Players: 1

Online Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: ~50 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 with manual saves (see roadmap for details)
Collectible Trophies: They're Not Dolls..., ...They're Action Figures
Missable Trophies: Mankind-Redefined, Powering Up, Nuclear Family, Blind Betrayal, Ad Victoriam, The Nuclear Option, Underground Undercover, Rocket's Red Glare
Glitched Trophies: None reported

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[top]The History of the Fallout Universe

[top]Enclave Armor: X-01 Power Armor

For all you OG fans of Fallout, in Fallout 2 the Enclave were the real threat to the Wasteland (unless you ally with them, but whatever) and it just so happens that you can find a full set of their Power Armor in Fallout 4. This armor set is the best in the game, I believe it's actually confirmed as such, and just generally looks cool. Also the eyes glow if you hold , so that's cool.

On your map look at The Prydwen. To the West of it there's a body of water, and then a jutting out dock. Near the start of this dock area is a location called Custom House Tower, but that's not where you want to go. Across the street from this building is a place that's unmarked on your map called Court 35. Take out the two turrets guarding it and head inside.

Inside there are some Protectrons to kill, as well as an elevator to take. Once you ride the elevator, you'll be almost on the roof, part of the building will be missing and open to the elements. Anyway, you'll come up here and see 3 locked doors as a security measure is taken and a Sentrybot is thrown at you. Kill it (you can use the ramp you walked up as a cover spot since it won't fit) and the lockdown will be lifted. Inside the rooms that were locked on either side of the area are two red buttons. Push both of them to open a door in the center of the area to reveal the heavenly X-01 Power Armor. Note: it may not look like Enclave armor until you enter the suit, this happened to me.

Disclaimer: save before doing this as sometimes if your level is too low (around 10-15) you may just get T-60 power armor instead of X-01 power armor.

[top]Alien Blaster

The Alien Blaster makes its return in the game and is once again, one of the most powerful weapons you can find in the game. To find the Alien Blaster, you will need to have found either Beantown Brewery or Oberland Station. The location of the Alien crash site will be South of the Brewery and East from Oberland Station and is pretty close to where the line would intersect from both of these points. Head to that area and you should find a crashed Alien ship along with the surrounding area still damaged and partially on fire from the wreckage. IF THE SHIP ISN'T THERE, head to Malden Middle School and go into the basement to find Vault 75. Finish the mission for exploring the Vault and this should trigger the Alien ship. This isn't confirmed if this is a necessary step so if someone confirms it please post it in the comments for us. Once you have found the ship, look for some green blood on the ground near it and follow this blood North and you will find a cave. Head inside the cave and you will find a single Alien. Kill him and the gun is yours and don't forget to grab the ammo on the ground as it's currently the only ammo available for the gun.

What to do when you run out of ammo!?!?!
Currently there is no other Alien Blaster ammo available in the game, BUT if you are at a Level 4 with the Science Perk, you can convert the Alien Blaster to use Fusion Cells. Which you can find a ton of in the game as it is just the basic Laser Weapon ammo that everyone uses. You will have to suffer a point less of damage to do this, BUT you will be able to continue using your sexy Alien Blaster to vaporize everything

[top]Tips & Strategies

This guide contains minor spoilers

[top]Power Armor Locations

Power Armor, while not essential to the game, will definitely make the difficult areas of the game much easier. In addition to that, you can take more damage, carry more items and drop from high places without taking damage while wearing the Power Armor. Your Power Armor consists of a frame and then a Helmet, torso, two arms and two legs for armor pieces. These can all be upgraded at Power Armor Upgrade Stations if you are at the required level in your skill upgrades and if you have the necessary crafting equipment. That being said, these pieces can all be damaged in battle as well and damaged pieces will be moved to your inventory. If you look at the diagram of the armor in the heads up display the red pieces are your damaged pieces. These can be repaired at Power Armor Stations if you have the necessary equipment. Below is a video of some of the Power Armor locations in the game.

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[top]Fusion Core Locations

The down side to the Power Armor is that you need Fusion Cores to run them. Now this really is only an issue if you are using your Power Armor all the time as they are very easy to find, but in case you need help here is a video of some of their locations.

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[top]Cheats and Exploits

This section will contain a few videos provided to us by Powerpyx of some of the cheats and exploits that can make it easier to gain money and exp to get to faster if you want to use them.

[top]Vendor Exploit

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[top]XP Exploit

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[top]Item Duplication and Unlimited Attribute Points

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[top] HasseLuck's Path to Platinum

  1. Play through the main story
    Play through the main story of the game and work on completing side quests and objectives while working on reaching level 50.
  2. Complete the Minutemen Faction trophies
    There are 4 Minutemen Faction trophies that you need to to unlock and they can all be completed before decision point on factions leaving you less to replay later.
    When Freedom Calls
    The First Step
    Taking Independence
    Old Guns
    The last main quest you want to do for the Minutemen is the Old Guns Main Faction Mission. Completing the next mission Inside Job will lock you out of the other Faction Missions and trophies and there aren't any Minutemen Faction Trophies after this point.
  3. Progress with every faction's quests
    You will want to complete every faction quest you possibly can until you get Mass Fusion for the Institute, now it's time to MAKE A SAVE (doing this quest will lock you out of Brotherhood of Steel quests for good). Ignore Mass Fusion for now.
  4. Help out The Railroad by doing their quests
    Play the Railroad quests now and you should be able to get up to and about halfway through Underground Undercover. Once you get here, you will have to finish Mass Fusion to continue with the Railroad's faction trophies, so do that. You should only have this trophy at this point:
  5. Keep doing Institute and Railroad quests
    For the most part, you will have to do most Institute quests while doing the Railroad questline anyway, so now you can progress with both. HOWEVER, in the quest Pinned for the Institute, you CAN mess this up and make the Institute hostile to you. You have to deal with the Minutemen that are about to attack some Institute scientists. If your charisma is high enough, you can talk them into being allies OR you can let the Minutemen die to the Institute, either way you will have to do at least one of these to continue progressing.
  6. Progress until you get Nuclear Option and End of the Line
    Nuclear Option is the ending quest for every faction except the Institute. Nuclear Option marks the Railroad's point of no return and End of the Line is the Institute's point of no return, both quests making the other hostile (Nuclear Option ending the game). So, here's your SECOND SAVE. Finish the Railroad quests first if you wish, doesn't matter which you choose first. By this step you should have these faction trophies.
    The Institute
    Powering Up
    The Railroad
    Underground Undercover
    Rocket's Red Glare
    The Nuclear Option
  7. Load your Institute Faction save
    Now reload the Faction Save you created before the End of the Line mission and ally with the Institute until you have finished the game. You will get:
    Nuclear Family
  8. Load your Mass Fusion save
    Now it's time to load the save you made right before Mass Fusion and WARN THE BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL. If you warn them, they will give you more quests and you will get to do the Mass Fusion quest with them instead of the Institute, which is key. You can just continue the game from this point on, make sure you make a save after you've finished one of the endings that will be your main save to continue with afterwards, unless you want to keep the Brotherhood of Steel ending. You will get all the Brotherhood of Steel quests for doing this step. You don't have to finish Nuclear Family again here unless you want to keep this ending as your main.
    Blind Betrayal
    Ad Victoriam
  9. Cleanup
    Decide which ending you wish to keep and finish the rest of the trophies off for the .


Platinum Trophy
Collect all other 50 Trophies for this Trophy

War Never Changes
Enter The Wasteland

War Never Changes is the very first mission in the game. The game starts with you setting up your character and getting acclimated with your Pre-War lifestyle. The Vault Tec sales man will come knocking and you will have a chance to setup your SPECIAL stats. Very shortly after he leaves, the sirens will sound and you will need to head towards the Vault. Once inside, grab a Jumpsuit and head towards your Decontamination Pod. Getting inside will automatically equip you with your Jumpsuit and the first mission will come to an end.

When Freedom Calls
Complete "When Freedom Calls"

When Freedom Calls is the very first Faction Mission in the game. After you emerge from Vault 111 and clear out Sanctuary, head down the road past the Red Rocket Truck Stop and you will find the town of Concord. Head into Concord and follow the sound of gunfire as you head towards the Museum of Freedom. Once you reach the Museum this mission will begin
  1. Enter the Museum/Take the Laser Musket
    After you have secured the outside, head inside the Museum and, even though this is optional, I recommend grabbing the Laser Musket from the fallen Minuteman in the first room.
  2. Locate the Trapped Settlers/Kill the Raiders
    With your trusty Musket, which will help you quite a bit at this early stage of the game, you will need to head up to the third floor to find the Settlers in the room located directly above the entrance. On the way, take out all the Raiders that are roaming around creating havoc inside of the Museum.
  3. Talk to Preston Garvey
    After the area is clear, Preston will tell you about some power armor and the Minigun that is located in the crashed Vertibird on top of the Museum and ask for your help. At this point he will tell you about the Fusion Core that they need from the locked gate in the basement. If you went into the caves below the Red Rocket Truck Stop and looted them, or if you have already been exploring and already have a Fusion Core on hand, you can skip this next step and continue to the Power Armor, otherwise head down to the basement.
  4. Unlock the Security Gate/Get a Fusion Core
    At the Basement you will need to hack a Novice Level Terminal to gain access to the room with the Fusion Core inside.
  5. Put a Fusion Core in the Power Armor
    Once you have the Fusion Core, head back up to Preston and put the Fusion Core in the Power Armor and press to climb inside.
  6. Grab the Minigun
    Now head to the roof and collect some loot, then continue to the crashed Vertibird and grab the Minigun. I recommend making a quicksave at this point.
  7. Clear Concord of Hostiles
    Take out the Raider on the roof across the street from the museum, then jump down and start taking out Raiders that roam the streets. With the minigun, they don't pose much of a threat to you, BUT if they start hitting you with Molotovs, keep an eye on your health as it can disappear very quickly. Once you get to the intersection, a ferocious Deathclaw will emerge from the pipes below the street. Now unlike the Raiders, even with a Power Armor Suit, the Deathclaw can take you down very fast, so keep as much distance from him as you possibly can while relentlessly hitting him with your Minigun. If you can trick him into going after the Raiders you can let them attack each other while you whittle away at his health. Once they are all dead, make sure you loot their bodies.
  8. Report Back to Preston/Join Preston in Sanctuary
    Now head back inside the Museum and you will find Preston and the gang right at the entrance. They will thank you for your help and let you know they are headed to Sanctuary to set up camp. You can choose to go with them, or meet them there. Either way, once you get to Sanctuary, find Preston and talk to him to complete the mission.

