Players: 1

Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: Depends on your previous saves for the Trials....you could have to play an entire new game almost to the end to complete everything. The story of the DLC takes about 4-5 hours to complete. That being said, Trial of the Lovers will require you to play part of another playthrough to unlock if you have already completed the main game.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1.... ish
Collectible Trophies: None
Difficulty Trophies: None
Missable Trophies:
  • DLC Story: Lateral Thinker and Coroner
  • Main Story: Trial of Temperance, Trial of the Magician, Trial of the Tower, Trial of the Empress, Trial of the Fool and Trial of the Lovers
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • ONCE YOU START THE TRESPASSER DLC YOU CANNOT GO BACK AND COMPLETE ANYTHING ELSE IN THE GAME!!! In addition to that, once you complete the DLC, there is NO open free roam, the game will simply continue from the last save point in the DLC.
  • This DLC is meant to be the final thing you do once you have finished everything else so your level will most likely be maxed at 27
  • You can play the DLC on any difficulty, so if you feel like making it easy simply play on Casual.
  • This DLC not only has the best armor you'll find in the game, BUT it also has a conveniently placed Merchant in Winter Palace that sells infinite amounts of all the Crafting ingredients you could need including Dragon ingredients. Unfortunately, you will only get to use your new creations in this DLC
    Winter Palace Merchant

    Toggle Spoiler

  • There are NO Ocularums OR Astrariums in this DLC.
  • TO GET TO THE TRIALS, press the button and then head into the "Options" menu and you will find a new sub-menu called "Trials"

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[top]Hoff's Path to 100%

Normally I don't add Roadmaps on DLC, but this DLC has such annoying trophies I felt it might be helpful for everyone. The Roadmap is more for those that have already played through the game already and just need to finish off the DLC.
  1. Make a Manual Save
    If you don't already have one, make a manual save at at the end of the Descent DLC, or at Skyhold before you go into the War Room to start this DLC.
  2. Play through the DLC
    Make sure you turn on the Walk Softly Trial at the beginning of the DLC so you can get one of the Trial trophies out of the way. At the end of this you should have the following trophies
    • Trial of the Emporer
    • Lateral Thinker
    • Coroner
    • Forever Marked
  3. Reload your Manual Save at the end of the Deep Roads
    Reload the save you made earlier, turn on the Grizzly End Trial, and head to Emerald Graves to get the Trial of the Hermit trophy.
  4. Now the next set of steps depends on what previous Manual Saves you have, if you don't have the manual saves for one of the steps, you will need to add that step to the final step in this roadmap
  5. Reload a Manual Save
    Reload one of your manual saves near the end of the game when your party is at a high level, but before you defeated the Hivernal High Dragon. Turn on the Rub Some Dirt on It Trial and defeat the Hivernal to get the Trial of the Tower trophy
  6. Reload a Manual Save
    Reload a manual save from the middle of the game from a point before you have unlocked and entered the Emprise du Lion area. Turn on the Rest Easy Trial and head into the new area. Play through the area until you have taken Suledin Keep to unlock the Trial of Temperance.
  7. Reload a Manual Save
    Reload a manual save from the middle of the game around level 16 or so in which you haven't killed the Fereldan Frostback. Head to the Hinterlands and turn on the Even Ground Trial and take down the Frostback to unlock the Trial of the Empress
  8. Start a New Game on Casual
    Now start a new game on Casual and turn on the Take It Slow and Fair-Weather Friends Trials. Do only enough in the Hinterlands to unlock Val Royeaux and after the events there Make a new Manual Save. Now continue playing until you are ready to start the In Hushed Whispers main story quest. Turn on the Travel Light Trial and complete the mission to unlock the Trial of the Magician trophy. After the mission, turn off the Travel Light Trial and continue the main story to reach Skyhold under level 6 to unlock the Trial of the Fool Trophy.
  9. Reload a Manual Save
    Now reload that previous Manual Save you just made at Val Royeaux and turn off the Take it Slow Trial. Continue playing the game and gather all the Followers and complete their missions to make them all loyal to you. Continue playing to reach the Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts main story mission and as long as all the followers are loyal to you still you will unlock the Trial of the Lovers trophy.
  10. Cleanup
    If you didn't have the necessary previous saves for steps 3-5 continue playing the game until you've reached a point to get these steps to complete your 100%


Trial of the Hermit
Slay 10 great bears promoted by Grizzly End

  • Trial: Grizzly End
  • Description: Increases the stats of Bears
  • Strategy: This is one of the easier trials to earn as you can reload your save from the end of the last DLC, then go bear hunting. The first thing you will need to do is head to the Emerald Graves location on the map, as this is where the Great Bears live, these aren't the regular easy bears you can find in the Hinterlands, these are the Great Bears as you can see in the picture below.

