in the area.
  • You can play the DLC on any difficulty, but make sure you have finished your main story playthrough on harder difficulties before changing the difficulty so you don't screw up your trophies for the main game.
  • All the areas are accessible after you finish the main story of the area, so there are no missable trophies in the DLC.
  • There are a couple decent weapons and armor to find in the DLC, BUT if you have crafted high level Masterwork items for slaying Dragons, you probably won't find anything more desirable than what you are already using.

[top]Frostback Basin Astrariums and Cave

Frostback Basin has 3 Astrariums in the area and a cave with loot inside, while there are no trophies involved for completing these, you can get some decent loot

Frostback Basin Astrarium Solutions Video Guide

[top]Frostback Basin Shards and Chamber

Frostback Basin has 12 Shards in the area and a shrine with loot and character stat upgrades inside, while there are no trophies involved for completing these, it's worth it for the stat upgrade

Frostback Basin Shard Locations Video Guide

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Destroy all the Winter Shards and light all the fires in the Old Temple.

You will find the Old Temple during the main story of the game, BUT this trophy ISN'T a main story trophy. After taking down the barrier surrounding the Hakkon stronghold, battle your way through the enemies to the Old Temple. Inside you will find the Temple has been completely frozen over. As you move around the Temple, your character will slowly lose Warmth and fairly large increments. Once the Warmth meter is empty you wills tart to freeze to death losing health. to avoid this you will need to move from fire pit to fire pit as standing in proximity of one will refill your meter. Inside the Temple, you will find several Hakkon's standing guard in addition to several Winter Crystals as you can see in the image below
If you get near one of these crystals, you will freeze solid for a short time and start to lose health. Your best way to take these down is either with a age or an archer with Ranged Attacks. For this trophy you simply need to roam through the Temple and light all the fire pits and destroy all the crystals. You will need a Rogue with you as one of the fire pits is behind a locked door.

During the final battle in the Temple, Gurd Harofsen, will summon Winter Crystals to blow out the lit fire pits at about 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 health. You will NOT need to relight these fire pits, BUT you will need to destroy these Winter Crystals he creates to complete the trophy.

If you happen to miss one and make it to the final area, no need to worry, once you have left the Temple you can reenter the Temple through the main entrance again to find what you missed for the trophy.

Firestarter Trophy Video Guide

Impress the Avvar of Stone-Bear Hold and gain their friendship.

This trophy will coincide with the main story mission of the DLC and have a few side missions you will also need to complete to unlock the trophy. You can start working on this as soon as you gain control of your character once the DLC starts.
  1. Avvar Allies: This mission is available right from the beginning of the DLC. Simply select it as your current mission and head out to the map marker to meet the friendly Avvar in their camp on the upper right side of the map. Once you find them, talk to the leader and then wait for them to finish their activity. Once they are finished talk to the leader inside her cave throne room to complete the mission.
  2. Guests of the Hold: This will start as soon as the first mission has been completed. You will need to complete 5 missions for members of the Stone Bear tribe to gain approval rating to complete the trophy.
    1. Hakkon's Trials: Head up to the back upper area of the camp and you will find the Arena Master. He will explain to you that if you bring him an offering you can participate in an Arena battle to prove your strength to the tribe. For this offering you will need 2 Silverite's and Everite's, which you should probably already have in stock from previous adventuring. If not, both of these ca be found all over the place in the DLC, so just look around for it. Once you have these items, head back to any of your camps and head to the Requisitions Table and create the Offering. Now Fast Travel back to the Stone Bear camp and talk to the Arena Master and give him the offering. You will now head down the stairs to the Arena entrance and the challenge will begin. The Arena battle consists of 3 rounds against the Stone Bears warriors and will progressively get more difficult as the rounds progress, but they aren't anything difficult if you are at a higher level. Once you have survived all 3 rounds the mission will be complete.

      Hakkon's Trials Mission Video Guide

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    2. Storvacker Caged: Talk to Svarah Sun-Hair and she will tell you that their god bear has gone missing to start this mission. Once you have done that, head to highlighted villagers and talk to them to gain more information about the bear. Now head towards the marker in the valley that you can get to by heading down the path through the mountain to the right of Svarah's Throne Cave. Head to the very back of the valley and you will find a cave that has Hakkon warriors guarding it. Take them out and free the bear from his cell inside the structure. On the way out, take out the Hakkon warriors that try to ambush you, then head back to Svarah and let her know the bear is freed to complete the mission.

      Storvacker Caged Mission Video Guide

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    3. It Remains to be Seen: This can be started in the same valley when you go find Storvacker the Bear in the previous mission. Just outside the structure where he is being held, look for some triangle hanging lanterns in the trees. Examine one of them to start this mission. You will need to examine all 5 of the bone lanterns, 3 on ground level and 2 up on tree walkways.
      Once you have examined all 5 head back to the village and talk to Auger again and he will tell you about Avvar magic. Use the Veilfire brazier in his hut to get a Veilfire torch and head down the bottom path to the back of the area to where the woman is preparing bodies for burial rituals and use the torch to examine the 3 Veilfire Runes on the walls in her cave. Once you have examined the 3 Runes, head back to the Auger and talk to him again to complete the mission.

