Players: 1 - 8(online)
Online Trophies: none/31
Estimated Time to Platinum: 30 - 40hrs
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies:None although there are collectibles in the game
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None so far

[top]Tips & Strategies

It's all about REP.
There are many ways you can earn REP in Need for Speed besides from doing the story missions.
Pretty much everything you do earns you REP drifting, high speed driving, causing damage to the city, police chases,
use your Nitro the list is pretty long.

One thing that has to be mentioned is that you can also earn REP by finding collectibles. These are:
- Hidden Carparts (12)
- Finding Donut Spots (30)
- Take pictures across Ventura Bay (30)
There is no Trophy connected to these collectibles but it is wise to go after them as they give you quite some REP.
I've created a map which shows you where to find all collectibles in the game. Click here to check it out.

If you go straight for the story missions and finish that, you will end up short to get to lvl50
There is a small grind of maybe 2 hours doing random events to get the last 2/3 levels done


First of all, almost every trophy in Need for Speed is story related. Missions can be played in any order you want and you need to finish them all anyway if you are going for the platinum trophy.

REP points will come natural as you play. It might be necessary to grind out the last couple of levels to reach lvl50.
Don't forget your daily challenges and everything should fall into it's place.


Platinum Trophy
Earn all Need for Speed™ Trophies

After you have gotten all other trophies, the platinum trophy will unlock.

Home Is Where Your Car Is
Acquire your spot in the garage

You will start the game driving a Ford Mustang Fox Body. After you arrive at the set destination a cutscene will play. After this you can choose your first car. There are three cars you can choose from which are

- Honda Civic Type-R (2000)
- Ford Mustang Foxbody (1990)
- Subaru BRZ Premium (2014)

It doesn't matter which one you choose, but as soon as you've done so, the trophy will unlock

Early Days
Reach REP Level 10

See Can I Get Your Autograph? for more information on this trophy

Getting Noticed
Reach REP Level 25

See Can I Get Your Autograph? for more information on this trophy

Can I Get Your Autograph?
Reach REP Level 50

To get to level 50 you need a total of 5925000 REP points, which seems a lot. However you get REP points for doing about anything in Ventura Bay.

The main scoring styles you will get REP points for are the following:
SPEED - Obtain high speeds to earn REP in this style
OUTLAW - Destroy anything in sight including cars, dumpsters, busstops etc.
CREW - To earn points in the crew scoring style, drive in groupevents like Drifttrain
REP for build are obtained by accelerating from 0-100KM/h in a short time or deploying all of your nitro in one go
- Drift, drift, drift to earn REP for style

Another good way to start getting a chunk out of this is by finding all collectibles.
I have created a map with all locations for the collectibles which can be found here

Once you've hit said 5925000 REP points the trophy will pop

Guidance From Amy
Compete against Amy's high horsepower contacts

When you have completed several of Amy's missions, she will call you about a group of racers that drive
high end cars. After completing the final race, head back to the garage and watch the cutscene.
The trophy will unlock once you are back in your car

Meet the legendary builder Nakai-San

When you have done a couple of Amy's challenges, She will call you and ask you to head to the garage. Once you are there guess who shows up
Nakai San. After a brief introduction the cutscene will be over and the trophy is yours.

Iconic Builder
Become a Build Icon

After the final race with Amy and Nakai San, Head back to the garage.
Watch the cutscene and the trophy will pop once you see your car standing in the garage

I Am Speed
Beat Magnus' record time

After the cutscene where Spike tells you about Magnus Walker , He will give you 2 races to compete in.
Loco Motive which is an race event and The Speedway Game which is a time trial. After you have won both
races, Spike will give you the final race which is Angle At the Redline. The time to beat on this one
is 03:50 which is set by the Legendary Magnus Walker. Beat his time and this trophy is yours.

Urban Outlaw
Beat Magnus' personal challenge

After completing several events Spike has invited you to, you will receive a phonecall from Magnus. He has setup a multiple challenges for you to beat. Eventually he will give you a personal challenge which is the time trial Watcha Torquing Bout.
The time Magnus has set is 1:41 Beat Magnus' time and he will give you another call talking about how you should run together sometime.
After he hangs up, the trophy will pop.