    Once you are there, you will need to head into your Trials menu and turn on the Grizzly End trial that will enhance the stats of all the bears in the game. Now the Great Bears will spawn "around" 4 areas in the Emerald Graves. Fast travel to each of the nearest camps in the 4 areas below and roam around those areas looking for the Great Bears to spawn. If one isn't appearing, Fast Travel away from the area then travel back and look for it and more often than not it will appear. Once you have spawned one in each of the 4 areas, Fast Travel to another location such as Skyhold and Fast Travel back to Emerald Graves to reset the area. You should be able to get 4 Great Bears per run making this trophy go by fairly quick. Once you have killed off 10 Great Bears, this trophy will unlock.

    Great Bear Spawn Locations

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Trial of Temperance
Rest Easy trial always on in Emprise du Lion: claim Suledin Keep

This is a Missable Trophy!

  • Trial: Rest Easy
  • Description: Lose all Focus if you Rest or Fast Travel to a Camp
  • Strategy: This one is actually not too terribly difficult, as long as you have a previous save BEFORE you have started the Emprise du Lion area. With the wording of the trophy you will need to have turned on the Rest Easy Trial before you set foot in the Emprise du Lion area and keep it on until after you claim Suledin's Keep. The good news is you only need to be around level 15ish if you put the game on Casual difficulty to easy take the Keep. In addition to that you can still fast travel back to camps to regain your potions, and the only penalty is losing your focus.

    If you DON'T have a previous save that you can load from your original playthrough in which you haven't set foot in the area, you will have to restart the game on a new playthrough to unlock the trophy.

    For those of you that have already played through the game once, you will already be familiar with the area and the Keep so you will know what to expect, for those of you that are doing this on an original playthrough, here is the walkthrough from the main guide to help you take the keep.

    Suledin Keep - Emprise du Lion
    Suledin Keep is BY FAR the most difficult Keep to claim as your own. If you talk to Michel de Chevin this will automatically get marked on your map with a mission marker. Fight your way up to the Tower Camp, then head up to the Keep. Outside the Keep you will face your first piece of resistance in Red Templars and archers. Take them out and head inside.

    In the next two areas you will ind several Red Templars, Archers and support Mages to make your life hell. Remember to fast travel back to the Camp if you need to restock your supplies! Don't worry, the enemies won't respawn. In the area just after the cages of testing, you will encounter a pile of Archers and Mages along with something lovely....a Giant

    Take them out and follow the path until you see some tents. Check your supplies, then head into the next area which has even more enemies and another Giant Now I personally found this was easier, if I could get the Giant roaming around the tree in the middle as he sometimes gets stuck on the roots sticking out of the ground making it harder for him to walk. This can also make flanking the enemies easier too as they lose track of you.

    Now you can either head up the stairs OR go into the cellar and then up some stairs, they both lead to the same place. The upper area of the keep and more Red Templars. Take them out, then head to through the door to find several Red Templars, mages and Red Rogues along with a Red Behemoth lurking about. Take them out and use the Supply Cache, then continue.

    In the next room you will find Ishmael. Now Ishmael is a pain, BUT if you take out his pile of Red Templars and Spiders that spawn at the very beginning of the battle then it isn't too bad. These have a set amount that will spawn so once they are finished, it's just him. He will change forms a few times during the battle to other enemies that you've already faced but nothing you cant handle as he isn't too tough.

    Once he falls, head up to the flagpole and claim your keep.

    Suledin Keep Video Walkthrough

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Trial of the Magician
Travel Light on for "In Hushed Whispers": finish the quest

This is a Missable Trophy!
  • Trial: Travel Light
  • Description: All Supply Caches removed from the game
  • Strategy: Unless you have a really early save in your game, you will have to start a new game to get this trophy, on the bright side, you will have to restart one anyway for some of the trophies. Another good thing about this trophy is that the In Hushed Whispers main story mission is very early in the game so you won't have to replay very far to get the trophy. Once you have the mission unlocked, head into the Trials screen and turn on the Travel Light trial, then start the main story mission from the War Table. Now I played this on Casual and I was only at Level 3 in my run to reach Skyhold under level 6, and even with basic weapons it was still very easy. The Trial will remove all the Supply Caches from the game, and I think for the entire mission I only needed 2 potions before I made it to the final battle against Alexius, so the Trial is very simple. Once you have finished the mission with the Trial on the trophy will unlock.

