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Players: 1-4 (Local Co-op)
Online Trophies: None
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15-20 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Recommended Playthroughs: 2
Collectible Trophies: Nooks and Crannies , Who put these here?? , and El Savior
Missable Trophies: Flawless (see the description for more details)
Glitched Trophies: None
Cheats: Yes
, , , , , , , , , , at the main menu to unlock Hard mode.


Playthrough 1 - Normal/100%
Play through the game on Normal (default), using the easier difficulty to explore every area and collect all Chests and Orbs. If you want a more detailed roadmap, then here's what I recommend:
  1. Play through until you reach the Great Temple (the final area).
  2. Collect all Orbs
  3. Return to the Great Temple and defeat Calaca (to access the 'Good' ending and receive the Pollo Flight power).
  4. Clean-up (side-quests, Infierno challenges, chests).

Playthrough 2 - Hard Mode
Having completed your first playthrough, start a new game in Save Slot #2, and select Hard Mode. If you missed Flawless then make sure to get it in this playthrough. Otherwise, That was Hard Mode? should be all that stands between you and Platinum.


Guacamelee! Platinum trophy
Luchador #1!

Viva La Resurrección
Become a Luchador

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed

Once Calaca claims you, run back to Pueblucho until you reach the Luchador statue. In a cutscene it will be bequeathed to you, and Juan will be transformed into a muscle-bound, butt-kicking Luchador!

That's one big Gato Frito
Kill the Alebrije

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed

Toward the end of the Temple of Rain you run into Tostada. After some dialogue the ground will start shaking. What could it be? Oh God! It’s the Alebrije! Cheese it!

To kill this monstrosity you just have to run. Just keep heading right, ignoring any enemies by rolling past or jumping over them, and destroying any obstacles. When you hit a dead end, don’t worry, just wait for the beasty to catch up and he’ll create a path for you. Reach the end to trigger a small cutscene, and the trophy is yours.

Redeem X'tabay

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed

After some very helpful advice and assistance from a mysterious anthropomorphic rooster, you will track X’tabay to Pueblucho. Enter the single story house on the edge of town, just before the exit to el Presidente’s Mansion. Drop through the floor, negotiate the corridors, and you run into X’tabay. Following a brief monologue, your fight will begin.

Throughout this fight, as with any boss fight in Guacamelee!, quick attacks are your friend. Stick to simple punches, Olmec’s Headbutt, Rooster Uppercut, and Dashing Derpderp. Frog slam is not any more powerful than any of the other attacks, but it is much slower, so avoid it.

The fight has three stages:

In the first stage she has two attacks. First she will materialize at a random location and then emit a circle of projectiles – keeping your distance, wait for a gap to appear, then run through the gap, jump up and hit her with a Rooster Uppercut, then follow up however you like (I used a simple combo). As you do this, try to stay on either the left or the right side of the arena, rather than in the middle. Here’s why:
For her second attack, X’tabay will materialize in the exact middle of the Arena and let out a loud shriek, forcing a dimension shift which has two effects: two platforms will materialize on the left and right sides of the arena, and the floor will be covered in spikes. While this lasts, I prefer to avoid attacking her at all. When she appears, simply jump to the adjacent platform and avoid her attacks. Eventually she will warp back to the middle, shriek, and return the arena to its original, non-lethal, décor. After doing enough damage, you will reach a checkpoint. Time for stage two…

X’tabay’s attacks are now completely different. Now on the ground, her first attack is to scream and summon a thunder storm above her head, affecting the area above and beside her – simply stay out of its way and you’ll be fine. Her second attack is to breath fire at you, which is also avoidable (remember, fire attacks cannot be blocked) – either roll behind her and attack, or roll out of the way and wait for the attack to finish. Her third attack is to dive, somewhat like a Dolphin. She will be surrounded by an energy field and cannot be hurt, so just stay out of reach when she does this. After doing enough damage you will reach stage three. There is no checkpoint here, however. If you die during stage three you will need to repeat stage two.

For the third and final stage X’tabay clones herself. Both use the same attacks as in stage two, but now they are protected by coloured shields, so you will need to attack them with the corresponding move (Rooster Uppercut for Red, Frog Slam for Green). Note: if you play this on hard there will be a third, yellow-shielded clone.
Focus on one at a time so you don’t have to keep destroying shields, but always be mindful of the others attacks. Beat them both to end the fight. After the dialogue, the trophy will unlock.