Fulfilling The Need
Become a Speed Icon

Macdermid's Mile is the final event for Walker Magnus. The time you have to beat is 6:31
Once you do so you'll receive another phonecall from Walker. After that there's only one thing left.
Head to the Longhorn to celebrate. After the cutscene the trophy will be yours

The Hoonigan
Become a Style Icon

After you have beaten the Mental Block Ghymkana Challenge on which the target to beat is 135000pts within the target time-limit of 6:35
Ken Block wants you to meet at Manu's Bunker. So head over there and see what Ken has to offer. After the cutscene the trophy will pop.

Single Take Star
Complete a single-take of Ken's Gymkhana

Once you are well on your way in the story, you'll be asked to head to Manu's Bunker again. Manu, Amy and Spike will talk about Ken Blocks
awesome skills and how they should also make a Gymkhana Video themselves. You will have to complete 2 events which are a time trial called Damn You Nam Kyu Time. The time to beat is 2:31. The second event is a Drift trial called Push Upstairs. You need to beat a score of 20000pts. After you've succesfully completed the two events it is on! The final event is filming a ghymkana video in one take. It's called KING OF SNAKE The score to beat is 63000pts. The trophy will pop when you've succesfully beaten the score.

Beat the Outlaw's "2 roadblocks in a pursuit" challenge

For this trophy you need to unlock and play one particular Outlaw challenge. The requirements are as mentioned in the textmessage you will get.
Smash 2 roadblocks and succesfully escape from the cops. While this is not too hard, it might take some time before the roadblocks appear.
Once they do, drive through 2 of them and escape the cops. The trophy will pop as soon as you've done so.

Surprised? Me Neither
Uncover the truth about the Outlaw

After completing several of the Outlaw challenges, you will be invited to a circuit race which is Assume The Position.
When the race is over you'll get a phonecall from the mysterious outlaw to meet at the diner.
Get to the diner and watch the cutscene. Surprised? Me neither. Once you're back in your car the trophy will pop.

You dont have to win this race. I came in 2nd place and still managed to get a mission complete

Above The Law
Become an Outlaw Icon

The final event for the Outlaws challenges is a Sprint race called I am the law.
Beat the other Outlaws in this race and finish first. After the race is over head to the diner and watch the cutscene. Once you are back in your car, the trophy will be yours.

One For All...
Find yourself a crew

At the start of the game you will be driving a few of the first missions, eventually you will be told to meet up with the gang.
After watching the cutscene there will be a couple of races you need to participate in. Once these are done you will return to the
garage and will be invited to the crew. The trophy will unlock after the cutscene is over.

Choo Choo!
Complete the drift train mission with the Risky Devil crew

Robyn will invite you to an event called Half Past Ignite which is a Drift Train event. The score to beat is 24000pts.
After you have beaten the event, meet up with Robyn and the Risky Devil Crew. After watching the cutscene the trophy will unlock

... And All For One
Reach the top with your crew

finish the Angels Can Catch Devils Drift Train event. The score to beat is 170000pt. After you have succefully finished the event, go meet Robyn in trailer and get trophy once you are back in your car.

The Ultimate Icon
Become the Ultimate Icon

You will earn this trophy after you have finished the last race in the game.
This is the longest race in the game with a total of 104 checkpoints. Don't worry if you crash halfway through. There is still plenty of time to make it back to first place. After you have won this race, meet up with the crew at the club. After watching the cutscene, the end credits will start to roll. You can either watch them or skip them. The trophy will unlock after the credits when you are back in the garage looking at your car.

Tuned For Excellence
Win any event with a tuned car

You will probably earn this trophy early in the game while just playing. As soon as you tune your car with whatever part you want and complete any race, the trophy will unlock.

