Players: 1-2 via co-op
Online Trophies: None.
Online Pass Required: No.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None known at this time.
Estimated Time to Platinum: 35+ hours (depending on relic spawns).
Minimum Playthroughs: 2 minimum. Playing on "Hard" unlocks "Very Hard." Then use chapter select for miscellaneous trophies.
Collectible Trophies: Yes, 8 (Relic Passion ,Seeker , King of Adventure , Parts Collector , Doctor's Invention , Doctorate , Crystal Relic Collector , Crystal Relic Master ).
Missable Trophies: King of Adventure . Chapter select cannot be used to find the chests.
Glitched Trophies: None known at this time.

Spoilers ahead: The trophy requirements themselves contain mild story spoilers. The descriptions may add further detail to said spoilers. Proceed with caution.

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Knack has a very simple input method consisting of only the analog sticks and the ,,,
  • Collecting relics not only increases Knack's size, but they also replenish his health bar and grant him increased strength.
  • Tip for higher difficulty: Always evade! Push away from attacks with the right analog stick.
  • If you own an iOS smartphone, you can download Knack's Quest. This app works much like Bejeweled, and by reaching various point goals, you can earn gadget parts and even crystal relics that transfer to the PS4 game .
  • There is a farming method for the crystal relics. See Crystal Relic Master for details.


  • Begin on Hard and play through the story, discovering hidden chests and collecting gadget parts as you go. You may also wish to try the farming method under Crystal Relic Master during this step. You will need to continue into New Game+ if you wish to collect all relics and gadget pieces.
  • Next up use chapter select on easy to clean up miscellaneous trophies for certain chapters. Keep in mind that Perfect Action must be done on Hard difficulty or higher.
  • Once complete, concentrate on finishing the Time Attacks and Coliseum Challenges at 5 stars each.
  • Finally, start a new game on Very Hard and again play through the game (preferably with Diamond Knack, if available).
  • Congrats! You've done it all.


Ultimate Knack
Received all trophies

As with all Platinums, this will pop once you have earned all other available trophies (excluding future DLC, if any). Congrats on what may very well be your first PS4 plat .

Chieftain Badge
Defeated the Chapter 3-5 boss

STORY RELATED: This is your first official boss battle. The Goblin Chief will alternate firing small timed explosives at you, to eventually firing a giant spiked ball that you MUST evade. Once you get close enough to him, attack. Your successful bashing will prompt him to jump over to the other side of the area.

Turn around and begin your march back toward him but keep in mind, he has a new weapon this time. He now fires multiple missiles that fly low near the ground, avoid them as usual until you can attack him. When you complete this, he will once again jump to the other side, albeit this time to the opposite cliff wall

The third wave can now begin. He continues to fire his timed explosives, but will occasionally toss a large red mine. When you get close enough, the prompt will appear. Pressing it will cause Knack to pick up the mine and throw it at the Chief. Repeat this a few times and he will Jump down yet again.

The final rush toward victory. He now utilizes timed explosives and new fire bombs that leave a burning patch of ground where they land. Beware his spike ball cannon and deliver the finishing blow. After a cut-scene, the trophy will pop.

Gundahar Badge
Defeated the Chapter 7-5 boss

STORY RELATED: So we've finally met our main antagonist face to face. Gundahar has created a new full autonomous robot suit to defeat you. We obviously can't let that happen. Unlike the last fight that was done in four stages, this variant is in a large open arena. The robot has a few different attacks that need to be dodged and/or countered. The attacks are as follows:
  • Glows gold: Is about to rush across the arena to bash you. Evade this attack and attempt to punch him.
  • Puts arms in front of its "face" to block: Get close, them perform a Dash Attack (right stick + ) to avoid his punch while simultaneously attacking him.
  • Fists glow: if he gets close enough, he will begin to rapidly pummel Knack's face. Just run away from him, as this does significant damage.
  • Launches orange orbs at Knack: Avoid these, as they do a fair bit of damage.
  • Upper torso glows: It is about to throw a glowing disc at you. Try to avoid these, as if hit Knack will be trapped in a "cage" of energy. Allowing the robot to get a few damaging hits in.
After you manage to get about 5-6 hits in on him, you get a short cut-scene as the level ends. As soon as the next chapter's intro movie starts, the trophy will pop.

