Players: 1
Online Trophies: Bragging Rights , Anything You Can Do... , Can't Touch This
Estimated Time to Platinum: 60+
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Diary of the Madman , Old School Cool , Caught 'Em All! , No Stone Unturned , Unlocked and Fully Loaded
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: The Chaos trophies seem to be glitched, but it is easily fixed by re-launching the game.

[top]Tips & Strategies

While trekking across you homeland and trying to restore peace through chaos, keep in mind:
  • Physics are fun! Try tethering different items and vehicles together and see what happens.
  • Your tethers are some of your best weapons. Grapple an enemy to a wall or post and retract it to fling them into it. There are plenty of ways to kill even the strongest enemies this way.
  • Not only useful for taking out enemies, they can also be used in lieu of weapons when destroying chaos objects. Why waste ammo when tethers are technically unlimited. Once upgraded enough, they can destroy just about anything in the game.
  • Your wingsuit is one of the best "vehicles" in the game. When traveling over land, there isn't much better than your wingsuit. It's fast, agile, and its parachute allows for slow descents into enemy territory.
  • The classic video game trope that red items explode is practically the main draw to this title. All Chaos objects are decked out in red and white, so be on the lookout for new ways to disrupt Di Ravello's regime.


There is a lot to do in Medici. Besides the revolution going on, there are challenges to complete, vehicles to find and various civilians to help out. The road to the 100% trophy and subsequent platinum will take quite a while to traverse.

Step 1 - Story Missions
The first and most vital step is to complete the main story. This will open up new areas and disable some of the more annoying defenses for large bases. Along the way, you will liberate a number of provinces, and likely earn a few miscellaneous trophies. Expect to pick up:
  • (Just) Causin' Chaos
  • Earth, Wind and Sea
  • Vive Le Revolution
  • Take That, You Pipeline Jerks
  • Baker's Dozen
  • Enjoy Your Homecoming
  • What a Disaster
  • The Power of Bavarium
  • These Mines are the Pits
  • Finally on the Offensive
  • Mistakes and Triumphs
  • MOD Initiate
  • First Encounter
  • Chaos Is My Middle Name
  • Son of Medici
Step 2 - Liberation
After finishing the main story, it's time to clean up the rest of the Provinces of Medici. Go through and liberate every settlement to completely free the nation, as well as unlocking all of the challenges and listing collectibles on your map. Expect to earn a few trophies in this step, including:
  • Taming the Dracon
  • Hope Springs Eternal
  • Heart of Stone
  • Chaos Millionaire
Step 3 - Challenges
Another batch of content that deserves its own step, there are numerous challenges across the archipelago that you must complete. Doing so earns Gears, which are used to upgrade your weapons and abilities. This step should earn you:
  • Bragging Rights
  • Getting it in Gear
  • You've Got Gear
  • A Real Gear-Getter
  • All the Gears
Step 4 - Collectibles
Finally we come to collectibles. Across Medici, you can find plenty of vehicles, vintage parts, audio tapes, shrines, and tombs. If you liberated all of the provinces first, all of the non-vehicle collectibles will be shown on the map as "?" symbols. You'll have most of the vehicles by this point as well, but a few may be tricky to deliver to a garage. While you're out exploring, you may as well try all 30 of the Daredevil jumps as well. Expect to earn:
  • Tomb Raider
  • Remember the Fallen
  • Diary of the Madman
  • Old School Cool
  • Consummate Daredevil
  • Caught 'Em All!
  • No Stone Unturned
  • Winner Takes All, Again
Step 5 - Cleanup
By this point, you should only have a few miscellaneous trophies remaining, so go out finish them up for the plat. If you haven't performed each of the feats, or called out another player, now is the time to do so.


King of Medici
Earned all Just Cause 3 Trophies

Why do you want this trophy? Just Cause.

...Without Bullets!
Destroy every Chaos Object in a Military Base without using any weapons, grenades, or planted explosives.

