Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20-35 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Collector of Memories & Mortal Validation .
Missable Trophies: Many see each trophy description
Glitched Trophies: None reported

[top]Tips & Strategies

Making the most of your free time.
The game makes use of the space between missions by giving you free-time, you have a limited amount so choose carefully what you wish to do as when you have spent all you time you have to undertake the next mission. During this time you can do the following,
  • Socializing - While you make your way around Akademeia you'll come across NPCs displaying a ! above their head. These can be anything from just talking to an NPC, getting to know your fellow cadets or some really interesting cut scenes. Each ! will cost you two hours of your free time, but will also reward you with an item.
  • Exploration - Do you feel like exploring the world map or visiting a town you've liberated? Each venture outside of the gates of Akademeia will cost you six hours.
  • Moglins Lectures - Each lecture you sit in on will reward you with a permanent boost to a skill/attribute and cost you two hours.
  • Expert trials - Expert trials are much like the story missions, they task with objectives such as liberating towns around Rubrum. Expert trials cost you a whopping 12 hours of free time but are worth the reward.
Infinite XP (or eXPloit)
Midway through chapter two the Arena will open its gates to you. Enter by heading left at the fountain courtyard (facing Akademeia). Once inside you'll want to talk to the NPC on the left who will give you the option to begin a secret training session. You will be prompted to save, then back you out to the main menu. Once your back to the main menu tap then navigate to Settings->Date and Time->Date and Time Settings->Set Manually. Move the date forward a day or two then double tap to return to the game. Load up your save file and to be rewarded with large amounts of XP, rinse and repeat as required.
Video Guide

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Beware! during chapter 7 initiating the second mission "Capturing the Imperial Capital" will remove your ability to earn some trophies. Once started there's no going back! Finish off any trophies you haven't earned before continuing. Or they will have to be earned in a second playthrough.


Step 1: Playthrough the game
Playthrough the story up until mission 2 of chapter 7, Progressing any further than this will lock you out of earning a few trophies as once you start the mission "Capturing The Imperial Capital" there's no going back. The trophies that you will need to pay most attention to are:
Secret of Souls , The Beastmaster, Make Mother Proud, The Hunted Becomes the Hunter, Total Domination, Above the Law, The Ark of Agito, Master Marksman, The Chocobo Whisperer, One Big Happy Flock, Hard Work's Reward, Practice Pays Off, The Great Liberator and Moogle Mingler.
Step 2: Pre end game cleanup
Finish any mission bonus or mission specific trophies you haven't obtained via Mission select on the main should now have:
An Army of One, A Lonely Battle, A Select Few, Perfect Marks, Miraculous Mission, Mission Master, Top Form in the Field, Collateral Damage and Imperial Investigation.
Step 3: Complete the story
If you've followed my guide then during this step you will earn only 3 trophies: Conclusion to Combat , What Lies Beyond and Agito Achieved .


Agito Achieved
Obtained all trophies.

Unlock all 49 other trophies and you'll be rewarded with a shiny new platinum, congratulations.

Enter Class Zero
Completed Chapter 1 "War - Three Hours That Changed the World."

The first chapter has you fighting to regain control of Akademeia which has been invaded by the imperial forces. It largely serves as a tutorial introducing you to the battle system and how the different elements in-game work. Proceed with the chapter and you'll eventually face your first boss.
Boss Battle - Dainsleif
First Stage: You find yourself controlling none other than Odin himself, Who can one hit kill Dainsleif with a fully charged Zantetsuken(Hold )
Second stage: I found the best approach was to use Ace due to his range and go for Breaksight hits (Yellow Reticule) for critical damage. Do this 3-5 times to drop her health. Make sure to Dodge her ranged attacks by tapping as when she does hit, she hits hard. When her health is depleted you will be told to finish her with a Killsight Hit (Red reticule) With Dainsleif slain continue with game and you'll unlock this trophy.

Story Related - Cannot be missed

Shots Fired
Completed Chapter 2 "Raise the Vermilion Banner."

