Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: Yes, Clutch , Nice Win! High Risk High Reward , all HUT trophies
Estimated Time to Platinum: 50+, depending on your luck with new HUT card packs
Minimum Playthroughs: 3, Be a Pro, Be a GM
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Difficulty Trophies: Yes, A Moment of Greatness
Glitched Trophies: None at this time

[top]Tips & Strategies

Hockey Ultimate Team.

This is essentially a mix of a fantasy league with a trading card game. Player cards have limited contract lengths (normally around 10 games) that must be re-upped with a Contract card, otherwise they will be unable to participate in games. You can customize your club with any team's logos, jerseys, and arenas that you can collect from all of the leagues from around the world.

You start off this mode by opening a pack of 30 random cards. You start by placing these cards onto the 4 main lines of offense, 1 left winger, center, and right winger each. Next pick your 6 defensemen to put into the 3 defensive pairings. Finally, you'll need to assign a goalie. With this step complete, you are ready to compete against other user's HUT teams or play solo matches against the CPU. While both options will grant you coins upon completion of the game, the latter won't count towards your Division ranking.

Moving on to Division play, each division requires a set number of points to move on to the next division. 2 points are granted for a win, while 1 point is given for an overtime or shootout loss. If you can match or surpass the point requirement, you will be promoted to the next Division, starting in Division 10 and concluding in Division 1. However, failing to reach the season point requirement will knock you back to the previous division. Eventually you will come to a point where your current team isn't quite strong enough to keep moving forward. You're going to need some better cards to go far.

The only way to get new cards is to purchase any of the five types of card packs.
Pack Type Cost (coins) Cost (micro-transactions)
(12 cards, 1 rare)
600 N/A
(12 cards, 1 rare)
2,500 $0.50
(12 cars, 10+ gold, 1 rare)
6,250 $1.25
Gold Premium
(12 cards, all gold, 3 rare)
8,750 $1.75
Gold Premium Jumbo
(24 cards, all gold, 7 rare)
17,500 $3.50
If you wish to buy new packs without resorting to spending your hard-earned cash, there are multiple ways you can go about that.
  1. Log in to HUT mode every day for a week. Each day you log in, you will receive a HUT Daily Reward in the form of coins. This daily reward increases with every consecutive day you sign in. Space
    Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
    25c 100c 250c 500c 750c 1,000c 1,250c
  2. Compete in HUT games, either versus a live opponent of against the CPU. Playing on Rookie in a solo game can net you upwards of 700 coins per game, with extra coins awarded for harder difficulties and crowd satisfaction.
  3. Complete Card collections for a Team. Every team has a complete set of cards that you can collect. Doing so will earn you the reward shown as Completion Bonus Pack under each team's collection. The reward here is normally a couple packs of cards, ranging from bronze to gold. Many of the NHL teams provide 5-10 Gold packs for completing their collection.
  4. Sell Cards in the auction house. Rare Gold cards will fetch a high price when up for auction, especially for top players like Sidney Crosby, Steven Stamkos, Alex Ovechkin, etc. going for 1,000,000 coins or more each! Though if you do find one of these superstars, you'll likely want to hang onto it. Team items like jerseys, logos, and arenas are also high value items, with fans of those teams clamoring for the cards to deck out their clubs in their favorite colors.


Step 1: Be a GM mode
Think you can effectively run an NHL team? Give it a try in Be a GM mode. Manage rosters, player scouting, trades and free agency with ease. In your first season, you should be able to earn:
  • Great Broadcast Everyone!
  • Pleasure Doing Business
  • Negotiator
  • Winner!
  • Scouting
  • Home Ice Advantage
  • Road Warriors
  • Scouting Master
  • Hello Mr. President
  • Master Negotiator
  • Developer
  • Superstar
  • Conference Champs
  • Lord Stanley's Mug

Step 2: Be a Pro mode
Ever dreamed of lacing up a pair of skates and playing on your favorite NHL team? Make that dream a reality (sort of) in Be a Pro. Create your character, pick a team, and jump in to the action. Create a goalie character as well, you'll need it for a couple games. In this step, expect to get:
  • Star Power
  • Snipes
  • Apples for All
  • Good Start
  • Human Highlight Reel
  • Point Leader