Katrina Badge
Defeated the Chapter 11-5 boss

STORY RELATED: Katrina's in a mech suit, she's got the key, and Knack is poisoned. What else could go wrong? This is a classic 3-zone boss battle.

Katrina starts off using a 2-swing then chop motion with her sword. Avoid the first two swipes then Dash Attack her to damage her suit. She will proceed to fly up into the air, and then launch electric spheres at the ground in a line pattern. After which she will fly low to the ground and prepare for a boost lunge. Avoid this, then punch her until the path opens up.

While going along the path, she will continue to launch those blue spheres at you. Dodge them while you collect the necessary relics to refuel your dropping health.

The next zone is similar to the first. Dodge her 2-swipe-chop attack and hit her. She will fly into the air again, though this time will fire the orbs directly towards you. Avoid them, then prepare to evade another boost lunge. Once you have done this, attack her until the path opens.

While going along this path, Katrina will fire a powerful blast own the middle. Make sure you are at the sides. Continue forward while collecting relics until you reach the final ring.

Another few swipes out the way and she leaves herself open for attack. Finish Her! The trophy will pop after the cut-scene ends.

Guardian Badge
Defeated the Chapter 13-5 boss

STORY RELATED: This is a tough one. Viktor is One with the Guardian now. And boy is he pissed.

As soon as you begin, he shoots a beam through Knack that knocks him to the edge and drops his relics in a pile at Viktor's feet. Time to make your deadly trek back to regain your height advantage. Along the way, Viktor will fire relic beams that you must dodge. Once you make it to your relics, you will regrow and Viktor will deploy a shield that pushes you away. When this drops, he will perform a swipe followed by a chop that must be avoided. Note that he also has a little drone that launches those pesky ground-hugging green fireballs. If you can successfully avoid his attacks, try to get in a few punches.

He will again draw up his shield, though this time he will float to the middle and begin launching a mix of the green fireballs, firewall lasers, and purple mines at you. If you are able to avoid these, he will once again shrink Knack using the chest beam. Again, you must make your way back to recover your relics. However, this time Viktor has enlisted the help of four of those huge purple ground-pound guardians. Remember to jump over their attacks while at the same time evading Viktor's relic beams.

You have finally regained your relics. Time for the final stage. Like before, Viktor will perform a slash-chop that you must dodge, along with those green fireballs. If you can manage to evade long enough to attack, a cut-scene will be triggered. Trophies will begin to pop. Congrats! The game is over! After the final cut-scene ends, you will receive a notification that Time Attack, Coliseum mode, chapter select, and if you completed on Hard: Very Hard have all been unlocked.

Fast Puncher
Landed 100 hits using the Dash Attack

This could be somewhat tricky, as the method of performing this attack is only mentioned once. To perform a Dash Attack, push in any direction with the Right Analog stick and then press . The attack animation is slightly different. Once you have defeated 100 enemies this way, the trophy will pop.

Relic Passion
Acquired a total of over 100,000 relics

STORY RELATED: This will come naturally as you play through the story. Just smash everything that you can, as the relics also replenish your health meter. I earned this during Chapter 11.

Defeated 8 or more enemies with a single Super Move

A simple trophy, once you are able to find 8 enemies clustered together. Once you find a possible location for it, just unleash a super attack (Tornado + works well) and defeat all 8. There is a small "arena" in Chapter 10-2 that contains 8 enemies. Simply use a super to take them all out. The trophy should pop as soon as the super move animation ends.

Powerpyx shows the proper implementation of this strategy in the the following video.

Toggle Spoiler

Big Throw
Defeated 5 gunships by throwing cars

A little bit into Chapter 7-4, goblin gunships begin to appear. To take them out, pick up one of the nearby cars with and throw it at them by pressing again. There are about 7 gunships in the level, so it it is pretty hard to miss.

