Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 2-5 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: Yes (1) Leveraging Resources
Glitched Trophies: None reported

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Use to walk faster.
  • Decisions made throughout the episode will affect outcomes later on.
  • The game does have an auto-save feature so watch out for the missable trophy.
  • You can replay specific chapters from an episode if you missed something or wanted to replay them.
  • All trophy descriptions will provide you a brief walkthrough of each chapter in order to bypass the meaningless details the game has to offer therefore you can complete each one quicker than having to interact with your surroundings.
  • Trophies for completing chapters will unlock before you have successfully completed the chapter so if you return to a chapter from the rewind selection at the Main Menu please be aware of this. The trophy descriptions below inform you of what is happening in each chapter as you go through the episode.


There isn't much to do besides guiding Jesse through the various obstacles that lie ahead in the forthcoming chapters. Focus on getting through each one while collecting resources. As you meet Petra in chapter two be sure to view Leveraging Resources as it is the only missable trophy in this episode so prevent yourself from having to replay it.


New Kid on the Block
Completed Chapter 1 of Episode 1

This is a story related trophy! This will be unlocked once you have completed chapter 1.

1. As you gain control of Jesse you will need to inspect the two chests inside the treehouse. One chest will provide you with a pair of shears and the other will give you flint and steel, but you will also have a wooden sword in your inventory. After inspecting both chests you can leave through the hatch.
2. Choose the display model you wish to make and then begin collecting materials by completing the quick time events.
3. As you come to the registration table at Endercon you need to make a choice between four team names and once chosen head inside the convention to booth five where you will want to interact with Olivia.
4. Begin building the display model you chose prior to Endercon by completing quick time events that will result in a spiteful rival team to break a block and allow lava to flow outside the boundaries, which will catch Reuben's costume on fire.

Major decision

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5. Continue moving forward following Reuben's tracks that will enable a brief cinematic to show you that you're on the right track.

Leveraging Resources
Attempt to craft a lever at the crafting table

This trophy is missable!

During chapter 2 of episode 1 you will be able to craft a lever after meeting with Petra. She will primarily ask you to make a stone sword, but instead you can make a lever first which is done by placing a stick in the center square with a block of cobblestone beneath it. You must change out the items on the left if you wish to use different materials. For other helpful tips you can use to clear the entire crafting table in case you make a mistake or press to find the recipe list which is a list of items that can be made from the components you have. In order to correctly perform a crafting recipe you must place the materials in the exact squares identified in the recipe menu.

Note: if you craft the stone sword before the lever you will not be able to craft it afterwards until you have completed the chapter/episode as it will allow you to replay the chapter of your choice for the ones you have completed. If you choose to do go back and replay chapter 2 be sure to make a backup save since you will delete all progress made if you rewind to a previous chapter.

Some Assembly Required
Completed Chapter 2 of Episode 1

This is a story related trophy! This will be unlocked once you have completed chapter 2.

Now that you found Petra and go into some dialogue you will be asked to make a stone sword, however, please refer to Leveraging Resources above as you could potentially miss a trophy if you don't make a lever first. To make the stone sword when you're ready you can press to see the available recipes in which you can make objects from (using and will switch recipes). To make that item you have to place he materials on the crafting table as it's shown on the recipe. By placing cobblestone blocks on the top two middle squares and a stick in the middle bottom slot will craft a stone sword!

Decision time

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To Catch a Thief
Completed Chapter 3 of Episode 1

This is a story related trophy! This will be unlocked once you have completed chapter 3.

