Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Estimated Time to 100%: 2 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No


Game of Thrones is a critically acclaimed television series for HBO based upon the fantasy epic novels by George R. R. Martin. This episodic game is developed by Telltale Games. Telltale is famous for delivering story-driven episodic games such as The Walking Dead Seasons 1 & 2, Back to the Future, and The Wolf Among Us.

This episode is the second in the series, which will have six episodes in total, entitled "The Lost Lords."

The Lost Lords will again center on House Forrester as they try to piece back together their lives after the events of Iron From Ice. You will again play as Gared Tuttle and Mira Forrester. However, this time you will also play as the exiled Asher, as well as the presumed dead Rodrik. This episode inches the story a tiny bit closer to a resolution, and remains exciting along the way.


Step 1: Complete the story
This is the only step you need. Unlike some of the Telltale games, there are no collectibles. Simply play through the episodes and all of the trophies will unlock, regardless of your decisions.

Step 2: Patiently wait for Episode 3
Telltale isn't exactly known for releasing games when they say they will. With any luck, the episodes should be about 2 months apart. If Episode 3 releases in April 2015, we should be happy.

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A Ransom's Reward
Completed Chapter 1 of Episode 2

In Chapter 1 of Episode 2 you will start out as Asher Forrester. Asher is the second born son who was exiled to Essos. Asher is working as a sellsword alongside his friend Beksha when we find him. The chapter will progress and you will discover that you're holding a man in order to collect payment of 800 gold dragons.

Soon, a group called the Lost Legion will arrive and try to take the man for 400 gold dragons instead. Whether you take the money or refuse, they will kill the hostage and attack you. During the fight your first real choice will occur after you have Tazal, the Lost Legion leader on the ground:

Break his neck
Bust his knee

As far as I can tell there is little difference no matter your choice. Tazal could show up later on if you spare his life, but who needs that anyway .

After your choice more men will show up and Asher's Uncle Malcolm will show up and help. After you escape, Malcolm will bring Asher up to speed on what has happened to his family, and the chapter will come to a close.

Fight for Life
Completed Chapter 2 of Episode 2

As we move into Chapter 2, you will gain control of Rodrik Forrester. Rodrik is the eldest son of House Forrester, and he was presumed dead after the events of The Red Wedding. He will be on a cart with the dead from The Twins, next to his fathers corpse. When the cart arrives at Ironrath, you will have to slide yourself off the cart to get noticed.

The scene will change to the maester working on your body. He will notice that you're awake and tell you to drink some milk of the poppy. Regardless if you drink it or not you will soon pass out.

The scene will change again, this time you will wake up in a bed with your sister Talia nearby. She will alert you to what has happened in your absence, then urge you to attend the council meeting currently going on. You get up to head to the meeting and fall. Talia will offer to help you; you must make a choice here:

"I must do it myself." - You will use Ethan's wooden sword as a cane, and stand on your own.
"Thank you, Talia." - You will lean on Talia along the way to the council meeting.

Once you make your choice and head out the door, the chapter will end and the trophy will unlock.

Unfamiliar Faces
Completed Chapter 3 of Episode 2

In Chapter 3, you will be playing as Gared Tuttle. You should be familiar with Gared from the events in Episode 1. Last we saw Gared; he was headed to the Nights Watch and The Wall. This is precisely where we pick up the story from Gared's perspective.

You will be riding a horse toward Castle Black and The Wall, and as you get closer, they will open the gate for you shouting "New Recruit." As you enter you will meet Cotter, another new recruit who will point you in the direction of Frostfinger, the man in charge of new recruits. Head up and speak to Frostfinger and you will have a choice in how you answer his questions:

Speak honestly - Tell him you killed people
Lie - Tell him you're a volunteer

Frostfinger has a letter from your Uncle Duncan, so he knows exactly who you are and what you did. If you lie he will call you out on it right away, and if you tell the truth he will say "at least you're honest."

After the conversation he will send you to don your new black clothing, the chapter will end and the trophy will unlock.

Strength of Mind
Completed Chapter 4 of Episode 2

Chapter 4 picks up with Rodrik on his way to the council meeting. You will either be walking with the cane, or with Talia holding you up. You will head through a batch of Whitehill soldiers, and they will speak about you as you pass. There will be one who goes right in your way on purpose and you will intimidate him into moving.

Once you head into the meeting Duncan and Royland are fighting as usual. You take charge of the meeting and it soon becomes obvious that the only way everyone can agree to handle the Whitehill problem is to remain betrothed to Eleana Glenmore. Here you will make your decision of this chapter, about what to do with the Whitehill soldiers in your courtyard:

Keep them drunk - They will continue to be fed wine and remain drunk
Starve them out - Take away their food and wine, they will be pissed and alert Lord Whitehill
Just handle it - Take away their wine, but leave the food

After your decision, your mother will tell you she wrote to Mira asking for her assistance in securing the marriage with Eleana. The chapter will end and the trophy will unlock.

The Pressures of Family
Completed Chapter 5 of Episode 2

In Chapter 5 you will start out as Mira Forrester, back in King's Landing. Mira is filling out wedding invitations for Lady Margaery when our chamber pot friend shows up with a letter from your mother. Lady Forrester is again asking for assistance and putting you in an awkward position with Lady Margaery.

Lady Margaery will refuse to help, saying she is sure Rodrik can secure the betrothal with Eleana Glenmore without her help. Once Lady Margaery exits the room you will come to this chapter's first decision and the first major decision:

Major Choice
Finish the invitation to Ser Maynard - Pick this and Rodrik will not receive aide. However, he can still cement the betrothal without it.
Forge a letter to the Glenmores - This is the easy way to secure the Betrothal, but Sera will arrive and see the name on the letter.