Chapter 2 sees you undertaking 3 story missions.The Cadets First Deployment, Operation Reconquista (your first RTS mission) and lastly The Capture of Togoreth Stronghold, completing the latter will finish the chapter and unlock this trophy.
Boss Battle - General Qator Bashtar
Strategy 1: Going into this fight with a ranged cadet is highly recommended as the general makes full use of his ability to fly around the battlefield, making it difficult to approach him with physical attacks. Equipping lightning magic is also a good idea as part way into the battle it will start to rain automatically making the general weak against any lightning based attacks. Keep hitting the general with your ranged attacks and eventually he will begin to charge towards you, during this time you will have the opportunity to inflict a Breaksight and stun him temporarily.
Strategy 2: Start off by having any cadet with the ability Slipstream unlocked (allows cadet to dodge continuously). Once you begin the battle with the general lock onto him and hold to keep dodging and eventually he will wear himself out and become stunned, run up to him give him a beating and he will get up again, repeat 3-5 times and you will take him out with little effort.

Story Related - Cannot be missed

Expanding the Theater
Completed Chapter 3 "Weapons of Mass Destruction."

Chapter 3 has you liberating Iscah, crawling through waterways, playing with explosives, riding magitek armour and infiltrating the militesi capital of Ingram. All of that is crammed into the 2 story missions, The Infiltration of Iscah and Operation MA Destruction, completing the later will unlock this trophy.
Boss Battle Part 1 - Brionac
Make sure you accept the SO as soon as the battle commences to unlock the eidolon Rubicante.
Brionac shouldn't give you much trouble as it's already suffering at a disadvantage due to your earlier acts of sabotage. Almost all of her attacks can be avoided by moving back into the entryway. Just be careful of the magitek armour she send towards you make sure to Breaksight them to send them right back to her.
Boss Battle Part 2 - Nimbus
The following battle against the white tiger L'cie is less of a battle, more of a dodge or die situation. Continue to dodge everything he throws at you until he gets bored and leaves, or have every cadet die to complete this battle.

Story Related - Cannot be missed

A Frantic Flight
Completed Chapter 4 "The Last Queen's Return to Oblivion."

Chapter 4 is based in and around the Imperial Capital where events take a strange turn, although it only contains 1 story mission there is plenty of filler either side of it. Upon making your return to Rubrum the trophy will unlock.
Boss Battle - Varja
Varja shouldn't pose much of a threat as her health is already whittled down due to your previous encounters, range attacks will work best for this battle. Keep an eye out for when she charges you and stabs her front legs into the ground as you can score an easy Breaksight here (which she shouldn't survive if you hit her hard and fast).

Story Related - Cannot be missed

War of the Wyverns
Completed Chapter 5 "The First Battle of Judecca."

Chapter 5 consists of 2 missions the first is The Reclamation of Eibon which is another RTS based liberation. The second mission The Battle of Judecca sees the cadets taking to the skies, shooting down dragons and surviving at all costs. Complete the boss fight at the end of the battle of Judecca to unlock this trophy.
Boss Battle - Shinryu Celestia
To progress in this battle all you have to do die.... To which point you will be treated with a new eidolon (for this battle only) which makes light work of Shinryu. Note: it is possible to defeat Shinryu using your cadets, but only during your 2nd (or more) playthroughs.
Story Related - Cannot be missed

The Forbidden Savior
Completed Chapter 6 "Terra Mortis - Khalia's Decision."

Upon completing the mission The Battle of Judecca in the previous chapter, you are thrown head first into chapter 6's only mission The Clash on Big Bridge. Which sees you smack bang in the middle of a war between Akademeia and the Militesi, Don't expect this mission to be quick or easy.
Boss Battle - Gilgamesh
There are two ways to win this fight. The first is to kill Gilgamesh which is unlikely during your first playthrough. The second method is to ... Yup you guessed it, you have to die. Either way the fight ends and so does the chapter unlocking you a new trophy and a new eidolon.