1. Now that you made it to Endercon you will have a brief conversation with your friends and see that your display model won from the previous chapter. Petra will soon get your attention and ask that you follow her to the destination in which the trade is supposed to happen with the mysterious buyer so you tag along into the alley.
2. Wait for the unknown person as Petra leaves you by yourself. As the unknown arrives perform the multiple dialogue options and make the trade only to find out you been ripped off.
3. Begin searching for Ivor by following the linear pathway (don't need to talk to anyone along the way) until you find someone who appears to be Ivor. As you make the mistake you will hear Reuben squeal for help.
4. Head over to the butcher and get Reuben back before he becomes food!
5. Make your way over to Olivia and ask for help only to see Ivor heading into the hall that immediately calls for some dialogue on what to do.
6. Walk past the chickens to where the gentleman is jumping on the slime ball and interact with the vendor at the slime demo. This will lead you to acquire 8 slime balls.
7. After you have received the 8 slime balls you will walk in the opposite direction of the slime demo to find your rival Lukas tossing a slime ball into the air repeatedly. Lukas hands over the slime ball when asked and you have to craft a slime block by placing a slime ball in each of the 9 squares on the table when given the opportunity.
8. You will now jump or fall onto the slime block and break the glass to the chickens that begin to make a disturbance in the market. This will lead to the library in which Ivor went into from the hall that will enable some more dialogue options as you begin to search for the wither skull.
9. Once you have control of Jesse proceed through the book maze past Petra (you can interact with her as she will find and steal a golden sword) to where Axel can be found. In the middle of this area is a glowing potion that you will interact with and eventually find a lever, pull it once you have a chance.
10. Open the chest and find a hiding place so Ivor will not spot you. This will eventually lead to Ivor summoning a golem in which you need to execute a few quick time events that will lead you outside the library to Gabriel where you begin to ask for help.

Decision making

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11. Jump off the the cement block to prevent yourself from being sucked up by the wither's retractor beam and team up with Lukas whether you decided to go back for him or not.
12. Follow Gabriel to the portal where you act of multiple quick time events along the way by jumping over holes/fire or moving out of the way of fire. As the temple door opens your gang will enter and Gabriel will hand you an amulet so you can find the other Stone members. More quick time events occur and you will be given your last key decision of the chapter.


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Out of the Frying Pan...
Completed Chapter 4 of Episode 1

This is a story related trophy! This will be unlocked once you have completed chapter 4.

1. Being pushed into the portal with Lukas will enable a dialogue as you reach your friends in the nether. You will wait for Petra only for Ivor to appear.sync into the nether and say she was running in the opposite direction of the portal so you will continue through more dialogue.
2. React quickly to the quick time event that occurs when Ivor enter the nether after the wither destroys the portal. This will lead into more dialogue with Ivor and friends
3. Keeping your hands on the controller as Jesse and gang runs from the large ghastly because you'll be performing a couple more quick time events leading up to the mine cart.
4. As you're on the mine cart you will need to perform multiple quick time events against to protect yourself from the ghastly enemies that wish to set you on fire.
5. As you step off the cart you and your friends will go through some dialogue about the nether portal and whom to send through first. Any choice is fine but as you go through be prepared to fight off a zombie villager or creeper at the beginning of chapter 5.

Safety First
Completed Chapter 5 of Episode 1

This is a story related trophy! This will be unlocked once you have completed chapter 5.

1. Defend against the creeper or villager as you exit the nether portal.
2. Determine between making a treehouse or a hut. Doing so will prompt another quick time event that will build whichever model you chose.
3. Decide whether or not you wish to give Lukas your cookie that Axel gave you.

Decision making

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4. After making your decision everybody would have rested and slept through the night. Waking up the next morning you will continue on with or without Lukas depending on your prior decision, but this will lead you to a vine rope that you will interact with to climb into the next chapter where you begin to explore the temple.

The Calm Before the Storm
Completed Chapter 6 of Episode 1

This is a story related trophy! This will be unlocked once you have completed chapter 6.

1. Perform a couple quick time event maneuvers through the shooting arrows and as you reach the middle of the room you can use a crafting table to craft a bow and arrow. To craft a bow you need to place a stick in the middle square column to the left as well as the top and bottom squares of the middle column. You will then place string in each of three squares of the right column. The arrow requires you to place the flint in the top middle square with a stick beneath that and a feather under that so they are all placed in the center column.

: you can view the recipe in game by pressing and using the or buttons to switch between recipes. You can also use to clear the table in case you make a mistake.

. Enter the library and read the book for new information on Ivor.

3. Head up the stairs and place the amulet that Gabriel gave you onto the stand. Now that you see the world map walk to the back of the amulet stand where you will see five switches. Only the 1st, 3rd, and 5th switch need to be used, however, if you do mess up at anytime place all levers in the up position to reset the puzzle. From experience the 1st switch to the far left had to be pulled 1x and then the middle switch had to be pulled then deactivated and pulled once more which left the 5th lever to be pulled only 1x as well.

Major decision

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