No matter your choice, Sera will arrive and say she needs to discuss something with you. She will not discuss it just yet however, and this scene will end.

Now you will change to Gared Tuttle back at Castle Black. You will meet Finn the bully and he and Cotter will be arguing about some nonsense when Frostfinger will ask you who was talking when he was. Here you will have a choice:

Tell him it was them - Frostfinger will tell you it is not wise to point the finger at your new brothers
Take the blame yourself - Frostfinger will seem to be impressed with you for taking the blame for your new brothers

Afterwards, Jon Snow will show up and tell Frostfinger he needs to speak with him. Frostfinger will leave you and the rest of the recruits to show off your combat skills. There are 3 things you must complete:
Strength training - Carry a barrel of pitch
Crossbow training - Shoot 3 targets in the correct spots
Sword training - Spar with the instructor

Along the way, Cotter will reveal that he stole Finn's dagger. And soon Finn will exclaim that it's missing and he will blame Cotter. This will bring you to next major decision:

Major Choice
Blame Cotter when Finn confronts you
Say nothing about Cotter and Cotter will hide behind you. Finn will start a fight with you and you will defend yourself and Cotter.

Afterwards, Frostfinger and Jon Snow will break up the fight, Frostfinger will be disappointed in you and Jon Snow will request that you help man the top of The Wall.

The scene will change back to Mira Forrester. Sera is leading her through the Garden at King's Landing and tries to give her some of Queen Cersei's stolen wine. She tells you her problems and Tyrion Lannister shows up and catches you handmaidens with the wine. He says he has a proposition for you and leads you to a business meeting with some salesmen representing the Whitehill's. Tyrion uses you to have some fun and gain leverage on the Whitehill's. But also wishes to help you as well. He will ask for a favor in return, but you insist on helping your family. After this scene the chapter will end and the trophy will unlock.

Love and Hostility
Completed Chapter 6 of Episode 2

Chapter 6 will begin with you being back in Yunkai controlling Asher. Traveling with Beskha and your Uncle Malcolm, you are trying to sneak out of Yunkai. You will come to a point where you duck into a little alcove and a soldier comes close. Here you will have a decision to make:

Kill the soldier
Stop Beskha from killing the soldier

If you stop Beskha, Malcolm will be pleased with your leadership skills. Either way, the three of you will head to Meereen to try and amass an army.

The scene will now change to Mira, back at King's Landing. She will show up at her room with signs of someone breaking in. As you enter you will notice some scuffs on the floor and people looking through your letters from your family. There will be a note on your bed asking you to meet someone in the Garden at midnight.

The scene will now again change back to Ironrath and Rodrik. Rodrik is preparing for Lady Eleana's arrival as he attempts to secure their betrothal. This conversation can go 2 different ways, and it depends if you forged the letter to the Glenmore's with Mira in Chapter 5.

If you forged the letter it will be hard to lose the betrothal, as Eleana will feel backed into a corner.

If you did not forge the letter...

Major Choice

You can still secure the betrothal by being honest with Eleana about why the Whitehill's are there, as well as offering Lord Glenmore Ironwood.
You can lose the betrothal by not offering the Ironwood.

Once you reach a resolution either way, Lord Whitehill will roll in (get it? because hes fat?). He will demand that you kiss his ring to show your place in order to let Ryon (your youngest brother) come home for your Father and Brother's funerals. This is yet another Major decision:

Major Choice

Kiss Lord Whitehill's ring and secure Ryon's attendance at the funeral
Refuse and Lord Whitehill will taunt you some more and roll out.

After this scene the chapter will end and the trophy will unlock.

Initiation Completed
Completed Chapter 7 of Episode 2

Chapter 7 will begin with you playing as Gared Tuttle. You will be riding the elevator up The Wall with Jon Snow. You will talk a little and he will show his frustration with the events of the Red Wedding. He will vent a little, and then say it probably would have mattered little. He will give you some advice and then tell you that he used to be like you, but you're better off having your new brothers in the Night's Watch trust you.

After some more back and forth the scene will change to Mira. Mira is in the garden, presumably at midnight looking for whoever left her the note. A Soldier will see her eventually and try to push her around. Damion, the soldier that was standing watch at the door when Tyrion took you to the business meeting will save you. Then he will take you into a secluded section of the garden. He will reveal that it was him that left the note for her. He will then say she made enemies of the wrong people and attack you.

Follow the prompts and you will make it out alive. Eventually the chamber pot boy shows up to save you and Damion will start attacking him instead. You recover and then have the final major decision to make of this episode:

Major Choice

You can flee and leave Damion to kill the chamber pot boy
You can kill Damion and save the boy who saved you moments ago

Either way you will soon make the decision to keep or throw away the knife. Make your decision and the chapter will come to a close and the trophy will unlock.

You completed Episode 2.

This is sort of the epilogue to Episode 2. The scene will be Lord Forrester and Ethan's funeral, back at Ironrath. You will be controlling Rodrik.

If you chose not to kiss Lord Whitehill's ring, Gwyn Whitehill will show up and assure you that she is looking after Ryon.
If you chose to kiss the ring Ryon will make an appearance.

The funeral will begin, and you will say goodbye to Lord Forrester and Ethan. The funeral will end with a song from Talia. The scene will end and the credits will roll, as well as the trophy unlocking.

Until next time on Game of Thrones...


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