Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: 0
Estimated Time to 100%: Depending on skills, 6-8 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Use one Quarantine zone for the 5 chest. It makes it much faster and the zones are not that hard.
  • To complete faster, do all the challenges at night only. Though it is recommended to do them during the day first to see where everything is located and plan your path.


All three trophies should be completed while doing it SOLO. If you choose to do it with a partner you will need to redo everything. This is because the 5 Chest only apply to the one opening and only the winner of the challenges will receive credit.

Step One: Collect the 5 GTE chest.
These chest can be found within any of the Quarantine zones. Each one you will need to lock pick which isn't to hard to do. There are plenty of chest throughout the Quarantine zones and once you have completed one, you can exit and reenter to open the same chest.

Step Two: Day Challenges
Complete all 10 challenges during the day.

Step Three: Night Challenges
Complete all 10 challenges at night.

Alternate Step Two: Night Challenges
Complete all 10 challenges at night and get both trophies at once.


The Boy Who Could Run
Complete all Parkour Fever Challenges

There are a total of 10 new challenges that you will need to complete.

Old Town
  • Blue District Fever
  • Diagonal Run
  • Not So Obvious
  • On The Edge
  • Tower Run
The Slums
  • Favela Fever
  • First Assignment
  • End Of The Tunnel
  • Tiptoeing To Gazi
  • Twister
On the map, the icon will appear to be a foot with 3 stars below it. For this trophy, you can either complete them during the day or night, doesn't matter.

It is recommended to do them during the day though first so that you can try to memorize where each checkpoint is. There are less zombies during the day so it makes it easier.

There is a small glitch that can be helpful. Even though it says if you use the grappling hook you will lose, there is a way around it.

What you will want to do it follow these simple steps, and get your timing right for it to work.

1. Line up you crosshairs to the location you wish to shoot the grappling hook.
2. Press to bring up your map.
3. Have your finger on and be ready to hit it.
4. Press to exit the map and quickly hit to throw the grappling hook.

If you do these steps and do them fast enough, the game will not recognize that you are using the hook and you will be able to travel faster.

GD Parkour Instructor
Complete all Parkour Fever Challenges at night

Do the above 10 challenges at night for this trophy.
If you choose to do all 10 at night and only at night, you will get this trophy as well as The Boy Who Could Run

Pearls in the Mud
Open 5 GRE chests in Quarantine Zones

The GTE chest are found within the Quarantine Zones within the two levels. They can be recognized on the map by the red symbol. There are 5 in the slums an 3 in Old Town. It really does not matter which one you go to or if you go to all of them. Each zone has a few chest inside. When you locate the chest, you will need to pick the lock first, in which most are "hard", though I don't find them that difficult. Once you have completed a zone, and exit, you can reenter the same zone to reopen the same chest if you want too as they reappear locked. Once you have opened 5 of them, the trophy will pop.

If you are playing with partners, only the one opening the chest will receive credit towards the trophy. So this is best to get alone.

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