Snuffed Out
Defeat Flame Face

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed

Having fought you way to the Observatory you will find Flame Face, El Presidente’s Daughter, and Calaca, who his enjoying an expositionary monologue. After the cutscene, you will get to fight Flame Face.

His attacks are fairly straightforward, and aren’t too difficult to avoid. His main attack is to burst into a ball of fire, then shoot across the arena. As this is a fire-based attack you cannot dodge it, but you can jump over it. When he reaches the other side he will take out his revolver and fire a very powerful shot, which you can roll through or jump over. His secondary attack is to walk over and try to punch you. This is a very slow attack, and a good opportunity to get some hits in. Roll behind him and punch away. Occasionally he will supplement these two attacks with a third. Flame Face will teleport to one of the two platforms located near the roof of the arena (you can’t reach them, don’t even try). From there he will fire a wave of shots which you can dodge quite easily.

When you do enough damage to him, he will summon some minions. This is where the fight gets difficult, because you’re now fighting multiple enemies across both dimensions. Always target the minions first.
You also need to keep an eye on the waterfalls in the background – later in the fight, Flame Face will summon a pool of lava, or water, depending on which dimension you occupy. The attack is telegraphed by a thin line of lava/water appearing in the middle of the area: if the waterfalls in the background are lava, you’re going to get hit and need to swap dimensions. If it’s regular water you’ll be safe and can ignore it.

After you beat all of the minions and finish off Flame Face, you’ll be treated to a short cutscene, after which the trophy will unlock.

Licking his Wounds
Defeat Jaguar Javier

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed

This trophy will be obtained after defeating Jaguar Javier. He is certainly one of the tougher bosses in the game, so stay vigilant.

During this fight JJ will use coloured shields, and will dimension shift. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for these changes, or you’ll wind up doing no damage.

He has five different attacks:
  1. A short jumping roll attack that, when he lands, releases a short burst of energy in both directions. Keep your distance.
  2. A massive Area of Effect (AOE) flame attack. This one does massive damage and will stun you. Avoid at all costs.
  3. A flaming dash attack from one side of the screen to the other. This is a fire attack so jump over it.
  4. A dashing punch. This one has a short range, but it hurts. Roll out of the way to avoid it.
  5. Usually combined with (4), JJ will slam his club on the ground, doing some AOE damage. If he starts rolling around, keep your distance. If he performs either a (4) or a (5) don’t presume that you can follow up with an attack – often he will spin around and hit you with a second attack.

As with most boss fights, I recommend avoiding the use of Frog Slam as it is by far the slowest attack.

After defeating JJ and a short cut-scene, the trophy will unlock

Power Within
Complete Uay Chivo's Intenso training

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed

Simply complete the INTENSO tutorial to unlock this trophy.

Press + to activate INTENSO, which allows you to do extra damage until your meter runs out.

I swat you
Defeat a Chupacabra using only Slam

This one is an easy one. Your best bet is to go hunting for Chupacabras in the Desierto Caliente – there are heaps of them all over the surface area. When you find one, try to separate it from any other nearby enemies. When it’s isolated, wait for it to fly low, then jump up to it (or above it) and Frog Slam the sucker ( + ). Spam the attack over and over until it is dead. As long as you didn’t damage it in any other way, the trophy will unlock shortly after.

Defeat an arena without taking any damage

As you progress through the various levels, you will, from time to time, become locked in a ‘room’ until you defeat a certain number of enemies. These are Guacamelee!’s Arenas. To earn this trophy you must complete an arena without taking a hit. It’s more than likely that you’ll get knocked around during the first few as you familiarize yourself with the combat system, but once you have a grasp of the mechanics, you should have no trouble with this. Pay attention to enemies’ attacks, spam dodge, and make good use of your special attacks. When you complete an arena scratch-free, this trophy will unlock.

The easiest arena to earn this trophy in is located in the Temple of Rain. As you progress, you'll enter an arena which has multiple levels (one of which is populated by Red skeletons) floating above a floor of lava. To clear this arena, all you have to do is run from side to side, activating the the portals; each time a portal is activated, the Red skeletons drop one level closer to the lava. To avoid their attacks, simple spam your dodge roll.

