Players: 1-2, although the player switches after every death. Yeah, it's weird.
Online Trophies: Nope!
Estimated Time to Platinum: 12-15 hours depending on skill
Minimum Playthroughs: 3
Collectible Trophies: Disciple of Odd, Shepherd of Odd, Prophet of Odd, Saviour of Odd, Odd Messiah, No Place Like Home
Missable Trophies: Yes, No Place Like Home, RuptureFarms: Now Hiring!, Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear?
Glitched Trophies: None reported as of now

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Free and Easy: Playing easier difficulties not only reduces damage taken, but it makes the environment easier, such as slower traps, less dangerous objects like mines of all kinds, and easer toggle mines, gives you more throwable objects per station, among other things. I recommend starting on Hard so you're better trained to deal with these hazards, but you're welcome to start on whatever difficulty you'd like.
  • Save, save, SAVE!: QuikSave allows you to instantly svae where you are by clicking in the touchpad. This can be used as frequently, or infrequently, as you'd, greatly reducing the difficulty of areas and reducing backtracking if you die.
  • Mind Your Saves: As good as Quiksave is, saving accidentally right as you die or as you're about o can leave you in an infinite loop of death, so be ready to accept your fate if that's the case.
  • Do Unto Others as You'd Do Unto Yourself: If it can kill you, it can kill your enemies.
  • All Eyes, No Ears: When Sligs are on different planes, they'll only shoot if they see you in their line of sight, but they won't turn for sound, so don't be afraid to move quickly.
  • Something's Fishy: Possessing a Slig when he's among friends will tip them off he's possessed, so be quick in getting rid of any unwelcome company, they won't hesitate to put you down if they find out you're not who you claim to be.
  • Slig Shooting: Tapping as a Slig fires out single shots, holding results in a long burst of fire. Long bursts are fine with Slogs, but when dealing with multiple Sligs, tap so you can clear out multiple Sligs without dying, as one shot is all it takes. Holding will shoot a single Slig over and over until they explode, which leaves you susceptible to fire from other Sligs.
  • Friendly Fire: Sligs, possessed and unpossessed, can easily shoot Mudokon slaves when aiming for you, or other Sligs. Make sure Mudokons are far away if you need to lure a Slig over, or as a Slig, yell "Get down!" with so Mudokons will hit the deck out of your line of fire
  • Get Back to Work!: Sligs will shoot first, ask later if they see Mudokons standing around instead of working. If you're leading your people and a Slig will approach, make sure your brothers have lost interest and have gone back to scrubbing floors.
  • Easily Distracted: Any Mudokon on the same level as an escape portal will run to the portal, regardless if he's listening to you or not. This saves time, but it also means they won't pay attention to any mines or other dangers in the way.
  • On/Off: If a Chant Suppressor is glowing red, you're close enough to be shocked. Try moving away so it dims in order to chant.
  • Sic 'im Boy!: Sligs can command pet Slogs. says attack, calls him over.


1. Save your Mudokon brothers and sisters, beat the game, all that!

You might as well start on Hard. You die very easily, but you'll need to play on Hard anyway and the danger will help you better understand Slig patterns and how the game generally works, more so than than with the leeway easier difficulties give you.

2. Forsake your kind!
Now play through again, this time disregarding secret areas and not saving your friends. You could, however, check the areas out anyway and kill Mudokons towards Act of Odd, and better memorize the solutions to the rooms so you'll be able to do them fast enough in your speed run.

3. Saving Speedrun!

Hopefully you've memorized the rooms, because now you have to complete them all and save everyone within a total of 3 hours! You can do this chapter by chapter in chapter select, just as long as your best time when selecting your save reads 3:00 or less. See New 'n Hasty for more on this step.

4. Clean up
Make like Abe with his old job and clean up whatever trophies you may have left, like the trophies for not being spotted, or just certain tasks you may have missed during your past runs.


Against All Odds
Mudokon God, Mudokon Saviour

Free Range
Find sanctuary in the Holy Caves

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed
This trophy is earned after completing the Stockyards chapter.

Spirits' Unrest
Acquire the first hand scar

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed
This trophy is earned after completing either the Paramonian or Scrabanian Nest chapter, depending on where you go first.

Shrykull Awakened
Acquire the power of Shrykull

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed
This trophy is earned after completing both the Paramonian and Scrabanian portions of the game. After earning both Hand Scars, the path between the wells leading to each area will open and you'll gain entry. Head in and gain your Shrykull power.

Employee of the Year
Break back into RuptureFarms

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed
This trophy is earned after completing the Free-Fire Zone chapter.