For starters, you will need to locate a full military base, rather than an outpost or military-controlled town. These are often marked as the large gray settlements shown on the the map of Medici. Once there, you'll need to completely destroy the base without using any types of weapons. To do this, you will need to primarily use your melee attacks and your grapple to destroy the red marked Chaos items. You can even use vehicles in a sort of kamikaze attack as long as you don't use any weapons that they might have. These are useful for large radar dishes and towers. The easiest location for this trophy is at Vis Electra, which you are tasked with destroy in an early story mission. If you somehow manage to take over every base without unlocking the trophy, you won't be locked out of it. You can reset all settlements after completing the main story, allowing you another try at each base!

Powerpyx shows how to earn this at Vis Electra

Toggle Spoiler

My Little Rocket Man
Tether an enemy to a launched gas cannister. Adeo, amico!

This is a fun trophy to get, and you may find yourself performing the same action many times after you earn it! Find a gas canister when liberating a base and lead an enemy to it. When they are close, hold to grapple the enemy, and let go of the button when aiming at the canister to link them together. Now shoot the canister, and send them on a wild ride!

This was Supposed to be a Western
Destroy all Chaos Objects in a Base without leaving your vehicle.

For this you will need to destroy all of a base's liberation objects without exiting your vehicle. Your best options will be tanks and choppers with chain gun/rocket combo. If you do use a chopper, be wary of AA guns on the ground, as one good hit from them will ruin your chance at the trophy. Once you've liberated the base, the trophy should unlock. If you fail to do this on every possible base, fear not! You will be able to reset all settlements once you complete the story, allowing you another try at each base.

Powerpyx shows an easy clearing of Cima Leon: Silo

Toggle Spoiler

You're Outta Here!
Plant a Booster Explosive on an enemy soldier. Then send them flying.

Start off by unlocking and activating the Booster Explosive mod from the menu. Next you'll need to have some throwable explosives (GE-64, not grenades) and plant it on an enemy soldier. The trophy should pop as soon as you do, but feel free to send him flying anyway. It's sure to brighten even to darkest of moods.

Powerpyx getting it done.

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Bragging Rights
Beat another player's score in a Challenge.

As you complete various challenges, your best score will be listed. If you are connected to the game's servers, you can try to beat other players' scores on the leaderboard. Keep in mind that you don't have to be the best overall, just better than the person ahead of you. As soon as you surpass another player's score, the trophy will unlock.

Getting it in Gear
Earn at least 3 Gears in a Challenge.

See All the Gears .

You've Got Gear
Earn 5 Gears in a Challenge.

See All the Gears .

A Real Gear-Getter
Earn at least 3 Gears in one Challenge of every type.

See All the Gears .

All the Gears
Earn 5 Gears in every Challenge.

There are 112 Challenges that are unlocked as you liberate settlements. There are 8 types, each with their own scoring criteria. The goal is to earn a good enough score to win all 5 Gears from each challenge. These Gears will allow you to upgrade your skills, and even make the game easier for you. The different Challenge types are:
  • Wingsuit (27)
    • These involve you leaping from a helicopter and gliding through the various ring targets along the wingsuit course. The closer you get the the center of the ring, the higher your score. Glide close to the ground for bonus points. The challenge will end if you touch the ground, exit the wingsuit, or make it through the final ring at the end. Perfect ring passes grant 2000 points, and completing the course gives you another 5000.

      Toggle Spoiler

  • Shooting Gallery (5)
    • A classic target practice minigame. Earn bonus points for bullseyes, and multipliers for enough shots without missing. There is a time limit, so shoot quickly.

      Toggle Spoiler

  • Scrapyard Scramble (4)
    • Here you'll be attracting Bavarium ore to a large magnet and delivering it to the hopper nearby. Earn bonus points for large deliveries and for bringing high quality (light blue) Bavarium.

      Toggle Spoiler

  • Crash Bomb (12)
    • You have a car rigged to explode that needs to be crashed into an enemy checkpoint. Drive as fast as you can, and don't drop below the minimum speed. Bail out before crashing to survive the explosion. Earn bonus points for more destroyed targets.