Step 3: Hockey Ultimate Team
This is where you'll be spending the majority of your time when aiming for the plat. A mix of skill, luck, and patience are needed to earn everything here. In this step, you will be gunning for:
  • Prince of Wales
  • The Champ is Here!
  • Moving on Up
  • Changing Skins
  • Chosen One
  • Wheelin' and Dealin'
  • The Stars have Aligned
  • You're the Best
  • On Fire
  • Collector
  • Master Collector

Step 4: Online Versus
A very small collection of trophies for the mode this year. Play against a friend or some random strangers for:
  • Nice Win!
  • Clutch
  • High Risk, High Reward

Step 5: NHL Moments Live
This mode allows you to relive or change history. Great moments from the 2013-2014 season are able to be played through to try and replicate or alter the result. Here you will earn:
  • Moment of Greatness
  • Completionist
  • What a Performance!

Step 6: Miscellaneous

In this step, you should go for any remaining trophies you may not have earned through regular play. These are:
  • True Broadcast
  • The Whole Package
  • Domination
  • Hat Trick Hero
  • Celly Machine
  • Deking Machine
  • Not My Gatorade!
  • Puck Wizard
  • Coast to Coast
  • Just Like the Coach Drew it Up
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Hurdler
  • Raise Your Banner '15


Raise Your Banner '15
Acquire all of the Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies

Your main goal. You know the drill, earn the rest of the trophies to score this bad boy.

Star Power
Create a Be A Pro Character in Be A Pro Mode.

In the main menu, scroll right until you see the Be a Pro section. In this mode, you will able to create your very own NHL player. Simply go through each section of the character creator until you are satisfied with the results. After saving your character, the trophy will unlock. Now, it's time to break into the NHL as hockey's newest superstar!

Get 30+ goals with your Be A Pro character in a single season.

Thankfully goals aren't too difficult to come by this year, allowing for a much smoother ride through Be a Pro mode. Like in an actual NHL game, look for the goaltenders to take up the lower portion of the net using their butterfly style. Most of your goals will come from simply shooting high, as their style of play leaves a large portion of the net open in the top corners. If given an opportunity for an odd-man rush or even a breakaway, try to get the goalie moving side to side with a deke or pass, he'll often be taken off of his angle just enough to sneak a shot through. This will unlock after the game in which you score your 30th goal ends.

Apples for All
Get 45+ assists with your Be A Pro character in a single season.

To be credited with an assist, you must be one of the last 2 players on your team (not including the goal scorer) to touch the puck before it goes into the net. For this, you will need to pass the puck whenever possible (no "I" in team and whatnot) to an open teammate. Try to set him up for a quick one-timer at the side of the net or during a 2-on-1 break to give the goalie less time to react. You can also earn assists by shooting at the goalie's pads and hoping for a rebound, or even having a teammate re-direct the puck on its way toward the net. After you record your 45th assist, wait for the game to end for this to unlock.

Point Leader
Get 100+ points with your Be A Pro character in a single season.

You should get this while trying for Snipes and Apples for All. A point is earned for every goal or assist you record. The better you play during the regular season, the sooner you'll be able to mark this little gem off of your list. The trophy unlocks after the game ends in which you recorded your 100th point.

Good Start
Win 5 matches with your Be A Pro character playing as a goalie.

This could prove to be quite difficult if you can't wrap your head around this year's goalie controls. Your best bet is to pick a team with good offense and defense ratings and play on Rookie difficulty. At this point, you should just try to stop as many shots as possible and hope your team knows how to score goals. If you can survive long enough to string up 5 wins, the trophy is yours.

Great Broadcast Everyone!
Watch an entire Stanley Cup® Final game intro sequence in Be a GM or Be A Pro.

This will take a while to get to no matter which of the two modes you choose. First off, you'll need to complete (or simulate) the 82 game regular season. If your team played well enough, you'll be part of one of the 16 teams that make the playoffs. From here, there will be 3 best-of-7 rounds followed by the Stanley Cup Finals (also a best-of-7). Once you manage to get your team to the finals, simply watch the full intro of game 1 without pressing any buttons. This will unlock after the first puck drop.

True Broadcast
Play a game from the True Broadcast Camera.