Beyond Extreme
Tune a car to max drift or grip settings

To tune a car to maximum grip or drift, head into your garage and select the car you want to setup for that. Select Handling Tuning in the menu.
The top slider is easiest to go by. Depending on the parts you have installed you can move that slider all the way to the left for a drift setup or to the right for grip. If you are not able to get it all the way to the left or right you should install parts that expand the bar further.
As soon as you hit either end of the bar the trophy will unlock.

Triple Crown
Win three events in a row

This is another easy one.
As the trophy description says, win three races in a row to obtain the trophy.

Social Scene
Get called out by other racers 50 times for your skills

You will get called out at the end of every event. For example A thumbs up icon with a message on how well you did.
To earn 50 of these you have to finish 50 events in total. You can do a single event multiple times, failures do count aswell (not reaching target)
There is no need to boost this as there are 79 story events, so you will get this trophy over time.

Full House
Fill each spot in your garage

You have a total of (only) five spots available in your garage. You can purchase cars during your playthrough but you will receive 2 free cars as you go. Keep this in mind if you want or need to save money for the Full Power trophy. If you did get the deluxe edition, you will have 2 cars from the start. Adding the 2 free cars you get during your playthrough, you could go the cheap way and only buy 1 more car to fill the last spot in the garage. The trophy will unlock as soon as the fifth car has been bought.

Building Your stable
Purchase another car for your garage

After you have earned enough money from doing events or finding collectibles, you can purchase a second car.
As soon as you do the trophy will unlock.

If you have a Deluxe Edition or Pre-order edition of the game which includes the BMW M3 E46 the trophy will
unlock after you pick your first car.

Serious Fun
Complete 15 daily challenges

Each day at 16:00(UTC) you will be given 3 Daily Challenges to complete. Finish 15 of them to earn this trophy.
Challenges vary from escaping a pursuit with a certain amount of fine built up, to winning certain races or events.
As you complete these challenges you will also unlock new decals you can put on your car.

No Filter
Take your first snapshot

This will probably be the first trophy you get.
When you are driving around in your car, all you have to do to take a snapshot is pressing the R3 button.
As soon as you've done that, the trophy will unlock.

That Perfect Moment
Max out all 5 scoring styles in a single moment

This sounds a lot harder then it actually is. In the top-middle of the screen underneath your REP points will be a circle divided into 5 slots.
When you perform a scoring style move it will fill up the corresponding slot. The five styles that need to be filled all at once are
The easiest way I found is by competing in an easy sprintrace event. This will cover the CREW points. Make sure you have a car with a Nitrous System installed to get the BUILD part out of the way by using it all at once. This will most likely also fill up your SPEED slot aswell. While you have just used your nitro and your speed is up high next to some other cars in the race, initiate a drift and end that by crashing into one of the other cars to get the STYLE and OUTLAW slots filled up too. This has to be done in a short time period as the slots will only stay full for a couple of seconds. Once you've managed to put them all together you will see THAT PERFECT MOMENT in your screen, knowing you have succeeded.
The trophy will pop at the same time.

Full Power
Equip top end performance parts to each category of a car

This trophy can only be obtained once you have reached level 50. Only then will all the top end parts be available for purchase.
Top End parts are indicated with an orange E. The costs for this will be at most $131555 which is a lot. If you have found the hidden carparts
and not used them yet on any other vehicle you could save some money. If you happen to have the Deluxe Edition of the game another 10% discount is given.

Below is a complete list of all the parts you need to upgrade and their costs.
Airfilter - 1750
Cooling System - 4500
Intake Manifold - 3350
Fuel System - 9000
Forced Induction - 24125 ~ 25180
Electric System - 3850
Ignition - 2000
ECU - 4200
Engine Block - 36000
Cam Shaft - 9200
Cylinder Heads - 5500
Exhaust Manifold - 9700
Exhaust System - 7200
Clutch - 3350
Nitrous System - 7500
Suspension - 1540

Training Wheels Off
Learn to drive with style

After competing in several of the events Manu gives you, he will eventually call you and tell you to meet him at the bunker.
He will tell you about Ken Block and the Ghymkana video's he has made. Once you are back in your car after the cutscene, the trophy will unlock.

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