Trial of the Tower
Rub Some Dirt on it: slay the Hivernal high dragon

This is a Missable Trophy!

  • Trial: Rub Some Dirt on It
  • Description: Healing Potions only heal 1 Health
  • Strategy: Now I actually thought this trophy was easier than the battle against Fereldan Frostback for the Trial trophy. The reason being is that by the time you are strong enough to take on the Hivernal you should have a fairly powerful team in terms of level and gear. If you don't you should have the necessary Schematics to craft proper gear for this battle. The Rub Some Dirt on It Trial will make it so your healing potions will only heal 1 HP when you use them, but if you put the game on Casual difficulty, it should be fairly simple. During the battle don't even bother with the health potions, just let your players die if they are losing health and then revive them as they will have more health when they revive than if you use the potions.

    If you DON'T have a save point at the end of the game you can reload to fight the dragon, you will unfortunately have to play until you are strong enough to take down the dragon which is quite a long time if you are starting from the beginning of the game .

    For those of you trying to unlock this during the main story of the game, I've included the Hivernal strategy from the main guide below. Please note that the video is from my original playthrough and not with this Trial turned on, but it can be a guide so you know what to expect from the Hivernal during the battle.

    The Hivernal - Emprise du Lion

    Toggle Spoiler

    • Level: 19
    • Preparation: The Hivernal is an Ice Dragon. Arm your party with Ice Resistant Armor and Ice Resistant Accessories for Defense. On offense, turn off all Ice Elemental Magic and make all Fire Elemental Magic a favorite. Also equip your party with weapons that have active Fire Runes OR Dragon Slaying Runes for bonus damage. If you have Cold Resistance Tonic bring that as well.
    • Strategy: The first thing you will need to do is make it up to Drakon's Camp. Once you make it there and clear out the area to establish an Inquisition Camp, head back down to the broken bridge and drop a flag at Judicael's Crossing to open up a War Table mission. Now head back to Skyhold and at the War Table, complete the mission to repair the Crossing.

      The next thing you will need to do, is make it to Suledin Keep and defeat Imshael. Once he is defeated, claim the Keep for the Inquisition. Now talk to Baron Edouard Desjardins and he will give you the Breeding Grounds side mission that will open up the 3 dragons in the area for hunting.

      Now Fast Travel back to Drakon's Camp and prepare for the first of 3 very difficult Dragon fights for this area. When you are ready, head out across Judicael's Crossing to the waypoint in the map above which is at the top of the first coliseum.

      The Hivernal fights very similar to the Greater Mistral, only much more powerful. The Hivernal's Ice Breath can be completely devastating if you aren't properly equipped against Cold Damage. At 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 damage the Hivernal will fly away and will strafe the area with a stream of Ice Breath that is very powerful before returning to battle more. At 1/2 power the Hivernal will start using Armor to protect itself which can be a pain in the ass, but by this point in the game and presuming you waited until you were at a high level before fighting the dragon shouldn't be too much of a problem for you.

      The Hivernal Battle Video

      Toggle Spoiler

Trial of the Emporer
Defeat 20 foes promoted by Walk Softly

  • Trial: Walk Softly
  • Description: Enemies of the Inquisition may have new traits and abilities in combat
  • Strategy: This is one of the more annoying Trials because when you turn it on enemies will get Promoted with this ability randomly. The good news is that if you turn this on at the beginning of the DLC, you can earn this while completing the DLC. The majority of the enemies that I found to be Promoted by this started with an Armor bar over their health and had some pretty powerful attacks, which would appear randomly in a battle when suddenly I would die when I had full health in a battle with them. If you see an enemy with the gray Armor bar, press the and focus the cursor on him as you can see in the image below. he should have the title of "Elite" above his name and in his attributes you will see the title "Promoted". Once you kill off 20 enemies, and animals and monsters never seem to have this stat, the trophy will unlock.

Trial of the Empress
Even Ground on: slay a level 16 or higher Fereldan Frostback

This is a Missable Trophy!

  • Trial: Even Ground
  • Description: All enemies are scaled to the same level as the Inquisitioner
  • Strategy: If you have a previous save before you decided taking out the Dragons, load it up. For this trophy you will need to take on the Fereldan Frostback in the Hinterlands while you have the Even Ground trial activated which will scale the Dragon to your level. Now you must be at level 16, and when I say you, I mean your entire party as I tried when I was 16 and my party was still 15 and she was only level 15. If you press the and put the cursor on the Dragon you can check his level before fighting her to make sure she's at least level 16. The Frostback WAS the weakest dragon in the game, but with the Trial on, she isn't as easy.