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  • Sea Races (9)
    • Hop in a boat a race through the rings. Beat the fast time through the entire course for 5 Gears. You will need to unlock the 2nd boat nitrous MOD before being able to earn 5 Gears on most of the events.

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  • Air Races (12)
    • Next up we have air races. You'll either be put in control of a plane or chopper, depending on the challenge. Make it through each of the rings and beat the fastest time for 5 Gears. You'll need the 2nd air nitrous MOD to reach some of the faster times in harder events.

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  • Land Races (18)
    • Classic car checkpoint races. Make it to the end ahead of the required time for 5 Gears. If you're having trouble with some street races, try unlocking the F1 car and using it with the Nitrous II MOD.

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  • Destruction Frenzy (25)
    • For these you'll be re-oppressing a Base and going to town on it with guns and explosives. Try chaining together multiple counts of destruction to multiply your score. If the timer expires while your multiplier is still active, you can continue destroying objects until it drops to x1 and the challenge ends.

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(Just) Causin' Chaos
Get 1,000 Chaos

1,000 Chaos score will be one of the first trophies you unlock, likely before the first mission is even over! This is just the first step on the road toward 1,000,000, so see Chaos Millionaire for ways to earn Chaos.

Chaos Is My Middle Name
Get 100,000 Chaos

This will easily be earned before finishing the main story. See Chaos Millionaire for ways to earn chaos.

Chaos Millionaire
Get 1,000,000 Chaos

Chaos is the currency of the Just Cause franchise. Anything you do that disrupts the order of the current regime will add chaos points to your wallet. Does it explode? If so, you'll probably earn chaos for causing it to. Enemy vehicles bothering you? Destroy them whenever you get a chance. The biggest source of chaos items will be found at bases and Centcoms, each carrying plenty of objects that you can blow up, pull down, shred, and knock over. Keep an eye out for these red and white objects for easy sources of chaos points. When in doubt, shoot for the larger objects like distillation towers and radar dishes, as these give higher point totals than a speaker or billboard. You most like will not have 1 million before you finish the story, unless you decide to liberate every province beforehand, so expect to earn this well before you finish up the 100% completion trophy.

Earth, Wind and Sea
Unlock Rebel Drops for at least one land vehicle, at least one air vehicle, and at least one sea vehicle.

This should come form playing the game normally. After completing settlements and challenges, you will eventually unlock a few new vehicles. Try completing one of the boat challenges, as sea vehicles are less common than cars and choppers.

Caught 'Em All!
Collect every vehicle available by bringing them to Mario's Rebel Garages.

Early in the story, you gain access to the first of Mario's many garages. Every time you bring a new vehicle to the blue painted area next to one will scan the vehicle and unlock it in the rebel drop menu. The most difficult vehicles to deliver are boats, as there are very few garages with a dock scan area. Many vehicles will be unlocked from completing settlements, and a few for finishing the main story. One will only be unlocked by finding all of the vintage plane parts. If you're unsure of which vehicles you've already delivered, you can unlock and activate a Gear MOD that shows the same signal strength icon as the other collectibles as you get close, or you can hop into a vehicle and see if the blue icon for Mario's garage shows up next to the vehicle name. If it doesn't show up, you have already collected the vehicle.

Powerpyx shows where to find some of the trickier vehicle spawns.

Toggle Spoiler

Tomb Raider
Pay your respects at every Ancient Tomb.

Tombs are only located on Isla Striate. There are 23 of these special burial mounds dotted across Medici's largest island. Like the other collectibles, a small signal strength meter appears as you get closer to its location. If you have completely liberated the current Province, all collectibles will be marked with a "?" icon. Press in front of the door to pay your respects.

Remember the Fallen
Light a candle at every Rebel Shrine.