Another new addition to NHL 15 is the True Broadcast camera angle. With this option selected, your games will be presented as if they were an actual NHL game. Keep in mind that selecting this angle also turns your player controls, meaning that to skate up and down the length of the ice, you must move the left/right, rather than up/down. If this change in perspective is too drastic for your play style to be able to adapt, you can always set the game to CPU vs CPU in-game under the "choose sides" option. This trophy will unlock after the final buzzer.

The Whole Package
Complete a full game without skipping any NIS'/Replays

NHL 15 has an all new presentation style for the new generation consoles. Featuring a completely overhauled commentary and even "live" broadcasts featuring NBC's top commentary team of Mike "Doc" Emrick and Eddie Olczyk. Throughout each game, they will show replays after ever stoppage of play, regardless of it was the result of a goal, save, penalty, etc. During these replays, you can press to skip ahead and jump right back into the action. For this trophy, you must watch EVERY single replay during the game, including the opening cinematic of the arena and broadcast duo. This will unlock after the game, right as the final highlights start to roll.

Human Highlight Reel
In a Be A Pro game Have a replay package trigger about your created pro.

In the final 10 minutes of each game, the broadcast crew will show a highlight package for the player that's shown the most offensive skill that night. To get them to show a reel of your exploits, you're going to have to earn some points. 1 point is awarded for every goal or assist that record. The more points you earn, the better your chances become of being highlighted. Goals count more towards this, normally requiring 2 or more, while assists seem to number in the 4+ range when they show highlights. By scoring a couple goals per game, you're bound to get this eventually.

Win a match in overtime in Online Versus Mode.

You've been battling it out with your opponent for 60 minutes. Neither of you has been able to put the go-ahead goal into the net, so it's come to a 5 minute 4v4 sudden death overtime. Score a goal, and you emerge victorious. Get scored on and... well, let's not think about that. As usual, do whatever you can to score in the overtime period, as once the 5 minutes are up, you will be put into a shootout. This of course negating any chance to earn this trophy.

High Risk High Reward
Score a goal with your goalie pulled in Online Versus mode.

Pulling your goalie is the final act of a desperate coach. By leaving your net an easy target, you gain another forward to try for that tying goal. To pull your goalie, press + Touch pad (click). With 6 skaters on your side, do whatever you can to put the puck into the other team's net. Scoring a goal here will (hopefully) tie the game before time runs out, as well as handing you a new trophy.

Nice Win!
Win a match in Online Versus mode.

Fairly straightforward, but almost entirely up to your skill at the online component. Start up an Online Versus match and try your best. Hopefully you are matched up with an opponent that isn't really sure how to play the game yet, as this will give you many more chances to score. If not, you may be in for a battle. This will unlock after a game ends with you victorious, whether it's in regulation, overtime, or a shootout.

Pleasure Doing Business
Complete a trade in Be a GM mode.

Simple enough, you'll first need to scroll over to the trade section of the menu. Once there, pick any player from another team that you want, and offer a player of equal or greater value. Want to trade away Alex Ovechkin for Dan Carcillo? Go for it. I'm sure the other team's GM wouldn't hesitate to complete that transaction. Though you may want to exit without saving after that...

Sign a free agent player in Be A GM mode.

A few weeks after the Playoffs end, the re-sign phase will begin, allowing you re-up a player's contract of let them test free agency. During this time, simply make a deal to keep a player on the team or go grab a random player from the free agents list. Just don't expect any big names to be there for very long.

Play and win a match in Be A GM mode.

Not overly difficult, especially if you chose to manage a top-6 team (Los Angeles, New York (R), Boston, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Montreal, etc). Just simulate up to the day of your first game and do your best. If you are having a hard time against the CPU, try lowering the difficulty until you feel more comfortable scoring goals. This will unlock after your first win.

Complete a scout assignment in Be A GM mode.

See Scouting Master

Home Ice Advantage
Win 25+ home games in one season in Be A GM mode.

In an 82 game regular season, you will be given 41 home games. Play hard and keep racking up the wins to please the home fans, and you'll reach 25 wins in no time. This unlocks at the conclusion of the regular season.

Road Warriors
Win 20+ away games in one season in Be A GM mode.