This trophy is technically missable because there is a limited number of Arenas in a single playthrough.

Nooks and Crannies
Find 100% of the hidden items in a single area

To earn this trophy you must find every collectible within a single area.

You're going to need to do this anyway for Who put these here???, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

If you want to get it out of the way, though, here's the quickest way:
Once you've unlocked your uppercut attack, back-track to La Mansion del Presidente. This area is essentially just a single, long corridor, and about half-way along it there is a chest that you can only reach by performing a jump + uppercut combo. Collecting this chest will complete the area.

Combo Nerd
Achieve a 125 Hit Combo

See The Never Ending Combo

Pollo Power
Become a Chicken

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed

This trophy will unlock once Calaca turns you into a chicken in Desierto Caliente.

Last Straw
Break Uay Chivo's fake statue in the Tule Tree.

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed

At the top of the Tule Tree you will find a second breakable statue. You have to break it to continue through the level anyway, so don't stress about finding it.

Start a New Game on Save Slot #2

This trophy is a reference to the fact that in the PS3 and Vita versions of Guacamelee!, players were only able to have a single save file.

To earn this trophy, simply start a new game in the Save File #2 slot.

Do or Do Not
Complete the First Combo Chicken Challenge

See Poncho'd Out

No Encore!
Defeat El Trio de la Muerte

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed

El Trio de la Muerte is a boss exclusive to the Super Turbo Championship Edition.

In the first stage of the fight, the Trio will float around shooting slow-moving projectiles which ricochet off the walls. Simply dodge the attacks and counter with your own, taking care to use only short combos. Get in, do damage, get out.

In stage two, the Trio will become immune to damage, and a number of green skeletons will spawn. In order to damage the trio, you need to throw the skeletons at the boss, then follow up with a quick combo. Repeat this until the health-bar reaches the half-way point.

In the final stage, the Trio will form a totem pole, and deal damage along a horizontal axis. In this form, each member can be damaged individually (though the damage is still taken from the shared health-bar). For this stage, simply attack whichever member is not preparing an attack. I prefer to use regular hits (++ combo works) to deal damage so that, if need be, I can use my special attacks to delay my fall and avoid damage, if necessary.

Doing enough damage to an individual member will make them become immune to damage, though they will not attack you either. When this happens, simply target another member. Do this until the health-bar empties to defeat this boss and earn this trophy.

Cock of the Walk
Defeat an enemy using the Pollo Bomb

To unlock the Pollo Bomb power, you must unlock the Silver door in El Infierno by earning at least 10 silver medals across the various challenges.

Once you have the power, you can drop egg-shaped bombs while in Pollo form by pressing . To earn this trophy, simply kill any enemy using Pollo bombs (yes, you can spam it).

Main Event
Defeat a Skeleton-Luchador

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed

Skeleton-Luchadors are one of the new enemy types in the Super Turbo Championship Edition. While you're pursuing El Trio de la Muerte, you'll have to fight one in an arena. Simply defeat it to earn this trophy.

Note: the Skeleton-Luchador's attacks cannot be dodged. To avoid damage, simply jump over it.

That was INTENSE
Kill 20 Enemies in a single INTENSO sequence

To earn this trophy you need to defeat at least 20 enemies during a single INTENSO activation. You'll probably earn this through natural progression, but on the off chance that you don't, the best place to go for it is in one of the El Infierno combat challenges.

Lore Master
Complete All Side Quests

There are nine side-quests in Guacamelee!, located in Pueblucho, Santa Luchita, Canal de las Flores, and Pico de Gallo (the latter two are new areas). Complete all nine to unlock this trophy.

The Missing Doll

Toggle Spoiler

The Mariachi Band

Toggle Spoiler

The World's Greatest Enchilada

Toggle Spoiler

Chicken Herding

Toggle Spoiler

The Chicken Thief

Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler

The Combo Chicken

Toggle Spoiler

Crab Herding

Toggle Spoiler

Alux Hunting

Toggle Spoiler

I Have The Powerrrrrrrr
Purchase 20 Upgrades from the Shop

This one's in the title. Simply buy 20 upgrades from the store using your gold coins (accessed through any of the altars throughout the world) to unlock this trophy.