    Now that being said, there is good and bad to this. If you take her on at Level 16, the Frostback and all the Dragonlings she summons will all be at the same level, BUT your armor and weapons most likely won't be at a proper level to easily take down the dragon even on Casual mode, nor will you have enough Schematics to create the better Armor and Weapons in the game to make this easier. You could counter this by taking her on at a higher level with better equipment, BUT remember whatever level you are at, she will be also so she will get stronger right along with you. Once you defeat the Frostback with this Trial turned on the trophy will unlock.

    For those of you trying to unlock this during the main story of the game, I've included the Frostback strategy from the main guide below. Please note that the video is from my original playthrough and not with this Trial turned on, but it can be a guide so you know what to expect from the Frostback during the battle.

    The Fereldan Frostback - The Hinterlands

    Toggle Spoiler

    • Level: 12
    • Preparation: Despite her name, the Frostback is a Fire Dragon. Arm your party with Fire Resistant Armor and Fire Resistant Accessories for Defense. On offense, turn off all Fire Elemental Magic and make all Ice Elemental Magic a favorite. Also equip your party with weapons that have active Frost Runes for bonus damage. If you have Fire Resistance Tonic bring that as well.
    • Strategy: Even though this is the easiest dragon in terms of level, I personally didn't find this to be the easiest Dragon to defeat because of all the Dragonlings she summons. When you first enter the area with the dragon, she will fly around in circles while her Dragonlings attack you. The Frostback will support the Dragonlings by shooting fire at you from the sky. Ignore the Dragonlings as much as you can and move towards the back of the area, to push the Frostback into his lair so he will stop bombing you with Fire. Take out the remaining Dragonlings that are attacking you and assess your situation. If you had to spend any potions to get back here, I recommend Fast Traveling back to the camp to resupply yourself then move back into the lair.

      Once you get back into the lair, the Dragon will be waiting for you and will immediately start shooting fire at you. Your Warriors should attack from close range while your Archer and Mage keep a distance and inflict damage using their special abilities. When you get her down to about 3/4 health, she will fly around the area and shoot flames at as she passes the area until she finally lands on one of the raised plateaus. From here she will shoot fire down at your entire party, but you can hide below her directly under the ledge she is on and be safe. Eventually she will land again and the fight continues. Now she will also start employing her Wing Attack that all the dragons use.

      At 1/2 health she will take to the skies again and land on the other plateau, but this time she will call Dragonlings to help her in the fight. When she comes down now, she will do her regular attacks and she adds in a roar attack that will stun you as well as summon more Dragonlings. The Dragon lings are a huge pain and in a swarm they can take out even your fighter so take them out whenever you see them and continue the same strategies during the fight.

      At 1/4 health she will panic and fly away only to land way up on the mountain....if you let her . Use the steps to get up to her and the Dragonlings shouldn't be able to get all the way up there and you should be able to finish her off rather easily.

      Fereldan Frostback Battle Video

      Toggle Spoiler

Trial of the Fool
Take It Slow on: reach Skyhold at level 5 or less

This is a Missable Trophy!

  • Trial: Take it Slow
  • Description: Receive 1/2 XP of the normal amount
  • Strategy: For this challenge you will need to start a new game. I recommend using a Rogue to have the Stealth ability. Once you start the game, head into your Trials menu and turn on the Take it Slow trial, then proceed. I recommend turning the game difficulty down to Casual for this as once you get to the more difficult missions it will get increasingly more difficult at a really low level. The first mission, you will have get to level 2 no matter how many enemies you pass up as you work your way up the hill, as the game will put you to level 2 when you close your first Rift as part of the leveling up tutorial. The rest of the level should be easy as long as you are playing on Casual.

    Now the difficult part begins, and that is to keep your level low, and get to Skyhold. You will need to get a total of 19 power points to unlock Val Royeaux and to unlock the "In Hushed Whisper" mission assuming you are getting the Trial of the Magician trophy in the same playthrough. For this you will need to do as little as possible to get these power points. I recommend doing the side missions around Haven as some of these give you points with very little experience. Once you are out of those, travel to the Hinterlands and follow the main story. Establish as many easy Inquisition Camps as you can without traveling any further past the Crossroads as you will encounter a ton of enemies that direction. Close the Rifts in the area, and head the opposite direction towards the enclave at Dwarfson's Pass to gain Inquisition Agents to gain points. You can also complete the Requisition Requests for easy points. I recommend avoiding conflict with roaming bandits as much as possible to keep your level down.