Like with Home Ice Advantage, you are given 41 games to play on the road every season. Like any game, play as hard as you can and ruin the nights of the other team's fans by beating the home team on 20 separate occasions. The trophy will pop at the end of the regular season.

Scouting Master
Scout every eligible region in one season in Be A GM mode.

As a General Manager, you have the option to send scouts to any of the 11 major hockey regions to keep up with the best prospects from around the world. The 11 regions are:
  • United States
  • Western Hockey League (WHL)
  • Ontario Hockey League (OHL)
  • Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL)
  • Scandinavian Hockey League (SHL)
  • Liiga (Western Russia)
  • Russia (KHL)
  • DEL
  • National League (Switzerland)
  • Extraliga Ledniho Hokeje
  • Rest of World
By sending a scout to each of these leagues ( a minimum of 1 week each), you not only open up options to gain new players, but also earn this trophy. The trophy will pop right before the re-sign stage at the beginning of the next season.

Have a player that you drafted grow to 90+ overall in Be A GM mode.

Each season that your drafted players participate in grants them experience that will slowly build up their overall rating. The easiest way to go about this is to draft a player that is already close to a 90 and let him play a season or two. As soon as he reaches an overall score of 90, the trophy will unlock.

*Note* If choosing one of the top 6 teams , they all have players that were recently drafted nearing a 90 overall (Boston: Krejci, Pittsburgh: Maata, etc). If you simulate the season to the end of the playoffs, this player SHOULD reach lvl 90 and unlock the trophy for you.

Hello Mr. President
Win the Presidents’ trophy in Be A GM mode.

The President's Trophy is awarded to the the NHL team that recorded the most points in the 82 game regular season. Season points are a tad different than points earned in a game. 2 points are granted for every victory, regardless of it being in regulation, overtime, or shootout. 1 point is awarded for every overtime or shootout loss. No points are given for a loss in regulation time. The goal here is to get as many wins and OT/SO losses as possible and as few regulation losses as you can manage. Aim for a record of 45-27-10 (100 pts) or better and you should get this with little to no problem. This will unlock the day after the Stanley Cup Finals end.

Master Negotiator
Sign a 1st line Forward, a Top 2 Defenseman or an Elite Goalie during Free Agency in Be A GM mode.

For this it is much easier to become GM of a team with a major star's contract set to end after your first season. Some examples are:
  • Boston: David Krejci (Top line forward)
  • Pittsburgh: Marc Andre Fleury (Elite goalie)
  • Anaheim: Danny Heatley (Top line forward)
  • Washington: Mike Green (Top Defenseman)

It's a simple matter to wait until the end of the season with one of these teams and re-up their contract once the re-signing stage begins. The hard way involves waiting for a team to pass up re-signing a top player and being able to outbid the other teams vying for him. You may go multiple seasons without seeing this, however. The trophy will unlock once you receive a message from the player stating that he's accepted your contract offer.

Make a trade to acquire a player with full Trade Value in Be A GM mode.

There is only one player in the game with a full trade value... Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins. For this trophy, you'll have to give up quite a bit in order to acquire the rights to the NHL's biggest star. I recommend saving before performing this trade, that way you can reload your save after the trophy pops. That is unless you really want to lose 3+ players to get Crosby on your team...

Conference Champs
Win a Clarence S. Campbell bowl or Prince of Wales Trophy in Be A GM mode.

The Clarence S. Campbell Bowl and Prince of Wales Trophy are awarded to the winner of the Western Conference Finals and Eastern Conference Finals respectively. The Conference Finals are the third round of the playoffs between the final 4 teams in contention. To move on the the Stanley Cup Finals and pick up one of these two team trophies, you'll need to win a best-of 7 series. The trophy will pop the day after the Stanley Cup Finals end.

Lord Stanley's Mug
Win the Stanley Cup® in Be A GM mode.

The ultimate goal of all hockey players and fans. The trophy is 121 years old and is rented out to the champion each season. To claim the 30 lb hunk of silver, you'll need to slog though a grueling 82 game season, then battle your way to 16 wins in the playoffs. It isn't easy, but the reward is worth the trouble. Eternal glory will belong to your team, as each of their names will be inscribed on the side of the trophy. The trophy will unlock the day after you win the Cup.

