Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: If you've already got the platinum trophy in the main game, it will be about 30-60 minutes.
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Collectible Trophies: 1 (See: "World's Greatest Detective ")
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: Not that I know of.


Step 1: Story Mode
You just need to go through the DLC on story mode once. This is for the: "Amazing and Unique Adventures ", and to unlock Free Play mode. It's really short and there aren't even any enemies.

Step 2: Free Play
In this step you replay the level and go for the minikits for "World's Greatest Detective " and True Hero status for "The Joker's Back in Town! ". You should also focus on getting the two last trophies while you're at it. You'll need to complete the game and the bonus level to have Batman (1966) for "Bat-Dancer ".


Amazing and Unique Adventures
Complete Batman 75 level

After having bought the DLC you will find the level on the bottom of the level select globe. You'll just have to get through the level once for this. You'll only have Joker and Harley to control and the level is just a single room where you need to sabotage five things. It's fairly easy, although note that since you've never been required to use Harley in the main game, Harley can wall-jump, pole-jump, destroy weak walls.

World's Greatest Detective
Complete Batman 75 level with all Minikits unlocked

Just like in the main game the Anniversary level has ten minikits to find. There is also an Adam West in Peril, but you won't need to rescue him for the trophy, but I'm going to list him in the guide anyways, in case you want to sweep the table. If you've completed most of the game you should be good to be able to get all of the minikits since they're no minikit you need to get with only a certain character (like Brainiac or Poison Ivy). Here is the list:

Minikit #1:
(Req: None, Can be gotten through story mode (in fact it's almost unmissable))
Destroy all five tables in the main area of the room. You need to do this to do the dance floor puzzle anyway.

Minikit #2:
(Req: None, Can be gotten through story mode)
There are six unfolded banners around the room. Shoot all of them to unfold them and get the minikit.

Minikit #3:
(Req: Flying (and one that can fly fast by repeatedly pressing )
After releasing the balloons this minikit will appear at the top of the area. Fly to it. The fan will blow your character down so approach it from the side with fast flying.

Minikit #4:
(Req: Laser)
Destroy all four of the golden statues in the main area of the room with a laser.

Minikit #5:
(Req: Sense)
After completing the dancing mini-game use sense on the dance floor. Step off the dance floor and then step on it again to initiate another round of the mini-game. Beat it for the minikit.

Adam West in Peril:
(Req: None, Can be gotten through story mode)
To the left side of the back area there are some presents. Punch 'em until you free Adam West from one of them.

Minikit #6:
(Req: None, Can be gotten through story mode)
Destroy the four speakers at the back area of the room.

Minikit #7:
(Req: Flying or walljumping, Can be gotten through story mode)
It's up top to the miniature building to the right in the back area. You can either fly to it in free play or drop down from the building in both story and free play.

Minikit #8:
(Req: Flying or Pole-jumping, Can be gotten through story mode)
From the top leftmost building in the back area you can use poles to get to this minikit... or you can just fly to it.

Minikit #9:
(Req: Sense, Magnet)
On top of the leftmost building in the back area you can use sense after rotating the switch. Do that, and then use magnet on the object that appears to make the building hollow. Jump down into the building to get the minikit.

Minikit #10:
(Req: Sonic)
After sabotaging the Bat-Mobile use a Sonic gun to destroy the windshield to the car and get the minikit. Don't sabotage the mobile last or the level will end prematurely.

The Joker's Back in Town!
Complete Batman 75 level after achieving True Hero status

To achieve the True Hero status of the Anniversary level you will need to have around 75,000 studs at one point in the level in either story mode or Free Play. This will be a lot of easier if you have any of the stud multiplier red bricks from the main game, but it's certainly possible to achieve without. Note that you need to get to the level summary screen by either completing the level or pressing "Save and Quit" in the pause menu to get the trophy.

Batman Gone Bad
Set both Free Play characters as Batman (Sinestro Corps) and Vampire Batman

You'll get both of the versions of Batman automatically by buying the DLC. You'll need to be in Free Play. Assign Vampire Batman into one of the character slots, and then Sinestro Corps Batman as the other character at the same time and you will get this easy trophy.

Complete Batman's special Anniversary Dance Puzzle as Batman (1966)

You will first need to complete the bonus level of the main game to unlock Batman (1966). Go into the Anniversary level in Free Play. One of the things on the checklist is a dance floor. You'll first have to destroy some tables and then build it. After this two of the tiles on the dance floor will turn red. This is here you will want to have Batman (1966) equipped. Press them to initiate a mini-game where you have press the right coloured tile in the correct order. It's basically a game of Simon. Once you've beaten three rounds (it's really easy) you will get the trophy.

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