Goblin Hunter
Defeated 100 goblins

See Robot Hunter

Robot Hunter
Defeated 100 robots

STORY RELATED: The kill trophies will come naturally as you play. The games enemies consist of a mix of robotic and goblin foes. If you want to get the trophy out of the way early, you can simply farm the kills by dying to make the enemies respawn.

Combo Beginner
Achieved 20 consecutive hits with the Combo Meter equipped

See Combo Professional

Combo Professional
Achieved 50 consecutive hits with the Combo Meter equipped

Before you can attempt the combo trophies, you must find and assemble all parts to the Combo Meter.

Once the gadget is constructed, find a group of enemies and swing away at them while avoiding their attacks. The good news is, the combo does not drop over time, and even carries over from previous chapters! Once you hit a 50 combo, both trophies will have popped. A good place for this is during an Easy playthrough of chapter 1-1. The enemies are slow and weak, allowing for easy combo building.

Forced Breakthrough
Defeated the three Gatekeeper Goblins and cleared Chapter 3-2 without dying

Recommended that you play this on Easy via chapter select: This will cause some frustration. Most of the enemies use very powerful attacks inside the caves, and quite a bit of the ground is covered in ice, impeding your movement. Remember to smash any and all icicles to regain health and increase your attack strength.

If you manage to clear the cave area, you come to a large sunny arena where you must open 3 locks on the giant fortress gate. There are a number of enemies surrounding each lock's location, each culminating in a mini-boss fight with a large shielded Goblin Knight.To defeat the knights, you must attack when their shields are not raised, however, this also means that they are attacking YOU. You have to be quick and evade when necessary to take one down. To make matters worse, the aforementioned sun will slowly melt your ice armor and begin to weaken you. If you run low on health, return to the cave to stock up on fresh ice chunks. If you can successfully open all 3 locks and enter the fort without failing, the trophy will pop.

*Note: If you die, simply quit to the main menu and reload to try again.

Professional Intruder
Collected the clear crystals in Chapter 4-2 without being detected by the security robots

This trophy is actually much easier than it sounds. There are two types of patrols that you must navigate: roaming security bots equipped with flashlights, and 2 or more guards/robots under the light of a lamp. The only ones you CAN'T be spotted by are the ones that patrol a small area. The guards near a lantern may be interacted with without locking the trophy. Simply destroy all of the flashlight robots, watch a quick cut-scene followed by a small fight and another cut-scene, and the trophy is yours.

Quick Work
Destroyed the 3 anti-aircraft guns in Chapter 8-2 within 5 minutes

To do this properly, ignore the enemies. Just run through the level to each gun and destroy its generator. As long as you can reach each of the 3 AA guns within 5 minutes, the trophy is yours.

Ruby Medal
Cleared a chapter as Vampire Knack

To get this trophy, you must first acquire all 15 pieces of Ruby from hidden chests. For more info on how to find crystal relic pieces, see Crystal Relic Master

Once you unlock this Knack variant, simply chapter select to chapter 1-1 and complete it. The trophy will pop as the next level loads.

Aqua Medal
Defeated the Chieftain's Mech using Brittle Knack

To get this trophy, you must first acquire all 10 pieces of Aqua Relic from hidden chests. For more info on how to find crystal relic pieces, see Crystal Relic Master

Once you unlock this Knack variant, simply chapter select to 3-5 and defeat the boss. The trophy will pop as the next chapter loads.

Emerald Medal
Defeated Gundahar's Robot using Massive Knack

To get this trophy, you must first acquire all 15 pieces of Emerald from hidden chests. For more info on how to find crystal relic pieces, see Crystal Relic Master

Once you unlock this Knack variant, simply chapter select to 7-5 and defeat the boss. The trophy will pop as the next chapter loads.

Sunstone Medal
Defeated Katrina's Mech using Sunstone Knack

To get this trophy, you must first acquire all 20 pieces of Sunstone from hidden chests. For more info on how to find crystal relic pieces, see Crystal Relic Master

Once you unlock this Knack variant, simply chapter select to 11-5 and defeat the boss. The trophy will pop as the next chapter loads.