There are 49 Rebel Shrines scattered across Medici that you can find and light. These shrines honor the sacrifice of the brave rebels that died to bring peace to the nation. Like all collectibles, the signal strength meter appears as you get close, and they are even marked with a "?" icon on the map once you liberate the Province it is in. Collecting all of them within a Region will grant you free unlimited Fast Travel within that Region. The 49 shrines are split across the 3 main Regions as such:
  • Insula Fonte - 18
  • Insula Dracon - 10
  • Insula Striate - 21

Diary of the Madman
Gather all of Di Ravello's tapes.

There are 71 of these Sony Talkboy-looking tape recorders strew across the many islands of Medici. These tapes chronicle Di Ravello's rise to power. Like the other collectibles, you will be alerted when they are nearby by the signal strength meter and will be marked on the map once the Province is liberated. You will not be able to find them all until you've completed the main story. They are split across the 3 regions as follows:
  • Insula Striate - 39
  • Insula Fonte - 20
  • Insula Dracon - 12
Finding them all will give you the ability to call in the fancy chopper from the final mission via Rebel drop.

Old School Cool
Find every vintage weapon and vehicle part.

Vintage parts are the last type of collectible type to be found. Each island Region contains parts for its own unique item that becomes available to you once you've collected them all. Like all collectibles, they shown up as "?" icons once you liberate the nearby province and will trigger a signal strength meter as you get close. You're looking for small piles of dirt with a shovel for these collectibles.

Consummate Daredevil
Launch a land vehicle off of every Daredevil Jump in Medici.

There are 30 Stunt Jumps located across the many islands of Medici. After liberating a province, all of the nearby jumps will be marked on your map as a white wheelie icon (they turn blue once you complete the jumps). Nearly any vehicle can complete these jumps, so commandeer anything that happens to drive past and grab some air. Once you complete all 30, the trophy is yours.

Powerpyx shows each jump, and their locations.

Toggle Spoiler

No Stone Unturned
Find every collectible strewn across Medici.

This will unlock once you've found all audio tapes, shrines, vintage parts, tombs, and delivered all vehicles to Mario's garages.

Top of the World
Stand on foot at the highest point of Medici.

A very easy trophy, but it can take a while to get to. The highest point in the game is the peak of the mountain in the Montana region in the northern part of Medici. There are multiple ways to reach it, but the fastest would be by flying there in a chopper or jet. Once you reach the top, hop out and stand near the shrine for the trophy to unlock.

Having trouble finding that huge mountain?

Toggle Spoiler

Anything You Can Do...
Beat a score you were Called-Out on.

As you play the game an make progress on the various feats, other players can call you out on them. If this happens, you must go to that particular feat and begin tracking it with . Once you do so, your current progress will be shown in the upper right portion of the screen. The key here is to use the exact same weapon/vehicle as the person that called you out used for feats that require them, or the trophy WILL NOT unlock.

Feat Fetish
Perform every Feat.

Under the leaderboard section, there will be a tab for the game's various Feats. The majority of these will be done at some point during normal gameplay, with the exception of one. The soapbox car can only be found in one location (Cima Leon: Centcom), and must be "driven" down the hill to accomplish the feat. In order to drive the car, you'll need to have disabled the airstrike that attacked the base, or the car would be blown to bits, along with Rico.

Powerpyx is at it again.

Toggle Spoiler

Vive Le Revolution
Liberate a Province.

Story related. Cannot be missed.

Provinces are made up of multiple settlements. Once you clear all of them, the province will be cleared and collectible locations will be displayed on the map as "?" icons. You will earn this over the course of the main story, as you must complete multiple provinces per island to unlock new missions.

Take That, You Pipeline Jerks
Disable the FOW in Insula Fonte.

Story related. Cannot be missed.

During this mission, you will follow a pipeline to an underground sub-station. Once inside, you'll need to destroy the three large generators in the back of the room. Once done, escape the cavern to finish the mission.

Baker's Dozen
Liberate 13 settlements.

Story related. Cannot be missed.

This might as well be a story related trophy, as you need to completely liberate multiple provinces (each containing 5 or more settlements) before being able to start certain missions. You'll earn this without even trying.

Taming the Dracon
Completely liberate Insula Dracon.