Unlikely Valentine
Complete "Unlikely Valentine"

Unlikely Valentine will start after you reach Diamond City and talk to Ellie Perkins at Valentine Detective Agency
  1. Find Nick Valentine
    Nick Valentine pissed off the wrong people and now Skinny Malone has kidnapped him and is doing who knows what to him. He was last seen around Park Street Station, which is not an easy trek as Raiders and Super Mutants are all over downtown Boston. Once you make your way there, look for Park Street Station and head inside. Inside, you will find a huge fight on your hands as the entire station is under control of the Triggerman, a group of enemies that favor SMGs. Head down into the subway line and fight your way towards the objective marker and you will discover Vault 114.

    Inside Vault 114, you are going to find even more Triggerman and you will need to work your way into the main foyer of the Vault to find Nick.
  2. Free Nick Valentine
    Once inside the main foyer, you will see Nick being held in the Overseer's Office and one of Skinny's henchman Dino is in charge of the area. Take down the thugs including Dino, and loot the password from him for the terminal to free Nick.
  3. Follow Nick Valentine
    Once you have freed Nick Valentine, he will tell you to follow him out and will open a new path. Just before you reach the end of the Vault you will be confronted by Skinny Malone, some goons and the dame Nick was hired to find. If your Charisma is high enough you can convince her to go back home to her parents and Skinny will come to his senses and give you 10 seconds to get out of his sight. If you can't, well its time for Wasteland Justice.....

    Once the matter with Skinny is resolved, continue following Nick until you are back outside, at which point he will thank you and tell you to meet him at his office. Head back there and talk to him to complete the mission and receive the trophy.

Complete "Reunions"

Reunions is the final quest in Act 1 and will start after you investigate Kellogg's House with Nick Valentine.
  1. Follow Dogmeat
    As soon as you leave Kellogg's house, Dogmeat will be waiting for you outside. Interact with him to show him the cigar and he will run off towards the entrance to Diamond City.
  2. Search For Clues to Kellogg
    This next section will have you following Dogmeat to several different locations and investigating each area for things you can interact with to continue your search. The first stop is at a pond just outside of the city where you will find another cigar of Kellogg's. the next stop is at the Freeway where you will find a rag soaked in Kellogg's blood. The next stop will be at a shack where you will find a bottle of Gwinnett Stout, watch for a Yao Gui in this area. The next stop will be at a damaged Assaultron on the side of the road. The next stop will be on a hill where there is a fence with some more blood soaked bandages of Kellogg's, watch for an angry Radstag Buck in this area. The final stop with Dogmeat will be at the entrance to Fort Hagen.
  3. Find a Way Into Fort Hagen
    Fort Hagen has two entrances, the parking garage, the easier way OR you can head up on to the roof, take out the turrets and head into the building through the hatch on the roof.
  4. Search Fort Hagen/Kill Kellogg
    Inside Fort Hagen, you will find a ton of Synths and turrets waiting to take you down. Fight your way through them all to get to the Command Center where you will face off against Kellogg. Now don't be fooled, he will say he wants to "talk" but make sure you save before you head up to where he is waiting for you and heal yourself. He will have his Synths stand down, momentarily, then he will answer a couple of your questions and then the fight will begin. Now I personally recommend retreating back into the hallway and toss grenades into the room to try to take down the Synths he has with him but keep an eye out for personally tossed grenades in your hallway, otherwise you're gonna have a bad time. Once the Synths are down, head into the room and take down Kellogg. He has a very powerful gun so keep an eye on your health as it can drop very fast.
  5. Search for More Information
    Once he is down, search the area and make sure you grab the Cybernetic Brain Augmenter when you loot him, that way you won't have to come back for the next mission.
  6. Discuss Your Findings with Nick/Piper
    After you are finished, head back to Nick Valentine's Detective Agency and talk to Nick and Piper who is conveniently there to complete the mission and unlock the trophy.

Dangerous Minds
Complete "Dangerous Minds"

Dangerous Minds kicks off Act 2 of the game and will start after you have convened with Nick Valentine after defeating Kellogg.
  1. Retrieve a piece of Kellogg's brain.
    If you are following the guide you should already have what you need for this step, if not, head back to Fort Hagen and go to where you defeated Kellog and loot his body to get the Cybernetic Brain Augmenter
  2. Talk to Doctor Amari
    Now head to Goodneighbor which you may or may not have already been to during your exploration of Boston. If you haven't, this can be found by heading right on your map from Diamond City towards the river. Once you are in Goodneighbor, head to the Memory Den and you will find Nick Valentine already there. Once he's done flirting with the lady inside, head downstairs and you will find Dr. Amari.
  3. Sit in the Memory Lounger
    During your conversation with Dr. Amari, give her the Brain Augmenter and she will suggest for both of you to get hooked up to it. Once she is finished sit in the Memory Lounger to complete the mission and the trophy will unlock.

Complete "Hunter/Hunted"

Hunter/Hunted will start after you brave the Glowing Sea and locate Virgil.
  1. Travel to CIT
    After you have found Virgil in the Glowing Sea, AKA Scariest Environment Imaginable, he will tell you that you will need to find and kill a Synth Courser, which is basically a Synth Terminator, to continue with your mission to find the Institute. Fast Travel over to your closest location to the CIT and then continue on foot to the waypoint marker.
  2. Tune to Courser's Radio Frequency/Use Frequency to Track Courser
    Once you are there, go into your Pip Boy and head to the Radio tab and tune into the Courser's frequency. Follow this frequency and it will lead you to Greenetech Genetics.
  3. Kill the Courser/Recover his Chip
    You will need to make your way to the top of the building, but naturally, the building has been overrun by Gunners who are fighting against the Courser as well. Once you make it to the top, you can try to reason with the Courser, BUT it will do you no good, you might as well go in guns blazin. As soon as the fight begins, the Courser will activate a Stealth Boy making it much harder to find him Once you take him down, either kill or leave the Gunners tied up and loot his body to recover his chip to complete the mission

The Molecular Level
Complete "The Molecular Level"

The Molecular Level will start right after you take down the Courser and collect his Chip. At the beginning of this mission is where you need to make your Manual Faction Save Point to reload and play later to finish off your Faction trophies.
  1. Have the Courser Chip analyzed/Return to Virgil
    Head to the Railroad HQ, and talk to Desdemona. Let her know you have a Courser Chip and she will have Tinker Tom analyze it for you. Once he has finished Fast Travel back to Virgil's Cave and update him on your progress. Once you are finished, he will give you schematics to build the Teleporter to get into the Institute.
  2. Build the Signal Interceptor
    NOW is when you need to make your choice for your Faction trophies. You can choose from the following to help you with the Teleporter.
    • Brotherhood of Steel: You can talk to Paladin Danse and have him help you with the Teleporter.
    • The Railroad: You can talk to Desdemona and have her help you with the Teleporter.
    • The Minutemen: You can talk to Preston Garvey and have him help you with the Teleporter.
    • Independent: You can choose to go it alone and work on it yourself.

  3. Build the Reflector Platform
    Next up is to build the Stabilized Reflector Platform. If you already have the items needed you can just go start building at any workshop, if you don't locations will get marked on your map of where items can be found. You will need the following:
    1. Aluminum - 10
    2. Circuitry - 3
    3. Steel - 5
    4. Power - 3

  4. Build the Beam Emitter
    Next up is to build the Beam Emitter. If you already have the items needed you can just go start building at any workshop, if you don't locations will get marked on your map of where items can be found. You will need the following:
    1. Rubber - 2
    2. Steel - 10
    3. Copper - 1
    4. Military Grade Circuit Board - 1
    5. Circuitry- 1
    6. Power - 20

  5. Build the Relay Dish
    Next up is to build the Relay Dish. If you already have the items needed you can just go start building at any workshop, if you don't locations will get marked on your map of where items can be found. You will need the following:
    1. Cloth - 6
    2. Steel - 3
    3. Copper - 3
    4. Gold - 3
    5. Sensor Module - 1
    6. Power - 5

  6. Build the Console
    Last Step is to build the Console. If you already have the items needed you can just go start building at any workshop, if you don't locations will get marked on your map of where items can be found. You will need the following:
    1. Rubber - 2
    2. Steel - 5
    3. Copper - 3
    4. Biometric Scanner - 1
    5. Power - 2

  7. Power up and use the Signal Interceptor
    The last step is to step on to the platform and wait for Tinker Tom to get the teleporter powered up and you will get transported into the Institute ending the mission.

The Nuclear Option
Complete "The Nuclear Option"

This trophy is missable!

The Nuclear Option is the last quest of the game for the Brotherhood of Steel, Railroad and Minutemen factions. Completing this quest will end the game but you will still be able to play, unlike Fallout 3. The walkthrough below contains spoilers so view at your own risk.

Nuclear Option

Toggle Spoiler

Complete "Institutionalized"

Institutionalized will start right after you complete the Molecular Level mission and successfully teleport into the Institute.
  1. Enter the Elevator.
    Head through the Institute until you reach the elevator for a surprise meeting
  2. Meet the Division Leaders
    After you have spoken with Father you will need to head downstairs and meet the 4 division heads of the Institute: Dr. Clayton Holdren, Chief Engineer Allie Filmore, Synth Retention Bureau Justin Ayo and Dr. Madison Li. Dr. Li will install a relay into your Pip boy and you will now be able to come and go from the Institute and the mission will be complete.

Complete "Mankind-Redefined"

This trophy is missable!