Win a fight with over half energy remaining

It just wouldn't be hockey without a fight or two. After a play is whistled dead, you have the option to instigate a fight with an opposing player by holding down . Once you drop the gloves, you and your opponent will be given an "energy meter" (think of it as a health bar). By successfully landing punches, your opponent's health will drop. The same applies to you, however, so it'd be a good idea to dodge or block whenever he winds up for a big punch. If you can knock him down before your meter dips below 50% (turning orange in the process), the trophy is yours.

Spaces paceFighting Controls
Instigate fight Hold
Punch up
Uppercut down
Push up
Pull down
Dodge tap
Lean hold

Hat Trick Hero
Score a hat trick with one player.

Easy enough, especially on lower difficulties. With one player, you must score 3 goals in one game. It doesn't need to be 3 in a row, all that matters is that you score them. Once you get a player to two goals in the game, keep setting him up for one-timers on the other side of the goalie, breakaway chances, or for a shot at an empty net. This will unlock as soon as his third goal is recorded.

Celly Machine
Trigger four different goal celebrations in one game

After scoring a goal, feel free to express your joy and/or mock the opposing team by performing one of the games many celebrations. There are 9 celebrations included in the game this year, so rattling off 4 unique ones in a game shouldn't be too difficult (provided you can score at least 4 goals ). The celebrations are:

Celebration Button
Slide while moving
Bang glass move into boards
Hand twirl
Ice sweep
Twirl punch
Double pump
Stick break
Double Pump (knees)
Arms raised

Deking Machine
Chain at least two dekes together and score

Deking has become the method of choice for scoring in the NHL series. There are plenty of variations as well, each suited to a specific scenario. They include standard side-to-side dekes, spin-o-ramas, flips, and many more.

Youtube user Lamchops99 has compiled a nice video guide for each of them.

Toggle Spoiler

For this trophy, you'll need top combine 2 unique dekes before scoring a goal. Try out a couple of them in the Practice mode to get a feel for the motions. Once you deke twice and score, the trophy will unlock.

Puck Wizard
Beat a defender with a trick move between your legs.

This may take some practice. While skating towards a defenseman, hold the the back and the the left/right (depending on your handedness. As you get close to him, hold down while continuing to hold the puck behnd you to perform a between the legs deke. If you can successfully perform this deke AND make it past the defenseman (you don't have to score), this trophy is yours.

Toggle Spoiler

Coast to Coast
Starting from behind your net skate up the ice and score without passing.

This can be a bit tricky if you don't understand when to deke. When starting behind your net, You'll want to build up speed by clicking in and holding the while moving up the ice. Skate around the defensemen and get yourself into a clear shooting lane before trying to fake out the goalie. Once you get him off of his angle, fire on goal. If you score, congrats! Another trophy down! If not, keep trying until you finally score.

*Note* If you have the puck stolen from you by a defenseman and you get it back without another of your teammates touching the puck, you can score and still earn this trophy.

Not my Gatorade!
Knock off the opposing goalie's Gatorade bottle from the net by scoring a goal.

Very fun to do, though it will take some practice to get it right. Every goalie keeps a green Gatorade bottle on top of their net for quick cooldowns between plays. It will always be located in the center slightly to their right side. When shooting towards the cage, aim up and towards this area with the . You'll likely get a ton of goals using this method, as goalies tend to block the lower half of the net more than anything. Eventually, one of these goals will pop that bottle a few feet into the air, netting you a goal and a trophy.

Just Like the Coach Drew it Up
Start a breakout play behind your net and score on the ensuing rush.

Very similar to Coast to Coast, but this time you CAN pass the puck! Like before, start with the puck in behind your cage and begin skating up ice. As you enter the offensive zone, pass the puck to a teammate in an attempt at a one-timer. If you can manage to score while still moving forward, the trophy will unlock.

*Note* This will not unlock if you pass back to the blue line to set up another shot.

Wrecking Ball
Tumble three opponents as a result of one hit

There aren't many times when you're set up for a 1-on-3 collision. To make this a little more common, try to lose a faceoff just outside of the blue line and head toward the crowd of opposing players. If you're lucky, they'll be close enough together that hitting one of them will cause a chain reaction of you or one of them to crash into the others. If 3 players are contacted with one collision, the trophy should unlock.