The Final Hour
Shut down the RuptureFarms generator

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed
This trophy is earned close to the end of the Zulag 4 chapter. At the end of the level, the big elevator will be blocked by an electric barrier. Head up the elevator above the door and pull the switch to trigger a cutscene of everything stopping.

Liberator of the Mudokon
Become a Mudokon saviour

This trophy regards how many Mudokons you saved throughout your adventure. Saving more than half the Mudokons (150 or more/299) will cause the "good ending" to play upon completing the game, thus giving you the trophy and a sense of heroism.

Mudokon Pop
Become a Mudokon salami

This trophy regards how many Mudokons you saved throughout your adventure. Saving less than half the Mudokons (149 or less/299) will cause the "bad ending" to play upon completing the game, thus giving you the trophy and a sense of guilt.

Disciple of Odd
Rescue a quarter of all the Mudokons

See Odd Messiah
NOTE: In order for the trophy to unlock, you must actively save the required amount of Mudokons. One of the signs detailing how many Mudokons left must hit the required number of escapees for the trophy to ping

For this trophy, you must save 75 Mudokons. Once one of the handy billboards reads "75 Escapees", the trophy pops. ONLY when it hits 75.

Shepherd of Odd
Rescue half of all the Mudokons

See Odd Messiah
NOTE: In order for the trophy to unlock, you must actively save the required amount of Mudokons. One of the signs detailing how many Mudokons left must hit the required number of escapees for the trophy to ping

For this trophy, you must save 150 Mudokons. Once one of the handy billboards reads "150 Escapees", the trophy pops. ONLY when it hits 150.

Prophet of Odd
Rescue every Mudokon while finishing New 'n' Tasty in Easy mode

See Odd Messiah

Saviour of Odd
Rescue every Mudokon while finishing New 'n' Tasty in Normal mode

See Odd Messiah

Odd Messiah
Rescue every Mudokon while finishing New 'n' Tasty in Hard mode

There are 299 Mudokons spread across New 'n Tasty. You must SAVE them all for this trophy, meaning every chapter must have a 100% "Messiah" rating, and when you save the last 6 in "The Boardroom", the sign must read "299 Escapees". Below I place videos I have lovingly baked to perfection for you.

Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler

Paramonian Temple

Toggle Spoiler

Scrabanian Temple

Toggle Spoiler

Zulag 1

Toggle Spoiler

Zulag 2

Toggle Spoiler

Zulag 3

Toggle Spoiler

Zulag 4

Toggle Spoiler

No Place Like Home
Find and use all the secret entrances to RuptureFarms

See Odd Messiah to find all these areas.
Word is this trophy will only pop when you find them all in a single playthrough, so if you need to go back in chapter select to find Mudokons, be aware you'll need to do a clean run at some point without it.

Act of Odd
Kill 99 Mudokon slaves

Do this when you are on your run for Mudokon Pop. This trophy requires you to commit 99 cases of Mudokon homicide, be it via electric fence, falling into a pit, being shot by a possessed Slig, being shot by a regular Slig, however it may be, they must die and you must do the crime or witness it without helping them. The Mudokons that die from not being saved don't seem to count, but since there's 299 in the game, this shouldn't be too tough.

Speed of the Mudomo
Escape 5 or more pursuing Paramites

Chapter: Paramonian Nests
Once in the temple, many of the rooms in Paramonia have enough Paramites in a single instance to give the trophy, but if you haven't gotten it by the time you reach the nests, you will, as more than five end up chasing you near the end. Just run, roll under the walls, and use the well to escape.

Speed of the Mudanchee
Run from a Scrab for 25 meters and survive

Chapter: Stockyards
As with many trophies, there's a number of places this can be earned, but it's easiest here.

Head to the first secret area in the level (the only one in the actual RuptureFarms area). This is just one of the many areas that feature Abe being chased by a Scrab for a long distance. Jump over the Scrab and run to the right, and when you escape it by jumping on the ledge on the right, the trophy should pop.

NOTE: Do this on Normal or Hard so the Scrab will actually keep pace with you. They're very slow on Easy.

Close Shave
Escape a Scrab by the skin of your loins

Chapter: Stockyards
This is a bit tricky. What you need to do is drop down off a platform so a Scrab notices you, then jump up when it gets too close for comfort. Hanging won't work. You can do this with the first vulnerable Scrab in the level. Simply drop down, then jump up to safety. It should look like the Scrab should've hit Abe, but he didn't. Trophy!

NOTE: Scrabs are slower on Easy. This may give more leeway for the attack window, although I'd recommend playing on Hard so it's more precise.