To earn additional coins, you can use the X costume, or the Flame Face costume from the 'Frenemies' DLC pack.

Got to catch them all
Find an orb

Orbs are very well hidden throughout the world, but once you find one, this trophy will unlock.
Refer to El Savior for all of the orb locations

Poncho'd Out
Complete the Combo Chicken quest (Defeat Poncho forever)

At the top of Santa Luchita is the Combo Chicken’s Gym. Head inside to speak to the Combo Chicken, who will call upon his robotic Luchador, Poncho. To finish this quest you will need to successfully pull off each of the combos as they appear on the screen. Each one is straightforward, and none of them require further explanation. If, however, you’re having trouble, here are some tips:
  1. If you find that you’re unable to connect a hit, try maneuvering Poncho over to the right side of the room by punching him. That way when you hit him, rather than him flying across the room, he’ll bounce off the wall and stay within striking distance.
  2. If you’re really having a hard time, try taking a break.

If you attempt this quest at the beginning of the game, you will only be able to complete stage one. Each time you learn a new ability, a new stage is unlocked. The best way to approach this quest is to return to the Gym after unlocking all your moves, or after completing the game.

Once you complete all the stages, this trophy will unlock.

Earn a Bronze Medal in all Infierno challenges

See World Champion for a breakdown of the challenges and accompanying tips and strategies. All medals stack.

The Never Ending Combo
Achieve a 200 Hit Combo

This trophy sounds difficult, but you'll earn it just by playing through the Infierno Challenges. For more information, refer to World Champion (specifically Challenge #2 in Challenge Set 1).

It is also possible to achieve a 200 hit combo during your fight with Calaca. During stage two, Calaca has more than enough health to survive 200+ hits, provided you can avoid his attacks. Successfully dodging his blue fireballs will also provide a nice boost to your combo.

Once you reach 200 hits, this trophy will unlock.

That was Hard Mode?
Defeat the game on Hard mode

When you finish the game for the first time, you have the option to start a new game on Hard mode. Simply play through the game a second time on Hard mode to unlock this trophy.

Alternatively, you can input a cheat code at the main menu to unlock Hard mode from the beginning:
, , , , , , , , , ,

Some tips for Hard mode:
  1. Upgrade. Upgrade. Upgrade – the more health and stamina you have, the easier your Hard mode playthrough will be.
  2. Study your enemies – enemies in the first few levels are relatively simple, but as you progress you’ll start to run into Chupacabras, shielded enemies, and those evil lightning skeletons. Take note of how their attack patterns and general behavior, and then exploit them.
  3. Take your time during fights. While you can generally charge into any fray in a chaotic fury in Easy mode, you will surely be killed if you attempt to do the same on Hard. Take your time, and time your attacks.
  4. Backtrack. If you finish an arena by the skin of your teeth, backtrack through the level and find an altar. This will refresh the checkpoint, and refill your health.
  5. Costumes. Super Turbo Championship Edition comes packed with a whole bunch of costumes that you can purchase from any Altar for silver coins, and many of them will be very helpful in this playthrough. If you own the 'Frenemies' DLC, you'll have access to even more (my personal favorite is Flame Face).

Who put these here???
Achieve 100% completion in all areas

To earn this trophy, you must find all collectibles (chests and orbs) in each area of the game world. This is best left until last, because having all abilities (especially Pollo Flight) will make this a lot easier.

Once you've found all collectibles in an area, it will appear gold on your world map.

If you need a hand finding any, check out this video by Zhakey:

Toggle Spoiler

El Savior
Access the alternative ending (collect all orbs)

This is one of the most difficult trophies standing in the way of your Platinum. Scattered throughout the game there are 7 hidden Orbs - the seventh one you will receive after defeating Calaca. Finding each one will require precision platforming and good timing – there is no luck involved. If you fail, it’s because you’re doing something wrong. Some are easy, some will have you tearing out your hair. If you finish both playthroughs without achieving this trophy, fear not – you can backtrack to find the missing orbs, and then fight Calaca again to unlock the alternate ending and this trophy.