      It Remains to be Seen Mission Video Guide

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    4. In Exile: For this, you will need to find Sigrid who is in a hut in the upper left area, near the Ridgeline Camp. Talk to her and she will basically tell you to fack off. After your friendly conversation, head back to the Stone Bear Camp and talk to Auger to learn more about Sigrid. Now head down the path to the south out of the village and follow it all the way to the water. Now turn left and head back up the path to the highlighted area and use your compass by clicking the to find all the items of the ritual Sigrid "allegedly" performed. Once you have found all the evidence, head back to find our good friend Sigrid in her usual friendly mood and confront her with what you've found. Now you can either be an assbag back to her since she was so friendly before OR if you use your charm on her, you can gain another agent for the Inquisition out of her. Either way the mission will be complete.

      In Exile Mission Video Guide

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    5. Up and Away: You need to look for the Avvar Fisher who is located on the docks down by where the What Yet Lingers main story quest starts at. Once you have found her, she will as you to find her cousin Runa who was supposed to meet her and never showed up. This mission involves you heading to multiple different markers on the map and using your compass with to find the clues left behind...which incidentally is always a climbing attachment at the top of a climbing wall in the area, so always look at the top of it. Keep following the markers and you will eventually find Runa being attacked by a Gurgut. Help her defeat the monster and talk to her and she will realize she needs to get back. Now you can watch her prayer, or not if it offends you to watch some religious BS, but you will get a small stat boost from it. Once she has finished the mission will be completed.

      Up and Away Mission Video Guide

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Quote Originally Posted by Icebrand1270 View Post
I stumbled upon another way to get approval from Stone-Bear Hold. If you recruited Sky Watcher from the Fallow Mire questline, you can have Cullen send him to Stone-Bear via a short timed operation and get an approval point for your trouble.
You will also need to have completed the main DLC story and will need to have defeated Hakkon Wintersbreath before you can complete this mission. If you haven't done that don't get stressed and think the trophy has glitched. Once you have finished all the main story and these five side missions, head back and talk to Svarah and once the conversation ends, the trophy will unlock.

Uncover the secrets of a legendary figure.

This is a story related trophy

This trophy will unlock once you have completed the handful of main story missions and found Ameridan in his final resting place. For help in any of the main story missions please refer to the videos below

Avvar Allies Mission Video Guide

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Storvacker Caged Mission Video Guide

Toggle Spoiler

What Yet Lingers Mission Video Guide

Toggle Spoiler

Lead the Charge Mission Video Guide

Toggle Spoiler

Jawbreaker Mission Video Guide

Toggle Spoiler

On Ameridan's Trail Mission Video Guide

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Ameridan's End Mission Video Guide

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Winter's End
Dispel a myth of ancient days.

This is a story related trophy

This will take place at the very end of the main story of the DLC. After you have found Ameridan and freed him from his Icy Cave, he will ask you to complete his task he set out on and take down Hakkon Winterbreath. After the conversation the Dragon will fly off and create his lair in the southern part of the Basin near the main camp. Fast Travel to the main camp and prepare your characters, then head off to take down the beast.

Hakkon Winterbreath - Frostback Basin
  • Level: 20ish
  • Preparation: The Hakkon is an Ice Dragon. Arm your party with Ice Resistant Armor and Ice Resistant Accessories for Defense. On offense, turn off all Ice Elemental Magic and make all Fire Elemental Magic a favorite. Also equip your party with weapons that have active Fire Runes OR Dragon Slaying Runes for bonus damage. If you have Cold Resistance Tonic bring that as well.
  • Strategy: If you have already defeated the other 10 dragons before battling the Hakkon, this battle will seem like a cake walk to you. I don't know the actual level of the dragon, BUT based on the other battles I would say the Hakkon is around level 20. The Hakkon will use all the same attacks that an Ice Dragon normally uses, Ice Breath, Tail and Bite attacks, and Wing AoE attacks. She will fly off at each 1/4 health drop and perch on an upper ledge to shoot Ice Breath at you before returning to the battlefield, which is very easy to avoid with the area that the battle takes place. At 1/2 power she will start using a screech attack to stun you and will start calling in Lurkers...yea that's right LURKERS...not even Dragonlings for support :stare:. These will be a piece of cake after battling against Dragonlings in the other Dragon battles.

    At 1/4 health, she will fly off to an upper ledge and summon more Lurkers to try to defend herself so chase her up to her new ledge and finish her off.

Hakkon Winterbreath Battle Video


A special thanks go out to the following people for their help with this guide.
  • dsluckay For all the fantastic banners being used in the guide including the main banner.

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