Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 3-6 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Yes (2) Looting Machine & Locked and Loaded
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Pressing the will not pause the game at any moment during the game.
  • Always remember to grab the bounty quests to maximize the Kitten Coins you are rewarded with.
  • After collecting and using each weapon you can select any weapon you prefer to use for remainder of the game.
  • If you lose all your hearts (health points) you will get a game over and be sent back to the HUB making the quest progress reset.


Step One: Accept all possible bounties as you complete the six story-related quests. Pick up and use each of the games weapons along the way. Focus on collecting as many Kitten Coins as possible throughout each quest!
Mission Accomplished Bounty Hunter Locked and Loaded
Punchback Free Olivia Friends of the Sea

Step Two: Replay the saving Sheep quests until you have saved 100 sheep. During this step you should customize your kitten and loot for Kitten Coins.
Kittens With Style Looting Machine Friendly Sheep


Mission Accomplished
Complete a story quest.

There are six story quests accessible in Kitten Squad. Only one quest can be accepted at a time and they can be replayed any time thereafter if you wish to earn some extra bonus Kitten Coins. The story quests can be received and turned back into the buck in the HUB. If you die at any point during a quest you will be sent directly to the HUB.

Six story-related quests
  1. Seal Rescue
  2. Saving Dolphins
  3. Save Our Sheep
  4. Save Our Sheep II
  5. Defeat Sheep Puncher
  6. Rescue Olivia the Orca

Defeat the Sheep Puncher.

Earned after completing the story quest, Defeat Sheep Puncher. You will be taken through rooms as you normally would to reach your end goal, however, during this quest you will come across environmental obstacles that can hurt you so be careful of those. A good bit of information is to stay away from the boss by circling the room while shooting in his direction to prevent taking damage.

Bounty Hunter
Complete 3 bounty quests.

Bounty quests can be obtained from the pirate cat just above the shop in the HUB. Here you will have a list of bounties that are updated everyday in game. Unlike the main story quests you can grab all the available quests and work on them as you continue through each quest. You can check your progress by pressing the and using or to reach the Quests where you will find the bounties on the right side. Each story quest you do will have enemies you must kill to proceed therefore you should naturally unlock this before reach the end of the sixth main quest. As you turn in the third bounty quest the trophy will unlock.

Fast Demons Destroy 40 demonbots

Toggle Spoiler

Bot Bomb Squad Destroy 8 seabots

Toggle Spoiler

Crate Salvage Destroy 50 crates

Toggle Spoiler

Stop Seabot Brigade Destroy 30 seabots

Toggle Spoiler

Farm the Farmers Destroy farmerbots

Toggle Spoiler

Note: if you turn a bounty in you can always accept the quest again!

Free Olivia
Rescue Olivia from the imprisonment by Sealand.

First you must go to the buck on the bottom of the HUB to obtain story quests. You are able to select any of the six quests in any order, but you may only have one quest at a time. For this trophy you must select "Rescue Olivia the Orca" and go through each door opposite of the one you entered until you reach Olivia. Once you meet the Olivia the Orca shoot the two glass panels blocking her from escaping and once you do the trophy will unlock.

Locked and Loaded
Collect and use every base weapon in the game.

This should come naturally as you move from room to room during the six story-related quests. If not though be sure to pick up every weapon you come across and use them before switching it out with another weapon. Weapons can be found inside crates or by destroying enemies. Each weapon will have its own characteristics and power so it's up to you to find what's suitable for your play style.

Eleven weapon names
  1. Tominator
  2. Missile Pod
  3. The Zapper
  4. Marble Gun
  5. Spread Shot
  6. Space Laser
  7. Flamepurrer
  8. Boxing Cannon
  9. Woolball Blaster
  10. Carrot Launcher
  11. Default Weapon

Visual Identification

Toggle Spoiler

Kittens With Style
Purchase at least one type of every customization.

After earning some Kitten Coins you can press and use or to enter the customization. This can respectively also be done in the HUB at the shop if you wish to spend the coins after being rewarded. There are three categories in which you must purchase at least 1 item from. It doesn't matter if you want to buy the cheapest item as they all count.

Note: if you spend any of your Kitten Coins on customizing your kitten this will not interfere with Looting Machine so anytime you earn some coins you can spend them right away.

Friends of the Sea
Rescue whales, dolphins, and sealions from Sealand.

This will be unlocked naturally as you progress into the campaign. You must complete three specific story quests; Rescue Olivia the Orca, Seal Rescue, and Saving Dolphins. Once you accept a quest from the buck in the HUB you go from room to room defeating enemies as your reach your goal of saving the animal(s). If you die and get a game over you must begin the quest from the beginning. At the end of the third quest this trophy will unlock.

Looting Machine
Loot at least 20,000 Kitten Coins.

Kitten Coins can be looted by destroying enemies, crates, and turning in quests. They do not automatically add to your counter meaning you have to get near them to attract them to you. Be sure to add every coin in each room before moving onto the next as they will certainly help. Also more importantly always grab the bounty quests before doing the story-related quests and turn them in to be rewarded with bonus coins.

By the time you finish all six story quests and the complete Save the Sheep II (to save 100 sheep) quest a second time you should be really close to accumulating 20,000 coins. At any time you can see your coin total in the top left of the HUD. You can replay any quest, but it's suggested you just play Rescue Olivia the Orca because it's the shortest quest. If you're in need of a lot of coins you can play one of the longer missions if you like seeing as you go up against many more enemies.

Note: any coins spent on customization does not affect your overall tally meaning you only need a total of 20,000 not that amount at once.

Friendly Sheep
Rescue at least 100 sheep.

You can only save sheep in the missions Save Our Sheep and Save Our Sheep II. Save Our Sheep requires you to save 10 sheep whereas Save Our Sheep II requires you to save 45 sheep equaling 55 just from playing the two story quests for the first time. Now that you have saved 55 you will need another 45 so you can do the quest Save Our Sheep II one more time or Save Our Sheep 4x in order to save a total of 100 sheep. If you die and get a game over the progress you have made will be tallied so you may not have to finish a quest completely.


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