Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Estimated Time to 100%: 5-10
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: Yes, Hohokquick
Glitched Trophies: No

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • = speed boost. You'll be using this a lot later on.
  • = slow. This is useful for dodging attacks and those pesky popnuts
  • / (tap) = super-speed. Extremely useful during your speedrun.
  • Keep track of what is needed to free your friends for each level. Remembering what to do will really help cut down on your overall time.
  • Relax and have fun!


Step 1: First Playthrough and Miscellaneous Trophies

Simply play through each level and familiarize yourself with the requirements in each level. As you play, look out for the nearby trophies in each level.
  • Popnut forest:
    • Equalize all popnuts for Nutpopper's Delight (Popnutinus Maxia)
    • Solve the mystery of the runes and you'll win free ice cream! Ragazzi del 99 (Gelatus purgutoria)

  • Kite Festival:
    • Equalize the popnut tree for Nutpopper's Regret (Popnutinus Minimus)
    • Get all 8 seed riders to the kite festival for Les Croque Parabolique (Acrobaticus Sycamoria)
    • Stare at the clouds to get The Ostler's Daydream (Cumulus Velivolus)

  • Ocean level:
    • Scare a poor crab out of his shell for Shame of the Scuttlers (Hermetica Ingloria)
    • Clam up for Clambound! (Bivalvia Claustraphobius)

  • Bamboo Forest:
    • Observe an Ognapod Young Ognathologist (Ognadae Ognadae)
    • Observe 4 types of Ognapod Celebrated Master of Ognapology (Ognadae Tetratetron)

  • Fairgrounds:
    • Light the fair without zapping the guests The Twilight Tickler (Bulblio Bulblio)

  • Hub between Dark Cave and Monkey Forest:
    • Go off-screen in the proper order for Ghoonpile (Ghoongollion Marginus)

Step 2: Speedrun

At this point you should be fairly familiar with each of the 15 worlds and the friend that inhabits each. It's time to put your memory to the test. If you can finish all 15 worlds and make it back to the main hub in under 60 minutes, Hohokum's most difficult trophy will be yours. Good luck.
Hohokquick (Hohokumnavigus Furius)


Hohokquick (Hohokumnavigus Furius)
Complete the videogame Hohokum in under 60 minutes.

In order to earn Hohokum's only difficult trophy, you'll need to be quick and precise with each level. The goal is to complete all 15 worlds and return to the main hub within one hour.


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Dot World

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Graph-paper World

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Wedding Ceremony:

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Kite Festival:

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Water Park:

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Dark Caves

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Monkey Level:

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Bamboo Forest

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Guitar World

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Night World

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Honey Factory:

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Vase World:

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Ocean World:

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Nutpopper's Regret (Popnutinus Minimus)
Equalize all the popnuts in the popnut tree.

In the area with people flying kites, there will be a large tree near the bottom of the world. On this tree are two types of nuts: large and small. Bumping into one of these will cause it to change size (large to small, small to large). The goal here is to make all of the pop-nuts grow or shrink to the same size. Take it slow and you shouldn't have much trouble bouncing around in the tighter spaces.

Ragazzi del 99 (Gelatus purgutoria)
Pay a visit to the Ice Cream seller.

At the bottom of the world with the popnut forest, there are a ton of rocks with runes on them. They seem to light up as you pass over them, but shudder and blink out after 3 are lit. These are useless for now... To remedy this, make your way to the level with all of the vases and go near the bottom. Down here is a man that will notice you every 15 seconds or so and send you flying through the air. When this happens, take note of the shape. He will do this three times, each with a different symbol being formed. If you can remember these symbols and light up the rocks they correspond to, a new portal will be opened to a bleak and boring world. At least there's ice cream the raise your spirits here.

Nutpopper's Delight (Popnutinus Maxia)
Equalize all the popnuts in the popnut forest.

You will eventually reach the area where the old man with the eye-land. Once you move past him, you'll find a huge area filled with popnuts. Like before, take your time and either make them all large, or shrink them (recommended). Once they are all equalized (and there are a lot of them), an animation will start and the trophy will unlock.

Clambound! (Bivalvia Claustraphobius)
You were trapped inside the huge clam-like thing. Curious fronds tickling you the whole time.

In the ocean world, there is a "bubble" of water ion the bottom-middle of the area that is home to a giant clam. Getting to close to its mouth will cause it to chomp down, trapping you inside ! But fear not, as you will soon be released and be in possession of a new trophy.

Les Croque Parabolique (Acrobaticus Sycamoria)
Thanks to you all of the seed riders made it to the kite festival.

In the kite level, there are multiple dandelions near the bottom of the level. Circle through them to release the floating seeds. After this, guide them up to the kite riders (blue lady-like creatures) and they will grab on. Now guide them up and over to the kite festival in the floating islands. If they are close to the islands, they will jump off and enjoy the festival. The ones that don't float close enough will continue up and away forever. If this happens, exit then re-enter the world and try again. If you can manage to get all 8 kite fliers to the festival, this trophy is yours.

Young Ognathologist (Ognadae Ognadae)
Get a good look at an Ognapod.

When you come to a forest of blue floating tree trunks, you may notice some movement on one of them. Hold to blend (somewhat) into the background and a creature will pop out, scurrying along the tree trunk. Move close to it while blended to earn this.

Celebrated Master of Ognapology (Ognadae Tetratetron)
Find four different species of Ognapod.

In the same place as Young Ognathologist (Ognadae Ognadae) you will need to continue searching the forest for 3 other types of Ognapod. Just fly around blended until you spot 3 new color/design on an Ognapod. After creeping in near each one, the trophy is yours.

Ghoonpile (Ghoongollion Marginus)
Make a nice stack of Ghoons.

After exiting the dark cave level, you will be in a blue "hub" world. Instead of going through the portal into the next level, fly down the the bottom and go off screen. You will hear a sound and upon coming back on-screen, you'll have a new friend in tow. Continue this process by going off screen to the right, going up, and finally left to finish your stack and earn you that ever-important bronze trophy.

I've included a video if needed.

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The Ostler's Daydream (Cumulus Velivolus)
You saw a cloud that looks suspiciously like the skybeast from Poto and Cabenga.

As you fly around, you'll eventually come to an area with people flying kites on a series of floating islands. In this area, there will be small clouds meandering past that you can fly through to make them explode. Fly through these until one turns into a dragon shape to unlock this.

The Twilight Tickler (Bulblio Bulblio)
Congratulations. You lit all the fairground lights without zapping anyone.

As you cruise through the fairground, you may notice large electric fences near the top-middle of the world. Flying through one will electrify the Long Mover, allowing it to transfer power to each of the small light bulbs along the wires, but also electrocuting any passengers you may have. To avoid this, try to find a way to remove all passengers before tackling the lights. There is a vacuum near the left side of this area that works perfectly for this. Once free of your fellow travelers, proceed through the electric fence and light each bulb on the strand before they start to turn back off. Once you complete a strand, the large bulbs on either end will light for good. Completely light all 6 strands (without killing any hitch-hikers) to earn this trophy.

Shame of the Scuttlers (Hermetica Ingloria)
See a stark naked scuttler. Feel his shame.

In the ocean level, there is a small "bubble" of water near the the the left of the middle section that has a red creature on a rock. Going near it will cause it to run away. Circle around the center rock after it and speed up when it does. Keep chasing it until its shell falls off. When it picks its shell back up, the trophy is yours.

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