You'll need to completely liberate the Region for this trophy. To do so, find and liberate every settlement within a Province, and repeat this throughout the remaining Provinces. You will earn this while working towards Winner Takes All, Again .

Hope Springs Eternal
Completely liberate Insula Fonte.

You'll need to completely liberate the Region for this trophy. To do so, find and liberate every settlement within a Province, and repeat this throughout the remaining Provinces. You will earn this while working towards Winner Takes All, Again .

Heart of Stone
Completely liberate Insula Striate.

You'll need to completely liberate the Region for this trophy. To do so, find and liberate every settlement within a Province, and repeat this throughout the remaining Provinces. This is by far the largest Region in the game, and is littered with large bases. It will take a while to clear this island. You will earn this while working towards Winner Takes All, Again .

Unlocked and Fully Loaded
Unlock every weapon and vehicle available in the Rebel Drop menu.

As you liberate settlements and find the various collectibles, you will unlock new vehicles and weapons. Completing stunt jumps and bringing new vehicles to Mario's garage will also add new content to the rebel drop menu. You will earn this while working towards Winner Takes All, Again .

Enjoy Your Homecoming
Complete Story Mission: Welcome Home.

Story related. Cannot be missed.

Well that's one way to start a game. You begin by surfing on a plane while AA fire explodes around you. Eventually you make it to the ground and you're tasked with blowing up all of the nearby military equipment. Welcome Home indeed.

What a Disaster
Complete Story Mission: A Terrible Reaction.

Story related. Cannot be missed.

The General is less than pleased with your antics, and has set up a plan to stop the rebellion once and for all. Foil that plan by destroying all of the tanks and then protect your vehicle during the subsequent car chase. Survive until you reach the base to complete the mission.

The Power of Bavarium
Complete Story Mission: A Long and Dangerous Road.

Story related. Cannot be missed.

Your rebel crew has developed an EMP device that could destroy the General's vehicles in battle. The catch is that it is extremely vulnerable and must be delivered by truck. It the device survives until you reach the Bavarium Tanks, the mission will end.

These Mines are the Pits
Complete Story Mission: The Great Escape.

Story related. Cannot be missed.

Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak... Some top rebels have been imprisoned by the General, and it's up to you to free them. There are three levels to the prison, each requiring you to press two switches and then hack a terminal to move on. The final room contains a large generator akin to the ones in the FOW missions that you must destroy. Escape to the surface and defend the rebels to complete the mission.

Complete Story Mission: Missile Cowboy.

Story related. Cannot be missed.

Badassery at its finest here. The General is fighting back against the rebellion, launching multiple attacks in various towns. It is up to you to clear out these towns to protects the rebels. After a few towns are freed, you'll need to reach the missile silo ASAP. If you played the previous game, you'll feel right at home during the cutscene.

Finally on the Offensive
Complete Story Mission: Tangled Up In Blue.

Story related. Cannot be missed.

You start by defending a plane as it takes off. After you have protected the jet, grab your own and head to the nearby boat that's under attack. Eventually you will make your way underneath the base and open up the generator room. Destroy these generators and get out before the whole place explodes to end the mission.

Mistakes and Triumphs
Complete Story Mission: The Shatterer of Worlds.

Story related. Cannot be missed.

It's time to take the fighting to Di Ravello's front door! Start by clearing out snipers and helping the rebels advance through the city. Next up you'll need to clear out an entire field of soldiers that are attacking rebel reinforcements. Hacking the SAM launchers will allow air support to do the heavy lifting for you. Finally, hop into a nearby jet and destroy the fighters that are flying around the island up ahead to finish the mission.

Son of Medici
Complete Story Mission: Son of Medici.

Story related. Cannot be missed.

It's time for the final battle. Di Ravello will be piloting an advanced chopper over the mouth of the volcano that you must destroy. Unfortunately for you, this helicopter has Bavarium shielding that will deflect any attacks. This shield will disappear every 20 seconds or so, allowing you a split second to attack. If you have plenty of rocket ammo, use that when he lowers the shield to do massive damage. I was even able to tether the ground, then wait for the shield to drop in order to tether the chopper. I quickly retracted the cables to crash the chopper for a quick and easy victory.

