Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 4-5 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Difficulty Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • Once you have the DLC loaded on your game, start up your game then head to your War Table in Skyhold. Look on the Ferelden side for "Disaster in the Deep Roads" for 16 power. Send one of your advisors to the area to unlock the area and you can start the DLC.
  • The Descent DLC is basically a set of missions in a new area from the map and takes place entirely in the Deep Roads.
  • The DLC can be accessed at any time during the main story, BUT I recommend waiting until you have completed the main story and are at least level 20 or so before playing. That being said, the DLC will scale all enemies to your current level, SO if you're maxed out at level 27, expect every single enemy in the DLC to be the same level
  • You can play the DLC on any difficulty, but make sure you have finished your main story playthrough on harder difficulties before changing the difficulty so you don't screw up your trophies for the main game.
  • All the areas are accessible after you finish the main story of the area, so there are no missable trophies in the DLC.
  • Unlike the last DLC there are several nice weapons you can find while exploring the Dwarven Ruins, AND you can also find some very nice Tier 4 Schematics for Weapons and Armor if you take the time to look for it.
  • As the entire DLC takes place underground, there are NO Ocularums OR Astrairums in this DLC.

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Deep Roads Commander
Complete a mission at the expedition table in the Legion of the Dead camp.

After defeating the Ogre Alpha, and helping the Legion of the Dead secure the area from Darkspawn, you will be able to set up your first Inquisition Camp for the DLC. Unlike the previous DLC and the regular game, you will NOT start with a main camp pre setup for you until this time. The Legion of the Dead camp will have its own Expedition Table so you won't have to travel back to Skyhold to complete missions to unlock new areas for the DLC, it can all be done at this camp.

As soon as you have the camp set up, head over to the table and you will already have a mission available for you, Deep Roads Expeditions: Legion Camp Improvements. Now there will be several expeditions you will unlock to complete while playing through the DLC, BUT this one is actually pretty important as it provides Armor and Weapon Crafting Tables and a Quartermaster for the area so you can sell all the Loot you find and don't need here instead of having to keep going back to Skyhold to do it. Once you have completed this first mission, the trophy will unlock.

Giant Slayer
Defeat an ogre alpha.

This TECHNICALLY isn't a story based trophy, but you will encounter an Ogre Alpha in the very beginning of the DLC as you are trying to reach the Legion of the Dead. There are only a total of 3 of these beasts in the DLC and the very first one you defeat during the story will unlock the trophy for you. The Ogre Alpha, isn't overly difficult, BUT he has some very strong melee attacks and a assload of health. He also seems to be immune to most status attacks, but he can be poisoned. If you are playing this after your platinum run and after the first DLC, he should pose little problem for you in terms of difficulty, it's just a matter of whitting down his health.

Giant Slayer Video Guide

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Fact Finder
Help Shaper Valta discover secret dwarven history.

This is a story related trophy

This story will be unlocked once you reach the lowest level of the Deep Roads caverns and find the secret civilization. Unlike the Jaws of Hakkon DLC, this DLC is very linear and there is really nothing to the missions except for heading from point A to point B. Once you finish one story mission the next one will start right away without you having to go find the next mission giver. The only thing you need to remember while playing is to continue clicking the to search the area for items as you will need Blood Soaked Gears for some of the doors to proceed, but there are ALOT of these laying about. I recommend using Cleansing Runes in the beginning of the DLC for the hordes of Darkspawn you will encounter. About halfway down you will face the nest of the Darkspawn and you will have to fight your way through several leaders to get to the main Darkspawn problem which is the Emissary King. Now I'm not going to lie, he was actually more difficult than the Guardian that you face at the end of the DLC for 2 reasons. He can give himself a very powerful barrier that he applies every 1/4 health you remove and he can summon Emissaries to the battle. Once you have defeated him the Darkspwan will be gone from the caves and you will establish your second camp and start to move to the lower levels.

Down here you will encounter the Sha-Brytol, which are an ancient powerful dwarven tribe that have very powerful weapons. Now most of these aren't too bad, BUT the Earthshaker Sha-Brytol are very powerful and are immune to basically everything and will take more time to kill than you would imagine for something so small. Once you have defeated them, be sure to loot their bodies as you can pick up their Earthshaker weapons which you will need to clear out the Lyrium blockades to continue to the map marker. At the end of the area, you will face an endless horde of Sha-Brytol that won't stop until you place 5 Earthshakers on the blockade to complete the area and you will establish the final Inquisition camp just inside the next cave. After the cutscene continue down to the final area and the trophy will unlock.

Shaper of Stone
End the earthquakes threatening the surface.

This is a story related trophy

This will unlock at the very end of the DLC, after you have defeated the Guardian and watched the final cutscenes. The Guardian is Immune to pretty much everything BUT can be poisoned and sundered and has very strong AoE physical attacks by slamming his hands down on the ground. Also watch out for the cracked blue ground that will appear as that is the warning for his rock spike attacks that will come up from the ground in each of the cracked areas.

You will need to take out the rock roots around the bottom of the Guardian to expose its Lyrium weakpoints that are located on each of the four sides of the monster. Once you have exposed the weakpoint you can start your attack on his health. I recommend working your Archer around if you have one and taking out the rock roots while your melee fighters concentrate on the weakpoints as the more of these you take out the less effective his physical attacks will be on you. The Guardian is tough, BUT compared to the Dragons of the main game and the previous DLC, he is a piece of cake for a final battle and should give you little trouble.

Shaper of Stone Video Guide

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