    For a complete list of Inquisition Agents please click this link to go to the main guide:
    Dragon Age: Inquisition - Inquisition Agents List and Locations

    Once you have 4 points travel to Val Royeuax and complete the story mission and make your save point for reloading later for the Trial of the Lovers trophy, get the 1 agent available there, then leave the area. Don't inspect anything or do the missions to gain new followers as that will be unnecessary experience points.

    Now head back to Haven and agree to meet with the Mages so you can get your Trial of the Magician trophy. Head back to the Hinterlands and head to Redcliffe. While you're there make sure you get the Agent in the Tavern, then continue with the main story. Once you are finished continue getting the rest of the points you need if you need any, then head back to Haven and start the "In Hushed Whispers" main story mission.

    During this mission, which is very self explanatory, only kill the enemies that you need to kill, that way you don't gain extra experience. The ones in the dungeon while you are looking for your party will have to be killed, but once you get outside there are a few rifts that you don't have to close if you simply run past them using the Stealth ability. In the next area, you will need to take out all the enemies to get the 5 Red Lythium Shards to open the door, then head in and take out Alexius, which is a very easy battle as long as you are on Casual mode.

    Once you have completed this, you will start the "In Your Heart Shall Burn". You should only be at level 3- low 4 at the start of this. At the beginning of the mission, you won't have a choice but to kill off all the enemies to get the Trebuchets going. Once you have them going, don't save any of the people and don't bother killing any of the enemies, just head straight to the Chantry to continue the mission. After the cutscene, activate your Stealth ability and head to the last Trebuchet instead of killing enemies on the way. If any of your party goes after the enemies, use the "Disengage" command to call them away and put away your weapons. Once you get there, start turning the Trebuchet and take out the 2 first waves of enemies that attack you. Once you hit the 3rd wave with Knight Captain Denham, you face a choice, you can either kill him, or try to finish turning the wheel for the Trebuchet before your party is all killed to continue the mission. I personally tried several times and could not kill him and his minions with my level 3 characters so I just activated my Stealth and kept turning the Trebuchet.

    Once you pass that part, simply complete the next quick area to get to Skyhold and the trophy will unlock.

Trial of the Lovers
Fair-Weather Friends always on: enter Halamshiral with all the followers

This is a Missable Trophy!

  • Trial: Fair-Weather Friends
  • Description: Negative approval points for followers are doubled.
  • Strategy: Now this trophy isn't as bad as I originally thought it was and you can get with about 10ish hours of a new game. For this one you will need to restart the game and at the beginning of the game turn on the Fair-Weather Friends Trial. You will then need to collect all the Followers available in the game and the keep them all happy until you get to the Winter Palace in the Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts. I tried reloading a save of a previous game that was at that mission and just turning on the Trial and alas, it did NOT work so you will need to start over. I recommend getting this on your playthrough with the trophies for the Trial of the Magician and the Trial of the Fool to make it easier and playing on Casual if you've already completed the rest of the game.

    Now I recommend that you make the following choices during the Major Events of the main story playthrough as they have the least negative consequences on your followers compared to the positive ones. You will note that I have you visiting the Templars and not with the Mages in this playthrough as you will have less negative choices with your team.
    • The Wrath of Heaven
      • Charge with the soldiers
    • Champions of the Just
      • Ally with the Templars
    • From the Ashes
      • "Corypheus Must Be Stopped" dialogue choice
    In addition to these choices, I recommend talking to all of your followers in between missions to gain more approval with them, and trying to complete as many of their Personal Missions as possible so that you won't take as big of a hit from any Negative consequences you will make in the choices above, because you can't keep everyone happy with every choice. For a complete list of your followers, including locations and their personalities and their personal missions, please visit the link below for the main guide. Remember, that it's easy to gain approval if you flirt with everyone You don't necessarily need to be in good standing with your followers for this trophy BUT you need to make sure nobody leaves after the events in Haven and that you have recruited everyone before going to Skyhold.

    THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS TROPHY is that once you get to Skyhold, depending on whether or not you chose to visit the Templars or the Mages, you will need to find either Dorian or Cole or both and talk to them to make sure they stay with the Inquisition to be a part of your team. A good way to check is to head into your inventory menu and press the button to see who is available. If they aren't there, got talk to them. Cole is located near Cullen near the front gate and Dorian is on the second level of the library