Hit the Deck
As a possessed Slig, fire over the head of a cowering Mudokon

Easily done anywhere. When possessing a Slig, hitting will make the Slig say, "Get down!", causing any nearby Mudokon to hit the deck out of your line of fire. This technique is useful for killing other Sligs, so I recommend using it often, but once is enough for the trophy.

Still Life
Escape Stockyards and Free Fire Zone without triggering the alarm or dying

Chapter: Stockyards
The trophy misleads you. Free-Fire zone is simply the outdoor portion of the Stockyards chapter.

Simply put, do this on Easy and don't save any Mudokons. Playing on Easy makes the environment easier by reducing the amount of floating mines in areas and slower motion detectors, and any secret areas will easily put this trophy in jeopardy. Avoiding the rooms makes the level a lot shorter too. If you die, you must restart the chapter. You CANNOT reload a QuikSave or the trophy will not pop. Trust me, I tested. The best advice I can give is to practice the level itself before attempting the trophy. Best of luck.

Mine Games
Deactivate 3 toggle mines in a row with no mistakes

Chapter: The Boardroom
There's a few parts in the game with 3 toggle mines close together, but the final mines in the game are the most obvious. There are 3 in a line, and you'll have to disable them all to save all 6 Mudokons there.

NOTE: Playing on easier difficulties makes disabling toggle mines much easier.

Close Encounters of the Slig Kind
Kill a Slig with any kind of mine

If you don't walk a Slig into a mine at some point, you aren't really playing OddWorld.

Cooked To Perfection
Destroy a Chant Suppressor with a cooked grenade

Chapter: RuptureFarms
Chant Suppressors suck. They come in two varieties: small, red eyelike robots that float, silently gloating how you can't posses or open portals, then there's more vulnerable large varieties that can be exploded, which only feature in areas of RuptureFarms.

In the second secret area, behind the barrel in the foreground next to the switch to turn off the electric door, there's a grenade station and a defenseless Chant Suppressor. Simply hold the right stick in a direction, wait for the grenade timer to tick off a few seconds, and lit her rip, exploding the suppressor in a glorious explosion of shattered metal, dying neon, and ravaged technology.

Odds and Rockers
Bounce a rock off a wall and on to a mine

Chapter: Stockyards
When you first find the bag of rocks in the outside portion, grab some and climb up to the ledge on the right and roll through the small cave to find a Bird Portal to a secret area. Simply aim the rock at the wall with the portal and have it bounce into the mines below.

Under New Management
Drop 2 Sligs down a single trapdoor at the same time

Chapter: RuptureFarms
Partway through the level, you'll come to two Slig sleeping by a trapdoor with a sign informing you about how you can aim Bottle Caps and throw a limitless supply with the right stick to aim and to toss. Toss a cap on the door, then when both Sligs wake and walk onto the door, pull the switch to drop them into the nothingness below.

Coming Soon...
Find an advert for some New 'n' Tasty entertainment

This unlocks simply for seeing advertising for the games Velocity, Luminesca, or other such upcoming (relative to when this game launched) on a billboard in a secret area. Some areas show advertisements frequently, like one of the Stockyards secret areas, others don't. Don't worry, you'll get this if you're following along with the secret areas guide.

Rescue 9 Mudokons at the same time

Don't even worry about this one. If you're trying to save all the Mudokons, you'll definitely end up in a room where you can save nine at once. In fact, you'll get this if you save them all in the first Secret Area.

Don't Get Mad: Get Elum
Ride Elum for 200 meters without stopping

Chapter: Paramonia
At the beginning of the level, you'll summon Elum, who can run very fast and jump much farther than Abe. After summoning Elum, toss a rock at the mines across the gap on the right, then hop on Elum with and jump the gap into the next area. From here, just keep running forward, jumping over gaps where they may be for this trophy. If you mess up here, there's a few similar sections throughout the level, so don't fret if you mess up.

Nine-Tenths of the Law
Kill 9 Sligs with a single possessed Slig

Chapter: Zulag 4
It's fun to deceive Sligs! But you can only deceive 9 Sligs at once in one area...

In the first room of Zulag 4, ring for service, then jump up on the ledge with the Mudokon and possess one of the Sligs. They'll be suspicious, so murder them both as fast as possible by TAPPING , not holding. Holding will shoot the same Slig repeatedly, rather than both at once, so the survivor could kill you. Next, head right and kill the two Sligs by the elevator. Then descend.

There will be a Slig at the bottom on your left, so be ready to put a quick bullet in him. There's a nother on the right, but watch out for the Mudokon (or not, if you don't care). Call out "Heads down!" with or put the Slig between you and the Mudokon and shoot the Slig. Continue right and shoot the Slig across the gap, then pull the lever to drop three more. Drop down to them and kill at least two of them for the ding.

