Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Estimated Time to 100%: 2 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No


Game of Thrones is a critically acclaimed television series for HBO based upon the fantasy epic novels by George R. R. Martin. This episodic game is developed by Telltale Games. Telltale is famous for delivering story-driven episodic games such as The Walking Dead Seasons 1 & 2, Back to the Future, and The Wolf Among Us.

This episode is the first in the series, which will have six episodes in total, entitled "Iron From Ice." The Game will take place from the end of Season 3 of the show all the way until just before the start of Season 5. The games focus is of House Forrester, who can be found in the literature, but has not been introduced in the television series. Rumor has it there will be 5 playable characters throughout the episodes. I highly recommend you have at least some knowledge of the Game of Thrones universe before playing this game. It will have major spoilers for those of you not up to date in at least the television series.


Step 1: Complete the story
This is the only step you need. Unlike some of the Telltale games, there are no collectibles. Simply play through the episodes and all of the trophies will unlock, regardless of your decisions.

Step 2: Patiently wait for Episode 2
Telltale isn't exactly known for releasing games when they say they will. With any luck, the episodes should be about 2 months apart. If Episode 2 releases in February 2015, we should be happy.


Through the Night
Completed Chapter 1 of Episode 1

Chapter 1 is pretty much the prologue. You will be playing as Gared Tuttle, who is squire to Lord Gregor Forrester. This chapter takes place outside The Twins, castle of House Frey, on the night of The Red Wedding.

You will progress through the chapter until you get to the main decision:

You must choose whether to save Bowen, or hurry and warn the lord of an imminent attack.

If you choose to save Bowen, you will save his life and then rush to warn the Lord of the attack.
If you choose to hurry and warn the Lord, you will rush to the Lord and Bowen will die.

As far as I can tell, nothing will change except Bowen will live. If you choose to let him live he could appear in future episodes.

After you make it to the Lord and progress through a few scenes, the chapter will end and the trophy will unlock.

Justice or Mercy?
Completed Chapter 2 of Episode 1

Chapter 2 has you continue on Gared's path, attempting to make his way back to the keep of House Forrester, Ironrath. You will be traveling on The Kingsroad until you come across some blood on the road. You will follow the path until you find three rival bannermen stealing pigs from a heavily injured man.

As you progress, you will realize that the injured man is your father. The rival bannermen will attempt to attack you and you will kill one of them. The ringleader will stab you in your leg, then you will overpower him and kick him to the ground. The third bannerman will lunge at you with a spear and you will dodge it and knock him to the ground with the Forrester sword. He will then cry for mercy and he is laying there defenseless on the ground.

And here is your major choice this chapter:

You can kill him, and the blonde ringleader will escape and alert his leader of the battle
You can show him mercy, and the blonde ringleader will limp away with this soldier to alert his leader of this battle.

Either way they're going to be pissed about you killing one of them, but I suppose the soldier could pop up again in later episodes if you don't kill him.

After your choice the blonde one scurries away with or without the other soldier and you tend to your father. Your father brings to your attention the fact that your sister is also dead, then promptly dies. True Game of Thrones story line happening here.

A Long Road Ahead
Completed Chapter 3 of Episode 1

Chapter 3 has you continuing on with Gared to the stronghold of House Forrester, Ironrath. Once you arrive through the gate, you will pass out and be brought to the Maester. He fixes your leg up the best he can and has you walk around on it. You can walk around and check out a few things in the room, including a Tapestry of the Forrester family. When you're finished, go back and talk to the maester.

A bit after this Lady Forrester and Talia will come in asking questions. Talia will ask about your family, while Lady Forrester will ask about her family. You will hand the Forrester sword over to Lady Forrester for Ethan. After this things will progress and your Uncle Duncan will pop in as well as Ser Royland. They (Duncan) will basically decide (even if you dispute it) that you should go to the wall because of your actions against the men who murdered your family.

Outside, as you get ready to embark on your journey to The Wall, you finally get to tell your Uncle about Lord Forrester's message. He will be taken aback and ask if you told anyone else. Afterwards, you start riding out before Talia runs out and gives you her necklace.

The major decision in this chapter is:

Keeping your word to Lord Forrester and telling only Duncan of his cryptic message about the North Grove
Blabbing to either the Maester or Lady Forrester before speaking to Duncan.

Either way, once you ride out of the gate, this chapter will end and your trophy will pop.

Defiance or Diplomacy?
Completed Chapter 4 of Episode 1

Chapter 4 begins and you are playing as Ethan Forrester, the new Lord. You will be out in the woods messing around with your twin sister Talia and your younger brother Ryon. After a little while of talking about changing because you are now the Lord of House Forrester, Ser Royland shows up and says you need to go back to the castle. Here you make the decision to either head off with Royland or stay with your siblings. Either way you'll head off with him...

Lord Whitehill is on his way, and hes furious about what transpired with Gared. Once he shows up he turns out to be a fat slob who was quite jealous of House Forrester. He is cursing and making quite the scene, insulting you at every opportunity. Soon enough his insults turn to threats, and you will come to this chapters decision:

Throughout the conversation with Lord Whitehill you will be given options on your responses:


Either way, when all is said and done, your mother will come in and end things because of what an asshole Lord Whitehill is. And he will vow to return for his justice, with Ramsay Snow in tow.

After this exchange, the chapter will end and your trophy will unlock.

