Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 1.5-3.5 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: Yes (1) That's Some Pig
Glitched Trophies: None reported

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Use to walk faster.
  • Decisions made throughout the episode will affect outcomes later on.
  • The game does have an auto-save feature so watch out for the missable trophy.
  • You can replay specific chapters from an episode if you missed something or wanted to replay them.
  • Always make a backup save if you plan on rewinding your progress in the episode so you won't have to play through the entire episode to get back to where you once were prior to doing so.
  • All trophy descriptions will provide you a brief walkthrough of each chapter in order to bypass the meaningless details the game has to offer therefore you can complete each one quicker than having to interact with your surroundings.
  • Trophies for completing chapters will unlock before you have successfully completed the chapter so if you return to a chapter from the rewind selection at the Main Menu please be aware of this. The trophy descriptions below inform you of what is happening in each chapter as you go through the episode.


Your only real focus is on the That's Some Pig as it's the only missable trophy in the episode. It will be unlocked at the end of chapter 3 or the beginning of chapter 4 so if you happen to miss it during your episode run you can always go back and rewind the episode to chapter 4 to make it much quicker. Other than that you just have to complete each chapter.


Back to the Grind
Completed Chapter 1 of Episode 3

This is a story related trophy! This will be unlocked once you have completed chapter 1.

1. Go along with the dialogue until you pull out your amulet.
2. Get the white light to glow by going in the center of Petra/Gabriel, Olivia, and Lukas. As you do you'll have a bit of dialogue and begin digging down by repeatedly pressing .
3. Fight the creepers and jump down through the exploded wall.
4. Defeat all enemies along the way to the amulet as well in addition to executing all quick time events.

A World of Pure Imagination
Completed Chapter 2 of Episode 3

This is a story related trophy! This will be unlocked once you have completed chapter 2.

1. After some dialogue and quick time events you get to defeat a few enemies.
2. Continue with more quick time events.
3. Run down the path past the crap ton of Enderman!
4. Walk up the stairs to the ladder that leads to a trap door.

Pretender Man
Completed Chapter 3 of Episode 3

This is a story related trophy! This will be unlocked once you have completed chapter 3.

1. Climb the ladder and open the trap door.
2. Touch the tree that is placed in front of you.
3. Lift the lever on the tree next to Petra/Gabriel.
4. Cross the bridge going towards Axel and Olivia and you'll find another lever on a tree to the right.
5. Speak to Lukas by walking over the bridge that leads to him. After the brief conversation ends speak with him again and tell him he is blocking a lever so he will move, allowing you to flip that third switch.
6. Walk back over to Olivia and Axel and press the button on the wall.
7. As a secret door opens walk past all the useless spectacles and down the path to Olivia where you can interact with the door that you can hear music through.
8. Listen to the jukebox with Olivia.
9. Look at the Enderman suit and put it on.
10. Grab the instructions from the chest inside Soren's hideout.
11. Collect the five clay blocks inside the hideout (four downstairs and one upstairs).
12. Go out the door next to where the Enderman suit was.

When a Plan Comes Together
Completed Chapter 4 of Episode 3

This is a story related trophy! This will be unlocked once you have completed chapter 4.

1. Grab the crafting instructions from the chest inside Soren's hideout.
2. If you haven't collected the five clay blocks inside Soren's hideout at the end of chapter three, do so now, after Reuben has ran back inside. Four of them will be on the ground level and the fifth will be upstairs by climbing the ladder. There will be a sixth that you need to grab from an Enderman's hands outside.
3. Craft the object outside from the instructions once you have acquired the six clay blocks.
4. Enjoy the dialogue for the remainder of the chapter.

Completed Chapter 5 of Episode 3

This is a story related trophy! This will be unlocked once you have completed chapter 5.

1. Get through Soren's hideout without the Enderman detecting your presence by overflowing the ground level with the water by breaking blocks x2.
2. Break the bridge apart and jump into the water.
3. Pull the lever to overflow the wool world.
4. Swim to the open trapped door as you complete a quick time event along the way.
5. Immediately kill the enemy after jumping from the portal and pull the lever as you're given the opportunity.
6. Gather gunpowder form the chest to the right before Axel and again across from Lukas next to a button on the wall. As you collect the gunpowder from the second chest, do press the button on the wall.
7. Return to Soren for a conversation.

Out With A Bang
Completed Chapter 6 of Episode 3

This is a story related trophy! This will be unlocked once you have completed chapter 6.

1. Proceed through the dialogue options.
2. Avoid the Wither attacks by completing quick time events.
3. Craft the F-Bomb by placing the TNT in the center of the crafting table and gunpowder in the surrounding spaces.
4. Collect the F-Bomb materials by pressing the correct button prompts.
5. Continue through more reputable dialogue.
6. Rescue the survivors that couldn't escape on their own.
7. Follow the path to the Wither heart.
8. One last quick time event and cinematic to end the episode.

That's Some Pig
Exhaust your conversation with Reuben

This trophy is missable!

It is important to note that this can be unlocked at the end of chapter three or at the beginning of chapter four, however, if you miss the trophy and need to rewind the episode be sure to select chapter four because it can be earned at the start of the chapter.

After putting on the Enderman costume you can speak to Reuben who will be by your side repeatedly until he insists on telling you a joke. In order to hear the joke you must continue to talk to Reuben even after the multiple sighs and noises with no response. You can obtain this trophy anytime before being knocked out by Soren after crafting the object from the instructions you find inside the chest.

If you're doing this by using the rewind feature into chapter four you will want to follow Reuben back inside at the start of the chapter as he gets scared of the Enderman and runs back inside. Walk back through the door inside Soren's hideout and speak with Reuben until he finally tells his joke.


Special thanks to Eric and his Electric Banner Shop for the guide banner.

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