Story Related - Cannot be missed

Conclusion to Combat
Completed Chapter 7 "Fate of the Crystal - The Endless Battle."

Chapter 7 is 2 missions long, the first being The Kingdom's Final Hours (RTS). And the second is a short mission by the name of capturing the Imperial capital.
Boss Battle - General Qator Bashtar

The general makes his return to settle the score from chapter 2. Apart from being stronger the fight plays out pretty much the same, you’ll have the opportunities to land a Breaksight after almost every attack, and again a ranged cadet will give you the advantage here. After defeating the general start your victory march back to Rubrum and end chapter 7.

Story Related - Cannot be missed

What Lies Beyond
Completed Chapter 8 "Verdict: Finis."

Chapter 8 is by no means a walk in the park. This whole chapter is the final mission of game and will see you having to undertake 8 tests to prove yourself worthy. Defeating the final boss will unlock you this trophy as well as closing the final chapter of class Zero.
Just a piece of advice, once you reach the Chamber of All you will have a choice to make. Picking the first option will give you the bad ending, while the second choice grants you the good ending.
Boss Battle - The Rursan Arbiter
You start this battle in a weakened state and the only way to progress the fight is to be wiped. The next part of the battle is straightforward, you cannot be incapacitated and each cadet must land a Breaksight hit on the arbiter and then harvest his phantoma. Keep at it and you'll emerge victorious. Congratulations.

Story Related - Cannot be missed

An Army of One
Earned the "An Army of One" bonus.

The army of one bonus is achieved by completing any missions using ONLY 1 cadet (no reserves). You’ll also want to turn off back-up from Akademeia as it nullifies your army of one bonus. This can easily be achieved by using the mission select feature on the main menu. To make this easier on yourself you should progress through the story until you have a cadet who's LVL 20+, then just replay the first mission "The Cadets First Deployment" on cadet difficulty. Just run through the mission (literally 2 minutes) and the trophy will pop on the report card screen.

A Lonely Battle
Earned the "A Lonely Battle" bonus.

The "A Lonely Battle" bonus is achieved by completing any mission with ONLY 2 cadets (no reserves) again no back-up from Akademeia. Then use exactly the same method as An Army of One . If your second cadet (AI controlled) becomes incapacitated you will still unlock this trophy.

A Select Few
Earned the "A Select Few" bonus.

The "A Select Few" bonus is achieved much in the same way as the "A Lonely Battle" and "An Army Of One" bonus, except you can take 3 cadets with you (no reserves) again no back-up. using the same method as An Army of One will net you this trophy in no time. Note that both the 2nd and third cadet do not need to survive the mission.

Perfect Marks
Earned an S-Rank on a mission.

Earning an S-rank on a mission is much easier later on in the game when your cadets are a little more developed. Taking advantage of the low level, early missions through mission select on the main menu make earning this a walk in the park. Now the S-rank itself is based on 3 factors.
  • Completion speed
  • Phantoma Harvested
  • Casualties
You'll need an A rank in each of these categories to earn that S. Which is why having the level advantage over the enemy is essential as you'll need quick kills to keep your time low as well as harvesting phantoma from every enemy you defeat, while not getting any casualties.

Miraculous Mission
Completed a mission without allowing any casualties.

This trophy is pretty straight forward, you’ll have to make it through an entire mission without one of your cadets becoming incapacitated. It can be earned as early as the first mission as long as you make use of you defensive/curative skills and the ability to dodge. If you’re having difficulty unlocking this early on in the game you can achieve it easily by replaying an early mission once your cadets have leveled a bit more.

Mystery of Magic
Harvested 100 phantoma.

See Secret of Souls

Secret of Souls
Harvested 500 phantoma.