Mankind-Redefined is a quest for the Institute given after completing the quest The Battle of Bunker Hill which you will get after doing a couple missions for the Institute after meeting them.
  1. Attend Directorate Meeting
    Head inside the Institute and go to the meeting room to learn about the further operations of the Institute. Once the meeting is done, speak with Father and the quest will finish.

Powering Up
Complete "Powering Up"

This trophy is missable!

This trophy is only obtainable if you have chose the Institute for the final few quests, which is why it is missable. Powering Up is a quest given to you after completing Pinned, which are both Institute quests that you will have gotten if you chose to do their story line by doing the quest Mankind-Redefined.
  1. Speak with Father
    Simply head to the Institute and speak with Father to further the quest.
  2. Record the speech
    Activate the microphone in the same room as Father and you'll begin reading the speech given to you.
  3. Reconfigure the transmitter
    Go to Diamond City and head to the radio station trailer. Pick up the radio things in the Radio Parts Crate. From left to right, put the Radio Thing with Buttons in the left machine, Radio Thing with Dials in the middle, and Radio Thing with Tubes on the right. Once that's done, go back to the Institute and talk to Father.
  4. Activate the reactor
    Open the door to the reactor and activate it, then use the terminal just outside the reactor room. Choose the option to "Initiate the reactor startup sequence", then speak with Father again. He'll want you to attend another directorate meeting, so go back to the main area of the Institute and sit down with the other executives. They will tell you their next goal for the future of the Institute. Once the meeting is done, the quest will finish.

Nuclear Family
Complete "Nuclear Family"

This trophy is missable!

Nuclear Family is the Institute quest that comes after Airship Down, the Institute quest relating to the Brotherhood of Steel.
  1. Speak to Father
    Return to the Institute and head up to Father's room, watch the cutscene and unlock this trophy.

The First Step
Join the Minutemen

The First Step is a side quest unlocked after completing When Freedom Calls, you'll have to talk to Preston Garvey and he'll give you it.
  1. Talk to the settlers at Tenpines Bluff
    Tenpines bluff is a ways east from Sanctuary, follow your objective marker there and speak to the NPC named Settler.
  2. Kill the raiders in Corvega Assembly Plant
    The settler will want you to clear out a plant filled with raiders, no small feat. The plant is located far southeast from Sanctuary and the entrance has a turret and some guards around it. I highly recommend wearing power armor to at least start this area, as it can be hard to gain access to the building without blowing everything guarding the entrance away. Inside you'll have to fight through hoards of raiders and head up some stairs into a large assembly room. There's a computer you can hack to allow access to a Servitron, which can fight by your side. This room has two turrets, some raiders, and Jared which is the leader of the plant raiders that you have to take out. The terminal is a novice one, so hack it for some extra fire power.
  3. Report your success to settlers at Tenpines Bluff
    Once you killed Jared, head back to Tenpines Bluff to hear that the small group there will join the minutemen. Next go back to Sanctuary and talk to Preston Garvey, you'll complete the quest but keep talking to him to actually be allowed to join the minutemen, so long as you accept his offer you will earn this trophy.

Taking Independence
Complete "Taking Independence"

Taking Independence is a quest unlocked after setting up some settlements as per the quests for the minutemen that Preston gives you. Once those are done, Preston will want to go to the Castle and you have to meet him there.
  1. Decide on a plan of attack
    After getting to Castle you will find your fellow minutemen there. Talking to Preston will give you some options on how to fulfil this mission. You can do a pincer attack, some tactical option or go in guns blazing. Whichever you choose does not matter, however I chose guns blazing and had a suit of power armor and minigun at this point so maybe you want to tackle this some other way.
  2. Clear the courtyard
    If you missed what is was infested the Castle, it's Mirelurks. Big mean mutations that hurt a lot. As I said before, I highly recommend using power armor here but hey, it's up to you. Go to the courtyard and mow down the mirelurks. Their shells are basically shields and as a result you'll want to avoid shooting them. Aim for their soft underbodies as that's where you'll inflict the most pain.
  3. Destroy the egg clutches
    Scattered around the courtyard are clusters of eggs that you have to take out. Whack 'em, shoot 'em, whatever it takes to get the job done. Be careful as there are still more mirelurks and even a legendary one waiting to spring out at you while you're killing the eggs.
  4. Kill the Mirelurk Queen
    So once you're done with the eggs, a queen pops out of nowhere. Keep your distance as it sprays acid and will hurt you really badly. Head up the stairs in the middle of the area and use this high place as a vantage point. If you have any grenades or molotov cocktails, now's the time to use them.
  5. Power up the radio transmitter
    Once the mirelurk queen is dead you're tasked with this. Go to the workshop and build two Generator - Medium close to the radio transmitter. Then, look at them and press to attack a wire from each generator to the radio transmitter to get it powered. Talk to Preston and complete the quest. The generators require (each):
    • Screw - 3
    • Gear - 3
    • Steel - 7
    • Rubber - 3
    • Copper - 3
    • Ceramic - 1

Old Guns
Complete "Old Guns"

Old Guns is a quest given to you once you've done at least one other Minutemen quest AFTER Taking Independence. To kick it off, return to the Castle.
  1. Speak with Ronnie Shaw
    You'll find Ronnie Shaw kicking someone around the Castle. She's an older veteran with a beret on. She's here to tell you about the Armory.
  2. Gain access to the Castle's armory
    Talk to Ronnie and ask if she has any ideas of how to get inside the armory. She says she does, so follow her to find a collapsed tunnel to the armory. Since there's rubble in the way, you must clear it. Head to the workshop in the courtyard and walk to the rubble and scrap it to gain access to the Castle Tunnels. Be careful in here because it's loaded with frag mines. To deal with them, press to crouch and inch over to them to get an option to disarm them. There's also a turret in these tunnels that you'll have to take care of. Also be sure to pick up the fusion cores lying around as well as the Fusion Core that powers Power Armor. After a few more turns you'll run into Sarge, a badass sentrybot that you will unfortunately have to deal with as well. Be careful not to be near him when he dies as he'll explode and damage your limbs. Ronnie Shaw will then open the door with the terminal and you'll be able to enter the West Bastion armory. Take the schematic on the table and anything else you want to take.
  3. Build and assign artillery at the Castle
    Build and assign someone to the artillery, the go talk to Ronnie Shaw. They'll want to test fire the artillery, so head to the target point and toss a smoke grenade at the building. Equip the artillery smoke grenade and then throw it at the area. To build artillery you'll need:
    • Oil - 4
    • Screw - 4
    • Gear - 6
    • Spring - 5
    • Steel - 16
    • Concrete - 4
    • Wood - 4

Semper Invicta
Join the Brotherhood of Steel

First thing’s first, you’ll have to wander near Jalbert Brothers Disposal to pick up a radio frequency called Military Frequency AF95. Tune in to this and you’ll hear an SOS type message asking for assistance with ghouls and you’ll start Fire Support, which is just a quest telling you to help out the distressed people. Complete that to start Call to Arms.
  1. Follow Paladin Danse to ArcJet Systems
    The Paladin needs a deep range transmitter and he knows one is located in ArcJet Systems so head on over there with Paladin Danse.
  2. Find a way to open the door
    You won’t be able to get very far in this factory before hitting a door that you cannot open. In order to get the door open you need to be able to hack terminals at Advanced difficulty. This means you will need the Hacker perk as well as at least 4 Intelligence. Once you have those, hack the door open and kill the Synths in the next area. You’ll have to follow Paladin Danse all the way to the Engine Core.
  3. Restore auxiliary power to the Engine Core
    At the bottom of this area is the engine core room. There’s a terminal in a back room that you can hack to restore power to the area. Hack it and go back to Paladin Danse. If you want to, you can seal yourself in this room and fire off the engines, killing all the synths. Paladin Danse will survive this so it's recommended that you do this.
  4. Find the Deep Range Transmitter
    After the synths are dealt with, take the elevator up to the control room. Take out the other synths are and then loot one of their bodies to find the deep range transmitter. Go outside with the Paladin and hand it over to him, then go back to the Cambridge Police Station. After a short dialogue sequence you are given the option of joining the Brotherhood of Steel.

Blind Betrayal
Complete "Blind Betrayal"

This trophy is missable!

Blind Betrayal is a Brotherhood of Steel quest given to you after Liberty Reprimed which you get after Outside the Wire. See the Roadmap for details.
  1. Speak to Elder Maxson
    Talking to Elder Maxson in The Prydwen gives you some insight on Paladin Danse. After talking to him, talk to Proctor Quinlan and Scribe Haylen will be outraged over the discovery.
  2. Follow Scribe Haylen
    Follow the scribe to the underbelly of the ship and she'll confide that she doesn't want you to go through with your orders. You can choose here that you'll hear Danse out, it's a pretty sensible option if you want to choose it. Haylen gives you a location for Danse to be as well.
  3. Locate Paladin Danse
    Travel to Listening Post Bravo, power the elevator there and head inside. Kill the robots and turrets down here and go through the broken wall and through the next tunnel to reach Danse. Talking to him reveals that he himself didn't know what he was. However he accepts it, and wants you to follow through with your orders. Now you can choose to follow your orders or not, either way you will return with holotags to show Maxson. When you leave you'll find Maxson waiting for you. A conversation will spark and you will have some choices. You can convince Maxson to disown Danse or either of you can carry out the orders. Whatever you choose doesn't matter.
  4. Speak to Elder Maxson
    Speak to the Elder to be promoted to Paladin. After this dialogue ends the trophy will unlock.

Ad Victoriam
Complete "Ad Victoriam"

This trophy is missable!