Amethyst Medal
Defeated the Giant Orb using Dark Knack

To get this trophy, you must first acquire all 20 pieces of Amethyst from hidden chests. For more info on how to find crystal relic pieces, see Crystal Relic Master

Once you unlock this Knack variant, simply chapter select to 13-5 and defeat the boss. The trophy will pop as the next chapter loads.

Diamond Medal
Defeated all bosses using Diamond Knack

To get this trophy, you must first acquire all 10 pieces of Diamond from hidden chests. For more info on how to find crystal relic pieces, see Crystal Relic Master

Once you unlock this most difficult to attain Knack variant, you must chapter select to:
  • 3-5
  • 7-5
  • 11-5
  • 13-5
and defeat each boss. This should be somewhat easier since Diamond Knack is his most powerful form. The trophy will pop upon defeating all four bosses.

Discovered a treasure chest

Simply find a hidden chest to unlock the trophy. The first location I've seen for this is in the Garden right after learning the ranged attack. After a very short cut-scene, there is a patch of brick wall that can be smashed. The chest is at the end of the newly revealed hallway.

King of Adventure
Discovered all of the treasure chests

As the name suggests, you must discover all 68 treasure chests within the game. They are normally not very difficult to spot the entrances of, as they are usually cracks in a wall/broken wooden panels. The chests grant Crystal relics or gadget parts.

*Note: If by some chance you happen to miss one of the chests, you will be unable to find it by utilizing chapter select. You must start a new game for it.

Below is a another terrific video guide courtesy of Powerpyx

Toggle Spoiler

Parts Collector
Acquired a Gadget part

Simply acquire one of the many gadget parts for this trophy. Gadget parts, like crystal relics, are randomly generated inside hidden chests.

Doctor's Invention
Constructed a Gadget

Once you have collected all of the necessary pieces for a gadget from the hidden chests scattered around the world, they will combine to form the new gadget.

Acquired all of the Gadgets

Once you have collected all of the necessary pieces for a gadget from the hidden chests scattered around the world, they will combine to form the new gadget.
Simply complete all 8 gadgets to earn the trophy.
The gadgets are:
  • Time Dilator: slows down time during Knack's attack animation to allow for better evasion. 5 parts to collect
  • Relic Detector: True to its name, shows when relics are nearby. 3 parts to collect
  • Secret Detector: Shows when you are near a secret entrance. 7 parts to collect
  • Transmuter: Turns sunstone into relics when your health is low. 6 parts to collect
  • Sunstone Battery: Grants one extra sunstone slot for super moves. 3 parts to collect
  • Double Battery: Doubles the number of sunstone slots you can fill for a maximum of 8. 5 parts to collect
  • Combo Meter: Keeps track of consecutive hits and grants damage bonuses. 7 parts to collect
  • Harvester: Defeated enemies now drop small amounts of sunstone. 5 parts to collect

Crystal Relic Collector
Acquired a Crystal Relic

Simply discover a Crystal Relic to unlock this trophy. These are randomly generated along with gadget parts in hidden chests.

New Power
Unlocked an upgraded Knack

See Crystal Relic Master

Crystal Relic Master
Unlocked all upgraded Knack characters

Unfortunately, this will likely take multiple playthroughs, as the relics are randomly generated when opening chests just like the gadget parts. However, unlike the gadget parts, you can get more than one of a certain type of relic.

There is a somewhat lengthy way of farming the crystal relics. When you open a chest you may discover an item or relic that you do not need, if so, do NOT press . Simply press the button and close the application. Upon restarting, the chest will still be unopened and allow for another shot at one of the rarer relics.

If you can manage to find 10 diamonds using the above method, your Very Hard playthrough will be much more manageable.

Completed a non-boss chapter without using any Super Moves

Simply complete a chapter without using any super moves. I found it to be somewhat easier to accomplish in chapter 4-1.