Another way that some players are reporting is by laying a check near the player's bench during a line change. There will be multiple players jumping onto the ice nearby, giving you a decent shot at the trophy.

Jump over an opponent with the puck

Very rarely, you'll wind up for a slapshot and a defenseman will lay down to block the shot. When this happens, you'll need to quickly skate towards him and hold + (up). This will cause you to flip the puck into the air and perform a small jump. As soon as you land the jump (even if you fall) the trophy should unlock.

*Note* you can also earn this in Online Versus with a friend. Have them make a player sprawl forward and sweep the ice by holding +. Once he does so, make your jump and the trophy is yours.

Prince of Wales
Win a title from any conference in Hockey Ultimate Team Seasons.

The easiest way to earn this trophy is to play in Division 10. In this division, 4 wins will grant you a title, even if your record is 4-6-0 over the 10 game season. The higher your division ranking (with Div. 1 being the highest), the harder this trophy becomes. If yo manage to pass into a higher division but miss the title, simply lose enough games that you get demoted back to a lower bracket and try again.

The Champ is Here!
Win a Hockey Ultimate Team Seasons Playoff Championship.

Every weekend there is a "playoff mode" that you can enter so long as you've played at least 1 game that week (it can even be a solo vs the CPU game). In the playoffs, you'll need to win 4 games to claim the playoff championship. If you win a game, you move on to the next and so on. Losing however moves you back to the first game and gives you a chance to try again. Losing twice will kick you from the playoffs entirely, making you wait until the following weekend for another chance. If you can win 4 playoff games in a row, the trophy will unlock.

Moving on Up
Get your first division promotion in Hockey Ultimate Team Seasons.

You start off HUT in Division 10. In this division, you must win 3 out of 10 possible games to move up to Division 9. Don't fret if you can't seem to win at first, as you'll likely need better player cards and some practice before you become competent. As soon as you reach Div 9, the trophy will unlock.

You're the Best
Win the League Title in Hockey Ultimate Team Seasons.

This will be the most difficult trophy in the HUT section. To win the league Championship, you'll need to work your way up through all 10 divisions by winning the set number of games for each. Failure to do so within a season will cause you to drop down into a previous division. Upon reaching Division 1, you will need to win 8 games to take the crown. Don't expect this to be an quick and easy affair, you'll need plenty of high ranking cards and game experience to succeed here. If you can manage to battle your way to 8 victories in Div. 1, the trophy will unlock.

On Fire
Have a perfect season record in Hockey Ultimate Team Seasons.

This is easiest to do in Division 10. A season's length is dictated by which division you are in. In each division, there is a set number of wins necessary to move up to the next division. Beyond that requirement is a set number of wins to win the division title. Division 10's title only requires 4 wins (you have 10 games to get them) and so is the fastest way to earn this. Winning the prerequisite will promote you, failing to win the prerequisite within the season will demote you.

Changing Skins
Change the team of a player by using the Change Team item in Hockey Ultimate Team

As you open new card packs, you may stumble upon a Change Team card or two. The name itself describes the function of the card, ie: changing a player's team to the one depicted on the card. This is very useful for when you want to put 2 or 3 players from the same team on one line as it increases chemistry. Use one of these cards on any player to earn the trophy.

Chosen One
Assign a captain to your Hockey Ultimate Team using the Assign Captain card.

I've managed to find 2 of these cards so far, both in Gold Packs or better variants. Like with the Change Team card, Assign Captain is self-explanatory. Using this card, you make any player on your team the official captain. Simply choose a player to become captain and the trophy is yours.

Collect at least one Player item from each of the NHL® teams in Hockey Ultimate Team mode.

See Master Collector for details.

Master Collector
Collect at least one Player item from each team in Hockey Ultimate Team mode.

This will likely be the final trophy you earn. You will need to collect at least one player card from every team across all leagues. Unfortunately, this is mostly up to luck, as all weekly/purchased card packs have a random assortment of around 12 cards (with the exception of the Gold Premium Jumbo pack, which contains 24 cards).