Ad Victoriam is the Brotherhood of Steel quest you receive after finishing Spoils of War and is the final Brotherhood of Steel quest that you need to finish. Keep in mind you will have had to choose Brotherhood of Steel over the other factions to get to this quest. See the Roadmap for details.
  1. Plug in Beryllium Agitator
    Climb up Liberty Prime and insert the agitator into his back. Once that's done, climb down and hit the switch near Proctor Ingram.
  2. Follow Liberty Prime
    Walk with Liberty Prime outside of the Boston Airport. Eventually you'll find some Synth reinforcements that try to stop you, so put and end to them or just let Liberty Prime deal with them. He will then go into the water to prevent his mission from being hindered, so follow him. It's here that you'll meet up with your fellow Brotherhood of Steel brothers. Follow him past all the Super Mutants and Raider barricades.
  3. Defend Liberty Prime
    Once you make it to the Institute you will have to defend Liberty Prime. Fight off the hoards of synthes teleporting in. He will laser cut a hole in the ground as entry for the Institute.
  4. Enter the Institute
    Once you do the trophy will unlock for finishing this quest. Now it's up to you if you want to keep going or not.

Join the Railroad

Road to Freedom is a quest given to you early on in the game when you're given the quest to find Diamond City, around there. This quest will lead you to the Railroad and is actually required to advance the main quest line.

So actually, you can skip most of this quest. You only need to know one thing: where the heck the railroad is. They are located in Old North Church which is just northeast of Goodneighbor, near the shores. Head inside and in the main church area there's a door leading to a basement. Go down here and follow the path. You'll eventually come to a dead end with a wheel on a wall called Freedom Trail Ring. You have to type in "RAILROAD", turn the dial so the arrow is pointing to a letter then hit the middle button to lock that letter in, then go to the next one and so on. Once that's done, the wall will open up and go through to meet the Railroad. Speak to Desdemona and answer that you'd risk your life for a synth to acquire the next quest, Tradecraft. To start the quest, talk with Deacon.
  1. Meet Deacon at the old highway
    You'll find Deacon in disguise and he'll give you the run down. First you have to follow him to find a tourist, so do so. Follow him to the end of the highway to find the tourist. Pick "Railroad Password" first to say "Mine is in the shop" to let him know you're from the Railroad. Once the conversation is done, talk to Deacon again.
  2. Get the Carrington's Prototype
    Walk over to the escape tunnel and enter it. Inside, follow Deacon. He'll hack the terminal and grant access to the rest of the area. Further on you can access a terminal to activate the turrets, which helps while fighting synths. But just keep moving through the areas, fighting all the synths you come across. Eventually you'll come to stairs and up them will have a terminal next to a set of double doors. Hack the terminal if you can to remove tripwires. Through here Deacon will eventually be lead to a terminal which leads to the prototype that you need. Head through the exit and use the terminal to restore power to the elevator, then use it. Toggle the book case then leave to the Commonwealth. Be prepared however for a fight afterwards. Meet Deacon back at the Old North Church now and walk in on him sucking your peen to the head lady. Finish the dialogue sequence to join the Railroad.

Underground Undercover
Complete "Underground Undercover"

This trophy is missable!

Once you finish The Molecular Level with the Railroad's help and enter the Institute, Underground Undercover will start. See the Roadmap for details.
  1. Upload encrypted message on any Institute terminal
    As soon as you exit the relay there will be a terminal straight ahead. Use it and enter the holotape Network Scanner by pressing . Next, select "Copy encrypted message". You'll get a reply from Patriot that you have to read, so do so.
  2. Meet Patriot
    You'll have to progress a little with Institutionalized before being able to roam the Institute. Once you can, run to the objective marker to find Liam Binet.
  3. Follow Liam
    Follow Liam to the seat and you'll have to talk to a synth as well as Liam. Offer your assistance to Liam.
  4. Talk to Desdemona
    Travel back to the Railroad HQ and speak to Desdemona to tell her that you made it inside the Institute. She will want you to use the terminal and enter a report. Once that's done, talk to PAM.
  5. Get password for Code Defender
    Travel to Cambridge Polymer Labs. Head inside and through the door on the right, and into the area with a clean room decontamination thing. Use the terminal to start the decontamination sequence and head through the door, and out the other side to enter a new room. Go up the stairs and across the broken catwalk where there's an expert terminal. Hack it if you can. If not you can go up some stairs and into the ventilation system, then drop into the room. Inside is a terminal you need to use, select the option Password Archive. To be able to leave, you have to complete the side quest Cambridge Polymer Labs.
  6. Return to Desdemona
    Go back to the Railroad HQ to talk to Desdemona.
  7. Meet with Z1-14
    Back again to the Institute. Talk to Z1 to convince him to rescue everyone. Then go to Liam Binet and give him the passwords. Now you have to sit somewhere and wait 1 day. Once he's given a day, meet with Z1-14 again.
  8. Kill the tunnel guards
    Go to the elevator and use it. Down here will be several guards that you and the other synths can take out. Once you kill them, return to Z1-14.
  9. Continue working with Father
    You will have to get up to the point where you have finished Powering Up, which comes after Mankind-Redefined before being able to continue this quest. Once you do, a synth will approach you in the Institute telling you that your apartment was flooded and that you need to meet with Z1-14 immediately.
  10. Meet with Z1-14
    Z1-14 is in your apartment and will inform you about the Brotherhood of Steel. Now it's time to warn Desdemona, so go back to the Railroad HQ and do so. As soon as you finish the dialogue the trophy will unlock.

Rockets' Red Glare
Complete "Rockets' Red Glare"

This trophy is missable!

You'll get Rocket's Red Glare after finishing Precipice of War for the Railroad. See the Roadmap for details.
  1. Fly to the Prydwen
    Once you've defended the vertibird, get on it and catch a ride to Prydwen.
  2. Plant explosives
    You can use a stealth boy here and just run to the locations to plant explosives. All 3 locations are in the main deck, above the starting area. So rush up the stairs and place the explosives.
  3. Escape the Prydwen
    Now that the explosives are set, get the hell out! Run all the way back to the vertibird that Tom was piloting to escape. Tom's shitty driving may infuriate you but eventually you'll land and have to go back to the Railroad HQ to talk to Desdemona. Once you do, the trophy will unlock.

Complete "Sanctuary"

Sanctuary is the quest unlocked after completing When Freedom Calls main quest and has to do with the Minutemen settling down in your old hometown. You will have to lead them to Sanctuary from Concord then talk to Sturges to start this quest.
  1. Build sheltered beds for Sanctuary settlers
    Beds are under the Furniture category in the workshop menu (hold ). To make a bed you'll need 4 Steel and 5 Cloth, which you can get by scrapping the furniture in the houses of Sanctuary for cloth, and the fridges/other machines for steel. Once you have enough resources, you'll need to craft a few beds around the town.
  2. Provide clean water for Sanctuary settlers
    Next you need to provide a clean source of water, found under the Resource category. The easiest way to do this is to craft a water pump. Water pumps require 1 Concrete, 4 Steel and 1 Gear. Again, the easiest way to get these materials is to scrap the various items scattered throughout Sanctuary. Once you have the materials, make two water pumps to meet the demand.
  3. Provide food for Sanctuary settlers
    To be able to provide food, you first need food to plant. The easiest way to gather food is to head to Abernathy Farm located a little south of Sanctuary. Here there's many types of food that you can harvest for free, so harvest twelve of any type and plant them in your settlement.
  4. Build defenses for Sanctuary
    Lastly you'll need to build any type of defense for your settlement. Guard posts are the easiest to craft as they only require 10 Wood and 4 Steel. Craft a post near the bridge at the entrance of the settlement if you like, then assign a settler to man the post. Once you do this, talk to Sturges and complete the quest.

Community Organizer
Ally with 3 Settlements

After you help Preston Garvey setup Sanctuary as your first settlement, you will start getting missions to help find more recruits. There are a multitude of different random Minutemen side missions you will start receiving at this point, but the ones that count for this trophy are to help a current settlement with their problems so that they join the Minutemen. Now obviously this doesn't count if you help a settlement that's already one of your settlements with their problems . The missions that have you clear out an area of enemies to setup a colony by building a Recruitment Tower don't count towards this. These missions are random, but as long as you continue helping setup new towns for the Minutemen you will receive this trophy without even trying.

Benevolent Leader
Reach Maximum Happiness in a Large Settlement

This trophy will probably be the last one you will get in the game. To start off, you'll want to pick a place to make your settlement. You can choose any settlement in the game that's already there, you get a lot from doing Minutemen quests. Once you've decided on a settlement, first thing you will want to do is set up a Recruitment Beacon, under Power > Miscellaneous. It requires 2 Circuitry, 2 Crystal, 6 Copper, 10 Steel, 3 Ceramic and 1 Rubber. Most of these can be found around a lot of the settlements if you just scrap the objects in the workshop menu. Power it with a generator to get going. The power stat, by the way, is completely arbitrary and does NOT affect your happiness. Standing around in build mode and sleeping while you have an up arrow next to happiness will make it increase to where it should be set.

Next you'll want to get 10 Charisma, as the amount of people you can get in your settlement is entirely dependant on this stat. The higher your charisma, the more people you can have in your base, you have 10 people max and in addition, 1 per Charisma. So 10 Charisma means 20 people in your settlement. You will need this to get at least 20 people in your settlement as that many people will make this trophy a lot easier. Finding the Charisma bobblehead can make your max population go up to 21 as well.

Note: you can move settlers from other settlements to your own personal settlement that you're using for this trophy. This will help build the people stat of that settlement and give you more workers for shops. You can also set up supply routes to share workshop inventories between settlements as their separate otherwise (requires Local Leader perk).

Note 2: if you get stuck in the high 90s like I did, building a bell with 4 Wood and 4 Steel (under Resources > Miscellaneous) and ringing it will group every one of your settlers together and raise their happiness. Do this often if you have your 16 shops and everything else going to push your happiness to the max.


To increase the size bar in the top right of the Workshop menu you will need to build houses. These are under Structures > Wood OR Metal > Prefab. Houses increase the size of your settlement and as the trophy states, you will need to do this in a LARGE settlement. Once the bar is full it will be yellow as opposed to your pipboy color, letting you know you're ready for maximum happiness. Note: it's unclear whether or not your size meter needs to be full but it's a good idea to raise it to a good level to attract more settlers anyway. It doesn't have to be yellow for the trophy to count.