Phantoma is harvested from fallen enemies by locking onto them and tapping . You can harvest groups of fallen enemies but don't wait too long as once they have fallen they soon disappear. Each phantoma you harvest rewards you with MP and occasional item, as well as damaging any enemies that are within range of the corpse. You will have more than enough opportunities to earn this during the course of the game. Another incentive to harvest is that during chapter 2 you will be unlock the ability to upgrade you spells (power,mana cost,cast time) using your harvested phantoma. A good place to earn extra phantoma is in the combat simulator due to the endless flow of enemies.

Communing with the Gods
Forged a covenant with an Eidolon.

See The Beastmaster

The Beastmaster
Forged covenants with 6 Eidolons.

There are a fair few Eidolons in type-0 which can be acquired in a few ways via expert missions (on officer/agito), SOs and on your second playthrough. But for the purpose of this trophy guide I'm going to outline the easiest, of which can be found during the story missions. Which mean that none of the following are missable due to mission replay.

Ifrit Chapter 2 : The Capture of Togoreth Stronghold. Story related cannot be missed.
Shiva Chapter 2: The Capture of Togoreth Stronghold. Complete on Officer difficulty.
Golem Chapter 3 :The Infiltration of Iscah. Complete on Officer difficulty.
Rubicante Chapter 3 : Operation MA Demolition. Complete SO Destroy Brionac as quickly as possible.
Vulcan Chapter 5 : The Battle of Judecca. Complete SO Take down Mikazuchi.
Odin Chapter 6 : The Clash on Big Bridge. Complete on Officer difficulty.

Skilled Slayer
Landed Killsight strikes on 20 enemies.

See The Executioner

The Executioner
Landed Killsight strikes on 100 enemies.

A Killsight strike can only be achieved while locked onto a target with , while locked on you'll notice that every once in a while the reticule will turn red and a make a chime sound. You have to land a kit while the reticule is red to one-hit kill the enemy. Timing is key so using a cadet you are familiar with is key to unlocking this.

A Simple Skirmish
Defeated 100 enemies.

See A Full-Scale War

A Full-Scale War
Defeated 300 enemies.

It'd be impossible to go through the entire game without defeating more than 300 enemies. kills that count towards this can come from any encounter within missions, the world map and the arena. It'll come naturally and will unlock around the end of chapter 2 or later if exploring isn't your thing.

The White Tiger Roars
Took down 20 imperial soldiers.

See Taming the White Tiger

Taming the White Tiger
Took down 100 imperial soldiers.

Imperial soldiers appear right from of the start of the game and are very common throughout. I unlocked this during chapter 2 so you shouldnt worry about missing it.

Make Mother Proud
Completed an SO.

To complete an SO (Special Order) you must first speak to the Grandsorcerer, who will give you option of enabling these sub-objectives. You'll find the Grandsorcerer in the sorcery department of Akademeia which is accessible through the great portal in the main hall (available after completing chapter 1). After enabling special orders you will see the word Incoming displayed at the top of the screen while out on missions, press the to view the conditions and accept or decline the SO. They are generally straight forward ranging from "take no damage for 90 seconds" to "defeat 2 enemies with your active character".
Warning - Earn before initiating the second mission of chapter 7 "Capturing the Imperial Capital". Once started there's no going back!

Roaming Terror
Won an encounter in the overworld.

See The Hunted Becomes the Hunter

The Hunted Becomes the Hunter
Won 50 encounters in the overworld.

Final Fantasy Type-0 sees the return of the world map. One of my favorite features from the franchises past that has been almost lost in its newer, more linear iterations. And with its return we also have random battle encounters that are initiated by simply walking around the map. During the course of the game you should easily rack up 50 encounters. Just be mindful that using any form of transportation will not allow you enter random encounters.
Warning - Earn before initiating the second mission of chapter 7 "Capturing the Imperial Capital". Once started there's no going back!

Total Domination
Won a 5-battle chain encounter in the overworld.