The teams you need cards from, along with how many unique cards are available for each are:

(30 teams)

Toggle Spoiler

(30 teams)

Toggle Spoiler

(12 teams)

Toggle Spoiler

(14 teams)

Toggle Spoiler

(14 teams)

Toggle Spoiler

(14 teams)

Toggle Spoiler

(12 teams)

Toggle Spoiler

(20 teams)

Toggle Spoiler

(18 teams)

Toggle Spoiler

(20 teams)

Toggle Spoiler

Wheelin' and Dealin'
Buy and/or sell 150 items in the Hockey Ultimate Team Auction House.

As you collect more and more cards, you are bound to find some that have already collected or simply don't want. To scoop up a few extra coins, you can either quick-sell them (low income) or put them up for auction. In the auction room, you can see the recommended value/ most recent sale price for most of the cards. Try to put the starting bid in between these numbers and just hope that somebody decides to buy your card. You can also buy other player's cards in an attempt to either flesh out your team or make progress on Master Collector. Whichever method you chose, the trophy will unlock after you make your 150th purchase/sale (the numbers are combined, so there should be less work here.)

The Stars have Aligned
Collect a team of the Week player item in Hockey Ultimate Team mode.

Every Wednesday, a new Team of the Week is assembled from random player cards (predominately NHLers). To draw a TotW player card, you may need to go through dozens of Gold card packs. That's the hard way, unless you have plenty of coins to spare or don't mind microtransations. The easier (yet potentially more expensive) way to guarantee getting a card is to look it up in the auction house. Here you'll be able to bid on the card you wish to obtain (out of the 20 TotW cards) or "buy it now."

A Moment of Greatness
Win an NHL® Moments Live moment on Superstar difficulty

For this, you will have to take on an NHL Live Moment on the game's hardest difficulty. I recommend trying this on Old Rivals, as it starts you off ahead by 2 goals. If you manage your puck possession wisely, you should be able to avoid letting Boston tie the game up. This will unlock after the game ends.

Complete all NHL® Moments Live moments in the 2013-14 section

NHL Moments Live compiles the top 16 defining moments of the 2013-2014 season. You will either try to replicate the outcome from the past year, or change the result in one way or another. The 16 Moments are:
  • Battle of Ontario: You are losing 4-2 with 1:54 remaining in the 2nd period. Win the game..
  • Hertl Powers Sharks to Victory: Score a goal with Thomas Hertl in the final 11:18 and win..
  • Jiggy Stones the Pens: There's 14:32 left in the 2nd period. Shutout the high-powered Penguins.
  • Moulson Makes an Impact: Score a goal with Matt Moulson (hat trick) and win the game.
  • A Star is Born: There's only 4:37 left in the game, can you score a goal with Tyler Seguin to win?
  • Hero's Welcome: Just over a minute remaining, help Ottawa to victory.
  • Comeback in the Peg: Losing 4-1 with 11:47 to go in the 2nd period, win the game as Toronto.
  • The Spectacular Ben Scrivens: Earn a shutout in the remaining 14 minutes as Ben Scrivens.
  • Bobby Lou Heads Home: Earn a shutout in the remaining 16 minutes as Roberto Luongo.
  • Beat down in Edmonton: Down 5-1 with 15:24 to go. Win.
  • Unlucky Lightning: You're down 2-1 with 8:24 to go, Battle back as Tampa Bay to win.
  • Ducks Rally Late: You're losing 4-2 with 2:26 to go. Win.
  • Comeback Kings: Down 3-1 with 15:20, come back and win Game 7 from the Kings.
  • Sidney's Slump: There's 1:41 to go. Score 2 goals with Crosby to break the slump and take Game 7 from the Rangers.
  • Old Rivals: Up 2-0 with half of the game remaining, win as Montreal.
  • OT Thriller: You have a full 20 minute overtime period to score a goal and win Game 7.

Take your time and complete all 16 Moments on any difficulty level to unlock this.

What a Performance!
Complete a Be a Pro Moment in NHL® Moments Live.

Ready to relive the best moments from the 2013-2014 season? If not, too bad. You have to do them for a few trophies. Simply go to the NHL Moments Live mode and pick a moment you're interested in/seems the easiest. No specific difficulty is needed here, so put it on Rookie and complete the moment. The trophy will unlock after the game ends.

See Completionist for a list of Moments.

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