Your food stat is dependant on how many people you have in your base. If you have 10 people in your settlement, you need at least 10 food. To acquire food, you will first need a plant (you can find plants by harvesting them, scavenging them or stealing them from Abernathy Farm). Once you have some plants, pick anywhere and plant them in your settlement. Now you will need to assign someone to this plant to get them harvested. Plant Mutfruit since it gives you 1 food every time someone harvests it as opposed to the 0.5 that everything else gives.


Water is found under Resources > Water. Water, like food, is also dependant on how many people you have in your base. Since you will need 20 people you can simply build 2 Water Purifiers that produce 20 water each, and require 2 Oil, 2 Ceramic, 5 Rubber, 2 Copper, 10 Steel and 2 Cloth. These need to be powered by generators and require 2, you can also get the Industrial Water Purifier to get more than enough water which requires 5 power.


You'll need at least 100 defense to get maximum happiness, or how ever many you need will be determined by using your pipboy and going to Data > Workshops. If your settlement has a caution sign on it under Defense then build more defense. Do NOT build guard posts as this wastes a person, since they all require a person to man them.

Build automated turrets for defense, specifically Heavy Machinegun Turrets since they don't require power to run. They require 10 Steel, 2 Circuitry, 2 Gear and 4 Oil, as well as the Rank 1 Gun Nut perk. Place these all over your settlement to drive up the defense stat. They produce 8 defense each.


Make sure that for every person you have at least one bed for them. Not only that but the beds NEED TO BE INDOORS. If the beds are outdoors some settlers will not be happy about it.


This is the big one, happiness is not only affected by everything else but also Decorations. Signs, paintings, litter your entire settlement full of them. Any wall that doesn't have a painting is a failed wall. Make walls out of paintings. Statues as well will count towards this. Place as many statues in your settlement as humanly possible. Any statue at all will count here, so build a lot. Also something that affects your happiness is you being in the settlement, either due to a glitch or intended, beds will sometimes not count if you leave the settlement which will drive down the happiness. Again, not sure if this is a glitch or not but just wait in your base when going for this until you get the trophy.


This is most likely the most important thing to keep in mind when going for this trophy. You will want to have tier 3 shops in your settlement, this means that as well as 10 Charisma, you will need to invest two skill points into the Local Leader perk to build them. There are four shops to build that increase happiness, and you will want to build 4 OF EACH SHOP or alternatively 20 Surgery Centres. The shops are:
  • Restaurant - Requirements:
    1. 1 Worker
    2. 5 Wood
    3. 1500 Bottlecaps
    4. 3 Steel
    5. Rank 2 Cap Collector Perk
    6. Rank 2 Local Leader Perk

  • Trading Emporium - Requirements:
    1. 1 Worker
    2. 5 Wood
    3. 1500 Bottlecaps
    4. 3 Steel
    5. Rank 2 Cap Collector Perk
    6. Rank 2 Local Leader Perk

  • Clothing Emporium - Requirements:
    1. 1 Worker
    2. 5 Wood
    3. 1000 Bottlecaps
    4. 3 Steel
    5. Rank 2 Cap Collector
    6. Rank 2 Local Leader

  • Surgery Centre - Requirements:
    1. 1 Worker
    2. 5 Wood
    3. 1800 Bottlecaps
    4. 3 Steel
    5. Rank 2 Local Leader Perk
    6. Rank 1 Medic Perk

Benevolent Leader Video Guide

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Complete 10 Side Quests

Side quests are quests not tied to the main quest line as well as NOT TIED TO FACTIONS. They are entirely separate from quests that are just handed to you by superiors, and usually come from completing misc. tasks that lead to bigger quests like these. Here is a list of the first couple of side quests that I managed to find and how to start them. You can keep track of how many you have completed by going to Data > Stats > Quest.
  1. Side Quest Name: Story of the Century
    Location: Diamond City Market
    How to start: Companion Recruitment; you'll receive this quest upon entrance of Diamond City.

  2. Side Quest Name: The Disappearing Act
    Location: Diamond City; Nick Valentine's office
    How to start: This is a private detective case, and all of these will be found by picking up case files in Nick Valentine's office in Diamond City. These are marked as Miscellaneous Tasks. Pick up Earl Sterling's case file.

  3. Side Quest Name: The Gilded Grasshopper
    Location: Diamond City; Nick Valentine's office
    How to start: This is a private detective case, and all of these will be found by picking up case files in Nick Valentine's office in Diamond City. These are marked as Miscellaneous Tasks. Pick up Marty Bullfinch's case file and get/play his holotape to start the quest.

  4. Side Quest Name: Confidence Man
    Location: Diamond City; Dugout Inn
    How to start: Talk to the two bartenders that are bickering, find out what's going on and you'll learn that one has a plan to improve the confidence of Diamond City Radio's DJ.

  5. Side Quest Name: Troubled Waters
    Location: The Castle/anywhere with radio
    How to start: After completing Taking Independence you'll help Radio Freedom come back online. Listen to it and you will eventually hear the DJ say something to trigger this quest.

  6. Side Quest Name: Vault 75
    Location: Vault 75/Malden Middle School
    How to start: Go to Malden Middle School and go through the back area into the basement entrance. Inside, kill everyone here then take the elevator down to Vault 75. You'll get the quest immediately.

  7. Side Quest Name: Out of the Fire
    Location: The Castle/anywhere with radio
    How to start: After completing Taking Independence you'll help Radio Freedom come back online. Listen to it and you will eventually hear the DJ say something to trigger this quest.

  8. Side Quest Name: Special Delivery
    Location: Commonwealth/Cabot House
    How to start: Edward will find you in the Commonwealth, I believe he approached me in Bunker Hill. He will ask you to go to the Cabot House and speak with Jack, which will start the quest.

  9. Side Quest Name: Emogene Takes a Lover
    Location: Goodneighbor
    How to start: This quest is given to you AFTER you finish Special Delivery, the quest above. It's the second quest in the Cabot questline.

  10. Side Quest Name: The Secret of Cabot House
    Location: Cabot House
    How to start: Given to you AFTER you finish Emogene Takes a Lover, by Jack Cabot.

  11. Side Quest Name: Curtain Call
    Location: Trinity Tower
    How to start: Tune in to Trinity Tower Radio to hear Rex Goodman call out for help. You'll get the quest immediately after tuning to the frequency.

  12. Side Quest Name: In Sheep's Clothing
    Location: Diamond City
    How to start: I'm not certain but I believe once you finish the game, Mayor McDonough is revealed as a synth and you'll start this quest upon arriving there. I could use some confirmation on this.

  13. Side Quest Name: The Devil's Due
    Location: Museum of Witchcraft
    How to start: Once you visit Diamond City you should get the misc. objective to investigate the Museum of Witchcraft. After trekking down there to the objective marker you will find a body with no limbs left, holding a holotape. Loot the holotape to start the quest.

  14. Side Quest Name: Painting the Town
    Location: Diamond City
    How to start: Once you visit Diamond City you should get the misc. objective to "See Abbot at the wall". Go to Abbot and find out that he is in need of paint from Hardware Town and will pay you to get some. Talking to him will start the quest.

  15. Side Quest Name: Vault 81
    Location: Vault 81
    How to start: Travel to Vault 81 which is just West of Diamond City. The quest will trigger as soon as you enter and open the vault.

Complete 50 Misc. Objectives

Miscellaneous objectives are marked in your quests, under Miscellaneous. You can get them by talking to people, walking around cities or listening to radios. They usually involve things like:
  • Meeting X person at Y
  • Giving X person Y
  • Defending X settlement
You can get a few of these by walking around Diamond City and listening to the Freedom Radio. You can also get a lot of miscellaneous random objectives by defending the various settlements that you can capture with the Minutemen by doing their quests. So it's recommended that you do these. You'll probably pick up quite a bit of these over the course of the game, then just mark them as your current objective through the pip boy. You can see how many miscellaneous objectives you've completed by going to Data > Stats > Quests. Probably the best way to get Misc. Objectives is to ask vendors for work, usually the option. Sometimes they'll give you a side quest, sometimes just a miscellaneous bit of work.

Alternatively, you can stock up on Vertibird Signal Grenades (bought from the Brotherhood of Steel) and throw them on the ground. This sends a vertibird to your location which will then also give you a misc. objective to board the ship. Once you board it, the objective will complete. You can farm this method until you have 50.

Mercenary Video Guide

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Gather 1000 Resources Used For Crafting

This trophy seems a little odd, in that you can collect a bunch of resources but everything that you scrap in a settlement doesn't immediately count towards this total. So to get this quickly you can head to Sanctuary and scrap everything you can find by entering the workshop and hitting on a highlighted item, wood is highly recommended as there's a lot of trees around to scrap that give 20-30 per scrap, and then go over to the actual workshop countertop. In this menu, hit to go to the transfer screen and then transfer all the wood you collected. You can transfer everything else you've collected too if you don't have enough of everything else.

What's Yours Is Mine
Pick 50 Locks

Lockpicking is an essential skill to utilize in Fallout 4. It can open the way to new areas, rooms, loot and more. Locks can be picked on doors, ammo boxes, lockers, first aid kits, safes and a lot more in the Commonwealth. To pick a lock, first you'll need some bobby pins which are also scattered all throughout the Wasteland, in high numbers so you shouldn't run out too often.To be able to pick locks above Novice, you'll need to put points in the Locksmith perk. Its levels include:
  • Novice: Level 0
  • Advanced: Level 1
  • Expert: Level 2
  • Master: Level 3
So you'll need at least 3 points in the Locksmith perk to be able to pick every lock in the wasteland (requires: 4 Perception and Level 18). On top of that, you can put another point into the perk at level 41 that prevents bobby pins from ever breaking. This would be extremely helpful and if you're still lockpicking by the time you reach level 41 (you will be) then take the point in this perk.