    Followers List

    Followers Approval Guide

Forever Marked
Progress the story to unlock

This is a Story Based Trophy

This is the one story based trophy for the entire game. Unlike the previous two DLC's the story in this DLC is simply one long mission with many sub-missions within it. The DLC isn't an open world like the Jaws of Hakkon and it is even more linear than the Descent, but it is still good story mode that will take a few hours to complete. Im going to break up the submissions into sections for this trophy based on how they appear in the game.
  • Speak with the Fereldan Ambassador
  • Speak with the Orlesian Ambassador
  • Begin the Exalted Council
    This group of missions all take place outside the Winter Palace when you first arrive. Both of the Ambassadors will be on the same side of the area and after talking to both of them you simply need to head to the main gates to start the Exalted Council to complete the first submission of the game. Now that being said, there is also an optional submission to talk to all the members of your party. Doing this will gain you insight into what they have been doing the last couple of years from the end of the main game to the start of the DLC. In addition to that you can also get married f you ended the main story in a relationship with one of your followers. Don't get to excited though, there is no wedding night scene

  • Search for more information about the hostile Qunari
  • Make contact with the Qunari
  • Return the weighted statue to the bridge
  • Use the Eluvians to find a way to the island
  • Follow the blood trail
  • Update Leliana at the Winter Palace
    After getting interrupted in the Council, follow the blood trail after talking to Leliana up the lattices to find an Eluvian in one of the upper rooms of the palace. Head into the Eluvian to head into a new area and you will be able to pick your team. Also make sure you equip some armor on your Inquisitor as they will probably be in their formal attire. From here you will be pursuing the Qunari. Continue following the main path until you see them head to an island you won't be able to get to and you will see a pedestal on the walkway you can examine. After examining the pedestal, head to the left and through the Eluvian. In the next area, you will encounter some guardians of the tower you are about to head up. If you used the Well of Sorrows you can communicate with them and they will be your allies and won't attack you...if you didn't....well, we'll get to that later. Continue up the tower and use your Anchor to open up the doors to get to the next Eluvian. In the next area, continue up to the top and use the Anchor on the gold wall at the top to open a walkway with some stairs heading down. Head down the stairs and you will gain a new ability with your Anchor which will let you use the discharge from it as a light for dark areas. A side effect of this will make you and your party temporary invincible which will enable you to pass over the purple flames that are on some of the walkways. At the bottom of the stairs you will find what you need for the pedestal, so grab it and head back the way you cam and place the item on the pedestal on the main walkway. This will raise the bridge leading to the island so you can continue your chase. Fight through the Qunari to the back of the temple and solve the Wolf Puzzle to open a walkway leading to a cellar and head down. At the bottom you will find another Qunari war party waiting for you, take them out and then search the area to find their orders and then head back to report them to Leliana to complete this section.

  • Pursue the Qunari through the Eluvian
  • Investigate the Qunari plot
  • Find Gaatlock Primers
  • Clear a way past the rubble
  • Qunari structures destroyed
  • Sabotage the Qunari Mining Operation
  • Tell Leliana about the Qunari plot to invade
  • Find a way out of the Deep Roads
    The next area will have you heading back down to the Deep Roads to pursue the Qunari. Unlike the last area, there will be a lot of combat in this section as you are invading their operations now. The way is very straightforward, but be on the lookout for primed Gaatlock barrels that you will be able to target with an Archer or Mage and explode with fire or lightning attacks for major damage on groups. At the end of the main path, you will have a battle with the captain of the Qunari troops in the area and some riff-raff. Once you are finished, look on the left side to find the Gaatlock Primers and you can proceed.

    On the way out, you will get attacked quite often. You will need to head to the 4 marked structures and add the Primers to the Gaatlock barrels, then interact with them again to light them so they destroy the mining structures of the Qunari. You will also get attacked by a wave of enemies with each one you destroy.

    Once you have destroyed all 4 structures, simply fight your way back to the main Eluvian to end the area.

  • Find the Keystone that unlocks the Darvaarad
  • Discover where the Viddasala went
  • Raise the walkways
  • Reach the Viddasala on the inverted island
  • Look for the Viddasala through an Eluvian near a bookshelf
  • Find the Viddasala
  • Return to the Winter Palace to warn the others
    In this next area, follow the Qunari down the main path until you reach a red pod in the middle of the path. Activate the pod to raise the first set of steps for the area, then your party will comment that you need to find more. Head down the path to the left and into the Eluvian to reach the main library Foyer and you will have a choice of going either left or right through the Eluvians.

    Head to the left and in the next area head up the stone walkway to the right of the Veilfire ring and then through the Eluvian at the end of the top path. In the next area, head up the ramp, and at the top turn right and look for another ramp that leads down almost directly below the Wolf Statue on the upper walkway. Follow this path down to find the next red pod and touch it to activate the next set of steps. Now head back towards the Foyer and take out the Qunari that will attack you near the Veilfire ring Eluvian.