When you're exploring the world map and enter a random battle, once in a while after achieving victory you will be prompted with the message "Enemy presence detected. Engage?" with the choice to fight or retreat. Choosing to fight resets the battle with the only difference being that the enemies have increased in LVL. Keep choosing to fight and once you complete the fifth battle this trophy will unlock. Also note that not all battle chains go up to 5, I've had chains of 2, 3 and 4. I actually unlocked this during my first ever random encounter, which I do not recommend as I was level 10 and enemies were 10->12->14-->20 ->30. In the last battle all my cadets were incapacitated, except Jack who is extremely slow and I had to run around in circle followed by 2 level 30 aqua flans trying to land a Killsight here and there. But after several minutes I emerged victorious.
Warning - Earn before initiating the second mission of chapter 7 "Capturing the Imperial Capital". Once started there's no going back!

Emergency Evasion
Dodged 500 enemy attacks.

Tapping will make your chosen cadet perform a dodge. Now 500 may seem like a grind but dodging is an essential part of the combat system and you'll soon rack up 500. It popped on chapter 2 for me.

New Recruit
Cleared 3 missions.

See Mission Master

Mission Master
Cleared 15 missions.

You will get the majority of the 15 missions required by playing through the story, the remaining missions can be completed through mission replay (on the main menu).

Above the Law
Avoided the penalty for failing an SO.

Once you accept any SO al you have to do is purposefully fail it and avoid the 3 instant death targets that appear beneath you. Simply dodge out of the way continuously by tapping until all three targets have passed.

Video Guide

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Collector of Memories
Collected 5 Knowing Tags.

See Mortal Validation

Mortal Validation
Collected 25 Knowing Tags.

During your time within Orience, be it in missions or exploring one of the many town and caves you will notice a little sparkle on the ground. This is an item pickup and the only way of acquiring knowing tags (among other items). While there are 3 locations during story missions where you are guaranteed 5-10 knowing tags, they can be found sparingly in any location. Knowing tags can often be found on bodies so keep an eye out for those sparkles. The 3 story based missions are,
  • Inside the laboratories (immediately after making it inside the stronghold) in the mission "The Capture of Togoreth Stronghold" in chapter 2.
  • Throughout the missions "Battle of Judecca" in chapter 5.
  • During the beginning of chapter 8.
If you still find that you are coming up short of 25, you can acquire knowing tags by replaying missions through Missions on the main menu.

The Ark of Agito
Acquired the airship "Setzer."

To acquire the Setzer you have to be in chapter 7 (being LVL 38+ helps), and have completed or skipped the mission "The Kingdoms Final Hours". At which point you will have to do the following:
  1. Make your way to the main gate and speak to the expert trial NPC, accept the trial "Operation Homecoming."
  2. Exit to the world map and follow the indicator on your mini map which will lead you to Bazz, located in the West Nesher region.
  3. Enter Bazz and undertake the operation. With a party of 3 cadets around lvl 35-40 it shouldn't take much effort/time.
  4. After liberating Bazz make your way inside and seek Sakuya who is in the back of the area, and accept her task "Rumble in the Ruins."
  5. Leave Bazz and head south into the Veill Wastelands, Sneak around the brutal behemoth kings and enter "Silent Key."
  6. Once inside proceed through the area making sure to activate all 4 dynamos. Note that each dynamo is protected by Iron and red giants.
  7. After all 4 dynamos and all giants have been defeated make your way the flight deck and activate the device to receive your very own airship and a bronze trophy.
Warning - Earn before initiating the second mission of chapter 7 "Capturing the Imperial Capital". Once started there's no going back!

Master Marksman
Shot down 50 enemies with the Setzer.

You can earn this as soon as you unlock the Setzer during your maiden voyage. Or call upon the airship at any point on the world map by pressing +. While in the airship you can fly around the skies or Orience encountering both monsters and imperial ships. While flying around you can press to lock onto all enemies within range and then to fire off magic shots. Once you've shot down the 50th enemy the trophy will pop.

Rookie Wrangler
Captured a chocobo.

See The Chocobo Whisperer

The Chocobo Whisperer
Captured 30 chocobos.