So, without further ado, here they are:

Orb 1 - Agave Fields
Head to Juan’s home in the Agave Fields. Once inside, drop all the way to the bottom level, then walk over to the far right corner. Now, turn into a chicken and then dimension shift. Following the corridor and heading through the door, you will find yourself in a large chicken-shaped maze! If you’re having trouble navigating the maze, refer to the video below for some help. Basically you want to start on the right hand side and move upwards. As you start to run into dead ends, start moving left while still making your way upward. Once you reach the end of the maze, travel through the door to receive your first Orb. To exit, head back through the door, then Rooster Uppercut the red block and jump up to return to the Agave Fields.

Orb 2 - Caverna del Pollo
The entrance to Caverna del Pollo can be found in the bottom right corner of Santa Luchita, to the right of the Minecraft-inspired ‘Mine Forever’ hardware store. Caverna del Pollo is an optional three-stage combat challenge area, with an Orb being the reward for the third stage. To unlock stage three you must first complete stages one and two. These fights can be difficult early in the game, so I advise attempting these towards the end of the game. Each stage consists of ten arenas which get increasingly more difficult as you progress. If you die you will have to start the whole stage over, so fight smart to preserve your health, and feel free to take a breath in between arenas. For more detail refer to the video below.

Orb 3 - Forest del Chivo
This is probably the easiest Orb to get, requiring only speed. Teleport to the Forest del Chivo and travel right until you reach the first hill. Turn into a chicken and follow the tunnel under the hill. Climb the platforms until you see a large Skull-lever. Pulling it will initiate a short timer, and you need to reach a secret area before it resets. Here’s what you’ll need to do:
  1. Pull the lever
  2. Turn into a chicken and then just run left. You’ll bump into the wall, but if you keep holding left you’ll land on the platforms. For the third platform you’ll need to jump to make the gap.
  3. Follow the tunnel back outside
  4. Return to human form, and then climb the hill.
  5. Towards the top on the left side of the hill there are two ‘steps’. Jump onto the second one and grab onto the wall.
  6. Push off to the left with goat-fly. After a lengthy flight you’ll collide with a small floating box.
  7. Simply drop down and you’ll fall into the secret area. Go through the door to collect your Orb.

Orb 4 - Tule Tree
This one can be very difficult, but as long as you take your time and plan your moves you shouldn’t have too much trouble.
Teleport to the Tule Tree via an Olmec head, drop through the floor, and then walk to the right. You should immediately notice a large Blue block. Double-jump up and use Dashing Derpderp to break it, grab onto the wall, and then goat climb up.
The platforming sections ahead of you will require various combinations of Goat Climb, Goat Fly, dimension shift, wall jumping, and a lot of patience. Take your time and plan every move.

  1. If you need to take a break, hold while wall-grabbing to remain stationary. Do this before each jump so you can plan.
  2. For the wall jumping section that requires dimension shifts, remember that you can dimension shift AND jump at the same time.
  3. At the beginning of the second and third sections you will be given some health-giving barrels. Save them until your health gets low.

If you’re having trouble, refer to the video below.

Orb 5 - Sierra Morena
As you progress through this area you’ll encounter an arena with some floating platforms and some Cacti and Fiery Armadillos. Take them out before continuing. If you’re backtracking, return to this same area, which is located towards the beginning of the map. When you enter the area you should notice that there is a large flat wall on the left. Jump onto it, and then position yourself so that you are in line with the bottom of the floating platforms. Now leap off with Goat Flight. After a long trip you will arrive at the entrance to the fifth challenge area.
This challenge is on par with the one you faced in the Tule Tree.

A warning: you will fail this challenge a lot.

The main feature of this challenge is two sets of alternating platforms that phase in and out of existence (not dimensions, shifting will not help you). They alternate roughly every one and a half seconds, so you’ll need to be quick.

  1. Even if you don’t need to, double-jump. Doing so will allow you to correct your fall and help you with landing on those tiny platforms.
  2. Try to memorize your path. I found that even remembering when to jump left or right was incredibly helpful.

For the best path, refer to the video.

Orb 6 - El Infierno
A new addition to the Super Turbo Championship edition, this orb can be found after earning at least 10 gold medals in the Infierno challenges. Doing so will unlock the gold door. Go through the door, then climb your way to the top to find this orb.

Walkthrough Video:

Toggle Spoiler

Thanks to oVR for the video.