    Now head through the Eluvian on the opposite side and follow the path to the next area and head up the ramp to find another Eluvian near a spirit. Head through the Eluvian to find another library and head down the stairs to find the next red pod. After activating it, head back the way you came towards the main Foyer and expect another Qunari ambush in the open area where you find the spirit.

    Once you reach the main Foyer, you will encounter the Librarians, who will have woken up by all the commotion. The Librarians are 4 weaker spirit versions of the Nightmare demon you faced at the end of the Fade during the main story of the game. Their attacks are completely the same and even come equipped with spiders On the bright side, with your powerful party they are not nearly the match the nightmare was for you in the normal playthrough and you should rip right through them. This is also an excellent time to test out your new Rift Discharge attack to take out spiders and cause good damage to multiple Librarians at the same time.

    Once you are done, head back through the main Eluvian and head up to the main walkway. Head across the new walkway and through the Eluvian to reach the upside down library. Viddasala will run of course, but she will order her huge battalion of Qunari to attack before she leaves. use your new Rift Discharge to make quick work of the battalion, this is honestly one of the best abilities in the game and they wait till the last hour of the game to let us use it :mad, and once you are finished search the bodies you left for the Keystone.

    Once you have it, head up the stairs and talk to the spirit, who will give you a new stone walkway to get to the Eluvian that leads back to the Foyer. once you are there, head back to the beginning of the area to complete this sub-mission.

  • Investigate the area
  • Find a way inside
  • Find a way to stop Dragon's Breath
  • Kill or Free the Dragon
  • Use the Keystone to activate the Eluvian leading to the Darvaarad
  • Fight Saarath
    Follow the Qunari down the ramp through the final Eluvian to start the final level of the game. WARNING, once you head through this Eluvian, you can't go back and complete anything else! Follow the path across the top of the Qunari Fortress taking out the enemies that charge you until you reach the sealed door and take out the guards in front of the door. Search their bodies to find the Gatehouse Key and use this to open the cage, in front of the door to get to the controls. The wheel on the right will move the outer latches, the wheel on the left will move the left and middle latch and the wheel in the middle will move the center latch. Use these wheels to move all the latches off the door and the door will open.

    Inside, take out the Qunari in the first room, then use the video below to grab the Amulet of Physical Immunity before moving on. Once you have it, continue through the area until you reach a cutscene and you will get ambushed by the Qunari. Take out the ambush and more Qunari will burst through the open door on the left side of the room giving you access to the next area. Once they are all dead, head through the door and restock your potions, then head up the stairs to find the Dragon's Breath.
    Amulet of Physical Immunity

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    Now you have a choice, kill the dragon or free it. Now I ran through this DLC twice, and did this both ways and you don't get JACK SQUAT for killing this one, so I say what's the point, just let it run free. The first thing you will need to do is head down into the dragon pit and look for a cart over on the right side. Head over by it and use your Rift Discharge to explode the barrels around it to destroy it as it will block the fire wheels from turning. Now head back to where you came in and head all the way to the left. There are three wheels you can turn on this back walkway which will turn the flame jets on the floor. Your goal is to turn all 3 of these so that they will all point the dragon out of the gate on the other side of the room. The wheel on the left will turn the inner ring, the middle wheel will turn the inner and middle ring and the wheel on the right will turn all 3 rings. So starting from left to right line up the rings with each other. Once you are finished, head down towards the gate and use the lever on each side to open the gate freeing the dragon and watch the cutscene that follows.

    In the next area, follow the path taking out the Qunari, it's complete linear until you come to the final battle against Saarath. After taking him out, head through the Eluvian to view the final cutscene of the DLC and unlock the trophy
    Saarath Final Battle Video

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Lateral Thinker
Unlock all caches watched over by ancient statues

This is a Missable Trophy!

There are Wolf Statues all over the DLC, and 4 of them have hidden caches with a weapon that you can unlock if you can figure out the puzzle with each statue. The weapons inside, aren't overly exciting especially considering that you are meant to play the DLC as the very last thing you do, so by this point, you will have no need for anything inside these loot chests, but there is a trophy inside so let's get to it.
  • Statue 1: You will actually come across the first statue of the game on the main story path, so you will know what all the statues look like without having to look too terribly hard to find out. In the very first mission of the game you will be tasked with following a trail of blood from the Winter Palace through an Eluvian and into some Elven Ruins. Once you have figured out the Ruins and can get to the island take out all the Qunari inside the building then head to the back where you will find the statue. Along the walls you will find several places to light Veilfire braziers and just outside the wall on the balcony is a lit Veilfire brazier. Grab a Veilfire torch and light the brazier that the statue is looking at, then head over to the statue and press the button on the statue to complete the first puzzle and the cache can be opened.
  • Statue 2: You will find the second statue in the Destroyed Library area. After you have complete the first set of the stone walkway, follow the path to the Eluvian on the left and you will appear in a central chamber. Head through the Eluvian on the back left corner and in the next area, you will find a ring of Veilfire braziers that aren't lit. Head up the walkway and through the next Eluvian and then continue up the path to the destroyed structure. Head behind the structure on the left side and you will encounter some purple fire. Use your Anchor Discharge by pressing the and to become temporary invincible and quickly run across the fire and then head up the walkway on the right to get to the upper level where you will find the statue.

