Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: 1 Together Till the End
Estimated Time to 100%: 6-10 depending on skill
Minimum Playthroughs: 2+
Collectible Trophies: 0
Missable Trophies: 0
Glitched Trophies: 0

[top]Tips & Strategies

There are no real tips or anything. Practice, memorize, watch vids. Collect all weapons you can when you find them and don't go out of your way to kill anything if you dont need too. This about how fast you can move through all 20 trials. So keep at it.


Step One:
Obviously you will need to do all 20 trials first. When you have completed them you will get the Bozak Bow.
You may need to do this more than once if you do not complete it within a certain time frame.

Get the Bozak
Together till the End
Things that go Ka-boom

Step Two:
Replay a few trials with the bow and collect arrows from fallen Virals. Than proceed to shoot 10 virals with the bow.
Electric Whisper

Step 3:
Go and kill Rais's men with the headshots with the bow.
Robin Hood Theory


Get the Bozak
Complete Bozak's challenges

There are a total of 20 Bozak Trials that you will need to complete. They will progressively get harder the further you go.
If you play alone, there won't be as many enemies or bombs as compared to if you play with 3 other people.
If you do choose to play alone, you will need to play it again for the online trophy. See Together Till the End.

When you first start in the Stadium, you start with no weapons. You will need to complete Trials and find the case with weapons. There will be several different weapons you can obtain as you progress through the trials. The trials are mostly different for the most part. Some you need to kill enemies, some are to disable bombs and some are check point related runs.

There are 3 different areas within the Trials that you will need to go to.

1. The Parking Garage
  • The first round is to defuse the bomb. It is identified on the map, so run to it and Defuse bomb
  • Kill all virals (Zombies in orange suits, indicated by a red arrow on your map)
  • This part has two things to do, Kill virals and defuse bomb. The bomb won't appear right away though, so you will need to kill some virals first before the bomb appears.
  • kill the Bolters for medkits.
  • Defuse bomb. (Once you have defused the first one, the others can be found outside of the stadium. There is a hole in the wall that once had electric blocking it)
2. Reception Area
  • Defusing the bombs from the last round
  • Parkour Race checkpoint challenge
  • Kill the Goons
  • kill the Bolters for medkits
  • Defuse the 2 bombs (there are more than two cases though, you will need to find the two with the bombs in them)
  • Checkpoint challenge. There are numerous sets of checkpoints you will need to run through. Some are high and some are low, so you will need to climb up and jump and all.
  • Throw the gas cans in the marked hole (you will be shown where these are by a flare. They are actual gas cans, not like the ones you normally find)
  • Once the wall is blown up, a new area will be revealed. Go through the hole in the wall and jump on the van to take the zipline down to the elevator. Kill all Virals that appear until the elevator stops. Open the doors by pressing to get to the new area.
3. Outside
  • Checkpoint challenge
  • Kill all Bolters before the time runs out (be fast, they are)
  • Kill virals and then defuse the bomb when it shows up.
  • Fill all the chutes This may be one of the hardest. You have to run to each chute and deliver packages. The problem with this, is the men in Hazmat suits that make it a bit more challenging.
  • Checkpoint challenge
  • Lockpick (easy) the container then disarm the bombs.
  • kill the Bolters for medkits (if you need them)
  • Kill all enemies - Virals and Demolishers - The trophy will pop at the end here. A great way to kill the Demolisher is throwing all your weapons and grenades at him. When you have killed the first one, run over and collect your weapons that you have thrown. Do the same thing to the second Demolisher. (there is only one if you are playing solo, 2+ with more people)

Together Till the End
Be the last man standing

You will need at least two players for this trophy. You can not get it alone. At the end of all 20 trials, you will need to kill your co-op partner(s) and be the last surviving person. Once completed the trophy will pop.

Electric Whisper
Learn how to craft Electric Arrows

Once you have completed the trials and earned the bow, go craft it. When you enter into the stadium, you will have the bow with you, even though they take everything else away. You won't have any arrows yet, you will need to kill some virals (orange suits) and search their bodies for arrows. When you have found enough arrows, start shooting the Virals with the arrows. When you have killed 10 the trophy will pop. You do not need to craft them or use them, just obtain the blueprint.

Things That Go Ka-Boom
Learn how to craft Exploding Arrows

To be able to craft these arrows, you need to be the 20 trials within a certain time limit. The more people you play with, the less time you have.
The times range from 31 minutes for one person to 25 minutes for 4 people. There is about two minutes difference for each player added. So for 1 person it would 31 minutes or under. For 2 people it would be about 28 minutes or under. Three people is about 26 minutes or under and for Four (4) people it's 25 minutes or under. With more people however, there are more enemies as well, so don't think just because there are more people it will be easier to complete, because it doesn't make it all the much easier.

Once you have completed the challenges within the time limit, the trophy will pop. You only need to get the blueprint, you don't actually have to craft any or use them.

Robin Hood Theory
Score 10 headshots on Rais's men with a bow

Once you have completed all 20 trials, you will receive the Bow. You don't need to be inside the trials for this trophy as there are no Rais's men. Once outside the stadium, you will need to first grab your belongings from the bag in a safe house. Once you have collected all your belongings, go in a craft a bow and some arrows (they just have to be regular ones), and head out to find Rais's men. They are usually around Air drops.

Once you have found Rais's men, aim for their heads and shoot. Sometimes it can take two arrows to kill them. When they are dead, you can go and recollect your arrows. Do this to 10 men for the trophy.

This can be very touchy sometimes. Even though it may seem like you shot them in the head, when you get close to the body the arrows will appear in the chest or arms or else where. You just have to keep doing it until the trophy pops.

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