To catch a chocobo you'll first need to get yourself a chocobo, acquired from the chocobo ranch in Akademeia in chapter 2. Then make your way to the Togoreth region where you will see you first chocobos running around the world map. The easiest method here is to lock onto the chocobo by pressing and then just hold up on the left stick. Be careful though as there are roaming monsters that always seem to wander alongside chocobos who won’t think twice about chasing you and wiping out your party. The safest and quickest way I've found of doing this is, Travel to Iscah (unlocked during chapter 3) Then make your way to Rokol. There is chocobo that spawns a little north of this town which you can capture, then return to Rokol to re-spawn the chocobo and repeat. This cuts out all the wondering around and running away from those pesky beasts that like to chase you down.

Video Guide

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Warning - Earn before initiating the second mission of chapter 7 "Capturing the Imperial Capital". Once started there's no going back!

Eggs-citing Development
Hatched 5 chocobos at the chocobo ranch.

See One Big Happy Flock

One Big Happy Flock
Hatched 100 chocobos at the chocobo ranch.

Breeding chocobo at the ranch is a rather simple process, first make your way to the chocobo ranch through the main portal in the main hall. The NPC you are looking for is Hishow who is standing next to the chocobo stalls on the right of the ranch. Now the actual breeding requires that you choose both a male and female chocobo and then a green. Once an egg has been laid you will have to progress 6 in game hours for the chocobos to hatch and mature before returning to Hishow and collecting your flock. A standard flock will give you 4-5 chocobos, while there are greens that increase the sizeof flock produced these are few and far between, for example 2 curiel greens which increase the size of flock produced (6-9 in one go) can be found in the cave to the right of Corsi in a chest. Make breeding a part of your routine in Akademeia by making sure you always have eggs waiting to hatch before you do any of the following: going out onto the world map (6 hours), undergoing expert trials (12 hours) or by talking to 3 NPCs (2 hours each).
Warning - Earn before initiating the second mission of chapter 7 "Capturing the Imperial Capital". Once started there's no going back!

Hard Work's Reward
Completed a secret training session.

After completing "Operation Reconquista" your first world map skirmish in chapter 2, the arena will open its gates to you. Once inside speak to Dominion Tribune who is the NPC to your right who will allow you to select one of your characters to undertake a secret training session. Initiating a secret training session will prompt you to save then exit you to the main menu. The idea behind it is to allow you to gain XP while not in game for a prolonged period (8 hours) while sleeping/working etc. This can be heavily exploited by changing the date in the PS4 settings. Once you’re back to the main menu tap then navigate to Settings->Date and Time->Date and Time Settings->Set Manually. Move the date forward a day or two then double tap to return to the game. Load up your save file to be rewarded with large amounts of XP and Hard Work's Reward . Rinse and repeat as required. See Tips & Strategies for a video demonstrating this exploit.
Warning - Earn before initiating the second mission of chapter 7 "Capturing the Imperial Capital". Once started there's no going back!

Practice Makes Perfect
Defeated a total of 20 enemies in combat simulation sessions.

See Practice Pays Off

Practice Pays Off
Defeated a total of 100 enemies in combat simulation sessions.

After unlocking the arena mid chapter 2, speak to the NPC on your left to initiate a combat simulation. It's all pretty straight forward as you will be pitted against 3 imperial soldiers (2 standard and 1 supersoldier) who will continue to re-spawn. After defeating a set amount you will be asked if you want to continue. Choosing to do so will raise the enemies LVL by 1. If you choose to you can defeat all 100 in one sitting which will take you around 7-10 minutes. Also note that in the arena you will receive no penalty for being incapacitated while keeping all XP earned. And as an added bonus kills acquired through the arena count towards both Taming the White Tiger and A Full-Scale War .
Warning - Earn before initiating the second mission of chapter 7 "Capturing the Imperial Capital". Once started there's no going back!

The Great Liberator
Liberated and visited all cities in the Dominion of Rubrum.

