Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Estimated Time to Platinum: 4-8 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: Yes
Glitched Trophies: Yes

[top]Tips & Strategies

Save, save, save
Ether One is an extremely unstable game. It's riddled with glitches, prone to crashes, and frequently corrupts save files. To avoid any unnecessary stress, make sure to save regularly, and to keep multiple save files.

Quick-travel Warning
It is possible to quick-travel to all discovered locations via the world map in The Case. Every time I have attempted to do this, however, it has frozen my game and irreversibly corrupted my save file. It might take you a few more minutes, but I advise traveling everywhere on foot.


If you want to just play through the game and enjoy the story, know that all you need to do to complete each area is collect the 8 Memory Fragments (Red Ribbons).

If you want to earn the Platinum in a single, trouble-free playthrough, simply watch and follow the collectible walkthrough videos at the end of this guide.

I recommend playing through in the following order:
Devlin Mine (all collectibles) > Pinwheel Harbour (all collectibles + core memory) > Pinwheel Industrial (all collectibles ONLY) > Backtrack to Pinwheel Harbour for the Plaque > Brimclif Mine (all collectibles + core memory) > The Case for Pinwheel Industrial Core Memory > Pinwheel Village (all collectibles + core memory).


Excellent Work Restorer.

Rembrandt Repairer
Swapped the fuse in Restoration Chamber 3.

This trophy is earned by completing the very first puzzle of the game, and cannot be missed.

When you enter Restoration Chamber 3, head to the right of the room. Place the Keycard on the black mat, then open the Fuse Box. Remove the battery, and place it on the mat, next to the Keycard. On the other side of the room you'll find a shelf with a number of batteries on it. Grab a 300a battery, then return to the Fuse Box and insert it. Finally, close the fuse box, then press the red button to the left.

Collected all the Memory Fragments.

Memory Fragments are scattered throughout the four main areas, and are represented by Red Ribbons. There are 8 in each area, for a total of 32.
Refer to the video walkthroughs below for locations.

Déjà Vu
Rang the bell in the Institute upon your return.

After completing the Memory Core for Pinwheel Industrial, you will return to The Institute briefly. When you arrive, run straight for the front desk and ring the bell, just like you did during the Tutorial, to earn this trophy.

Filled the shelves in The Case.

In The Case (which acts as a hub world) there are 4 shelf units in the main room on which you can store items, both important and inconsequential. To earn this trophy, simply fill up all available slots on every shelf. This will require roughly 180 items.

Taken every Core Memory Photograph.

To unlock a Core Memory, you must first collect all 8 Memory Fragments in an area. Once you've done so, return to the Case to find a Music Box next to the door for the area you just completed. Interacting with the music box will open the door, and you'll be able to access the Core Memory. Once inside, you'll be equipped with a Camera. Simply walk through the memory and take pictures of everything and anything you see. Do this for all 4 Core Memories to unlock this trophy. You'll know you've taken every photo once you're able to sprint again.

Note: doing this for Pinwheel Village will end the game, so only do it if you've completed everything else.

The Knocker
Heard the complete tale of The Knocker.

Throughout the world there are 9 Knocker Statues. To Hear the Tale of the Knocker, you must find and pick-up all 9 statues.

The locations of all 9 statues are covered in the collectible walkthrough videos below.

Note: if you place the statues on a Shelf in The Case, you can listen to the Tale at anytime by simply picking up one of the statues again.

The Restorer
Restored all of the plaques.

To restore Plaques, you'll first need to acquire the Lantern, which is found in Pinwheel Industrial. It's location is covered in the collectible walkthrough video.

Once you've acquired the lantern, you can restore Plaques by equipping the Lantern with , aiming it at a Plaque, then activating the Lantern by pressing and holding . There are a total of 5 Plaques, and their locations are covered in the collectibles walkthrough videos.

Note: the first Plaque is found in Pinwheel Harbor, but cannot be restored until you've obtained the Lantern from Pinwheel Industrial.

Listened to all the Voicemail messages.

To earn this trophy, you must find and listen to all 6 Voicemail Messages throughout the game. Their locations are covered in the collectibles walkthrough video.

Clever Clogs
Restored 5 Projectors.

See Lucid .

Smarty Pants
Restored 10 Projectors.

See Lucid .

Restored 15 Projectors.

See Lucid .

Restored 20 Projectors.

To earn this trophy, you must find, restore, and view all 20 Projectors. Their locations, and the solutions to the puzzles required to restore them, are all covered by the collectibles videos below.

[top]Collectibles Walkthrough

[top]Devlin Mines

[top]Pinwheel Harbour

[top]Pinwheel Industrial

[top]Brimcliff Mine

[top]Pinwheel Village


All credit for the video walkthroughs goes to PS4Trophies. You can check out his in-depth guides on his YouTube channel, or catch a live show on Twitch.

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