If you want a video guide, check out the Mudokon guide for Zulag 4 under Odd Messiah

A Long, Hard Slog
Kill 30 Slogs in 30 seconds

There are MANY places to do this thanks to QuikSave. The idea behind this trophy is to QuikSave right before or right as Slogs will die or be killed, then reload as needed.

There are a few secret rooms and some Zulag areas that pour out Slog from those little houses. Usually, you'll be able to possess a Slig during these times. Simply Quiksave as the first Slog(s) exit, then murder all the come out, then reload quickly to kill more until the ding.

Alternatively, you could use the method I did: At the end of the Stockyards chapter, you need to toss a rock onto a mine to detonate some sleeping Slogs on top of a cliff. Toss the rock and QuikSave, then keep reloading to see Slogs splatter over and over and over until the trophy pops.

Valve Time
Turn off the gas with more than 30 seconds to spare

Chapter: The Boardroom
So Mullock isn't messing around! You'll have two minutes before the entire facility is flooded with poisonous gasses!

I wouldn't worry too much about this, as I got it without trying, even on Hard. You just can't dawdle when going through. QuikSave VERY often so you can reload quickly upon death and not have to go back through areas often. You'll need to do a speedrun for New 'n Hasty anyway, and saving all Mudokons is quick, so don't be too scared.

Fail to observe your surroundings

Just die.

Rockin' Mudokon
Kill a bat with a rock

Chapter: Stockyards
Partway through the Free-Fire Zone section of Stockyards, a cluster of bats will appear flying around a cliff. Beneath them, under an elevated platform, you'll find the first bag of rocks. Simply take some rocks and aim at the above bats. There will be bats later and in other levels as well, so you should be able to get this in no time.

Escape Fartist
Escape from RuptureFarms without Abe being spotted by any Slig

Chapter: RuptureFarms
Simple enough, complete the first level of the game without being spotted. I recommend doing this separately from any runs you need to find the secret areas, as there's a good shot you'll get spotted with them. Just run through the level without getting spotted.

Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear?
Have Abe die in 15 different ways

Death comes in many forms. It must arrive to our Mudokon protagonist in 15 different styles for this trophy. You'll probably have no trouble getting this, as death can be quite prevalent on OddWorld, but here's a list of ways to die in case you need it:
MISSABLE! Going back in chapter select won't pop the trophy for previously missed deaths, it must be in one playthrough
  1. Shot by Slig
  2. Fall to your death
  3. Electric fence
  4. Killed by falling rock
  5. Exploded by mine
  6. Exploded by toggle mine
  7. Eaten by Scrab
  8. Eaten by Paramite
  9. Eaten by Slog
  10. Grinded by saws
  11. Killed by bats
  12. Exploded by floating mine
  13. Exploded by holding a cooked grenade
  14. Killed by swinging boulder
  15. Shredded by meat saw
There's a lot more, like killed by falling meat, timed mine, but you get the idea. 15 is easy to come by.

RuptureFarms: Now Hiring!
Kill Sligs in 15 different ways

Murder is good. Especially when it's not your fault. Or when it is. Here are 18 good ways to murder Sligs that may or may not be your fault.
MISSABLE! Going back in chapter select won't pop the trophy for previously missed deaths, it must be in one playthrough
  1. Slig shooting Slig
  2. Psychically detonated by chanting
  3. Detonated by toggle mine
  4. Exploded by regular mine
  5. 'Sploded by floating mine
  6. Fall to untimely demise
  7. Fall through trap door that isn't bottomless (RuptureFarms)
  8. Grenaded
  9. Hit in the head with a falling meat (RuptureFarms)
  10. Hit by boulder (Paramonian Temple)
  11. Meat sawed
  12. Grinded by floor saws (RuptureFarms)
  13. Electric fence
  14. Slog noms
  15. Shrykull
  16. Timed mine (looks like a pyramid) (Paramonia)
  17. Death by bees (In Paramonia, have Abe get covered in bees, then lead them to a sleeping Slig)
  18. Good ending

New 'n' Hasty
Rescue every Mudokon with an overall Best Time of 3:00:00 or less

This is probably the hardest trophy in the game. You not only need to be fast, but you need to save every Mudokon too, so you need to complete all the secret areas quickly too.

I HIGHLY recommend doing this on Easy, as not only does Abe not die as quickly, but the environment is changed as well, with slower saws, less floating mines, etc. You also get 9 Grenades and 5 Steaks, which saves time backtracking to stations past.

Luckily, this doesn't have to be done in one sitting, the 3 hours is an overall time. Meaning, you can complete each chapter individually, and go back to try and earn faster times as you wish. See Odd Messiah for finding all secret areas and their solutions.

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