There are a total of 9 cities that you will liberate as part of the main story, so no need to worry about missing one. It's just a case of actually stepping foot into each one which can be done at any time during your playthrough. You wont liberate the last city until chapter 5 making the start of chapter 6 the earliest you can unlock this trophy. The cities are as follows:

McTighe - Chapter 2 - Rubrum region
Aqvi - Chapter 2 - Rubrum region
Corsi - Chapter 2 - Rubrum region
Kezia - Chapter 3 - Torgoreth region
Mi-Go - Chapter 3 - North Togoreth region
Iscah - Chapter 3 - Iscah region
Rokol - Chapter 3 - Iscah region
Meroe - Chapter 5 - Meroe region
Toguagh- Chapter 5 - Eibon region
Warning - Earn before initiating the second mission of chapter 7 "Capturing the Imperial Capital". Once started there's no going back!

Teacher's Pet
Sat in on one of Moglin's lectures.

Return to class zero in Akademeia anytime after completing your first mission in chapter 2, and Moglin (Hatzkhaminei Lowtoyosna Eripulci) will be more than happy to let you join one of his (?) lectures. Just pick anyone you like and the trophy will pop after the lecture is complete.
Warning - Earn before initiating the second mission of chapter 7 "Capturing the Imperial Capital". Once started there's no going back!

Moogle Mingler
Talked with the moogles from all thirteen classes.

The moogles are back, as expected but this time they are dressed to impress. All 13 moogles are located within the grounds of Akademeia, their locations are as follows.

Moglin - Class Zero.

Toggle Spoiler

Class First Moogle - Fountain Courtyard

Toggle Spoiler

Class Second Moogle - Central Command

Toggle Spoiler

Class Third Moogle - Terrace

Toggle Spoiler

Class Fourth & Tenth Moogle - Airship Landing

Toggle Spoiler

Class Fifth & Eighth Moogle - Entrance

Toggle Spoiler

Class Sixth - Main Gate

Toggle Spoiler

Class Seventh - Lounge

Toggle Spoiler

Class Ninth - Crystarium

Toggle Spoiler

Class Eleventh - Armory

Toggle Spoiler

Class Twelfth - Ready Room

Toggle Spoiler

Pausing the game will bring up the map screen and pressing will bring up the legend, which helps finding each area a little easier until you know your way around.
Warning - Earn before initiating the second mission of chapter 7 "Capturing the Imperial Capital". Once started there's no going back!

Top Form in the Field
Completed a mission using only Primed cadets.

When choosing which cadets to take on a mission, you'll notice that a name or two may be highlighted in yellow. This means that that cadet is primed for that mission and will begin with buffs that last the duration of the mission (buffs vary per mission). This can be achieved during story missions but I recommend going for this through mission select on mission "The Cadets First Deployment" as you can pair it with An Army of One .

Collateral Damage
Defeated an enemy with the explosion from a fuel tank.

Explosive tanks begin appearing from chapter 2 onward. The easiest/quickest way to obtain a kill with a fuel tank is during the very first mission in chapter 2. Progress through the streets of McTighe until you reach the very last area where you will fight a mini boss named Major Massena. There is a fuel tank behind him to the left, if you approach with Ace (or any ranged student) and throw a few cards it'll hit the tank and take out both imperial soldiers.

Video Guide

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Forced Charity
Searched 3 surrendered imperial soldiers.

See Imperial Investigation

Imperial Investigation
Searched 15 surrendered imperial soldiers.

When facing certain groups of enemies you will see that they have a leader, who will have a slightly different icon above them . Even though the title states that it has to be imperial soldiers, it isn't just limited to them. While exploring the cave to the east of Corsi, there are two rooms that both have a lesser coeurl leader that summon up to 3 lesser coeurls. Take out the leader while it has the lessers summoned and they will surrender to you, each will reward you with a pretty pelt. So in that one area you can get 6/15 surrenders early on in the game.
Video Guide

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Warning - Earn before initiating the second mission of chapter 7 "Capturing the Imperial Capital". Once started there's no going back!

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