Dynamic Play
Completed a chapter only using Super Moves on enemies and without dying once

The best location I've seen for this is Chapter 8-3. Here, you just simply climb to the top collecting sunstone and avoiding enemies. Eventually you will come to a section where you hover across some fans. Once you get the the end, you'll be transported up on a fan-elevator into a small room. Here you will finally use your super moves. When the enemies are defeated, you must make your way to a final elevator. Naturally, one final enemy is guarding it. Use your final super move and board the lift to earn the trophy.

Powerpyx has a video walkthrough using this method. It is also a good place to earn Perfect Action

Toggle Spoiler

Stealth Fighter
Defeated 20 enemies as Stealth Knack and completed the chapter

This trophy would seem nearly impossible to complete as Stealth Knack is incredibly weak. However, you can just kill 1 enemy, die, then respawn to farm the 20 kills. After you've racked up the necessary amount, complete the level to pop the trophy.

Knack Beginner
Completed all chapters on Normal difficulty or higher

See Knack Challenger

Knack Challenger
Completed all chapters on Hard difficulty or higher

Hard is the highest default difficulty setting upon starting the game for the first time. There are a few things to keep in mind when playing on Hard
  • Enemies' attacks are brutal, often killing you in 1-2 hits. Be careful.
  • Sunstone levels fill slower than on Easy or Normal. This can lead to a bit of sunstone farming in dire situations.
Finishing on Hard will unlock "Very Hard" and chapter select. It will also unlock Knack Beginner .

Knack Master
Completed all chapters on Very Hard difficulty

If you went into Knack thinking it would be an easy plat due to being a "kids game," this trophy will tell you otherwise. Very Hard will pummel you, kick you to the curb, and may even steal your wallet. It is brutal. Enemies will kill you in one hit, projectiles move faster, and platforming sections have less margin for error. Prepare to die A LOT on your final quest to save Earth as Knack. Any gadgets and crystal relics collected on lower difficulties WILL NOT TRANSFER to this playthrough. The only way to truly make this playthrough "easier" is to find 10 Diamond relics to unlock Diamond Knack during an early playthrough. If you can, there is a significant drop in overall difficulty. Keep this in mind.

Relic Runner
Completed a Time Attack stage

Simply complete a Time Attack challenge and the trophy is yours.

Speed King
Achieved five-star ranks in all Time Attack stages

There are 13 instances of Time Attack. In order to finish with a 5 Star rating, there are four categories to take into account:
  • Time remaining
  • Enemies defeated
  • Enemies defeated with super moves
  • No damage
Simply complete each instance of Time Attack while trying not to get hit and using at least 1 super attack on enemies. Once you 5* all 13, the trophy will pop. This can be made somewhat easier by unlocking Diamond Knack during the story mode.

Completed a Coliseum Attack stage

Simply complete any Coliseum challenge and the trophy will pop.

King of Battle
Achieved five-star ranks in all Coliseum Attack stages

There are 3 Coliseum challenges consisting of 10 waves of enemies each. In order to get a 5* rating, you must at the very least complete all 10 waves. Going without being damaged and having a lot of time remaining will help immensely as well. This can be made somewhat easier by unlocking Diamond Knack during the story mode. Once you have received a 5* on all 3 challenges, the trophy will pop.

Total Victory
Defeated a boss without taking damage

Not much to this trophy besides evading. Simply avoid all attacks while simultaneously attacking the boss to earn this trophy upon their defeat. If you are hit, simply quit out of the game and restart the level. I recommend the 3-5 boss on Easy.

Powerpyx has a great video walkthrough of the 3-5 boss strategy.

Toggle Spoiler

Perfect Action
Completed a stage without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above

The best way to get this is to chapter select an early level and have Sunstone Battery and Double Battery equipped. This will allow you to use up to 8 super moves in the level. Simply complete the level without taking damage and the trophy will pop.

Powerpyx shows a great place to complete this trophy as well as Dynamic Play at the same time in chapter 8-3.

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Banner by Luckay
Powerpyx for his wonderfully informative video guides to complement the descriptions.

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