The actual act of lockpicking is rather simple. You have a bobby pin and a screwdriver, you must turn the bobby pin to find the sweet spot of each tumbler lock, then try turning the screwdriver to open the lock. The locks get harder the higher the tiers go, which basically means the sweet spot will be much smaller. To view how many locks you've picked, enter your pipboy and go to Data > Stats > Crime.

RobCo's Worst Nightmare
Hack 50 Terminals

Hacking is is an artful skill you can use to gain information and access to special areas during your travels on the Wasteland. In some buildings you will find Terminals that tell you they are locked and can be hacked. You will need to raise your Intelligence to at least Level 4 to unlock all the skills needed and then you will need to spend skill points on the Hacker skill when you level up. Here is a breakdown of the levels you will need:
  • Novice: Level 0
  • Advanced: Level 1
  • Expert: Level 2
  • Master: Level 3
Also the higher your skill level the fewer choices there will be for passwords on the screen so it will be much easier. Now that you know that lets have a Hacking Tutorial. When you Hack you will only get 4 opportunities to find the right word. The difficulty of the Terminal will decide the size of the words. If you use up 3 of your guesses and aren't absolutely sure on your final guess, press the to exit out and try again with a new list! Now in Fallout 4, some of the Terminals will reset after 10 seconds if you get 4 wrong passwords, but some will still permanently lock on you. If you want to avoid that if you use a skill point for the Level 4 Hacker perk, you will never get locked out of a Terminal.

Here is how hacking works:

You will start with a list of words mixed into some other random letters and symbols so here is our dummy list:


Try to look for a pattern with your words such as an ending with "ING or ED" or a common beginning like "RE". In this case Soda and Sofa are similar so we will pick:

2 letters correct.

Is what we are told this means we have 2 letters correct in the right place in the word, which will rule out "SOFA" because they have 3 letters in common. Look at your word list and find the word with letters in common. The only one left will be "PODS" so we select that:

An exact match!

Quote Originally Posted by XXstupidnameXX View Post
Bracket tricks make it much easier. If you search through the symbols, you find sets of brackets enclosing things. The brackets types are <>, [ ], { }, and ( ). Selecting them removes wrong passwords, and restores your attempts at guessing. It does not take them past 4, so it is best to pick a common ending then go about using the brackets, if they are replenished, guess again. Selecting the brackets does not use any of your attempts at guessing the password. The enclosing brackets must be on the same line.

Here are some examples:
$^[]$#>*#&) ------ Sometimes they appear next to each other.

#<%^>&!^# ------ They can also be farther apart.

[<#>&]#[email protected] ------ You can have brackets within brackets, both will work.

!^!{^{&^]$ ------- Brackets must be of the same type and facing each other

#^$&<!#$ ------- Brackets must be on the same line

Typically, the more difficult the terminal, the less brackets. But on easier terminals, after using them all it can be quite easy to guess at random even.
We get some EXP and the Terminal is unlocked! Now this was a very easy list and the words will be more complex and longer on the harder Terminals, but if you follow the example it will become quite easy for you. Once you have Hacked 50 Terminals the trophy will unlock. To view your progress on this trophy, pull up your Pip Boy with the then press the to go to the Data Menu, then go to Stats and go down to the Crime heading. Unlike Fallout: New Vegas, there are Terminals everywhere in this game making this trophy much easier as long as you invest in the skills early for your exploring.

Armed and Dangerous
Create 50 Weapon Mods

To craft weapon mods for your guns, you must go to a Weapons Workbench. First you'll obviously need a weapon to put mods on, you can mod just about every single weapon including melee weapons like bats and boards, to things like the Alien Blaster and assault rifles. To craft most mods, you will need:
  • Gun Nut (at least Rank 2)
  • Science (at least Rank 2)
  • A bunch of resources that you can get while farming caps for Benevolent Leader
The resources you will generally need will be Adhesive, Steel and Screws. Almost every single mod is built using those components, so you'll want to make sure you have a fair amount. Pipe guns are the best for mods since they're extremely cheap to make, resource wise, and there are so many for each gun that you can hit 50 quickly.

Wasteland D.I.Y.
Craft 100 Items

To craft items, you need to go to either a Chem Station or a Cooking Station. I suggest getting all 100 at a chem station if you're just looking to pump out this trophy quick and easy. Jet can be crafted using Fertilizer and Plastic, one or two of each. I had around 200 of each when I was looking to craft some things, you can tag these items for searching if you're in need, mostly from buying from vendors and finding large amounts in the wasteland. Cooking food is good as well but they require more ingredients that are a little tougher to get your hands on. Jet is definitely the easiest thing to craft if you actually have the materials.

Never Go It Alone
Recruit 5 Separate Companions

There are a total of 13 Companions available in Fallout 4 and you only need to unlock 5 of them for this trophy to be available to you. Some of them will require you to do several mission after meeting them before they will agree to hit the Wasteland with you and some of them are just happy to have a friend and will come with you after a simple "Hello".

The Companions also take interest in your conduct around the Wasteland and will either like what you are doing or dislike what you are doing. If you can get your relationship level to a high enough level with a Companion you will be rewarded with a Companion Perk, that you will keep even if you dismiss them and take on another companion. If you piss them off enough, they may choose to not travel with you anymore......ever.
  • Companion Name: Codsworth
    Location: Sanctuary
    Quest: Out of Time
    Romance: No
    Likes: Codsworth like someone who is Generous and Nice. Someone who would donate items to people in need if the items were available. He also appreciates someone who knows how to modify Weapons or Armor.
    Dislikes: On the flipside, he does NOT like selfish or dishonest individuals. This includes stealing things that aren't yours and trying to extort more money for your services. He also hates the murder of civilians.
    How to Partner with: After escaping the Vault, return to your home and you will find Codsworth waiting there. Talk to him and he will help you take out all the Radroaches roaming around the town. A little bit later, after you have established your first settlement in Sanctuary Hills, talk to him again and he will offer to come with you on your travels.

  • Companion Name: Dogmeat
    Location: Red Rocket Truck Stop
    Quest: Out of Time
    Romance: None
    Likes: N/A
    Dislikes: N/A
    How to Partner with: You can find Dogmeat at the truck station as you are heading towards Concord. As you approach it, he will come towards you and you simply need to talk to him and you can invite him along with you.

  • Companion Name: Piper
    Location: Diamond City
    Quest: Jewel of the Commonwealth
    Romance: Yes
    Likes: Piper likes someone who is Generous but also someone who is not afraid to stand up for themselves. She is one of the easier companions to get repoir with as you will get positive points with her everytime you pick a lock
    Dislikes: Piper dislikes individuals who are selfish and want to settle every conversation with violence. That being said she also doesn't want someone that is a pushover and lets people walk all over them so you will need to walk the line between violent and peaceful. She also doesn't like dishonest individuals that steal or pick locks with the attempt to steal things that aren't theirs. She also hates killing civilians and Cannibalism.
    How to Partner with: When you first arrive at the gates of Diamond City you will encounter Piper as she is arguing with the guard and trying to get back inside city. Go along with her scheme as you need to get inside too and after you make it inside and talk to the mayor, look for Piper inside her house just down the entrance stairs on the left side at the Publick Occurences office. Inside talk to her and agree to do her story about you and afterwards she will offer to come with you.

  • Companion Name: Nick Valentine
    Location: Diamond City
    Quest: Getting a Clue
    Romance: No
    Likes: Nick likes someone who can walk the line between polite and sarcastic. You will also get positive points from him with every Terminal you hack
    Dislikes: Much like Piper you will need to walk the line between violent and peaceful when negotiating outcomes with other people. He also doesn't like dishonest individuals that steal or pick locks with the attempt to steal things that aren't theirs. He also hates killing civilians and Cannibalism.
    How to Partner with: After saving Nick Valentine in the Unlikely Valentine chapter you can find him back in his office in Diamond City. Talk to him and tell him all about your story and he agrees to help you. Follow him to Kellogg's house then either pick the lock or head to the Mayor's office to get the keys and head inside. Once inside, complete the investigation and he will offer to join you to help you find Kellogg.

  • Companion Name: Paladin Danse
    Location: Cambridge Police Station
    Quest: Shadow of Steel
    Romance: Yes
    Likes: the Paladin likes you to be nice to civilians but violent to everyone else that wants a piece of you. In his eyes the best way to get your point across to someone with an attitude is with your gun. You will also get positive points from him everytime you enter your Power Armor or a Vertibird or modify Weapons or your Armor.
    Dislikes: On the flipside he hates someone who mistreates civilians or kills them. He also doesn't like dishonest individuals that steal or pick locks with the attempt to steal things that aren't theirs. He also hates killing civilians and Cannibalism.
    How to Partner with: As you approach Cambridge, you will encounter a distress signal. Head into your Pip boy and head into the radio tab and select the distress signal and you will be directed to Cambridge Police Station. Outside, you will find Paladin Danse fending off a pile of Ghouls. Help take them down and then talk to him afterwards to get started on the Brotherhood of Steel Faction missions. A couple of missions later, during the Shadow of Steel BoS mission, you will need get inducted into the Brotherhood and need to meet some of the high members of the Prydwen and Danse will offer to come along.

  • Companion Name: Deacon
    Location: Old North Church
    Quest: Tradecraft
    Romance: No
    Likes: Deacon wants you to be nice to civilians and mean to hostiles. You will get positive points from him for every Terminal you hack, lock you pick and person you extort for more money for your services.
    Dislikes: He dislikes anyone who is overly Violent or that murders hostiles. He also hates Cannibalism.
    How to Partner with: Once you finally find the Railroad, you will be given this first mission as an opportunity to join the Faction. At the end of the mission, once you agree to join, Deacon will become available as a companion.

  • Companion Name: Hancock
    Location: Goodneighbor
    Quest: Recruiting Hancock
    Romance: Yes
    Likes: Hancock likes someone who is generous and peaceful to civilians and will answer hostiles with violence.
    Dislikes: He dislikes the killing of civilians, stealing and expects you to keep your clothes on in public
    How to Partner with: The first thing you will need to do is find Bobbi in Goodneighbor. Once you have found Bobbi agree to help her with her plans and it will start The Big Dig side mission. At the end of this mission betray Bobbi and side with Fahrenheit. Once that's over talk to Hancock again and he will be available as a companion. You can choose to kill Fahrenheit and still get Hancock as a companion but it will take a lot more work and cost you quite a bit of caps so I personally don't recommend this route.