World Champion
Earn a Gold Medal in all Infierno challenges

There are a total of 17 challenges, grouped in 5 stages, and they can be attempted in any order you like. Since they get progressively more difficult, I recommend approaching them in numerical order.

Challenge Set 1

Toggle Spoiler

Challenge Set 2

Toggle Spoiler

Challenge Set 3

Toggle Spoiler

Challenge Set 4

Toggle Spoiler

Challenge Set 5

Toggle Spoiler

The Devil wears Revenge!
Defeat Calaca with full health in Diablo's Suit

For this trophy you'll need to leave El Infierno and travel to the Great Temple. Backtrack outside of Devil's Advocates Law Firm, interact with the Olmec Head, and set the Great Temple as your destination. When you arrive, activate the Altar and select Diablo's Suit (you must purchase it for 40 Silver coins) - this costume grants you life-steal and increases your stamina at the cost of some of your life points. With the costume equipped, head up the stairs and confront Calaca.

For this trophy to unlock you need to defeat Calaca's second form with full health, meaning the first part of the fight is irrelevant. If you get hit at all during the course of the fight, just whale on Calaca to get your health back. Once you defeat him in his second and final form, provided you have full health, this trophy will unlock.

For how to beat Calaca, read on...

Defeat Calaca

After ascending to the top of the Great Temple it’s time for round two with Calaca.
Climb the stairs of the altar to trigger a cutscene with El Presidente’s Daughter and Calaca. Once it finishes, the fight starts.

This fight has two parts, with a checkpoint in between.

Part 1:
For this part you’re going to be using nothing but special attacks. Calaca will perform one of two attacks: he can either warp above you and dash down, creating splash damage, or he can warp next to you and lunge forward. Every time he performs an attack he will be shielded by a red, blue, or green shield. Your aim is to dodge his attack, then quickly run up and hit him once with the corresponding special attack. Every now and then he will switch dimensions, so keep an eye out for that. Here are some more tips:
  1. Always leave yourself plenty of room to evade. If you’re caught between Calaca’s downward dash attack and a wall, you’re screwed.
  2. Avoid attacking Calaca when he has a green shield. Frog Slam is a very slow attack, and you will most likely leave yourself open for his next attack.
  3. As soon as your hit connects, roll out of the way using L2 or R3. The attack will count, but the animation will be shortened, giving you more time to move out of the way in anticipation of the next attack.

Once you deplete his health bar, Calaca will collapse and stage 2 of the fight will begin.

Part 2:
Considering this is the final fight of Guacamelee, it’s actually quite easy. For this part you will be fighting Calaca in his released form: a giant fire-breathing dragon…thing. Like in part 1, Calaca will shield himself during the fight, so always keep an eye out for that. When he’s not attacking you, break his shield, then feel free to wale on him with wanton abandon. When he’s about to attack, you’ll know – all of his attacks are clearly telegraphed so that you can react appropriately. His attacks are as follows:
  1. Ground slam – Calaca slams his fists on the ground, causing the ground to be covered in lava briefly. Before this attack Calaca will roar, then rear up. To avoid this, stay out of the reach of his fists, and jump into the air to avoid the lava. Use a special attack to extend your jump-time if you jumped too early.
  2. Fire breath – Calaca breaths a giant column of fire that covers most of the area. Before doing this he will recoil as if charging the attack, and then burst forward to attack. To avoid this, simply crouch down.
  3. Fire breath v.2 – Calaca breaths three lots of six blue fireballs. Before this attack his eyes will turn blue. To avoid this attack, simply roll through the fireballs or jump over them.
  4. Fire Columns – Calaca will summon large columns of fire from the ground, and if you’re caught in them, you’ll take a lot of damage. Before this attack, Calaca will lower his arms to the ground, then raise them swiftly, as if lifting an imaginary object. Two thin orange lines, either vertical or angled, will emerge from the ground, and when Calaca raises his arms, those lines will become fiery columns of death. Simply stand between them to avoid the attack.

Just keep chipping away at Calaca’s health in between his attacks until the meter reaches zero. Avoid committing to lengthy combos so that you’re able to dodge any attacks. Congratulations, you’ve defeated Calaca, completed the game, and unlocked this trophy.

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