Winner Takes All, Again
100% Just Cause 3.

Anybody who remembers the pain and suffering that accompanied the path to the 75% completion trophy in the previous game would immediately be wary of this. Thankfully, this is a million times easier to complete (seeing as 100% in JC2 was technically impossible...) as there are fewer settlements overall, and about half of the required vehicles. This will be the final trophy you earn if you try for the plat. You'll of course need to complete the story, as well as:
  • Completely liberate all 3 Island Regions
  • Earn 5 Gears in every Challenge
  • Find and deliver all vehicle types to a garage
  • Locate all collectibles
You can check your progress under the aptly named Progress tab from the com-link menu.

Can't Touch This
Call-Out another player in a Feat.

When in the comm-link menus, you can scroll over to the leaderboard section to see how well you stack up against your friends and other players around the world. In the feats tab, you can view the various actions that you've performed while playing. Scroll down to any of them, and press to bring up the call out menu. Choose any player and hit send for an easy trophy.

Forgive Me, Father...
Take sanctuary in a monastery to clear Heat Level 5.

You can unlock priests by completing random Encounters throughout your rampage across Medici. First you'll need to discover a church near one of the larger towns. Next, patrol the area for a while until an Encounter appears, then complete it. If a priest is unlocked, you can visit him to clear any Heat level at no cost to you. For the sake of the trophy, you'll need to build up a Heat level of 5 and then pay him a visit. In order to attain such a high heat level, you can start by blowing shit up at a large military base. Once enough reinforcements have been called in, lead them on a merry adventure to church. Just make sure you don't lose your heat level before reaching the church, or you'll need to start the process all over again.

Powerpyx absolving his sins.

Toggle Spoiler

MOD Initiate
Unlock your first Gear MOD, and then activate it.

After completing any Challenge while earning at least 1 gear at the end, the game will tell you that you've can use the unlocked gears to upgrade your weapons, vehicles and grappling hook. Select any of the available unlocks and activate it for this simple trophy.

MOD Specialist
Unlock every Gear MOD in a single category.

For this you will have to unlock all MODs from a single page in the Gear MODs tab. You will need to earn most of the Gears from a set of challenges to be able to afford the later MODs. See MOD Tinkerer for details on unlocking MODs.

MOD Tinkerer
Have every Gear MOD active for at least 1 minute each.

You will have to wait until you've either completed All the Gears or have come within a few Gears in each Challenge type to begin work on this. Certain MODs are only unlocked when you get nearly all of the available Gears for the corresponding Challenge type. Once they are all unlocked, activate them all at once and the trophy should pop after a minute has elapsed.

First Encounter
Complete an Encounter.

Encounters are random events that spring up as you liberate settlements across Medici. By completing these events, you can unlock new supply drop locations and even priests at the local churches that clear your heat level! One of the first Encounters you are likely to find is after you discover the rebel's cove hideout. Near the entrance to the port, there's a beached boat that needs to be put back into the water. Simply grapple it into the water for an easy trophy.

Supply and Demand
Unlock 10 Resupply Points by completing Encounters.

Another Encounter related trophy. Just keep completing any that appear as you travel between story missions. You'll find a bunch of supply drop unlocks and a few priests along the way.

Three Holy Hideaways
Unlock 3 Heat-Clearing Priests by completing Encounters.

Similar to Forgive Me, Father... , you'll need to seek out and unlock 3 unique churches and their corresponding priests. Churches are often located near large towns, so keep an eye out for the distinctive spires of a bell-tower. Once you've found it, you'll need to stick around the area until a random Encounter appears. Completing this will either grant you a supply drop nearby, or unlock the local priest, so keep completing Encounters until the priest shows up. You need to repeat this for two more churches.

[top]Special Thanks to

ERICVOLTAGE for his great banner work
Powerpyx for the awesome video guides

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