  • Companion Name: Curie
    Location: Vault 81
    Quest: Emergent Behavior
    Romance: Yes
    Likes: Curie likes you to be nice and peaceful with civilians and doesn't put up with any crap from hostiles.
    Dislikes: Curie does not like someone who is selfish. She also doesn't like dishonest individuals that steal things that aren't theirs. She also hates killing civilians and Cannibalism.
    How to Partner with: Curie can be found in the same room with the Medicine Bobblehead in Vault 81. Once you find her, tell her that you are with Vault Tec and release her from her duties. Once you have collected what you need from the room, she will follow you back to the main part of the Vault and once you deliver the medicine the boy who needs it you can talk to her again and she will ask to come with you.

  • Companion Name: Cait
    Location: Combat Zone
    Quest: Benign Intervention
    Romance: Yes
    Likes: Cait does not like to all and likes to answer all problems with violence. She also likes you when pick locks and when you take things you need regardless of it being yours and she would prefer to see you naked...all the time.
    How to Partner with: Cait can be found in the Combat Zone which is located in the middle of the map, towards the right of Diamond City. Head into the Combat Zone and you will find it under ownership of some very unfriendly Raiders. Take them all out and head down the ramp into the cage where you will find Cait and her Manager hiding inside away from the battle. Speak to them and you will have the opportunity for her to join you.

  • Companion Name: Maccready
    Location: Goodneighbor - The Third Rail
    Quest: Long Road Ahead
    Romance: Yes
    Likes: Maccready has had a rough life and doesn't trust all and would prefer to shoot first and ask questions later. He also likes when you pick locks, steal things and extort people for more money.
    How to Partner with: Downstairs and to the right is the VIP room of the Third Rail. Inside you will find Maccready being confronted by a couple of Gunners Assbags. Once they leave talk with Maccready and he will join you for a mere 250 Caps, but if you Charisma is high enough you can talk him down to 200 .

  • Companion Name: Preston Garvey
    Location: Sanctuary
    Quest: Taking Independence
    Romance: Yes
    Likes: Preston likes someone who is generous and peaceful with civilians but doesn't take any crap from hostiles. He also likes when you modify your Weapons.
    Dislikes: He dislikes anyone who is selfish to those in need and someone who enjoys violence. He also doesn't like dishonest individuals that steal or pick locks with the attempt to steal things that aren't theirs. He also hates killing civilians and Cannibalism.
    How to Partner with: Once you have retaken the Castle for the Minutemen, head back to Sanctuary to complete the missions and Preston will be available to follow you.

  • Companion Name: Strong
    Location: Trinity Tower
    Quest: None
    Romance: No
    Likes: Despite being a monster, Strong is a big softy and likes someone who is generous and peaceful to those in need BUT if things go sideways, the monster comes out and he likes violence.
    Dislikes: He hates civilians being murdered but is generally OK with cannibalism.
    How to Partner with: Trinity Tower is the tallest tower near the Boston Library. Once you find it head inside to find it is overrun by Super Mutants Fight your way up to the very top and take down their leader then take his keys to the cell. Inside you will find Strong. Once you have freed him, follow strong as he leads you down the tower the fastest way and once you get to the bottom talk to him again and he will be available to join you.

  • Companion Name: X6-88
    Location: The Institute
    Romance: No
    Likes: X6-88 doesn't like to share, but likes someone who is fairly peaceful. He also likes your use of Power Armor and when you hack Terminals and modify your Weapons and Armor.
    Dislikes: He doesn't like you to give away items or when your overly nice. He also isn't a fan of the Brotherhood and dislikes Vertibirds and wants you to stay clothed.
    How to Partner with: X6-88 will become available to join you after you complete the Mankind Redefined Institute Faction Quest.

Reach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companion

This trophy is a tad confusing based on the image. You do NOT need to have a romantic relationship with any of your companions for this trophy, you simply need to reach maximum positive affinity with your companion. Once you reach that point with any of your companions, which will be signified by unlocking the Companion Perk for that companion, the trophy will unlock.

Fallout 4 adds Romance and Flirting for the first time in the Fallout series. That being said, they didn't put much into the feature and it isn't even close to being on par with a game like Witcher 3 or Mass Effect. There is no special scene for the pinnacle of your relationship but there is a decent perk available for reaching this goal. In addition to your trophy, anytime you sleep on a bed and your Romantic Companion is around, you will receive the Lover's Embrace perk for a short time which will give you a 15% boost to all experience you earn. You will not lose your Romantic Companion if you choose a new companion to roam around with and if you sleep in a bed in the settlement you sent them to and they are close by, you will still receive the perk.

For a complete list of companions that can be romanced, please see the Never Go it Alone trophy above.

Build 100 Workshop Items

This trophy will probably come naturally during your playthrough of the game, just because you have to build so many things and upgrade your settlements for quests and whatnot. Building 100 workshop items is a fairly easy thing to do without trying if you're curious enough about the whole mechanic and how the system works.

If you found yourself struggling to get this trophy however, you can craft 100 Signs which are located under Decorations > Wall Decorations > Signs. Each one only requires 4 Steel and you can scrap many items in settlements to get it.

Future Retro
Play a Holotape Game

The first holotape game can be found in the rec. centre of Vault 111 from the start of the game. The location of this is in the video below. There are many other holotapes to play and another really early one can be found during the quest When Freedom Calls. When you find the minutemen in the Museum of Freedom there is a terminal in this upper area with a Robco Fun comic next to it. Take the comic and you will get the game Atomic Command, which you will have to use in the misc. section of your inventory.

Future Retro Video Guide

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…The Harder They Fall
Kill 5 Giant Creatures

In addition to the regular enemies of the game, there are also some GIANT creatures roaming around that are just begging to be hunted, killed and mounted on your wall. You will run into several of these just from roaming around completing missions but I'm going to list the 5 that Pyx has in the video below first, then the other ones I have found. If you find some that we don't have listed please post them in the comments and we shall add them. The only thing you need to remember with them is you need to be the one who lands the killing blow on the monster and that your companion doesn't kill it otherwise it won't count towards your total. Now I personally like to hunt them with my Fat Man to make it easier , it only takes two shots from the Fat Man to kill most of them.
  1. The first is to the right of Sunshine Tidings Co-op, head down the path and under the freeway you will find a Super Mutant Behemoth roaming around just begging to get killed.
  2. Now head to Vault 75 and head right. In the hills look for a car that is crashed into a tree that has a Jangles the Monkey in the driver's seat. Once you find it, take the monkey to get the Super Mutant to spawn. Don't take his shit!!!
  3. Now head to Swan's Pond in downtown Boston. Near the water look for a pile of trash with a big ass tire in it and shoot it to disturb Swan's nap.
  4. Roaming around by the water just to the right of Gunners Plaza you can find another Behemoth roaming around.
  5. There is a Mirelurk Queen roaming around at Murkwater Construction Site at the bottom middle of the map.
  6. You will have to take down a Mirelurk Queen when you help the Minutemen take back the Castle in the Taking Independence mission
  7. In the same boat as the Luck Bobblehead, if you turn on the generator downstairs on the boat a Mirelurk Queen will attack.

The Harder They Fall Video Guide

Toggle Spoiler

Ranger Corps
Discover 100 Locations

This particular trophy has been around since Fallout 3 and in FO3 and F: NV, the easiest way to get this trophy was to just play until you unlocked the Explorer Perk to show all the locations on your map. Well the bad news is that they have removed that perk from this game. I had considered listing them all here maybe with maps and what not BUT after playing for a while I learned that they put an absolute shit ton of locations in Fallout 4 so as long as you roam around, especially in downtown Boston you will have no problem getting this trophy. There is easily over 200 locations in the game. Once you have found 100 the trophy will unlock.

Print's Not Dead
Read 20 Magazines

Magazines are found all over the Commonwealth in a huge abundance. They are special due to one thing: they give you a nice, permanent bonus whenever you find one and read it. There are far more than 20 in the Commonwealth wasteland but I'll list 20 of the easiest magazines to find. These magazines are extremely useful due to their stat increases so it's a good idea to grab as many as you can find. They are usually in points of interest like main buildings or near bobble heads.