A Lord's Judgement
Completed Chapter 5 of Episode 1

Chapter 5 is a three-part chapter, in that you control 3 different characters in it. You will begin as Mira Forrester, the eldest sister of Lord Ethan and handmaiden to Lady Margaery Tyrell. You will start in your room where you can explore a little and view a letter from your mother, Lady Forrester. Afterwards a young boy will knock and come in to change the coal in a pot in your room. He tells you that he heard the Queen Regent, Cersei Lannister speaking about you earlier with Margaery. Nice warning from him. After, Margaery enters and takes you to the Queen Regent, warning you to say the right thing instead of how you feel. They question you about your loyalties, since your family is Northern and was loyal to the Starks. Leading to a decision in this chapter:

If push comes to shove would you be loyal to:

King Joffrey
Lady Margaery

Afterwards, you are in Lady Margaery's chambers and eventually you will ask for help... No matter what you choose.

In part 2 of this chapter, you will again be controlling Gared. You are travelling on the Kingsroad again, in the Wolfswood. You overhear something and your horse is spooked. You creep up and see that it is Ramsay Snow torturing someone. Hiding behind a tree and poking your head out, you hear Ramsay behind his normal psychotic self, flaying some random guy. You find out they're a day or two away from Ironrath, and then you make a noise. Ramsay hears something and a soldier begins to approach the tree you're hiding behind. This leads to another decision in this chapter:

Stay Still

Either way you will get away unscathed, so do what you wish.

Part 3 of this chapter has you controlling Lord Ethan again. You will be conversing with the maester when someone calls for the Lord. You arrive on the scene to find a man who was supposed to be guarding items was caught stealing them. Everyone is looking to you for your judgement on the matter. This is the major decision of the chapter:

Show Mercy
Send him to The Wall
Take three of his fingers (What your father did to thieves)

If you choose to take three fingers, you will be given the option to do it yourself (again, as your father did).

After your choice your trophy will unlock and the chapter comes to a close.

A Lord's Depute
Completed Chapter 6 of Episode 1

Chapter 6 will have you in control of Lord Ethan once again. You will start out talking to the Maester about things and he will tell you that you must select a Sentinel. A Sentinel is much like a Lord's right hand man. The Maester will tell you there are two deserving candidates in Ser Royland and Duncan. He will tell you to ask questions and get opinions. You will get to speak to Royland, Duncan, Ryon, Talia, and your Uncle Malcolm. When speaking to your Uncle Malcolm, he will also tell you that your mother is sending him to Essos to find your brother Asher. You will retain that information for now...

Everyone pretty much gives good information and their opinions on the matter. Duncan is more of a strategist and diplomatic choice, whereas Royland is a warrior and militaristic mind.

Once you are ready, speak to the Maester to make your decision. You will be transported to the small council meeting where you can choose to tell the men whether it was a close decision or not. And herein lies your main decision of the chapter:

Who will be your Sentinel?


Immediately upon choosing the trophy will unlock.

A Lord's Reception
Completed Chapter 7 of Episode 1

Chapter 7 I guess starts after you pick a Sentinel. The trophies are labeled that Chapter 6 ends after you pick a Sentinel, even though there is no real change in the setting. From here you will make a few other major decisions. Your new Sentinel will tell you his plan on how to deal with the incoming Ramsay Snow, then the other council members will tell you their idea. You must choose where to meet Ramsay Snow when he arrives:

Make him wait at the gate for you
Meet him in the Great Hall

After you make your decision, your mother will approach you about her decision to send Malcolm to Essos to find Asher. You will get to make another decision:

Send Malcom to Essos, but he will not be around to help when Ramsay Snow shows up
Have Malcolm remain in Ironrath, but no one will be out looking for your brother

After that we will have a change in setting back to King's Landing and Mira. Mira will be waiting in Lady Margaery's chambers as her family's fate hangs in the balance. There will be 2 items on the table you have the option to steal, a Tyrell family seal and a key. After you chose to take them or not Sera comes in and talks about stuff until Lady Margaery returns. Sera will leave and you will find out King Joffrey ripped Lady Margaery's dress and was not pleased with her asking for assistance for your family. You apologize and leave to send a raven to your family. You will meet the coal boy again and he will again offer his friendship, saying you must trust him... before he runs away at the sight of a guard.

And the setting changes back to Ironrath and Ramsay's Snow arrival. You will meet him wherever you chose, but you will eventually end up back in the Great Hall either way. You can be as respectful as you wish, but in the end Ramsay Snow does what Ramsay Snow wants. First he will take away half of your Ironwood and give it to the Whitehill's. Next he attempts to grab Talia, forcing you to intervene. You will get three choices on what to do:

Offer yourself instead
Tell Ramsay to "Let her go!"
Grab Talia yourself

No matter your choice, it does not end well for our new Lord Forrester. Ramsay will next give Ryon to the Whitehill's as a Ward, and leave. This will wrap up chapter 7 and Episode 1, unlocking your trophy.

You completed Episode 1.

A nice gold trophy you get for completing the chapters in Episode 1.

The decisions that will be listed as the main decisions of the chapter are as follows:
  • If you left Bowen behind or not as Gared at The Twins in Chapter 1.
  • If you chose to be loyal to Lady Margaery or King Joffrey as Mira in King's Landing in Chapter 5.
  • Whether you chose to show the thief mercy, send him to the wall, or take his fingers as Lord Ethan in Ironrath in Chapter 5.
  • Whether you picked Royland or Duncan as your Sentinel as Lord Ethan in Chapter 6.
  • Whether you met Ramsay Snow at the Gates or in the Great Hall as Lord Ethan in Chapter 7.


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