    Now for the tricky part, you will need to press the button on the statue which will light the braziers in the previous area, but only for a brief time. So you will need to quickly drop off the ledge to the area below then jump down to the walkway to get back to the Eluvian as quickly as possible. In the next area, run down the path then drop off the ledge where the path starts to lead down to get to the lower area quicker and light a Veilfire torch before the flames all go out. Now head back up to the statue and light the flame on the smaller statue that the Wolf Statue is looking at to gain access to the cache and complete this puzzle.
  • Statue 3: After you have completed the Library and your Anchor Discharge causes damage, head back to the Deep Roads area before heading into the final area of the main story. Follow the main path until you come to the main ramp that leads down and you can see the effects of your destruction of the Qunari mining, which will be pointed out by your team, in the very next room head to the back of the room and use your discharge to destroy the Gaatlock barrels revealing a hidden Eluvian. Head through this Eluvian and grab some Veilfire, then head into the next room. In here, look along the mural for a Veilfire Rune, and inspect it to cause the Statue to turn. Now head behind the statue and press the button to cause a staircase to raise that leads up to the brazier in the middle of the mural. Light this with Veilfire to complete the puzzle and collect the items from the cache.
  • Statue 4: Through the final Eluvian, at the Qunari fortress, follow the main path until you reach the main gate that you mus unlock to proceed. Opposite the gate, there is a tower, with a lone enemy in it and the final Statue. Head all the way back near the beginning to find a lit Veilfire brazier. Grab a torch and head back to the tower. On the bottom floor with the Statue, light the fire for the Owl Statue, then head up to the third floor and light the Deer Statue and finally the Dragon Statue. Now head back down to the bottom and you will see that you will have access to the Wolf Statue and the final cache.

If you happen to miss any of these, you won't need to collect all of them again on your next playthrough, as soon as you collect the ones you missed the trophy will unlock.

Lateral Thinker Video Guide

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Find all the wearable items that make up the Taken Shape

This is a Missable Trophy!

The Taken Shape is a set of 3 Accessories and a suit of Armor that when combined you receive special stat bonuses for each piece that you add to the same player, in addition to the excellent stats that each piece has on its own. While the bonuses are good, the real treasure are the Tier 4 Schematics for the Light, Medium and Heavy Armor that you can create back in Winter Palace with Tier 4 Dragon Crafting Materials that will make the best Armor in the game. The chests containing each piece are all cursed and when you try to open them you will get attacked by several demons. Take out the demons guarding the chest and then you will be able to open it to claim your prize.

  • The Hand That Cuts: The Hand that Cuts, is the first Accessory that you will be able to obtain. Head towards the Eluvian on the right, and head to the right of it and you will find a path that leads behind it to a hidden Eluvian. Head through the Eluvian to find a secret library and at the back of it you will find the chest where the ring is hidden
  • The Eye That Weeps: After you have finished the first part of the DLC, head back through the Eluvian in the winter palace and head down the new path towards the Eluvian that heads into the Deep Roads area. From this Eluvian, head to the left and up the ramp the get to a hidden Eluvian behind the main one. Head inside to find a secret cave with the chest with the Amulet.
  • The Bind That Guides: From the Deep Roads Eluvian, head around the right side now until you find the Red Pod and press on it to gain access to the hidden walkway that leads up to another island. On this island you will find a hidden Eluvian, head inside to find the chest with the Belt inside.
  • The Skin That Stalks: After you have completed the Deep Roads, you will now gain access to another area as you continue to chase the Qunari. Head up the ramp to the right of the Deep Roads Eluvian to another island, but before you head up the ramp towards the upper area, head to the left and you will find another Red Pod. Interact with the pod to gain access to another hidden walkway that leads to another island with a secret Eluvian. Head inside this Eluvian to find a hidden prison with the chest that has the Armor and the Schematics.

Coroner Video Guide

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