20 Magazine Locations

Magazine Bonus Location How to Find
Astoundingly Awesome Tales +5% Damage at Night Outpost Zimonja You can find this magazine on top of the workshop bench in this area.
Astoundingly Awesome Tales +5% Damage to Ghouls Crater of Atom There's a building that's built into the cliff on the side of the area, going up the stairs and looking to the left, you will spot this magazine.
Grognak the Barbarian Critical hits with unarmed and melee attacks do +5% damage Vault 81 Given as a reward for talking to Katy's classroom about your adventures.
Grognak the Barbarian Critical hits with unarmed and melee attacks do +5% damage Vault 75 You can find this magazine on the Overseer's bed in their office.
Grognak the Barbarian Critical hits with unarmed and melee attacks do +5% damage Museum of Witchcraft In the room where you fight the Deathclaw, on a table you'll find this magazine.
Unstoppables Gain a +1% chance of avoiding all damage from an attack Hubris Comics As soon as you enter, you'll see this on the counter in front of the Grognak Axe display case.
Tales of a Junktown Vendor Get better prices when buying from vendors Longneck Lukowsky's Cannery You'll find this right next to the Barter Bobblehead.
Wasteland Survival Guide Collect extra meat from animal kills Sunshine Tidings Co-op There's a locked door to a Cabin near the silos in the back area of the location. Pick the lock and near the mattress on the floor is this magazine.
You're SPECIAL! Assign one point to any SPECIAL attribute Sanctuary Hills Underneath the dresser near Shaun's crib in your old house.
Wasteland Survival Guide Take 5% less damage from insects Crater House On the west side of Crater House there's a two story small structure, on the ground floor of it next to a cap stash is a magazine.
Grognak the Barbarian Critical hits with unarmed and melee attacks do +5% damage Sanctuary Hills In your old house, you'll find this on the counter in the kitchen.
Grognak the Barbarian Critical hits with unarmed and melee attacks do +5% damage Back Street Apparel Head up the stairs until you come to an apartment area with a safe in it. Next to the safe is a coffee table with this on it.
Guns and Bullets Ballistic weapons do +5% critical damage The Castle Outside in the middle of the area is the radio, and on the operator's desk you can find Guns and Bullets.
Tesla Science Energy weapons permanently inflict +5% critical damage Rocky Cave On a table near where Virgil is you'll find this magazine near a terminal.
Live & Love Gain +25% XP from persuading men Bunker Hill Run to the top of the monument in the middle of the area, and on a table you'll see this.
Live & Love Companions gain +% Damage Resistance and Energy Resistance Goodneighbor Go to The Third Rail and turn right to go to the bathrooms. In the second stall this is on the toilet.
Live & Love Gain +5% XP while adventuring with a companion Goodneighbor In Hotel Rexford, to the right is a bar counter and the magazine is on top of it.
RobCo Fun Ruby Ruin holotape game Good Neighbor In the basement of Memory Den you'll find this magazine.
Taboo Tattoos Unlocks new tattoo Vault 81 You'll find this in Vault 81 in Horatio's barber shop.
Massachusetts Surgical Journal Inflict +2% limb damage Cabot House In the bedroom on the top floor on the east side there's a wooden desk that holds this magazine.

Prankster's Return
Placed A Grenade Or Mine While Pickpocketing

The first thing you'll have to do to get this trophy is put two skill points into the Pickpocket perk to allow you to place live grenades while pickpocketing. Now all that's left is to find someone to pickpocket, Diamond City Market is a great place for this. Sneak up behind someone and press to start pickpocketing, then select a grenade and watch the chaos. You'll know if you've done it right if the other person's inventory reads "Live X Grenade".

Prankster's Return Video Guide

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Kill 300 People

Killing people is an essential part of Fallout 4. People are enemies all over the Commonwealth and are often called: Gunners, Raiders, or even Named characters. You will achieve this trophy without putting anything thought into it and should be able to get it naturally during your playthrough.

Animal Control
Kill 300 Creatures

Killing creatures is mostly what you will be doing in Fallout 4. There are many types of creatures, such as: Ghouls, Super Mutants, Deathclaws and way, way more. Since you'll be doing this all the time during your playthrough you should hit 300 kills in no time whatsoever without putting much thought into it. Creatures are spread out all over the Commonwealth and will be the main type of enemy for you.

Get a Homerun

In the Diamond City Market there are four bases resembling those of a baseball diamond. The home plate is on the ground directly in front of the gate that leads into the market, it has a white diamond on it. Walk onto it and look east, and run in that direction. Follow the path to a bag with a tally on it, indicating first base. Face north and run along this path until you hit second (II) base. Look west and run to third (III) and lastly run back to home plate to unlock this trophy.

Homerun! Video Guide

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Get a Touchdown

Now this has relation to American football in name only, getting a touchdown in Fallout 4 requires something else. In Fallout 4 there are suicidal super mutants, holding bombs in their hands and running towards you until they explode. To unlock this trophy, you simply have to let one of these kill you. It seems like there's always at least one of these suiciders in a group of super mutants, but around Oberland Station heading towards Diamond City is a group of patrolling super mutants (they're on the road that is basically on the edge of the city start). One of these mutants is a suicide bomber.

Turns out suicide bombers aren't the only way to get this trophy:
Quote Originally Posted by AlecDawesome View Post
You can get the Touchdown! trophy from any type of explosive death, I got it from stepping on a mine. I think it has to be strong enough that it knocks you into the air when it kills you or something like that.
Touchdown! Video Guide

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They're Not Dolls…
Collect 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads

Please see the ...They're Action Figures trophy below.

…They're Action Figures
Collect 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads

Gone are the Snow Globes of Fallout: New Vegas and we welcome back the Bobbleheads from Fallout 3. Each Bobblehead you find will grant you a special stat boost for your character so there is a good reason to look for all of them. Unlike Fallout 3 none of the Bobbleheads are missable in this game so grab them at your leisure. Once you find all 20 the trophy will be yours.

Perception Bobblehead - Museum of Freedom

Toggle Spoiler

Repair Bobblehead - Corvega Assembly Plant

Toggle Spoiler

Science Bobblehead - Vault 75

Toggle Spoiler

Explosive Bobblehead - Saugus Ironworks

Toggle Spoiler

Sneak Bobblehead - Dunwich Borers

Toggle Spoiler

Barter Bobblehead - Longneck Lukowski's Cannery

Toggle Spoiler

Intelligence Bobblehead - Boston Public Library

Toggle Spoiler

Melee Bobblehead - Trinity Tower

Toggle Spoiler

Strength Bobblehead - Mass Fusion Building

Toggle Spoiler

Lock Picking Bobblehead - Pickman Gallery

Toggle Spoiler

Speech Bobblehead - Vault 114

Toggle Spoiler

Energy Weapons Bobblehead - Fort Hagen

Toggle Spoiler

Unarmed Bobblehead - Atom Cats Garage

Toggle Spoiler

Endurance Bobblehead - Poseidon Energy

Toggle Spoiler

Agility Bobblehead - Wreck of the FMS Northern Star

Toggle Spoiler

Luck Bobblehead - Spectacle Island

Toggle Spoiler

Small Guns Bobblehead - Gunners Plaza

Toggle Spoiler

Big Guns Bobblehead - Vault 95

Toggle Spoiler

Medicine Bobblehead - Vault 81

Toggle Spoiler

Charisma Bobblehead - Parsons State Insane Asylum

Toggle Spoiler

They're Action Figures Locations Video Guide

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Born Survivor
Reach Level 5

See Legend of the Wastes for details.

Commonwealth Citizen
Reach Level 10

See Legend of the Wastes for details.

Unstoppable Wanderer
Reach Level 25

See Legend of the Wastes for details.

Legend Of The Wastes
Reach Level 50

Levelling your character up to level 50 will take time, but you will have a blast doing it. So long as you explore the game to your own desire and pick up the odd side-quest here and there, you can hit level 50 shortly after beating the main quest line. If you love going off on your own and exploring everything and finishing every side quest you have before tackling the main quests, you can easily hit 50 before the end of the game. It really doesn't matter how you approach this. There are a number of ways that you can earn experience points, being:
  • Finding a new location
  • Successfully lockpicking
  • Successfully hacking
  • Killing an enemy
  • Finishing a quest
  • Being successful in a persuasion attempt
  • Crafting items
The list goes on and on. You earn XP for doing many things that levelling should never be a problem. However there are a couple of things you can do to increase the amount of XP you earn for doing these tasks, which are:
  • Levelling up your Intelligence stat, gives more per level
  • Finding Live & Love Volume 7 (persuading men gives more XP)
  • Finding Live & Love Volume 8 (more XP when adventuring with a companion)
  • Lover's Embrace bonus for sleeping with another person
  • Well Rested bonus for sleeping in a bed
However if you're still struggling to gain levels, you can use PowerPyx's video guide on how to get a lot of XP in a short amount of time.

XP Farming Video Guide

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Prepared for the Future
Decide the Fate of the Commonwealth

You will unlock this trophy after finishing the main quests for any faction that you chose. There are four endings to Fallout 4, having to do with: Minutemen, Railroad, Brotherhood of Steel and Institute. For details on how to go through with any of those factions' main quests, see the quest trophies above. This trophy will unlock for all endings so it's completely unmissable.

[top]Perks Guide

What would Fallout be without a Perk System to improve your character as you level up. Fallout 4 has changed the Perk System a little bit and has added multiple levels to each Perk that make the Perk stronger with each ability point you put towards it. Unfortunately in the game you won't know what the upper levels of each Perk do unless you spend the time to unlock them, so, below you will find every Perk level and what you will receive for unlocking it to help you better plan your upgrading strategies

[top]Strength Perks

Iron Fist

Toggle Spoiler

Big Leagues

Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler

Heavy Gunner

Toggle Spoiler

Strong Back

Toggle Spoiler

Steady Aim

Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler

Pain Train

Toggle Spoiler

[top]Perception Perks


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler

Demolition Expert

Toggle Spoiler

Night Person

Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler

Concentrated Fire

Toggle Spoiler

[top]Endurance Perks


Toggle Spoiler

Lead Belly

Toggle Spoiler

Life Giver

Toggle Spoiler

Chem Resistant

Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler

Rad Resistant

Toggle Spoiler

Adamantium Skeleton

Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler

Solar Powered

Toggle Spoiler

[top]Charisma Perks

Cap Collector

Toggle Spoiler

Black Widow/Lady Killer

Toggle Spoiler

Lone Wanderer

Toggle Spoiler

Attack Dog

Toggle Spoiler

Animal Friend

Toggle Spoiler

Local Leader

Toggle Spoiler

Party Boy/Girl

Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler

Wasteland Whisperer

Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler

[top]Intelligence Perks


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler

Gun Nut

Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler

Robotics Expert

Toggle Spoiler

Nuclear Physicist

Toggle Spoiler

Nerd Rage!

Toggle Spoiler

[top]Agility Perks


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler

Mister Sandman

Toggle Spoiler

Action Boy/Girl

Toggle Spoiler

Moving Target

Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler

Quick Hands

Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler

[top]Luck Perks

Fortune Finder

Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler

Bloody Mess

Toggle Spoiler

Mysterious Stranger

Toggle Spoiler

Idiot Savant

Toggle Spoiler

Better Criticals

Toggle Spoiler

Critical Banker

Toggle Spoiler

Grim Reaper's Sprint

Toggle Spoiler

Four Leaf Clover

Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler


A special thanks go out to the following people for their help with this guide.

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